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The reason why libtard America won’t go after George Takei for racist remark…

When George Takei made that racist remark calling Clarence Thomas a “clown in blackface”… it came to no surprise to me that libtard America was gonna be quick to defend him. George didn’t back down on his offensive comments and never apologized. He played innocent victim and defended himself. I’m still standing by it that what he said was pretty racist and offensive. Why didn’t Al Sharpton and Barack Obama go after him, since they appear to be hardcore civil rights activists? Why didn’t the black community themselves call out George Takei?

I know why. It isn’t because of George’s left-wing beliefs. It’s simply because George is a mainstream “gay rights” activist and internet hero. Another big reason is that George is simply gay himself. If people attacked George for his racist remarks and called him out, the tables would have been turned on them. It would make the liberals and the black community look like a bunch of homophobes if they attacked George. That’s why they were either silent or was quick to defend him. I think George used his “homosexuality” as his shield to protect himself over all this.

Think about if a right-wing conservative said something like “clown in blackface”… libtard America would have attacked him for it for sure.

If people called out George, it would have made the “gay rights” movement look bad. That’s probably why they refused to hold him responsible. It’s pretty much bullshit really. I don’t care who someone is. If they say racist and offensive things, then they should be called out. I don’t care if you’re straight, gay, bi or transgender. If you think gay people are nice and wonderful people… not all of them. A lot of gays can be douchebags and George is one of them. I mean, George and William Shatner still don’t get along and they still want nothing to do with each other. They’ve been feuding for years so that says something about George. I never liked George. He was always a bit of a whack job. I can’t understand why so many like him. It’s just bullshit.