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Maybe Will Smith wasn’t nominated for an Oscar ’cause maybe he’s a shit actor and overrated as hell???

Awwwww so Hollywood and movie fans are upset that Will Smith wasn’t nominated for anything… boo hoo. I never liked Will Smith anyways. He never was a good actor and I think he’s overrated as hell too. I never liked most of his movies. There were only a few good Will Smith movies. The only movies that I liked with Will Smith in them were “Independence Day” and I’m also a fan of the Men In Black franchise but that’s about all. It’s just that most of his movies were pretty mediocre and overrated. I never liked Will Smith as an actor. Never cared for him.

Don’t get me wrong… I love black actors in Hollywood ’cause a few of my favorite black actors are: Denzel Washington, Forest Whitaker, Laurence Fishburne, Don Cheadle, James Earl Jones and Morgan Freeman. I’m just not a big fan of Will Smith. Will never was that good. I’m glad that the Academy snubbed Will ’cause that was a smart move for the most part. Will’s latest movie “Concussion” looks nothing special.

Those getting angry of Will not getting anything needs to get over themselves. I can’t stand Jada Pinkett. The Smith family is so ego-driven. I don’t think that whole Smith family deserves all this attention. That whole family: Will, Jada Pinkett, Willow and Jaden are obviously desperate for fame & fortune. Is that the only reason Jada Pinkett married Will so that whole family could get fame & fortune much like the Kardashians and the Osbournes? I’m so tired of the Smith family… uggggghhhh… who cares if they don’t get Oscars ’cause they don’t deserve ’em in my opinion. There are plenty of other talented black actors who are more deserving.


All those black movie stars boycotting the Oscars are just mad that their work wasn’t nominated for anything… period???

So a bunch of black movie stars and black celebrities are boycotting the Oscars ’cause of lack of diversity. Now, Lupita Nyongo has jumped on the boycotting bandwagon. Will the Oscars host, Chris Rock back out of hosting? I wouldn’t be surprised if he decided to do it. The reason the black movie stars and black film makers are mad at the Oscar is not ’cause of “lack of diversity”. That’s not what they’re mad about at all. They’re just jealous that their work hasn’t been nominated for anything. Like usual if things don’t go the black community’s way, everyone is racist.

Maybe it’s because their work wasn’t good enough to get an Oscar nod? Ever thought of that? Like I said in a post before, the Academy has always been about “talent” regardless of skin color. They look for talented people.

On top of that, the “Straight Outta Compton” movie got nominated for Best Screenplay, that should have been good enough for them but unfortunately not.

The black community needs to realize that life isn’t always fair. I also totally agree with Stacey Dash that we should get rid of the “BET Awards” and “Black History Month”.

I respect black people totally… I love ’em but they just need to learn that the world doesn’t revolve around them, ya know? Calling everyone and everything racist is getting old and tiresome. Can’t people come up with anything new? I’m tired of all this divisive crap. When will it end?


Would Martin Luther King Jr. appreciate the “Black Lives Matter” movement? Hell no… he would have loathed it…

If MLK Jr. was still alive today, do you think he would have appreciated the “Black Lives Matter” movement that Barack Obama and Al Sharpton started ever since the Trayvon Martin incident? Hell no. This isn’t what MLK Jr. wouldn’t have wanted at all. Obama and Sharpton are giving MLK Jr. a bad name. MLK Jr. wouldn’t have wanted blacks and whites divided like what’s going right now. The whole point of MLK’s movement and his march was that he wanted blacks and whites to be united. He wanted to bring all of us together and love each other. He didn’t want to divide us. If MLK Jr. was still alive today, he would have loathed what Obama and Sharpton are doing. MLK Jr. is rolling in his grave for sure. He would have been disgusted and MLK Jr. would have done another march. Obama and Sharpton ruined the dream that MLK Jr. had. Welcome to the new America.


Hey race baiters, the Oscars is about talent regardless of skin color… get over yourselves!!!

The movie “12 Years a Slave” won Best Picture at the Oscars in 2014 but that should have made the race baiters happy but of course, that’s not enough for them. The staff at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences knows exactly what they’re doing. They know what is award worthy and what isn’t. They’ve always been about the talent. Regardless of skin color or race.

Does Michael B. Jordan deserve a nomination for “Creed”? No. He was good but his performance certainly wasn’t Oscar worthy.

Does Will Smith deserve a nomination for “Concussion”? I haven’t seen the movie but from what I’ve saw in the trailers so far… no.

Does Idris Elba deserve a nomination for “Beasts of No Nation”? It was a good performance and I saw the movie on Netflix but not Oscar worthy.

What about Jason Mitchell’s role as Eazy E for “Straight Outta Compton”? Well… I’ll have to agree that he deserves a nomination ’cause his performance in that film was Oscar worthy. Not sure why he got the snub. The film itself is not worthy for Best Picture, though but Jason’s performance as Eazy E should have gotten nominated.

From what I’ve seen in 2015 there weren’t that many movies with black actors in them released that year so it’s not the Academy’s fault for lack of diversity. They know what they’re doing. They’re professionals.

It’s just a lousy excuse for race baiters to divide the country even more… that’s why they go after the Oscars every year. Black people needs to learn that the world doesn’t revolve around them. They need to get over themselves. This country calling everyone and everything “racist” has gone too far. I’m fed up with it.


Will the Oscars this year be a repeat of “#OscarsSoWhite” backlash??? I’d say yes!!!

You know very well that Idris Elba is gonna get snubbed for “Beasts of No Nation” and Michael B. Jordan will probably get snubbed for “Creed”. That way Al Sharpton, Obama and the media can call the Oscars racist. You can very well believe it’ll be the same thing this year. Since Chris Rock is hosting, he’s gonna make all kinds of jokes about it for sure.


It’ll be the same old shit. Continuing to keep the country divided is what’s going on.


7 year old black boy shot and killed in Chicago during 4th of July, where’s the “Black Lives Matter” crowd???

Libtards and the black community will do everything they can to force people to have more compassion toward innocent little children such as Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown but what about Amari Brown? Where’s the “Black Lives Matter” crowd for Amari? How come there are no riots and looting in Chicago?


My guess is that it’s probably in Chicago where Obama used to live. Either that or they couldn’t find anything to blame white people for.



The reason why libtard America won’t go after George Takei for racist remark…

When George Takei made that racist remark calling Clarence Thomas a “clown in blackface”… it came to no surprise to me that libtard America was gonna be quick to defend him. George didn’t back down on his offensive comments and never apologized. He played innocent victim and defended himself. I’m still standing by it that what he said was pretty racist and offensive. Why didn’t Al Sharpton and Barack Obama go after him, since they appear to be hardcore civil rights activists? Why didn’t the black community themselves call out George Takei?

I know why. It isn’t because of George’s left-wing beliefs. It’s simply because George is a mainstream “gay rights” activist and internet hero. Another big reason is that George is simply gay himself. If people attacked George for his racist remarks and called him out, the tables would have been turned on them. It would make the liberals and the black community look like a bunch of homophobes if they attacked George. That’s why they were either silent or was quick to defend him. I think George used his “homosexuality” as his shield to protect himself over all this.

Think about if a right-wing conservative said something like “clown in blackface”… libtard America would have attacked him for it for sure.

If people called out George, it would have made the “gay rights” movement look bad. That’s probably why they refused to hold him responsible. It’s pretty much bullshit really. I don’t care who someone is. If they say racist and offensive things, then they should be called out. I don’t care if you’re straight, gay, bi or transgender. If you think gay people are nice and wonderful people… not all of them. A lot of gays can be douchebags and George is one of them. I mean, George and William Shatner still don’t get along and they still want nothing to do with each other. They’ve been feuding for years so that says something about George. I never liked George. He was always a bit of a whack job. I can’t understand why so many like him. It’s just bullshit.


“American Sniper” is probably not gonna win Best Picture anyways thanks to Michael Moore and his big fat mouth…

Ya know, after thinking about it a while I don’t think “American Sniper” is gonna win “Best Picture” at the Oscars but I can see Brad Cooper winning for Best Actor, though. The reason “American Sniper” is in danger of losing is ’cause Michael Moore opened his big fat mouth about Chris Kyle being a murderer and all. I’m sure a lot of leftist people are gonna side with him on that especially the Academy members who are gonna vote on the Best Picture. I’m sure there’s gonna be leftist Academy members who are gonna agree with loudmouth Michael Moore on that claiming that Kyle was a madman (when I know he wasn’t). The Academy probably isn’t gonna vote for “American Sniper” as Best Picture winner ’cause it’ll put them under fire for celebrating a “killer”, ya know what I mean?

This is why I think “Selma” is probably gonna end up being the Best Picture winner. If the Academy members voted for something else, it could put their careers in hot water and it would upset the race baiters even more. The race baiters will probably protest against the Academy if “Selma” doesn’t win.

We’ll wait to see what happens on Feb. 22nd the night of the Oscars, though. If the Academy does give “American Sniper” Best Picture, that’ll be great. I just hope the Academy doesn’t cave-in to the racebaiters and let them be victorious.

If “Boyhood” happens to win Best Picture instead of the other two films, that’ll be better than “Selma” hogging the spotlight which is what we don’t need.

We already had “12 Years A Slave” win for Best Picture last year. Are we gonna have a civil-rights movie win Best Picture every year? Gee, I hope not. I have nothing against civil-rights films as I do enjoy watching them myself… it’s just that the Academy needs to give other talent a chance, ya know?

I really meant what I said that if “American Sniper” loses to “Selma”, I’m probably never gonna watch the Oscars again.


Why “Selma” is definitely winning Best Picture at the Oscars for sure… Al Sharpton to the rescue!!!

Man, I hate Al Sharpton. “Boyhood” is in danger of losing to “Selma” absolutely!!!


Hey Al, get over it, dumbass!!! Snubs happen at the Oscars all the time!

I’m sure “Selma” is a good movie but I’m just tired of Sharpton and the White House shoving all of this civil rights stuff in our faces. This is why “Selma” is gonna win everything at the Oscars. Sharpton and the White House are gonna keep in touch with the Academy for sure.

Sorry, Richard Linklater!!!


The 2 officers getting killed was because of the three race baiters Obama, Sharpton and Jackson…

Police officers in America are supposed to protect us and because of the three race baiters Obama, Sharpton & Jackson the police officers in America lives are in danger because of them. Those three douchebags started this whole race war over Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and now Eric Garner.

How much longer is this gonna go on in America? This is not what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would have wanted and I’m sure he’s rolling in his grave right now.


God bless the two officers and RIP to them.

I’m sick of those 3 race baiters Obama, Sharpton & Jackson. They were the ones who continues to make this country so divisive when it shouldn’t be. That wasn’t Dr. King Jr’s. goal.

This is what Obama wanted… police officers to feel that their lives are in danger and he got it… good job, Obama. Fucking prick. I hope he’s proud of himself. Enjoy your Christmas vacation in Hawaii.