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What was up with Stacey Dash last night???

Chris Rock last night brought out Stacey Dash to help celebrate “Black History Month”… which to me is very strange seeing that Stacey Dash was the one that suggested to get rid of the “BET Awards” and “Black History Month”. She was at first against this whole “Oscar So White” thing so I wonder what made her be on the black community’s side on this?

Stacey Dash is one of the few black conservatives in America but I don’t think she is anymore. She’s just another fraud conservative leaning to the left on some things which is another term called “cuckservative” which I will talk about in another post later.

I used to be a big Stacy Dash fan but she disappointed me last night. She always told the truth on the black community and race relations and her comments in the past were always controversial. She’s now on their side? I wonder how much money Chris Rock paid her to change her mind.


The hypocrisy of race relations never ceases to amaze me… WOW!!!


When it comes to “No diversity” and no blacks at the Oscars, people are outraged. When it comes to Beyonce’s dancers, there is not one white woman in her crew, you don’t see any outrage. WTF??? The double standard about this is pretty crazy and messed up.


Maybe Will Smith wasn’t nominated for an Oscar ’cause maybe he’s a shit actor and overrated as hell???

Awwwww so Hollywood and movie fans are upset that Will Smith wasn’t nominated for anything… boo hoo. I never liked Will Smith anyways. He never was a good actor and I think he’s overrated as hell too. I never liked most of his movies. There were only a few good Will Smith movies. The only movies that I liked with Will Smith in them were “Independence Day” and I’m also a fan of the Men In Black franchise but that’s about all. It’s just that most of his movies were pretty mediocre and overrated. I never liked Will Smith as an actor. Never cared for him.

Don’t get me wrong… I love black actors in Hollywood ’cause a few of my favorite black actors are: Denzel Washington, Forest Whitaker, Laurence Fishburne, Don Cheadle, James Earl Jones and Morgan Freeman. I’m just not a big fan of Will Smith. Will never was that good. I’m glad that the Academy snubbed Will ’cause that was a smart move for the most part. Will’s latest movie “Concussion” looks nothing special.

Those getting angry of Will not getting anything needs to get over themselves. I can’t stand Jada Pinkett. The Smith family is so ego-driven. I don’t think that whole Smith family deserves all this attention. That whole family: Will, Jada Pinkett, Willow and Jaden are obviously desperate for fame & fortune. Is that the only reason Jada Pinkett married Will so that whole family could get fame & fortune much like the Kardashians and the Osbournes? I’m so tired of the Smith family… uggggghhhh… who cares if they don’t get Oscars ’cause they don’t deserve ’em in my opinion. There are plenty of other talented black actors who are more deserving.