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Thoughts on Metallica and Gaga performing together, having technical issues with microphone… also, more thoughts on the Grammy’s show last night…

I think the goal with this collaboration is that James and Lady Gaga were to trade vocal lines back and forth in the first verses before the chorus… then they would sing the chorus together. However, though, James was having technical issues with the mic. He tried singing the first verses but he couldn’t hear anything coming out of it. So while James was having technical issues during the first verses, Gaga sung her lines of what she was supposed to sing anyways. During that performance, you can immediately tell that James was pissed as fuck. Out of frustration, he gave up on that mic and him and Gaga shared a mic together. Then when the sound guy finally fixed the mic, James went back to his mic and sung the second verses this time.

A lot of people online are unfairly blaming Metallica for this but the way I see it, this was not their fault at all. It’s just that the Grammy’s hired a crappy sound guy and they had amatuer-ish stage technicians. Don’t blame Metallica, blame the Grammy’s. It was totally their fault.

After this, I think Metallica will soon put out a statement and talk about what happened. Then Metallica and Gaga will perform this song again together at one of their concerts for their “Hardwired” US tour so they can have a better performance, I’m sure that will happen.

People are hating Metallica even more after that performance and I can’t understand why. Metallica continues to have a lot of haters but I always respected that band and always will. People’s hatred for them got worse after that performance.

Other than the technical issues, it proved that James Hetfield can really sing and he’s no lip syncer at all. Same with Gaga, she’s a real singer as well and I loved how she looks like she’s having a blast performing with them ’cause she seems like a real Metallica fan too. I think Lady Gaga is winning my respect back and I think I’ll go back to supporting her music again. Remember, don’t blame Metallica for this ’cause the Grammy’s had technical issues throughout the show. They were horrible.

Other than that, last night’s Grammy awards was surprisingly a pretty good show. They kept politics out of things for the most part except for Katy Perry who went political about Trump’s border wall and immigration predictably so screw Katy Perry. Also, The Grammy’s president Neil Portnow went on a political rant about how President Trump needs to protect the arts and I’m like “what?”.

I thought the best performances of the night were Beyonce and Bruno Mars’s Prince tribute. Both were pretty amazing, I thought. Yeah, I know I gave Beyonce a lot of shit over the years but she kept her political messages out of things for once and that was good enough to have a change of heart with her. She didn’t bash Trump at all which I was surprised about. She focused on the performance which was actually interesting. As far as Bruno Mars goes, I was never a fan of that guy but I’m starting to like him more and actually thinking about buying his music soon. I thought Chance the Rapper was pretty good too.

I’m glad they gave “Record of the Year” and “Album of the Year” to Adele ’cause “25” is a good album as I have that album in my CD collection. I have all of Adele’s albums. She’s my favorite artist too.

As far as James Corden goes, the Grammy’s host, I was surprised that he didn’t go political at all. Didn’t bash Trump or anything like that. He focused on making people laugh and telling jokes which is what he was supposed to do. James Corden did a good job and I enjoyed watching him.

It was surprisingly a pretty good “Grammy’s” night. Better than last year’s anyways and I think they’re improving.


The Grammy’s for 2017 is gonna suck… expect a lot of Donald Trump bashing too…

I’m totally skipping the next Grammy awards. Music awards shows are getting real horrible lately. In fact, they are getting much worse. I’m sick of award shows ramming Beyonce down our throats every year. So sick of Beyonce. Can’t stand her. It looks like the Grammy’s are finally getting tired of Taylor Swift, Kanye and Rihanna so now they’re getting high on Beyonce. So pathetic.

Another thing that is pissing me off about this year’s Grammy’s show is that Davie Bowie has been snubbed from “Album of the Year” for his new album, “Blackstar”. I thought “Blackstar” was a pretty amazing record and I expected it to get “Album of The Year” nod ever since the album came out. That whole album is really amazing and it’s bullshit that it got snubbed.

The Grammy’s winners this year is gonna be predictable, though as Beyonce will probably sweep everything. *yawn*


What will Beyonce’s Grammy performance be like? More cop hating and more BLM stuff?

I’m sure there’s gonna be tons of Trump bashing throughout the show too. James Corden who is the Grammy’s host will probably bash Trump a lot in his opening speech. Trump will be in office when the Grammy’s are on TV in Feb. so yeah, they will probably bash Trump a lot. Wouldn’t surprise me at all. There’s probably gonna be lots of liberal politics throughout the show like last year.

The Grammy’s did the right thing last year by giving Taylor Swift the “Album of the Year” award ’cause “1989” is a pretty good album. I’m not ashamed to say that Taylor Swift is actually pretty talented.


I agree it’s wrong to have Beyonce at the CMA’s… wtf?

The Dixie Chicks and the CMA’s are under fire for having Beyonce who is a pop/R&B singer performing at a country music awards show. The CMA’s are having a huge backlash ’cause of it. Of course, when people say that Beyonce shouldn’t be performing at a country awards show, people play the race card and get called a racist for it. Nothing new there.

Look, I have nothing against pop stars. I have nothing against black pop stars either as I enjoy some of them like I’m a fan of Rihanna and Janet Jackson for example.  I enjoy some pop music and some R&B but those performers should not be at a country music awards show.

Why was Beyonce there? Is it because nobody cares for country anymore and they’re getting desperate? The CMA’s were desperate for TV ratings for sure. Another reason Beyonce could have been brought in was that there’s lack of diversity in the country genre.

I don’t know, maybe it was appropriate to have Beyonce at the CMA’s ’cause country music is sounding more like pop and R&B these days anyways… so fuck it.

The industry is getting worse. I’m tired of Beyonce. The music industry just feels the needs to ram her down our throats everywhere and that’s all they’re doing.


MTV VMA’s same usual bullshit every year…

I didn’t watch all the MTV VMA’s last night. I only watched some of it. It’s the same usual bullshit like every year but this year is worse, in my opinion. Like usual, it’s full of left-wing “race-relations” politics. I was trying to figure out whether I watching the MTV VMA’s or the BET Awards.

This year Beyonce made the clean sweep of awards which is ridiculous. No wonder why Taylor Swift was snubbed this year ’cause MTV wanted this year to be Beyonce’s year. Kanye interrupted Taylor Swift at the VMA’s one year to send a message and hope Kanye is happy that Beyonce won more this year. *sigh* Beyonce sweeping all the awards instead of Taylor Swift or Adelle? Well, it’s MTV what do you expect? If they didn’t have Beyonce win, then liberals will be crying “No Diversity”. They would have called the MTV staff racist.

The VMA’s continue to be garbage like every year, though. If you want more rock & metal on the VMA’s you can forget it. Rock & metal on VMA’s is pretty much dead. The award shows will always be dominated by pop & rap just like the Grammy awards. I hate award shows. They’re all getting worse and worse. I really gotta stop watching them and I think I will.


The hypocrisy of race relations never ceases to amaze me… WOW!!!


When it comes to “No diversity” and no blacks at the Oscars, people are outraged. When it comes to Beyonce’s dancers, there is not one white woman in her crew, you don’t see any outrage. WTF??? The double standard about this is pretty crazy and messed up.


Rudy Giuliani nails it again… “Beyonce’s Superbowl performance was an attack on police officers”…

I had a feeling that the Superbowl Halftime show was going to be used to promote either “Black Lives Matter” or “gay rights” but it turned out to be a little bit of both.

What does it mean when Beyonce and her dancers form an arrow pointing down? What about the X symbol? Is she sending a message to police officers?


Can’t stand Beyonce. So sick of her!


Beck came a long way to where he is today…


If you read Beck’s bio online, you would see that Beck came a long way to get where he is today. He didn’t get where he is today over night. Back when Beck was a nobody, he started out as a folk, country and blues musician. At the time, he couldn’t get gigs so he started performing Mississippi John Hurt covers on a city bus in Los Angeles. At that time, Beck was a real-life “Loser” which inspired him to write that smash radio hit for the “MellowGold” album. As a teen, Beck struggled to get a job and tried to get a place to live on his own but with little success he decided to move to New York City to become involved in the folk scene in the Manhatten area. When that didn’t work out, Beck moved back to Los Angeles. Beck got a job at a video store and started getting actual gigs booked at art clubs and coffeehouses. He later got signed to BMG music after he made a demo in a friends living room in L.A.

Later in the early 90’s, Beck signed with Geffen records to release the Mellow Gold album. While the album was a smash hit and made no. 13 on the Billboard Top 200, the album suffered a backlash from critics ’cause of it’s weird sound and controversial lyrics, remember that? In the beginning, Beck struggled in the music industry and tried very hard to become the successful artist that he is today.

After “Mellow Gold”, Beck finally got accepted in the music industry with his hit album “Odelay” which was his best selling album. Then he went on to make other albums such as “Mutations”, “Sea Change”, “Midnight Vultures”, etc. Beck never stayed in one genre of music. He always switched from rock, folk, blues, jazz, hip hop, dance, etc. If you listen to his album “Midnight Vultures”, most of that album is a disco and dance album.

Whether you like Beck or hate him, you still need to give him the respect and kudos after he went from playing Mississippi John Hurt songs on a bus to being a Grammy winner for “Album of the Year”. Beck produced most of his own albums, played most of his own instruments. Beck really did work hard to earn that Grammy.

I wonder how Beyonce got where she is today? Oh that’s right, she got manufactured by record labels by getting her start through the R&B and pop group, Destiny’s Child. Beyonce only made 5 solo albums in her career and Beck have been making albums longer than her. Beyonce also had roles in a bunch of movies. Most of Beyonce’s music is all samples and the same beat throughout the whole song. She needed a bunch of songwriters and producers to help make her the music and Beyonce is considered an icon in today’s industry? Seriously?

I really hate today’s industry. Today’s music industry is a joke all-around.

Beck is a real and true music artist. He’s one of the few “real” music artists left, anyways. I’m glad he finally got his recognition. The Grammy’s did make the right decision. I’m gonna grab the “Morning Phase” album from Itunes soon.


Beck has no negative grudge against Kanye… Beck says he has nothing but respect for him…

Taylor Swift may have been upset at Kanye interrupting her but did Beck get upset? No. Beck is actually pretty cool with it! As a matter of fact, Beck seems flattered that Kanye tried to go up to the mic.


I understand Beck, though. I’d be flattered if I got interrupted by Kanye too.

I didn’t think Beck would win “Album of The Year”. I too kept thinking Beyonce was gonna win it no matter what.

So Beck said he aspires to be like Kanye. Well that’s no surprise. If you’ve listened to Beck’s music over the years like I have, you would hear that almost 80% of Beck’s music is rap/hip hop a little bit. Listen to his “Mellowgold” and “Odelay” albums for proof. Beck has always written a mix of folk, pop, rap & hip hop music over the years especially songs like “Beercan” in which you can hear in the video below.

I’m very happy for Beck for his surprising Grammy win! I’ve listened to his music for many years. I haven’t heard his new album “Morning Phase” yet but I’m gonna grab it from Itunes soon.

While most of last night’s Grammy’s were a joke there were actually two good things about last night’s show… Ac/Dc performing and Beck winning “Album of the Year”.

I do agree that Kanye is an arrogant and egotistical jackass but who cares. There are too many artists and musicians out there who are just as bad as he is.

I understand Kanye’s love for Beyonce but Beyonce used like 20 producers for her latest album while Beck produced, “Morning Phase” all by himself. Plus, Beck is a real musician who plays his own instruments and writes his own songs. He’s not a manufactured artist like Beyonce. So the Grammy’s made the right decision for once!


Man I’m so sick of Beyonce, she’s probably gonna sweep everything at the Grammy’s…

The Grammy Awards is turning into the MTV Awards but much worse. It’s no surprise that Beyonce will score the most nominations.

What’s the most shocking about this year’s award show is that they snubbed Taylor Swift for her “1989” album for “Album of the Year”. I’m happy that Beck got nominated for “Album of The Year”, I haven’t heard his album “Morning Phase” yet. I never listened to Ed Sheeran’s music before so I don’t know about him. Sam Smith I never really heard of either. I’m glad Pharrell Williams got “Album the Year” ’cause his “Girl” album is a really good album… I still like that album a lot.

While I would love to see Pharrell win for his album “Girl” for “Album of the Year”… I don’t think he’s gonna get it. It’s obviously gonna go to Beyonce. I’m not a fan of Beyonce at all. That is one artist that I don’t really like. She’s obviously gonna get the big win… too predictable. Seriously, fuck the Grammy’s. I’ll never buy Beyonce’s music. Not my cup of tea.

Although, I will confess, however, that I did listen to her music once when she was with Destiny’s Child back in the day. I remember owning a Destiny’s Child album once in the past but I got rid of it. I think it was the album, “Survivor”, not sure, though.



MTV VMA’s last night…

Last night, after watching 4 episodes of “Dr. Who” The 9th Doctor with Chris Eccleston, I’ve decided to catch the rest of the MTV VMA’s. I did catch a few live performances. I caught the Iggy and Rita Ora performance which was great. I caught Taylor Swift performing “Shake It Off” which was great. I also caught the ending… Beyonce’s performance and I wanted to talk about that a little bit…

I’ve noticed that Beyonce was onstage for quite a while. They gave her a lot of stage time than any other artists. Of course, when it comes to Beyonce, they have to bring in gossip and drama into it by bringing Jay Z and their daughter, Blue Ivy into things for more ratings and more attention. Of course, they were gonna have Beyonce and Jay-Z close out the show with a long boring performance. Yes, they did it to squash divorce rumors but that didn’t need to be a part of the show. The whole point about the VMA’s is about celebrating music, not their personal lives but of course, it’s MTV so what do you expect??? MTV was willing to let Beyonce squash divorce rumors with Jay-Z on TV ’cause they know the internet and social networking will be all over it.

If you wanna know what kind of bullshit that MTV was going to try to pull with the VMA’s last night, that was it. The Beyonce and Jay-Z thing. Typical MTV. Nothing to see here, move along. *sigh*

I’m tired of the industry shoving this couple in our faces. They are not the hottest couple in music… Johnny Cash and June Carter were.

Mainstream music today really is a joke… although I do like a few artists of today’s mainstream. Iggy is one of them and I like Lorde too.

I’m not a fan of Beyonce although her performance last night was funny to watch.