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Black Lives Matter won’t be going away, sit tight…

Like most, I am getting tired of Black Lives Matter and this awful movement isn’t gonna go away anytime soon. The Chauvin verdict was no surprise but Black Lives Matter sticking around is no surprise either. These are the kind of people they are.

The thing is, those who participate think they’re doing something “positive” and “heroic” but there is nothing “positive” and “heroic” about being part of this BLM thing. This stuff is not my thing and I’m staying out of all of it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love african/American and dark skinned people… in fact, I love people of all types. It don’t matter to me. If you need a color to debate “race” which is a tiresome and boring topic then you’re the true racist. BLM doesn’t fight against racism at all… it’s just here to divide and conquer. I don’t like this movement and never did. It is also here to make you Anti-American. It spreads an anti-American message and nothing more.

To me it’s just here to disrupt peace and spread even more negativity and drama. I understand it’s mission that they think the police kills dark skinned people but it’s not true at all. Not all cops are evil and yes, there’s a few bad apples in the police force but most police are good people. If cops are giving you problems then behave, don’t break the law and then maybe they’ll leave you alone, hmmm??? I’m 44 years old and have been well behaved my whole life. Never been arrested, never got ticketed for anything and cops never really gave me shit. Don’t be a trouble maker and you won’t have to deal with them at all.

Yet, all I’m seeing here is the police force being disrespected and watered down. Getting so much hate and people treating them like bad guys when they don’t deserve that at all. Cops losing their freedoms with body cams and all that garbage. I’m sure right now that more and more people are refusing to become a cop nowadays and I’m hearing somewhere that cops quit their jobs ’cause it’s getting so bad.

Yeah, I support the cops and am the “Back the Blue” and “All Lives Matter” type and don’t care if my stance on all this offends people. Of course, this BLM thing will get worse under Biden as president, I predicted it would be.


I can be outraged at George Floyd’s death and don’t have to support BLM… don’t have to and don’t want to…

It’s interesting how the left freaks out when they find out someone refuses to get on the BLM bandwagon. I refuse to get on. I haven’t liked and never supported “Black Lives Matter” for years, even under Barack Obama as president I never supported it. If I remember correctly, BLM started under Obama and it all started after Trayvon Martin.

Look, I find the George Floyd death/murder by police pretty disgusting… that didn’t have to happen and I made it pretty clear that I admitted that police brutality can be a problem. So just because a few bad cops committed some bad stuff doesn’t mean they’re all bad, though. All cops are different. I believe that there are good cops and bad cops. There will always be some bad apples in the police force, you can’t deny it.

I always hated that phrase, “Black Lives Matter”… it’s so racist and so divisive. That’s like them saying “only black lives” matter and fuck the rest. It’s also a pretty anti-American phrase.

Yeah, black lives definitely do matter but so do all lives. I love people of all types: white, black, asian, hispanic, etc. Whatever it don’t matter to me, I love ’em all.

Liberals are trying all they can to make it seem like “All Lives Matter” is a racist statement but it’s not. It’s just a phrase meaning people of all types are special and they matter too. We’re looking out for ALL, not just one particular group. That’s why many in this country find “BLM” phrase so offensive.

Black Out Tuesday was so disgusting, though…. everybody posting the black box thing and ramming “Black Lives Matter” down our throats continue to happen all week.

Under Obama as president, they had a hard time getting everybody on the BLM bandwagon by having the group invade Trump Rallies. Now they figured out how to get everyone on the side of BLM.

BLM is a group and a phrase meaning they hate the police. When you posted the black box last Tuesday, your true colors are out. You hate the police as well and now a proud and out racist.

I’m disgusted about the George Floyd death but I’m sure he wouldn’t have appreciated this BLM thing and the rioting. All of that don’t prove a damn thing. BLM is just a group designated to divide and conquer and nothing more.

I’ve always supported unifying America more and it seems to freak the left out and trigger them but I don’t give a shit. I’ll believe in what I want….

And by the way, police brutality is a problem in all forms… whites become a victim of police brutality all the time but you never see that in the news anywhere.


If liberals can protest then I can too…

Through FB, there was a group of liberals planning a Black Lives Matter drive-by caravan in my hometown of Greenwich, where they honk while they drive… honking for George Floyd and showing support for Black Lives Matter.

Well out of curiosity, I had to go. I didn’t attend the caravan drive by of course but I had to check it out for myself. So I dressed up in my pro-Trump gear, put on my MAGA hat and t-shirt and rode my bike into town. I filmed a little bit of footage for my Instagram story.

So here’s me standing by the side of the street, shouting “All Lives Matter” as the BLM caravan drives by. I know they heard me ’cause they were honking in response. As you can see in the video, a guy stuck his head out the window and yelled at me, gave me the finger too (not sure if you can see it but that’s what he was doing).

This was all in good fun, though. Just got into town and see if I can trigger some lefties and I triggered one of them at least. That was good enough for me, so I gave up and went back home. Just wanted to see it for a little bit.


The Grammy’s for 2017 is gonna suck… expect a lot of Donald Trump bashing too…

I’m totally skipping the next Grammy awards. Music awards shows are getting real horrible lately. In fact, they are getting much worse. I’m sick of award shows ramming Beyonce down our throats every year. So sick of Beyonce. Can’t stand her. It looks like the Grammy’s are finally getting tired of Taylor Swift, Kanye and Rihanna so now they’re getting high on Beyonce. So pathetic.

Another thing that is pissing me off about this year’s Grammy’s show is that Davie Bowie has been snubbed from “Album of the Year” for his new album, “Blackstar”. I thought “Blackstar” was a pretty amazing record and I expected it to get “Album of The Year” nod ever since the album came out. That whole album is really amazing and it’s bullshit that it got snubbed.

The Grammy’s winners this year is gonna be predictable, though as Beyonce will probably sweep everything. *yawn*


What will Beyonce’s Grammy performance be like? More cop hating and more BLM stuff?

I’m sure there’s gonna be tons of Trump bashing throughout the show too. James Corden who is the Grammy’s host will probably bash Trump a lot in his opening speech. Trump will be in office when the Grammy’s are on TV in Feb. so yeah, they will probably bash Trump a lot. Wouldn’t surprise me at all. There’s probably gonna be lots of liberal politics throughout the show like last year.

The Grammy’s did the right thing last year by giving Taylor Swift the “Album of the Year” award ’cause “1989” is a pretty good album. I’m not ashamed to say that Taylor Swift is actually pretty talented.


Why won’t local media say who ran down Trooper Pratt? Protecting somebody?

Man, the local media is just as dishonest and untrustworthy as the national media. They won’t say who the driver was who ran down Trooper Pratt. Local media protecting somebody? I read a lot of articles about this and not one of them could say who hit this man and killed him. I wouldn’t be surprised that the driver who hit him was a black person and it’s probably no accident either.

It is sad news though and tragic. RIP Trooper Pratt. Respect the police and law enforcement, always! Police lives matter too!



Sylvester Stallone’s half-brother Dante Stallone beaten by two black muggers in Florida…

Sly Stallone’s half brother, Dante Stallone who is also the younger brother of singer Frank Stallone was brutally beaten during a mugging by two black thugs. Frank Stallone took to facebook and instagram to rant about it but he removed the posts.

Check out the articles for more on the story:




Well gee, TMZ reported the story but I wonder why the rest of the mainstream media didn’t get all over it? You don’t see anything about this on CNN, NBC, the Washington Post or any of that stuff. Is it because this is a black on white crime? It doesn’t fit the Black Lives Matter movement?

While TMZ did report the story:


Still though, they were careful not to mention who the muggers were. They were careful not to mention the word “thugs” or “muggers”.

The MSM ignores stories like this, black on white crime. Black on white crime happens all the time but doesn’t get much media attention. They don’t want to make the black community look bad is why. The MSM is pretty despicable. When will black people ever be held accountable for their actions? When they do bad things to people, they shouldn’t get a free pass.

Things like this is why we really need Trump in the White House pretty badly. Make America Safe Again!


Obama is trying his best to extend his presidency after 2017, enact martial law…

Obama is trying to start a race war with the police which he is doing a good job at. He also left the borders wide open and intentionally allowing illegal aliens to enter the country. Obama has got ISIS going on and Islamic terrorism has become more of threat than ever. So with all this stuff going on, you can tell that Obama has something up his sleeve. Yes, you guess that right. Obama wants to continue his presidency after 2017 which is what he is doing. He is hoping to enact martial law even before Nov. 8th comes. Enact martial law, the elections will be cancelled and Obama will extend his presidency. If you do a little digging in order to enact martial law, the country must be under civil unrest and the country must be in a war.

I’ve been saying for a long time now that Obama is trying all he can to extend his presidency and still trying to make that happen. If you want to know my thoughts about all this Dallas stuff going on, it’s just Obama’s attempt to start a war with our police. Is Obama trying to get rid of the police in America? That’s what it seems like he’s trying to do. He wants to get rid of the police so we can feel helpless and useless. That’s why Obama is trying to make it okay to kill cops in America. He’s intentionally doing that as a way to destroy America.

I don’t care what people think. I stand with our police officers. It’s unfair that our police is being treated this way and they don’t deserve it. Shame on Obama and the media. It’s sickening to me that the media continues to defend the Dallas shooter. I support the police and it’s a real shame to see that this country made it okay to hate the police. Disgusting. The police should be respected ’cause they are the reason why we’re still alive today. So we should thank them and give them our support.

Obama wants a race war and a war against Islam for “martial law”. That’s what I think is going on and I’m sticking with it. Obama wants to extend his presidency ’cause he loves being president and his ego is so big. It’s crazy. Everyone wants to call Donald Trump a selfish and arrogant person but what about Obama? I’m so tired of people still sticking up for Obama when it shouldn’t be that hard to see how corrupt and evil he is.

Obama needs to go. Obama extending his presidency is not gonna happen ’cause Trump is gonna stop it from happening.


Video: Woman gets spit on by Black Lives Matter protester at Trump rally in Albany…

This is not my footage, this video was made by someone else but something I found in youtube that the media will never show. This is the kind of behavior that the BLM crowd/Bernie supporters show to Trump supporters. It’s inappropriate, ya know? It pisses me off that Bernie would send these people over to bully Trump supporters. It makes me sick really.

This is also proof that black people still hate white people. I know I’ve been pretty mean talking trash about the loony protesters at the rally on video but after you’ve seen this footage below, you would see why they deserve the trash talking now, right?

I hate Bernie Sanders even more that he had the guts to send his supporters over to bully us. Just proof that Bernie is just desperate to win and would do anything. Everybody wants to blame Trump for inciting all of this but I totally blame Bernie all the way. Bernie should be arrested.


Black Lives Matter activist tries to start an argument with me on Instagram…


On my instagram account, I posted a video of the protesters in Albany at the Trump rally and I had a Black Lives Matter activist try to start an argument on instagram. The Black Lives Matter crowd were definitely there and I had one of the protesters from the other night tried to start an argument with me on Instagram.

She tried to deny that the protesters went inside the arena to try and protest Donald Trump but I know it’s a lie. I was there at the rally and there were protesters trying to get inside the arena throughout the night. She then accused Trump supporters of not protesting other candidate rallies ’cause we’re lazy? LOL! Seriously? Then I slammed her by saying, “We don’t protest ’cause we have better things to do with our time”. Which is true, ya know? We don’t protest other presidential rallies ’cause we do have better things to do. We’re not losers like those Black Lives Matter crowd and the Bernie fanatics. Us Trump supporters are too busy keeping our focus on improving the country and making us great again, that’s the only thing we’re concerned about.

The more they protest Donald Trump, the more it shows how much of a loser those people are. I wasn’t afraid to say that either as you can hear me say on one of these videos below, I said, “Fucking losers, all of them”. I really meant it too.


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More loony protesters. #trumprally #Albany #Trump2016

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More after rally craziness! #trumprally #Albany #Trump2016

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Black lives matter thugs shut down Trump rally in Chicago thoughts…

Bernie Sanders fans and Ted Cruz fans are shamefully celebrating that Black Lives Matter thugs shut down Trump’s rally in Chicago. Liberals in facebook are celebrating it like mad which is typical of libtards, ya know? Predictably the media are calling them “protesters” but they aren’t protesters. They’re the black lives matter crowd who are racists against white people. People who are okay with violence and crime, have no problem with it.

Here’s an example of a thug in this twitter account… these are the kind of people these liberals are celebrating?


Anyway, liberals don’t care how violent and hateful people get as long as they try to take down Donald Trump. That’s all they care about is getting Trump out of the election and they will do anything it takes.

From this point on, though, I think Trump is gonna beef up security at his rallies.

Liberals are also getting mad at Trump ’cause he wouldn’t allow protesters at his rallies. I mean, come on. Really? If I don’t like a presidential candidate, I wouldn’t go to their rallies and get myself in trouble. I would never go to a Hillary or a Bernie rally. If you don’t like a candidate then don’t go. If you go to a presidential candidate rally you don’t support then chances are, you’re gonna get thrown out of them.

Liberals are so obsessed with taken down Trump, they don’t care what it takes. They’ll do anything which is very sad, in my opinion.

Proves how evil and psychotic liberals have gotten lately. They are cold and evil bastards. They don’t care for Mr. Trump’s safety and well-being at all.

Check out the Mark Dice video below exposing the violence of the Black Lives Matter thugs… things that the media will never be honest about.