If liberals can protest then I can too…

Through FB, there was a group of liberals planning a Black Lives Matter drive-by caravan in my hometown of Greenwich, where they honk while they drive… honking for George Floyd and showing support for Black Lives Matter.

Well out of curiosity, I had to go. I didn’t attend the caravan drive by of course but I had to check it out for myself. So I dressed up in my pro-Trump gear, put on my MAGA hat and t-shirt and rode my bike into town. I filmed a little bit of footage for my Instagram story.

So here’s me standing by the side of the street, shouting “All Lives Matter” as the BLM caravan drives by. I know they heard me ’cause they were honking in response. As you can see in the video, a guy stuck his head out the window and yelled at me, gave me the finger too (not sure if you can see it but that’s what he was doing).

This was all in good fun, though. Just got into town and see if I can trigger some lefties and I triggered one of them at least. That was good enough for me, so I gave up and went back home. Just wanted to see it for a little bit.



7 thoughts on “If liberals can protest then I can too…”

  1. You’re right, you can protest, too – that’s one of the great things about this country. But really? Going to do it for fun and to “trigger libs”? That’s childish.

    1. So the left calling the right “racist” isn’t childish? What about the left posting the black box in all of social media out of their temper tantrum and mood swings?? That isn’t childish either, huh??? What about all the looting and rioting? Who to you to call someone childish hmmmm???

      1. Calling out racism is far from childish. Silently acknowledging racism via a black box is far from childish. “This was all in good fun, though. Just got into town and see if I can trigger some lefties and I triggered one of them at least.” is childish. If you have problem with rioting, may wanna reconsider your sense of patriotism, as we wouldn’t even be a country if not for rioting in 1773.

      2. I have the right to show that “All Lives Matter” and gonna let them know that black people aren’t the only kind of people around. As far as me triggering liberals for fun, it’s well deserved I must say since the left bullied the right for so many years. Calling them names just because views are different.

        Rioting and looting isn’t patriotism. It’s a crime and should be treated as such.

  2. It’s ironic you think the left have been bullying the right considering you all have been using the term “snowflake” for years.

    1. How do you think we came up with the term “snowflake”??? We use it ’cause you all attack us when views our different. That’s what the term means pretty much.

      1. First, let me commend you for debating and not just deleting comments – that shows maturity. Snowflake doesn’t mean that, it’s analogous to calling someone a pussy – fragile….

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