I can be outraged at George Floyd’s death and don’t have to support BLM… don’t have to and don’t want to…

It’s interesting how the left freaks out when they find out someone refuses to get on the BLM bandwagon. I refuse to get on. I haven’t liked and never supported “Black Lives Matter” for years, even under Barack Obama as president I never supported it. If I remember correctly, BLM started under Obama and it all started after Trayvon Martin.

Look, I find the George Floyd death/murder by police pretty disgusting… that didn’t have to happen and I made it pretty clear that I admitted that police brutality can be a problem. So just because a few bad cops committed some bad stuff doesn’t mean they’re all bad, though. All cops are different. I believe that there are good cops and bad cops. There will always be some bad apples in the police force, you can’t deny it.

I always hated that phrase, “Black Lives Matter”… it’s so racist and so divisive. That’s like them saying “only black lives” matter and fuck the rest. It’s also a pretty anti-American phrase.

Yeah, black lives definitely do matter but so do all lives. I love people of all types: white, black, asian, hispanic, etc. Whatever it don’t matter to me, I love ’em all.

Liberals are trying all they can to make it seem like “All Lives Matter” is a racist statement but it’s not. It’s just a phrase meaning people of all types are special and they matter too. We’re looking out for ALL, not just one particular group. That’s why many in this country find “BLM” phrase so offensive.

Black Out Tuesday was so disgusting, though…. everybody posting the black box thing and ramming “Black Lives Matter” down our throats continue to happen all week.

Under Obama as president, they had a hard time getting everybody on the BLM bandwagon by having the group invade Trump Rallies. Now they figured out how to get everyone on the side of BLM.

BLM is a group and a phrase meaning they hate the police. When you posted the black box last Tuesday, your true colors are out. You hate the police as well and now a proud and out racist.

I’m disgusted about the George Floyd death but I’m sure he wouldn’t have appreciated this BLM thing and the rioting. All of that don’t prove a damn thing. BLM is just a group designated to divide and conquer and nothing more.

I’ve always supported unifying America more and it seems to freak the left out and trigger them but I don’t give a shit. I’ll believe in what I want….

And by the way, police brutality is a problem in all forms… whites become a victim of police brutality all the time but you never see that in the news anywhere.


4 thoughts on “I can be outraged at George Floyd’s death and don’t have to support BLM… don’t have to and don’t want to…”

  1. You are misconstruing what BLM means. It does NOT mean only black lives matter, it means that black lives matter as much as anyone else’s – we have 500 years of history behind us saying that they don’t.

    1. If black lives matters as much as anyone else’s then you would use that phrase “All Lives Matter”. Otherwise, why use the word “black” to begin with? No point in it!

      1. I literally just explained to you why, so let me try an analogy. Let’s use say, Sylvester Stallone and the film industry. Let’s say Sylvester Stallone has been working hard his entire life to put out movies, but because of his looks or the way he speaks, Hollywood made him a pariah, despite his films being good or entertaining, etc. and he has been contributing to the success of the film industry. Nobody in Hollywood gives him the time of day, and in fact, takes every opportunity to denigrate him. However, his fans know he makes great films, and they start to realize there’s a problem and start demanding he be recognized. Are they going to say, “All Hollywood Films Matter” or are they going to say, “Stallone Films Matter”?

  2. The Coroner’s Report is out you can access it online

    Floyd died of a heart attack not suffocation

    Knee to neck

    No evidence of injury to Floyd’s

    No pressure from knee

    This has been one big hoax just to pocket money

    Al Sharpton ring a bell???

    Go Fund Me was over 10 million a few days ago

    Corporations whose stores were rioted looted and burned gave donations to BLM

    BLM declared War against the Cops and now have the money to accomplish it

    Go figure that one out

    I stopped feeling sorry for George Floyd just after the first brick was thrown

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