Ordered more stuff from amazon yesterday… country still on lockdown so no indoor shopping as of this moment…

While Democrats and the media seems to have backed off on the coronavirus, the country is still on lockdown but it’s slowly starting to open up. A lot more restaurants are starting to open but “take out” only. Some retail stores are starting to open like Best Buy but curbside orders only. Which is all dumb.

I won’t be able to do anymore indoor shopping like at the malls, Best Buy, etc. for a long while, I guess.

Barbershops and hair salons are back open, though and I’m gonna find a place in my hometown of Greenwich where I can get a haircut ’cause I need one pretty badly, lol. It’s by appointment only, though and masks required which is also dumb.

Anyhow, stuff I ordered from amazon yesterday:

BluRay movies:

The Mule (A Clint Eastwood directed film in which he also stars in), Richard Jewell (another Eastwood directed movie but doesn’t star in) and “Birds of Prey” (the Harley Quinn spin-off movie).

I only bought 3 BluRay movies which should be coming this month.

Then I bought four more books for my Ipad… 3 Star Wars books by Timothy Zhan, the rest of the Thrawn Trilogy (2 and 3) and “Star Wars: Thrawn” also by Timothy Zhan. I’m not a big Star Wars books reader but I thought I would get into them finally. I’ve already read the Thrawn Trilogy books before a long time ago but I want to read them again. The “Star Wars: Thrawn” book is another Thrawn story that chronicles his life. I don’t read Star Wars books much but Timothy Zhan books are great.

I also picked up “Battlefield Earth” by L. Ron Hubbard. Yeah, L. Ron Hubbard is a Scientology guy but it don’t matter, “BattleField Earth” is a great book. Read it before when I was young, read the whole thing and it’s one of the greatest science fiction novels I’ve ever read. I’ll have to agree with everyone that the movie version with John Travolta stunk so much, though.

I also had to get a 12 month digital code subscription card to Playstation Plus since my subscription ran out so I renewed it by using amazon. Haven’t been playing video games much lately but gonna get back into it and trying to.

I’m starting to do more online shopping which I haven’t done much of in the past. I was never much of an online shopper but this lockdown thing, can’t help yourselves. Still stuck at home with no gym. I’d like to find an actual job soon, though if lucky enough.


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