What I hate about the music scene the most is how liberal it is…

If the country ever opens back up 100% and if things ever get back to normal, will I ever get back to playing live music around the Albany regions music scene aka the Capital Region? Thanks but no thanks! I retired from the music scene years ago and no regrets.

One of the biggest problems we are having is how freakin’ liberal the music scene is and it sickens me how this area won’t stop being so damn political.

If you’re a conservative musician, don’t ever debate politicians with a musician or a promoter that is a liberal. These people can get pretty triggered easily and you can watch out for their nasty temper tantrums.

I’ve always said that musicians and bands needs to stay out of politics and that continues to be a problem today.

There are too many things I’m not too happy with the music scene but politics is the big one. I haven’t played out in the music scene in so long but I’m actually fine with that.

Life is good for me for the most part, I’m happy being away from it and even though I stopped playing live shows, I’m still playing music. I’ll just continue to make my music for the internet and I prefer that more.

The music scene still sucks and I’ll always stand by it.



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