Sylvester Stallone’s half-brother Dante Stallone beaten by two black muggers in Florida…

Sly Stallone’s half brother, Dante Stallone who is also the younger brother of singer Frank Stallone was brutally beaten during a mugging by two black thugs. Frank Stallone took to facebook and instagram to rant about it but he removed the posts.

Check out the articles for more on the story:

Well gee, TMZ reported the story but I wonder why the rest of the mainstream media didn’t get all over it? You don’t see anything about this on CNN, NBC, the Washington Post or any of that stuff. Is it because this is a black on white crime? It doesn’t fit the Black Lives Matter movement?

While TMZ did report the story:

Still though, they were careful not to mention who the muggers were. They were careful not to mention the word “thugs” or “muggers”.

The MSM ignores stories like this, black on white crime. Black on white crime happens all the time but doesn’t get much media attention. They don’t want to make the black community look bad is why. The MSM is pretty despicable. When will black people ever be held accountable for their actions? When they do bad things to people, they shouldn’t get a free pass.

Things like this is why we really need Trump in the White House pretty badly. Make America Safe Again!


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