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Jaliek Rainwalker case catches the attention of Black Lives Matter group in Austin, TX… uh oh… here we go…

I’m not a big fan of the Black Lives Matter group and HATE everything they stand for but I was actually pretty glad they posted this. Yep, I think you can safely say that the Jaliek Rainwalker case has definitely gone viral.

I agree “black boys do matter” and it was a good thing that this “Black Lives Matter Austin” FB gave this case a shoutout. I’m noticing that the Rainwalker case has been catching the attention of the black community more which is a good thing so it’s no surprise that the BLM group will pick up on the case.

The more attention this case gets, the merrier. We need more people talking about this case as much as possible ’cause it helps put the pressure on the adoptive parents and the local police department.

I want this case solved like everyone else so we can move on from it. Of course, the only way to solve this case is that Jaliek needs to be found. There’s no way he’s still alive and his remains needs to get found and the adoptive parents need to get locked up. Hopefully soon.



Jaliek Rainwalker… missing persons case pretty much have gone viral over the internet…

I’ve been following the Jaliek Rainwalker missing persons case ever it happened. This case never left my mind and I never forgot. I’ve been following this case ever it happened back in 2007 and still follow it today. Even though local media outlets don’t report this case all that much over the years, there are still a lot of people talking about it. I’ve noticed that this case has gotten bigger and more well-known online. This case has caught the attention of a lot of true crime and missing person bloggers so they started doing podcasts and vlogs on the case. I’ve heard quite a few podcasts about the Jaliek Rainwalker case and seen quite a few video blogs about it in youtube. Out of everything I’ve seen and heard about the case this is the best video I’ve seen.

This vlogger Danelle Hallan did an excellent job researching all the facts that were known online. Most vloggers and podcasters who did stuff about the case leave a lot of stuff out but this woman didn’t. Danelle Hallan pretty much nailed everything.

Unfortunately, though, there’s still not a lot of info about the Jaliek Rainwalker case. All the facts you want to know about would take a quick and easy google search. There’s no other info about the Jaliek story than what you see through google and youtube. This case is still a mystery sadly.

I agree that this case is a heartbreaker. It’s not only heartbreaking, it’s also very scary.

There are some out there that believe that the adopted father didn’t have anything to do with Jaliek’s disappearance. There are some that believe the adopted father did have something to do with it. There are mixed reactions and opinions to this case.

I’m still sticking with the theory that the adopted father DID have something to do with the disappearance of Jaliek. I totally agree with most people that the father does have something to hide. Is he hiding something criminal? To those that believe that the father had nothing to do with anything then:

  • Why would the family move out of state while all this is going on?
  • Why would they hide behind a lawyer?
  • Why would they threaten to sue law enforcement after they searched their home?
  • Why have they stopped cooperating with law enforcement and local news media outlets?
  • Why do they avoid talking to people looking for Jaliek like the plague?

They have nothing to hide hey? Also, the adoptive father and adoptive mother pretends to care about searching for Jaliek but they don’t care about him one freakin’ bit. They are not even searching for him. A real parent would have done everything in their power to look for their missing kid like staying home and not move out of state. Moving out of state during a missing persons investigation was the dumbest move they could do. I mean, what if Jaliek does turn up in Greenwich and Jaliek finds out they moved out of state? What do you think Jaliek would feel if he turned up and they’re not here? You don’t see the adoptive family asking for the public’s help in search of Jaliek. You don’t see them joining us in our search. That’s all we want to do is find him and look for answers but the adoptive parents seems to get upset at people looking for him. They have nothing to hide, hey? Fucking please! They’re not looking for him at all. When you see their lawyer claiming they’re doing all they can, don’t listen to him ’cause it’s a flat out lie. They pay their shady lawyer a lot of money to lie for them and protect them.

11 years  and this case still hasn’t been solved. Why? I blame the law enforcement for one ’cause I think they did a lousy job with this case. Law enforcement is not tough enough as they appear to be. I think they could have done a better job and this case would have been over a long time ago. Another reason is that their lawyer is doing all they can to keep them out of jail. Trying to keep them from getting locked up.

I’m glad to see that this case has gotten bigger online. The more people know about this case, the merrier. We need as much people as we can talking about this case ’cause the more people talk about it, the more pressure it keeps on the adoptive parents.

Why aren’t the adoptive parents locked up yet? I totally believe both of them are responsible. Yes, the adoptive mother seems to be involved in something. They should be in jail but nope. They are still out there being all happy happy joy joy and enjoying their lives. They need to be held accountable and be locked up. I hope they enjoyed their Christmas. Hopefully next year they’ll spend Christmas inside a prison cell.

We will not move on from this case until Jaliek is found. Jaliek deserves his justice. We want justice for Jaliek and that’s what we care about most.

The video above is kind of long but worth a listen. Trust me.



Mollie Tibbets murdered by illegal alien… surprise, surprise… build the wall, deport them all!

Well, well well, what do we have here. Young girl from Brooklyn, Iowa murdered by an illegal alien, that’s what. It’s not a safe world out there anymore. Something like this can happen to anybody. You’re out and about then something bad happens to you.

Mollie Tibbets, a young 20 year old go out for a jog and then she vanishes without a trace. Then later, authorities found her body 10 miles away from home… they found her body in a field covered with corn stalks. They easily and quickly caught her killer by tracking him down using surveillance footage.

Ya see, these things can happen anywhere even in small towns. There are illegal aliens everywhere in this country. There are even illegal aliens living in my hometown of Greenwich, N.Y.!!!

No doubt, the media will try to protect the illegal alien by calling him “immigrant” (without the world “illegal” in front of it), they’ll just say he’s in the country illegally and they won’t call him “illegal alien” ’cause it’s just too mean. A lot of media outlets including FOX News refuses to call them “illegal alien”, instead they say “in country illegally”.

This is why we want the wall. This is why we got to get tough on Illegal Immigration by deporting them all and building the wall. What will it take to get lefties to wake up? Nope. Instead, they feel sorry for illegals and they want to do everything they can to protect them instead of protecting US citizens.

I hope you lefties out there are proud of yourselves with your silly “open borders” idea. Build the wall and deport them all so we can protect our children in this country. You want to talk about children being separated from families hey? What about kids being separated by families when they’re victimized by illegals?

I hope they lock up Rivera forever and Mollie needs her justice. Sad story, my heart goes out to her family and friends.

I wouldn’t be surprised, though that libtards are gonna try to defend Rivera just to try to get him freed. No doubt they will do that. They will blame Trump and blame law enforcement that this happened and all that crap.

This is a key part of why Trump won the election. We’re tired of illegals killing good people around here and just causing all sorts of trouble. Libtards wants to treat them like they’re sweethearts which is pathetic. Well, wait until an illegal alien does something bad to your family, lefties. What will you think after that happens? Go ahead and keep supporting illegals, lefties. What you’re doing is very dangerous.

Justice for Mollie! Lock up Rivera for life!


Police & prosecutors meet to discuss Jaliek Rainwalker case to speed things up, hopefully they get to the bottom of this case once and for all…

This is good news really. Why didn’t they do this a long time ago? New article on the decade old Jaliek Rainwalker disappearance case… finally some action going on here. Police, prosecutors and new investigators get together to discuss the case. They got new police officers to help work on it and they got other investigators now which is all good to see.

I’ve been following the Jaliek Rainwalker case ever since it happened in Nov. of 2007. I’ve followed this case pretty closely over the years and I’m still following it. I’m just like everyone else… I want answers too. Yeah, my hometown of Greenwich wants answers still. We haven’t forgotten Jaliek and never will.

I thought the Greenwich-Cambridge police did a horrible job of this case over the years and it’s good to see that they’re finally stepping up. This case really does need closure and we all need to know the truth. Most importantly, Jaliek needs his justice still.

Hopefully they do get to the bottom of this case soon and lock up all those responsible for his disappearance.

We all have a pretty good idea what happened to Jaliek and even the police thinks so too… we all think the adoptive parents murdered Jaliek and hid the body but there’s no proof yet. Hopefully soon they’ll get enough evidence to prove it so that it will be good enough to arrest certain people. Hopefully the new investigators will be able to locate the remains of Jaliek ’cause he’s gotta be out there somewhere.

This case has been open for 10 years and still nothing. I’m hoping and praying these new investigators will do a good job.



Listen to podcast about Jaliek Rainwalker… #justiceforjaliek

There’s this podcast that I stumbled upon twitter and on their website they said they did a podcast on the Jaliek Rainwalker case. I’ve talked about the Jaliek case on my blog before. If you don’t know about the Jaliek case listen to this podcast and do your google research too.

This kid named Jaliek Rainwalker went missing in my hometown of Greenwich on Nov. 1st 2007. It’s now been 10 years since he went missing and it’s now been turned into a cold case after all these years.

When it comes to the Jaliek case, there has always been a controversial debate over this. Many believe that Jaliek’s adoptive parents had something to do with his disappearance and there are some that actually believe the claims that he has run away.

If you’re one of those who side with Jaliek’s adoptive parents on their run-away claim then give this podcast a listen. This podcast maybe a real eye opener for you and you may wake up a bit if you think Jaliek’s adoptive father is innocent. A lot of people believe that Jaliek’s adoptive father had something to do with it. I do too. I believe the father did something horrible to the kid and he covered his tracks.

Give this podcast a listen by the Missing Minority Project. They’re a podcast that focuses on missing people who are of color and LGBTQ people. They’re thinking the same thing what we’ve all been thinking… Jaliek a victim of foul play.

Something horrible happened to poor Jaliek in that Hill St. home in Greenwich (my hometown). The family wants to claim that Jaliek is alive and has run away but there’s no evidence of that.

Whether Jaliek is alive or dead (he’s probably likely dead, unfortunately), I want him found like most people. This case needs closure. 10 years on and still nothing. There are some that don’t want us pointing fingers at the adoptive father, but he was the last person to see Jaliek alive. How else do you want us to respond?

If anybody out there knows something about what happened on Nov. 1st 2007 in that house, you should come forward. Speak to the Greenwich police. There’s gotta be someone or some people that knows something. I’m tired of all the silence and nobody talking.

It seems that this case has gotten more attention I’m noticing. It pretty much went viral. The longer Jaliek stays missing, the more people wonder about him. I’ve been following this case ever since it happened and I haven’t forgotten Jaliek. I care about the kid and want him found like everyone else.



RIP Kurt Cobain who was murdered 23 years ago today, he didn’t kill himself…

The proof is in the video above. Re-open the case and find those sick people who did this. Like most everyone else, I’m pretty sure Courtney Love was behind it. The video above was a scene from the “Soaked In Bleach” movie in which you can watch on Netflix. If you’re a Netflix subscriber, go check out the movie yourself. It’s worth it.


Jaliek Rainwalker remains finally found? Skull found and it could be him… #JusticeForJaliek

I’ve been silent on the Jaliek Rainwalker case ’cause there was no info and no updates… finally here is an update on the case from the Post Star. Police found a portion of a young boy’s skull in Greene County. The remains were found in state land of Coxsackie. Not far from an area where the Hudson flows floods and high tides.

My guess is that who ever was trying to hide the body, dumped the body in the river and left the head behind?

I’ve been saying for years that Jaliek was murdered for a long time but I got slammed by delusional idiots for it. They started feeling sorry for the boy’s family and siding with them and stuff. Disgusting. If the remains found turns out to be Jaliek after all then I’ll be the one to tell the doubters, “I told ya so”.

I totally blame the boy’s adoptive parents like everyone else. I think the same way. The boy’s parents are going to prison soon. This case deserves a closure and this boy needs a proper burial so the boy’s other family members can move on with their lives.

Lets hope and pray that the skull found turns out to be Jaliek after all. The adoptive parents need to be arrested and locked up. The adoptive father killed the kid and his wife tried to protect him by covering it up. Trust me, they will get caught. Hopefully this case will be over with soon!