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Thoughts about Gabby Petito strangulation… it’ll be hard to find out who did it but obviously Laundrie did it…

Yeah, I watched the Gabby autopsy results press conference earlier today and it was all a freakin’ joke to be honest. Reporters asking the dumbest questions and the coroner giving the dumbest answers, of course, there were a lot of “I can’t comment on that” by the coroner and he was only allowed to give details on certain things… like… Gabby wasn’t pregnant at the time and Gabby was already dead 3 or 4 weeks before her remains was found.

It’s going to be hard to prove who did it ’cause strangulation is hard to prove. It’s obvious this was all planned… it was someone’s intention to strangle her to death and just leave her out for dead in the wilderness.


My heart goes out to Gabby’s family, though ’cause this is all heartbreaking. I’ve seen a few older videos with Gabby in them with her talking and she seems like a real sweet, down to earth and fun type of young woman. A good person like that didn’t deserve this at all.

Anyhow, who ever the strangler was didn’t use bare hands ’cause obviously fingerprints would have been left on the neck and I’m sure the coroner didn’t find any fingerprints or anything like that. Maybe Laundrie used gloves or something. If he used rope or wire there would have been marks all over the neck indicating that he did use something to strangle her with. He probably did use black rubber gloves to strangle her. It’s gonna be tough to find out who the strangler was. It was probably Laundrie yes but he needs to give himself up and turn himself in and confess. I think he’s still alive and out in hiding somewhere due to all rumors and speculation of him being dead.

This just further proves that people don’t go missing, ya know? People don’t vanish like magic. It’s a long and slow process to get the bottom of these cases but the truth will always come forth. It always does. They think they can get away with it but they won’t.


This Gabby Petito case just goes to show that missing people & homicide/murder cases matter…

For decades missing people, homicides and unsolved murders and things like that have always been largely ignored over the years… but thanks to the Gabby Petito stuff going on in the mainstream news… it finally made America wake up and realize that missing people and murders are a big deal. It’s all a real problem in America.

People just don’t go missing, ya know? When someone disappears and vanishes all of a sudden without a trace then something have had to happen. Almost always, a missing person usually turns up dead and murdered. Very rarely a missing person turns up alive for example like Elizabeth Smart and Jaycee Dugard for starters.

When someone goes missing, it’s almost always that someone is responsible. When someone is a “person of interest” in a missing person’s case and you blame that person, there will always be that “guilty until proven innocent” crowd that will get on your ass about it. When you look at cases like Kristin Smart, you can’t help but think that Paul Flores is guilty all the way and his parents were involved in the cover up.

Anyhow, it’s very sad that Gabby Petito didn’t turn out alive… it was expected that she’ll turn out to be a homicide/murder victim. You also can’t help but believe that Brian Laundrie the fiance did it and his parents are protecting/covering for him.

I’m gonna talk about this Gabby case very briefly for now but I’ll talk about more of it another time but one thing I’m getting sick of seeing is that how people are complaining that Gabby is all over the news while people of color is getting ignored…. “missing white girl syndrome” is what they’re all calling it. Really? These are just leftist idiots that feel the need to bring race into everything and they’re the real racists to be honest.

The way I see it, Gabby being all over the mainstream has nothing to do with race. She got mainstream status ’cause she’s a viral youtube and “instagram” star.

I’ll talk more of Gabby another time but I wanted to let you all know that I’ve been following and watching the story and I love how Dog The Bounty Hunter stepped in. I’ll talk more about that too.


The Home of Ruben Flores being searched by police today, to find remains of missing girl, Kristin Smart… thinking of Jaliek Rainwalker again…

A 19 year old girl, Kristin Smart disappeared years ago way back in 1996 and a guy named Paul Flores is a long time “person of interest” who has now been named “prime Suspect” in her disappearance. Now police dug up a search warrant to do a long overdue search at the parents of Paul Flores’s home in hopes of finding Kristin Smart’s remains. Why would they want to find Kristin’s remains at Paul’s parents home? Well, it’s looking more and more likely that Paul’s parents could be protecting their son and helping to cover up the murder of Kristin to keep him out of prison. It’s been suspected for years that she’s been buried in the backyard of their home.

Paul Flores is being pointed out ’cause he was the last person to see her alive, he helped her to her dorm room after a party.

If you want to learn more about the Kristin Smart case, listen to the Chris Lambert podcast about this case titled “Your Own Backyard” or something like that.

It’s a pretty serious search. They’re using cadaver dogs and ground penetrating radars, everything. They got the whole property yellow taped.


This could take several days or all week to search the entire property from top to bottom ’cause as you can see it’s kind of a big property. If she’s not there, then they are hiding something. If the search ends up into another dead end, then they probably moved her remains somewhere else. Like most, I’m hoping she’s there and she’s probably in the backyard like many speculated and theorized. I’ve got that hunch myself that she’s probably there.

I’m looking at the image of the home and she could be anywhere there and I’m pointing my fingers on that cement on the ground behind that garage. If she’s under that cement in the backyard it could take forever to dig her out. It won’t be easy to get skeletal remains out of there. They have to be careful not to break the bones and not get fingerprints on anything. If they find a skeleton there, it could take days to identify her to make sure it’s really her and stuff.

I’m praying this is the end of it like most. I’m pretty sure Paul and his parents are nervous as hell right now, I’m sure. Well Paul’s day is coming.

It doesn’t matter how long ago a person’s disappearance was… we can’t just move on and forget it… they all deserve their justices, they all deserve closure.

The same thing for Jaliek Rainwalker. Of course, I immediately thought of him when this news of Kristin Smart got out there today. This is what I want done for Jaliek. The Hill St. home of Jaliek in Greenwich has been searched before but I want a much deeper search there with cadaver dogs and ground penetrating radar, everything. Hopefully the same will happen with Jaliek real soon and that’s what we’re all hoping for.

You should listen to the “Your Own Backyard” podcast, it’s good stuff. Lets hope they find something there this week. I’ll be keeping an eye out for this news.


Human remains found in Fulton County but don’t think it’ll be Jaliek Rainwalker, though… #JusticeForJaliek

Human remains were just found in a town called, Ephratah in Fulton County, New York.


I look at the sketches and the drawings look pretty close to Jaliek Rainwalker. If you look at Jaliek’s photos in this link below, you can see Jaliek’s look almost matches the sketch. Except the remains found in Fulton County was a young woman and Jaliek doesn’t have those gaps in his teeth so it’s probably not him.


I don’t really want to speculate but gotta say that young woman was probably murdered by somebody and got rid of the body.

See how somebody could have done that to Jaliek? Usually missing persons almost always turn up dead and it’s very rare they’re found alive.

I don’t think the remains found in Fulton County would be Jaliek Rainwalker but you never know. Jaliek’s remains still needs to be found too and I think his remains are still out there somewhere.


Why missing people being found alive shouldn’t be huge news stories…

While it’s good news to hear that three missing Cleveland, Ohio women have been found alive after all these years, the media should back off. Of course, they won’t. Whenever somebody missing gets found alive, the news media are all over it. The found missing person usually gets turned into some celebrity of some sort. Look at Jaycee Dugard, perfect example. What’s next for Amanda Berry and the other two girls? Book deals? Reality shows? *pukes*

I didn’t care to watch the live-stream stuff of the Amanda Berry story. Look, it’s great news that these girls have been found alive; don’t get me wrong, ya know? It’s just pathetic that the media have to be all over them. Money and ratings; that’s all they care about. The news media really needs to back off and give these people some space. They deserve their privacy and get their lives back together after being away from their families for so many years. The media is a cruel and evil thing.

It’s a miracle that missing people get found alive but leave them the hell alone. That’s my point. When returning to society after all these years, their privacy is still gone because they become a public figure because of it. It’s making me sick. All of it.

The family didn’t have to let Amanda give out a public statement today if they didn’t want to. They had all the right to tell the media to fuck off, that’s what I would have done.


Local Capital Region singer missing… please help find Anna Kroup…

A young local woman from Waterford, N.Y., named Anna Kroup, has gone missing. She disappeared shortly after midnight last Monday and was last seen at her residence on Second Street. She is the lead singer and front woman for a local cover band named, the Pop Junkies. She was also a producer, stage manager, and performer. She also studied theater.

She was one of the founders of a production company called “Plaid Couch”: http://www.plaidcouchproductions.com/about-us.html

Anyone with information or know about her whereabouts is asked to call this number: 518-237-3341


Report: Ex-fiance claims relationship with Drew Peterson was a “stunt”…

Christina and Ernie Raines both appeared on the “Early Show” being interviewed by Julie Chen this morning. The relationship between Christina and Drew Peterson gets even better.

Christina says this wasn’t an engagement, she claims it was more of a publicity “stunt”. When Julie Chen asks Christina if Drew talked to Christina about the disappearance of Stacy Peterson, she refused to answer the question.

See the interview transcript here:


Um, yeah right Christina. “Publicity stunt”? We all know the spoiled little brat just used him ’cause he’s wealthy and to get her 15 minutes of fame as well. I also think, Drew’s been talking to Christina privately that he knows where Stacy is and Christina knows where Stacy is.

I’ll be looking for the video interview in youtube today.


BREAKING NEWS: Remains of Caylee Anthony are hers…the authorities confirmed…

Caylee Anthony, the  missing toddler have been found. She is dead. The remains were discovered in a wooded area by Casey Anthony’s parents house. Casey Anthony, 22, is the mother of the murdered child. A meter reader discovered Caylee’s remains and contacted police immediately. The meter reader is not a suspect, he is just a witness.

Casey Anthony is being held in jail with a 1st degree murder charge and many other charges. She could face life in prison if convicted of murdering her own 2 year old daughter but she would not get a death penalty.

The search of Caylee Anthony went on for about 6 months and now the search of missing Caylee has ended. The investigation of Caylee’s remains is still ongoing as they need to do a toxicology report and they sent some of Caylee’s remains to the FBI, to make sure if the remains are really Caylee.

More on the story here:


This is so sad and disturbing. I’ve been keeping an eye on this story and I’ve been pointing the blame on that bitch Casey. You know, if you don’t like kids, then why have them? Parents have children of their own ’cause obviously they like kids.

Parents who abuse or even worse kill their own children, don’t deserve to have children at all. If Casey was having problems with Caylee and didn’t want to take care of her, she could have at least get Caylee adopted to another family.

I hope Caylee’s killer is Casey, so that no good of a mother rot in prison and never see the light of day again.


Report: Drew Peterson soon to be married to another 23 year old…his next victim?

Drew Peterson, a former Bolingbrook, Illinois, police seargant, announced he is engaged to a mysterious 23 year old woman but would not reveal her identity. She is the same age as Stacy Peterson who disappeared in October of 2007. Drew proposed to the mystery woman after only four months of dating her.

The Associated Press reports:


My question is, why would any woman want to be with this man since he is the suspect and could be responsible for the Stacy Peterson disappearance? Also, why would any woman want to be with him since he had a long history of domestic violence? Oh that’s right, Drew is a retired police seargant, so he must be rich and wealthy.

If anything happens to this new woman, lets hope the authorities do the right thing by keeping an eye on him. Who ever this woman is marrying Drew Peterson, is probably a spoiled little brat, a gold digger just marrying him for the money, not thinking straight that he could beat her too.

He doesn’t want the news media to find out who his new future wife is, but the media will find out quick enough.


BREAKING NEWS: 12 year old missing Vermont girl found…but dead…

The missing 12 year Vermont girl Brooke Bennett was found dead at her Uncle’s home. Police say Michael Jacques her uncle forced her into a sex ring at his home after tricking her of going to a party with him.

News Channel 13 reports:


How do you fucking like that? Sex with your own family in the same blood, she’s underage and murders her after?

Jacques should be on death row for this.