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Thought: Is Casey Anthony on the run and out in hiding???

Casey Anthony seems to be running and hiding from the law when she has recently been ordered to return to Florida for probation and other things. She still hasn’t shown up yet.

Why is she afraid?

The longer she doesn’t show up, the more it shows that she’s guilty of killing Caylee and she got away with it.


BREAKING NEWS: Casey Anthony was released from jail over night!!!

Casey Anthony is officially a free woman. She was released shortly after midnight.

TMZ, reports….

She better have a few bodyguards everywhere she goes. People will give her hell everywhere she walks.

Let the Casey Anthony TV interviews begin. Who’s gonna get her first? I predict Dateline NBC will get her first.



Report: Another gruesome child murder, but this one is in NYC…

Soon after Casey Anthony walked out with a not guilty verdict, another brutal child murder just happened in NYC. 8 year old, Leiby Kletzky was walking home from camp last Monday afternoon and suddenly disappeared. Some of his body was found in a trash bin in a Brooklyn neighborhood while the rest of it was inside a refrigerator in the apartment of Levi Aron who police arrested.

Read the full story, here.

Disgusting. I don’t understand why people kill children. If Levi Aron walks out of trial for this murder a free man, then our judicial system is definitely messed up.


Thought: How could Casey Anthony get away with murder? I have a few observations…

Yes, the topic of whether or not Casey Anthony is guilty of murdering her own daughter, still continues to be the most talked about topic online. This discussion is everywhere, twitter and facebook. Most people think she’s guilty and think she’s got away with it. Of course, there are always going to be some supporters who think she’s innocent and will defend her no matter what people say.

Some people think it can’t be possible that murderers can have a “perfect” murder and get away with it, but yes, it can happen.

So you may ask, how could she get away with it?

I have a few observations of how she might have gotten away with it. Read up and learn.

  • Casey threw out most of the important evidence that would have proved her guilt – All the evidence in the trial wasn’t all of it. I just know there was a lot more than that. She either threw out most of it, hid the rest of it somewhere or burned it.
  • Casey had help with family & friends to cover up her crime – Could George be lying when he said he didn’t sexually abuse Casey Anthony when she was a child? Cindy was the one who called 911 to report Caylee missing and she was also the one to report to police that there could be a dead body in the car, when Caylee’s remains were actually in the wooded area by the Anthony home.
  • Casey found a way to damage DNA evidence – What made the jurors find her not guilty was that the trial could not find any DNA evidence. She had to be looking on google for “chloroform” for this reason? Chloroform is a chemical that helps isolates DNA.
  • Casey is just a good liar and expert manipulator – Enough said?
  • Casey could have used black leather gloves – A lot of killers would use leather gloves so fingerprints wouldn’t get on anything.
  • Casey paid good lawyers – She must of got really good laywers if they were able to make her a free woman.

That’s about all I can think of. Hopefully they don’t give up and continue to find ways to give Casey what she deserves. Prison time and death penalty. They’ll get her again someday, it’s only a matter of time.


BREAKING NEWS: Casey Anthony will be released from jail this coming Wednesday!!!

Casey Anthony will be released from jail this coming Wednesday. The judge sentenced her today for 4 years and a $1,000 fine for lying to police officers, but due to the 3 years past she served, they did a calculation of credit of the time she had left.

TMZ, reports.

Enjoy it, Casey. I hope everyone gives you hell everywhere you go on the outside.

This is not justice for Caylee.



You gotta wonder what OJ is thinking right now…

I’m pretty sure OJ Simpson is sitting in prison right now in Nevada thinking about the Casey Anthony trial today, and I’m pretty sure he have been paying attention to it like most of us. I’m sure OJ heard about the “not guilty” Verdict and it probably reminded him about his past. I’m not sure how inmates in his Nevada prison keeps up with national news, maybe they let them watch TV a little bit or read the papers or listen to the radio, but I’m sure OJ have heard about it by now.

I’m sure everyone wants his thoughts but who knows, maybe he’ll speak about it soon if the prison lets him. Maybe he’ll agree if she did it or not.

I can see why people would compare this Casey Anthony trial to OJ. It’s very similar in a creepy way.The media will probably want to ask OJ about this in prison, but it’ll be interesting to hear what he has to say about it.


BREAKING NEWS: First OJ, now Casey Anthony…de ja vu???

The verdict was read today and surprise, surprise, guess what, folks? Casey Anthony is acquitted of 1st degree murder. Found not guilty. It is fucking bullshit. I think she got away with it, just like OJ. If she didn’t kill Caylee, then who did?

As expected, the not guilty verdict of “1st degree murder” created controversy on the web. It’s all over twitter and facebook.

Casey was found guilty of a couple of charges but they were just “providing wrong information to law enforcement” which is nothing big. So this means, she probably won’t get any prison time. She might get put on probation and that’s about it, nothing major.

This is going to make Nancy Grace happy and I’m looking forward to seeing her response to this.

Yep, she got away with it, un-fucking-believable. If Caylee was my daughter, I wouldn’t be able to handle it. If I was in this situation, I wouldn’t give up until Casey is behind bars and she gets the death penalty.



Casey Anthony trial gets the night off, jury deliberations continue tomorrow…

Well Judge Perry gave the jury the night off during the Casey Anthony trial. The jury needs more time. The deliberations will continue early in the morning. Will the Verdict be read tomorrow? Probably. It depends how long the jury needs.

Casey Anthony is definitely guilty of “1st degree murder”. She killed her own child in cold blood. If she’s acquitted, that would be shocking and it would create controversy, if she walked out an innocent woman, but judging by the evidence of trial, she’s definitely guilty, 100%.

I’ll be keeping an eye on the trial tomorrow live stream.

I’m off to kick some ass in Duke Nukem for the rest of the evening.


Thought: My Casey Anthony trial prediction…

I have been following the Casey Anthony trial very closely. Wow, what a fucking circus this trial is! It’s like Anna Nicole Smith and MTV mixed together! A soap opera indeed!

It’s pretty amazing how the trial tried to make her look innocent.

My thoughts? I think she has guilty of murder written all over her face. She did it. She killed her own child. Everyone knows it. So far in the trial, nobody proved her innocence. It’s all just talk.

Some people think she’s innocent. She may serve some prison time and not get the death penalty. She could even walk out a free woman if acquitted. I don’t think either is going happen. This women is a monster. An evil woman who deserves to die for what she did.

Poor little Caylee had a whole future ahead of her, and Casey took it away from her. She killed her own daughter, and she thinks she’s going to get away with it? Whether Caylee’s death was an accident or not, Casey still killed her own daughter. How can people think she’s innocent?

The trial is almost over soon. Just get it over, and put the bitch away. If Casey didn’t want Caylee in her life, she should have simply sent her away to another family. The trial should be over this week and I can’t wait for the verdict! Will she be like OJ Simpson and get away with murder? I don’t think so, but it would be shocking if she did walk out a free woman. As soon as the verdict is announced, I’ll post it asap.