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More on the Ultimate Warrior steroid debate…

Wow. I just watched that Nancy Grace vs. DDP interview that wrestling fans are complaining about. It’s quite interesting to say the least.

Anyway, I am still siding with Nancy that Warrior may have possibly died of steroid abuse. Ya know, I watch the Nancy interview with DDP… and when DDP and that other guy from WWE are making claims that Warrior looked “great” at the Hall of Fame appearance, I know they are pretty much lying as a way to defend Warrior. Other wrestlers and people from the WWE have seen Warrior backstage at the Hall of Fame and the RAW appearance… pretty much all of them said that Warrior wasn’t looking too good at all.

On top of that, Nancy listing all those wrestlers wasn’t really aimed at wrestlers who died of drugs/steroids. She was simply pointing out all the wrestlers who died at such a young age. Yes. Too many wrestlers died so young. It is controversial and it’s understandable why people would debate about it.

DDP claims that they all have had past steroid use and they no longer use ’em but if you watch Warrior’s interview on Hannity in the video below, Warrior just made a public confession on the show that he does use them but Warrior claimed that there is a huge difference between “use” and “abuse” when it comes to steroids. It seems like Warrior was trying to defend himself of his steroid use and he was trying to make it seem like it was okay to use steroids.

The officials claimed the autopsy report showed no signs of drugs or alcohol but they could be saying that just to settle down the steroid debate. Like I said, the Toxicology report still needs to come out. That’s when we will know.

It’s funny how the wrestling industry claims they don’t use steroids anymore when you know that’s full of shit. I bet wrestlers STILL use them to this day.

I think the reason wrestling fans get all upset over the steroid debate ’cause they simply can’t handle the truth. They don’t like hearing the fact that steroids may have possibly killed Warrior.

I’m still saying that Nancy Grace could be exactly right and wish people would stop attacking her. Like I said before, even if someone stopped using steroids… they can affect your health later in life.

If it turns out that the toxicology report shows that he had steroids in his system, expect the steroid debate to blow up in the media even more.

Once again, I hope steroids didn’t kill him at all but there’s a 90% chance that it did. There’s nothing disrespectful of calling out the use of steroids of people. It’s just the truth. It’s a serious problem in the bodybuilding and wrestling industry. Always has been.

DDP’s speaking voice sounds horrible, by the way. Are you sure he’s clean?



Don’t blame Nancy Grace for her response to Warrior’s death but…

… I disagree with her listing Owen Hart in her list of wrestlers… I thought that was wrong for her to do but she might have the right idea that Warrior “may” have died of steroid use.


Even Bret “The Hitman” Hart said it:


I am not defending Nancy Grace (I hate her like everyone else) but if she wasn’t gonna accuse Warrior of using steroids then who wouldn’t? Somebody else would have. Professional wrestling have been a huge target for steroid use for many years. I mean, christ, look at Warrior’s physique. It really can’t be a natural physique. So don’t be surprised that Warrior’s death was because of his past steroid use or if he was still using ’em.

You can’t blame people for thinking that wrestlers die of steroids ’cause it’s been a huge problem for years in the industry. Steroids have been a huge problem in other sports as well. Guys have used them in baseball, NFL, boxing, UFC, etc. Movie stars have even used them for the movies (yes, I know Sly and Arnie have used ’em too).

I hope that Warrior’s death wasn’t because of steroid use so lets hope that it isn’t. You can’t blame people for thinking it is after all wrestler deaths over the years.

We’ll wait for the toxicology and autopsy reports to come out. We hope to get answers of Warrior’s death then.


BREAKING NEWS: First OJ, now Casey Anthony…de ja vu???

The verdict was read today and surprise, surprise, guess what, folks? Casey Anthony is acquitted of 1st degree murder. Found not guilty. It is fucking bullshit. I think she got away with it, just like OJ. If she didn’t kill Caylee, then who did?

As expected, the not guilty verdict of “1st degree murder” created controversy on the web. It’s all over twitter and facebook.

Casey was found guilty of a couple of charges but they were just “providing wrong information to law enforcement” which is nothing big. So this means, she probably won’t get any prison time. She might get put on probation and that’s about it, nothing major.

This is going to make Nancy Grace happy and I’m looking forward to seeing her response to this.

Yep, she got away with it, un-fucking-believable. If Caylee was my daughter, I wouldn’t be able to handle it. If I was in this situation, I wouldn’t give up until Casey is behind bars and she gets the death penalty.