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Dana Warrior aka the widow of the Ultimate Warrior gives a tour of the Warrior home before she moves away…

These are very cool videos that I thought I would share them here. Many of you know that I’m a big wrestling fan and the Ultimate Warrior is one of my favorite wrestlers. Some of you may think that some legendary wrestlers live in huge mansions with lots of rooms and a huge swimming pool and all that crap but did the Warrior have all that? Apparently, no. Ultimate Warrior who’s real name was Jim Hellwig lived a pretty normal lifestyle as you can see here.

The Warrior family lives in a pretty regular sized home. The home is very cool, though and pretty unique looking. This is the home where Warrior made all of his past videoblogs in… he also made his videoblogs in his home gym. Dana Warrior also gives a tour of his gym in the video above.

Check ’em out. Cool stuff.

Dana Warrior and the girls are moving away ’cause she got a job in WWE, I think. It’s a shame they gotta leave this legendary home behind and unfortunately, they got to put the home up for sale which I’m sure will cost a fortune.

In my opinion, a different family shouldn’t live in the home after Dana and the girls move out — I think the home should be turned into a museum of some sorts as a way to keep Warrior’s legacy alive. That’s a legendary home where a big wrestling legend lived in so it’s gonna be worth a lot. I’m sure the home would cost a fortune.

I do miss the Ultimate Warrior like most ’cause he was a hero to me too. I used to watch his video blogs on his youtube channel. He did his best to help everybody believe that life really mattered and he did his best to get people to do something with yourself instead of wasting it. That’s what he mostly focused on through his youtube videos. Of course, can’t forget his videos where he publicly railed against Hulk Hogan.

I feel bad for Dana and the girls, though, they must miss him everyday.


RIP The Ultimate Warrior who passed away 2 years ago today…

I’m still bummed the Warrior is still gone ’cause he has always been one of my favorite wrestlers and he still is. I miss Warrior making his videoblogs on his youtube channel too ’cause all that was good stuff. The man was never afraid to be realistic about things. I was more a fan of the Warrior than Hulk Hogan.

Warrior never did one more match ’cause he didn’t want to mess up his legacy but at least he finally accepted the Hall of Fame, though. Warrior died too young, he was 54.

He was a talented wrestler and quite a man. All the videos he did in youtube was inspiring stuff ’cause he really helped me realize that life really is amazing and he was trying to get people to get out there and do something with your life.

Thanks, Warrior! Like he would say, always believe.


Warrior’s wife, Dana, publicly calling out Hulk Hogan…

Hulk Hogan really is a loser, arrogant, self centered and whiny piece of trash.

Before Warrior’s passing, everybody knows about Warrior’s longtime public feud with Hulk Hogan. Now that Warrior is gone… Hulk Hogan is keeping the feud going by talking about Warrior in a negative way in this video interview below.

Well, Dana (Warrior’s wife/widow) responds to Hulk’s interview and she wants him to stop talking about her late husband.

This is what Hulk does, he plays innocent victim when he can’t take any criticism from other wrestlers.

As you just read in Dana’s statement, Dana just publicly exposed Hulk by saying he was the only one in the WWE world who didn’t call or send a card to give Dana and the kids his condolences or whatever. Hulk never did that.

Hulk is a lying, self centered, egomaniac.

There are many other wrestlers who don’t like Hulk Hogan. He feuds with a lot of them.

If Hulk keeps talking about Warrior in interviews, I hope Dana decides to sue him. She should.

While Hulk Hogan is a wrestling legend and changed the wrestling business, he really is a piece of trash in real life. He really is a despicable human being. Always has been and he haven’t changed as you can see.


Warrior’s wife taking over inspirational teachings about life??? Seems so…


It seems Warrior’s wife who’s she calling herself, Dana A. Warrior, is taking over his online inspirational life teachings. We all know that Warrior was VERY deep into philosophy kind of like Ayn Rand but it’s looking like Warrior just passed the torch to Dana before he passed. Seems that Warrior has been teaching his “life” inspirations to his family and passed it along to them just like he passed this stuff to all of us. It’s looking like Dana will keep in touch with all of us. Look like Warrior taught her a lot and taught her to be strong even through the ups and downs in life. You think Dana will be in a emotional wreck for a while since Warrior passed but apparently not. It appears she stayed strong and happy like Jim Hellwig taught her. Warrior wanted people to be strong, happy and have a successful life and Dana is just keeping that inspiration going. It’s probably her way of getting through this difficult time.

This is pretty amazing stuff… this family.


Warrior’s death led me to do some research on steroid abuse…

If you want some facts that Anabolic steroids can affect the cardiovascular system, check out these links…




I don’t know about you but from what I’m reading, the side effects and dangers are kind of similar of what Warrior was feeling before his death. Before his Hall of Fame appearance, he could have been feeling sick for days and kept it for himself. Could this be why Warrior always had his hair short (’cause of fear of baldness and all that)? Could this be why Warrior had disturbing mood swings and short tempers on his youtube channel??? Is this why the man can be pretty weird sometimes?

Just making observations that’s all.


More on the Ultimate Warrior steroid debate…

Wow. I just watched that Nancy Grace vs. DDP interview that wrestling fans are complaining about. It’s quite interesting to say the least.

Anyway, I am still siding with Nancy that Warrior may have possibly died of steroid abuse. Ya know, I watch the Nancy interview with DDP… and when DDP and that other guy from WWE are making claims that Warrior looked “great” at the Hall of Fame appearance, I know they are pretty much lying as a way to defend Warrior. Other wrestlers and people from the WWE have seen Warrior backstage at the Hall of Fame and the RAW appearance… pretty much all of them said that Warrior wasn’t looking too good at all.

On top of that, Nancy listing all those wrestlers wasn’t really aimed at wrestlers who died of drugs/steroids. She was simply pointing out all the wrestlers who died at such a young age. Yes. Too many wrestlers died so young. It is controversial and it’s understandable why people would debate about it.

DDP claims that they all have had past steroid use and they no longer use ’em but if you watch Warrior’s interview on Hannity in the video below, Warrior just made a public confession on the show that he does use them but Warrior claimed that there is a huge difference between “use” and “abuse” when it comes to steroids. It seems like Warrior was trying to defend himself of his steroid use and he was trying to make it seem like it was okay to use steroids.

The officials claimed the autopsy report showed no signs of drugs or alcohol but they could be saying that just to settle down the steroid debate. Like I said, the Toxicology report still needs to come out. That’s when we will know.

It’s funny how the wrestling industry claims they don’t use steroids anymore when you know that’s full of shit. I bet wrestlers STILL use them to this day.

I think the reason wrestling fans get all upset over the steroid debate ’cause they simply can’t handle the truth. They don’t like hearing the fact that steroids may have possibly killed Warrior.

I’m still saying that Nancy Grace could be exactly right and wish people would stop attacking her. Like I said before, even if someone stopped using steroids… they can affect your health later in life.

If it turns out that the toxicology report shows that he had steroids in his system, expect the steroid debate to blow up in the media even more.

Once again, I hope steroids didn’t kill him at all but there’s a 90% chance that it did. There’s nothing disrespectful of calling out the use of steroids of people. It’s just the truth. It’s a serious problem in the bodybuilding and wrestling industry. Always has been.

DDP’s speaking voice sounds horrible, by the way. Are you sure he’s clean?



Warrior’s cause of death revealed… the autopsy report is out…

The autopsy of the Ultimate Warrior has been released today and it was discovered that Warrior died of cardiovascular disease. He had a heart problem.


Now… this doesn’t necessarily confirm that steroids didn’t cause him to have heart problems. Steroid use CAN cause all kinds of heart problems. We still need to wait for the toxicology report to come out… that’s when they’ll find out if he had any drugs in his system. Whether he was still using steroids or not, past steroid use CAN come back at ya in the future. Steroids can give ya all kinds of health problems. Steroids are extremely dangerous and can kill ya.

I still hope that steroids didn’t kill him, though but still don’t be surprised if steroids was responsible.


Ultimate Warrior Collection DVD review…

Over the weekend, I watched the Ultimate Warrior Collection DVD set. I didn’t watch it all in one day. Friday, I watched Disc 1. Saturday, Disc 2. Sunday, disc 3.

The main reason why Warrior put out this DVD is ’cause like I said before Vince McMahon and others disrespected his legacy and acted like his past wrestling career was nothing special. That is why he never made it in the Hall of Fame until now. He didn’t want to get himself in the Hall of Fame until the wrestling business understood him. Now that they finally get Warrior, it’s the right time to get him in the Hall of Fame and release this DVD.

I would have to say that this is an amazing collection. It made me realize how much I miss the old days of wrestling. The old days of wrestling was amazing stuff. I remember watching most of this stuff as a kid as a lot of this stuff brings back memories. A lot of classic matches, promos and cool stuff on here.

In my opinion, Warrior was the best in the wrestling business. Guys like Hogan, Flair, Savage, etc. may have been great but Warrior had more personality than those guys. Warrior may have had a gimmick but he was a pretty realistic character. He was honest and very “positive”. That’s why this character inspires so many people. Warrior inspires people to be great in life just like him.

Warrior had many other great matches other than his Wrestlemania 6 match with Hulk Hogan. I thought his match with Randy Savage at Wrestlemania VII was one of his best matches too. His feud with Andre the Giant and the Undertaker was great stuff too.

This set is a must own for any wrestling fan, new or old. I was surprised on how honest this DVD was. It seems like this DVD was aimed at the “smart” fans ’cause it seems like that’s how Warrior was talking to on this DVD. When Warrior was introducing each match, you’ll hear him describe the behind the scenes stuff and you’ll hear him say wrestling terms like “heel”, “babyface”, “jobbers”, etc. Those words are smart fan terms. As usual Warrior is brutally honest.

It was a great DVD and I had a blast watching it. Man, I really miss the old days of wrestling. Today’s wrestling is garbage. It’s not the same anymore. I am an old-school guy. I like the 80’s wrestling and the 90’s Attitude Era. Those days were amazing. These days wrestling has turned into a dramatic soap opera for children and I can’t stand it.


What’s next after the Ultimate Warrior’s passing???

While we in the wrestling community still need to know how Warrior died — his autopsy and toxicology reports haven’t came out yet which will be quite a while but what positive things will come next after the Warrior’s passing?

Well, I do know that this coming Monday’s RAW will be a tribute show for Warrior. That’ll be a start. What about Warrior’s funeral? Will his funeral be a public one or a private one? Will Warrior have a private funeral and a public memorial? I’m sure Warrior’s family and WWE will plan a public memorial for Warrior ’cause they know that fans would want to say goodbye to their hero. Will there be a biography book about Warrior? (I’m sure a book is getting planned) A possible biopic movie? I’m sure people will always find ways to keep Warrior’s legacy alive forever. I’m sure people will make more documentaries and things like that.

I’m gonna feel bad for Warrior’s two daughters, though. They’re gonna have to grow up without their father around. Warrior won’t be able to see their two daughters graduate high school, college, get married, etc. Really is too bad.

I just watched Disc 1 of “The Ultimate Warrior Collection” DVD set last night and it was great stuff. A lot of memories. I’ll watch Disc 2 later tonight.

I’m really bummed about his passing.

I think the reason Warrior feuded with other wrestlers in real life ’cause they tried to disrespect his legendary career and Warrior didn’t like that. That’s why he feuded with Hogan and all those guys. Warrior was really passionate about his legacy and took it very seriously. He didn’t like his legacy being disrespected by others and he did whatever he could to defend his legacy. That’s part of the reason why he released the 3 disc DVD set, “The Ultimate Collection”, to show people that his legacy was something special.

Warrior never made a comeback to wrestling ’cause he wanted to keep his past where it is. If he made a full time comeback that would ruin his past legacy. He wanted to keep his legacy special. Most legendary wrestlers keep doing what they do by staying in the wrestling business but not Warrior. He was one of the very few who stayed retired over the years.

I’m looking forward to Monday’s RAW. Shall be a special show.