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Triple H in WWE forced to retire from in-ring wrestling for good… in other words, he’s done…

In more shocking news, this week Triple H who is a professional wrestler in the WWE announced that he is retired from in-ring “wrestling”. He was forced to retire from wrestling after a health scare that he had. He hung up the wrestling boots after having dangerous heart problems, surgery and dealing with viral pneumonia.

So if you’re hoping that Triple H will have some matches left in him, sorry, never happening. He’ll never have “one last” match, none of it.

Triple H had a really good career run, though. He accomplished everything anyway. 14 time champ, wrestled every wrestler you can think of and he had matches against pretty much all the legends that includes Sting, Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior.

Triple H may no longer be allowed to wrestle anymore but he’s still a part of the business in some way. He’s currently serving as executive vice president, Global Talent Strategy & Development in WWE. He’s still working for Vince.

Triple H started the NXT brand with WWE legend Dusty Rhodes but Triple H ran that brand all by himself when Dusty passed on. Now Triple H doesn’t run NXT anymore.

I’ve always been a Triple H fan, never been a hater.

Now that he’s done in the ring, he could be WWE Hall of Fame bound anytime now… maybe not this year but next year maybe. Believe it or not, Triple H isn’t in the Hall of Fame. Yes, Triple H is in the Hall of Fame as the group D-Generation X but he isn’t in there as a solo performer… yet.

It’s crazy, ya know? WWE is getting short on legends and icons ’cause so many either died or retired.

I’m also looking forward to watching Wrestlemania next weekend.


RIP WWE Network… 2014 – 2021…

Welp, looks like I’m gonna have to sign up for the Peacock NBC streaming service real soon ’cause the WWE Network is shutting down later this month and moving to Peacock permanently. All WWE streaming content is moving to Peacock, you heard that right.

Ya know, I wasn’t gonna get the Peacock streaming service but I’m gonna have to get it if I want to keep up with my wrestling.

It’s a shame ’cause I really loved the WWE Network, the WWE’s own streaming service is gonna say goodbye this month… but it’s not gonna be gone for good, though, just moving to a new entity.

Maybe it’s kind of a good thing ’cause WWE Network was $9.99 a month and Peacock is $4.99 a month so Peacock would be a lot cheaper. I think. I’ll probably go with Peacock anyways if I want to keep watch WWE ppvs and keep watching NXT shows.

I love the WWE Network ’cause I’m a huge wrestling nerd. I’ll keep watching WWE Network until it shuts down on March 18th and then I’m gonna have to sign up for Peacock after that. I’ll have to if I want to watch “Wrestlemania” this year which is coming up and around the corner in April.

I love the WWE Network ’cause it’s a streaming service that it’s every wrestling fans dream. It has plenty of old wrestling on it which is one reason I love it: old school WWE, WCW, ECW, etc. I also like to watch it for NXT and NXT UK shows. I also love to watch all the wrestling documentaries on there too.

It’s kind of a shame that the WWE Network’s own streaming service is gonna be gone this month ’cause I really liked it. I’ll be watching stuff on there later tonight ’cause there’s some wrestling NXT shows I gotta catch upon.

I love pro wrestling, yo. Gotta have that in my life too. I’ll never outgrow wrestling. I’ll always be a fan. \m/


Does Roman Reigns really have leukemia or not??? I think not… it might be a work…

On RAW last night, Roman Reigns was the first one to come out in the ring to deliver a promo. During his promo, Roman says he’s been living with leukemia cancer for 11 years and says he has kicked it ass once. Now he says it came back and he’s going to take a hiatus from the company to battle leukemia again. Of course, Roman relinquishes the title as you see in the video above.

There’s a little controversial debate over this, though. There’s a bit of an argument between wrestling fans on whether or not Roman Reigns really has cancer. The question is does Roman Reigns really have leukemia or is it a work (part of a story line).

I look through some wrestling message boards and forums. Most fans are being compassionate for Roman by giving him his well-wishes and all that stuff; however, there are some wrestling fans that will think this is all part of a storyline aka a “work”. Roman having leukemia could possibly be all scripted and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if it turns out to be scripted ’cause why? It’s WWE. You really can’t tell whether or not things are true on WWE TV. You can’t believe everything you see on WWE TV, including this.

When some fans want to believe this is part of a storyline, they’ll get attacked by the other side who believes it’s real. The other side who believes it’s real will make arguments like: “Cancer is no laughing matter”, “WWE will not go this low since they deal with people with cancer” and blah blah blah. Yeah, WWE deals with bringing awareness to cancer a lot like with their “Make a Wish” foundation that they’re known for and their October breast cancer awareness month that they do. They believe Roman’s cancer diagnosis is real ’cause WWE does a lot of stuff for cancer victims. Yeah, it’s true that WWE does a lot of that stuff for cancer victims but that still doesn’t mean Roman’s cancer diagnosis is real.

What’s funny is that wrestling fans don’t believe the WWE will go way out of line with their storylines. Seriously? If they really believed that then they haven’t watched WWE in over a decade or so. This wasn’t the first time WWE went “out of line” with their storylines… check this article out:

Vince McMahon is one crazy guy and this guy will do anything for “ratings”, trust me.

You see, Roman Reigns has been one of the most hated wrestlers for a while. What gets me the most about this whole thing is how quickly the haters flipped from being a “hater” to a Roman Reigns “fan” after that speech. A lot of wrestling fans hated on Reigns so much through blogs and forums. I’ve seen fans bash the man like crazy over the last few years. I can see that they won’t admit that they hated the man… they keep making lies like, “I hate Roman Reigns the character, not the man himself”. They despised the man and they wanted him gone from the company. Fans hated Reigns ’cause they were tired of the WWE over pushing him so much, they also knocked his wrestling ability and gimmick. So now fans are all loving him now after that speech above? Oh please! The WWE tried all they could to get fans to stop hating on Reigns and now it looks like they finally found a way.

For the record, I don’t hate Reigns. Never did. I’ve always been a Roman Reigns fan and always found him a talented guy. He always put on exciting as hell matches. I just don’t believe his cancer diagnosis is real. If it turns out to be real then my bad, my heart goes out to him. I just believe it’s a work ’cause it’s leading up to something with the Shield, the wrestling faction with Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. Dean Ambrose turned heel last night at the show and a few between him and Seth Rollins started. Now Ambrose and Rollins will feud while Reigns will be off of WWE TV for a long while. Then I predict about a year later, Reigns will make his big return.

I know my opinion on this might offend some but I don’t care. We should have a right to believe whether or not this is a storyline and I’m pretty sure it is. Just wait. I just think WWE is up to something. I think they want Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins to feud on TV for a long while without Roman Reigns getting in the way, I think that’s what the goal is? They need to explain a way for Reigns to take time off of TV and him having leukemia was the best they could come up with. There’s no doubt in my mind that this a work, a storyline and I’m sticking with it.

This is WWE. A mostly scripted show… you can’t believe everything they do.


Will the WWE ever induct Chyna in the Hall of Fame??? I love Chyna but it’s pretty unlikely she’ll get in, unfortunately…


There’s a lot of talk throughout the wrestling internet community that we all want Chyna aka “The 9th Wonder of the World” to be included in the Hall of Fame. I agree. Chyna is definitely worthy and she’s long overdue to be in the Hall of Fame. Why? Well for one, Chyna was one of the original founders of the D-Generation X wrestling faction. Ya know, D-X which had members such as Triple H, Shawn Michaels, X-Pac, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn. Chyna was one of the first members of that group. She also won the the WWF Intercontinental Championship 2 times and a one time WWF Women’s champion. She was also the first woman to be an entrant in a Royal Rumble match-up. There are many reasons why she’s worthy like her relationship storyline with Eddie  Guerrero and her feud with Chris Jericho. She had many memorable moments in the WWF when it used to be called WWF at the time she was in the business.

Wrestling fans have been wanting Chyna in the Hall of Fame long before she passed away. Now that she has passed on, even more wrestling fans want her in the Hall of Fame. I agree, though. I fuckin’ LOVE Chyna. Always did and always will. While I would love for her to be included in the Hall of Fame, I don’t think it’ll happen ever. It’s pretty unlikely she’ll get in and here are a few reasons why…

  1. She publicly disrespected Vince McMahon, Stephanie and Triple H in the past. She trashed them in interviews and she made a lot of youtube videos trashing them. She mostly trashed Stephanie though ’cause Chyna accused Triple H of cheating on her with Stephanie McMahon and that’s probably one of the big reasons Vince will never let her in. They probably feel it isn’t a good idea to have someone in the Hall of Fame when this person disrespected them in the past.
  2. Chyna’s history with working in the porn industry is another big reason. Since the WWE is now a family-friendly company, they feel this won’t be good for the company given her history with doing porn. The ironic thing with that though is that the WWE inducted Sunny (real name: Tamara Sytch) who also had a history of starring in adult porn. So if Sunny can get in, why can’t Chyna right?

I would love for Chyna to get in but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen ever. Yeah, before her death, the WWE ignored her for many years due to her negative grudges at the McMahons and Triple H. They ignored her up until she passed and they responded out of her respect and for her family.

You see the WWE can ignore Chyna all they want to but she’s a fucking legend, ya know? Yeah, Chyna had her problems but her legacy in the wrestling business and what she did can’t be denied. Chyna was a great talent. I used to love watching her on TV. I remember her storylines with Eddie Guerrero and her solo matches.

I wish WWE would treat her with more respect ’cause they’ve always treated her like garbage. I’m not gonna blame WWE for her passing, though. Before she passed on, I’ve followed her youtube channel for a long time. I actually miss watching her videos.

Chyna’s a legend… can’t take that away from her.



Just watched the Chris Jericho vs. Kenny Omega match at Wrestle Kingdom 12… wanna see true wrestling then see this match!

The wrestling internet community has been hyping this match to death for a long while and I’ve been wanting to watch, but didn’t know how I would watch the match live ’cause this is a Japanese ppv event. This a Japanese wrestling company called NJPW and they have their yearly “Wrestle Kingdom” shows which is like Japan’s version of WrestleMania sort of. Well Chris Jericho was booked for a United Stated championship match against Kenny Omega @ Wrestle Kingdom 12 which just happened today. I think the ppv event happened earlier this morning ’cause it would be night in Japan… keep in mind Japan is on the other side of the world so the Time Zones are gonna be different obviously.

I saw the match Omega vs. Jericho and I’m like “Wow, what a freakin’ match”! I bet this match got Vince McMahon a bit jealous ’cause this match was 100% true wrestling. This is the kind of match you’ll never see in WWE. When I watched this match with Omega vs. Jericho, I definitely did not feel like watching a match that is for children. This match has all the things you’ll never see in a WWE ring: chair shots to the head, blood, flipping the middle finger, etc. In this match, Jericho is the heel and Omega is the baby face. I thought both men did a great job and this match will go down as a classic.

I’ve been a fan of Chris Jericho for years and my loyalty to him never stopped. Jericho does a good job playing both the heel and the baby face, but in this match Jericho’s heel character is different than WWE. One thing I like about Chris Jericho, he’s always great at changing his wrestling gimmicks over the years. Jericho has always been a phenomenal performer but this match was the best I’ve seen him in.

Take note, Vince McMahon. This is what wrestling fans want to see. It’s a good thing Japan knows what true wrestling is all about. This match was thrilling and exciting all the way through.

Will WWE sign Kenny Omega after this match? Who knows, anything is possible now.


Today is Vince McMahon’s 72nd birthday, thank you Vince for the entertainment and wrestling…

Happy birthday, Vince McMahon who just turned 72 today. Whether you like the wrestling business or not, you gotta respect this man. He worked very hard to bring WWE to where it is today. I respect this man so much. We all do. We wouldn’t have been wrestling fans if it wasn’t for this guy.

To all you parents out there who enjoys taking your kids to live WWE shows, you should thank Vince for that ’cause he did all that. Us wrestling fans not only respect the hell out of Vince ’cause he’s a good performer in which he definitely is, we respect him so much ’cause he gave us wrestling. Period. End of story.

The WWE is still strong and becoming a much stronger company. Vince did that all himself and took him over 30 years to do it. Love him or hate him, he knows how to put on a fucking show. We all love Vince. He’s a hero to the wrestling community.

Thank you, Vince.


Vince McMahon biopic in the works? Okay, who’s gonna play Vince in his own biopic film?

Well even more movie news, Vince McMahon who is the legendary owner of WWE (formerly known as WWF) is finally getting his own biopic film. That means an actor is gonna have to play Vince in the film which is titled, “Pandemonium”. Tristar will make the movie.

It’s looking like this movie is going to be about how Vince McMahon Jr. started the WWF/WWE. About how Vince started his career in wrestling. I’m sure the film will go from young Vince to old Vince to where he is now. Vince bought the company from his father in 1982, it used to be called the Capital Wrestling Corporation but Vince changed the name to the WWF (World Wrestling Federation). The WWF kept its name until they lost a lawsuit against the World Wildlife Fund so they were forced to change the name to WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

Over the years of the wrestling business sparked all kinds of controversy. They were never for everybody, you either loved or hated the wrestling business but whether you loved them or hate them, Vince is a genius. I think Vince deserves his own biopic film and his story deserves to get told.

I wonder if in the film, they’re planning on using Vince as the evil owner as Mr. McMahon? You know, do his iconic walk while his theme song plays. It’ll be pretty cool if they did that and I’m sure they will.

This also means that they’ll have to find actors to play Vince McMahon Sr., Linda McMahon, Shane & Stephanie. I think it could be an interesting movie if made right.

So who’s going to be playing Vince? Will they use a well known actor? They need to find an actor who looks like Vince and they need to find somebody who is built & jacked ’cause Vince himself is a pretty jacked guy for his age.

I think J.K. Simmons would be perfect. The right age, plus Simmons is a pretty jacked guy and Simmons temper-tantrum is pretty scary just like Vince. So J.K. Simmons would be perfect, in my opinion. Willem Dafoe isn’t a bad choice as well.



What the Wrestlemania 33 card is looking like so far and what the rest of it will look like…

So far the confirmed matches for Wrestlemania 33:

1 Bray Wyatt (c) vs. AJ Styles or Randy Orton Singles match for the WWE Championship[74]
2 Goldberg (c) vs. Brock Lesnar (with Paul Heyman) Singles match for the WWE Universal Championship[75]
3 Chris Jericho (c) vs. Kevin Owens Singles match for the WWE United States Championship[76]
4 Bayley (c) vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Sasha Banks Triple threat match for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship[77]
5 Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson (c) vs. Enzo Amore and Big Cass or Cesaro and Sheamus

Here’s what I think the rest of the WM-33 card is gonna look like, these are unconfirmed matches but probably will be confirmed soon:

Triple H vs. Seth Rollins

Undertaker vs. Roman Reigns

Big Show vs. Shaquille O’ Neal

Shane McMahon vs. Aj Styles

Those are the matches that I know will for sure happen. It’s looking like a pretty good Wrestlemania so far. A lot of new guys this year but there’s only a few legends wrestling in matches this year like Goldberg, Triple H and Undertaker.

I’ve been watching RAW every Monday night and yes I did watch the WWE ppv “Fastlane” last Sunday night which was pretty good.

I’ll be watching this year’s Wrestlemania for sure as I watch Wrestlemania every year. The next Wrestlemania is just a few weeks away. I like this new generation of WWE with all new superstars. I like a lot of them too. So far out of the new superstars that I like the most lately are: Roman Reigns, AJ Styles and I’m already liking Samoa Joe even though he’s pretty new. I’m liking the new direction WWE is heading. Good stuff. This year’s Wrestlemania is gonna be exciting, I think.




Ya know I’m actually kind of glad Hulk Hogan shut down Gawker, fuck that website, good riddance…

I know I’ve ripped the hell out of Hulk Hogan for many years but I’m finally starting to agree that maybe Gawker did mess with Hulk and invaded his privacy. I’m actually kind of glad Gawker is gonna be gone because they were a liberal blog anyway. Gawker was a garbage liberal blog and all they did was bash Donald Trump. Gawker was also in bed with Hillary and all the liberal politicians. No wonder Univision is buying Gawker Media ’cause Univision bashed Trump too.

I guess I’ll have a change of heart with Hulk and become a fan of his. I really mean this too. I feel kind of bad for bashing Hulk so much ’cause that man is such a wrestling legend. Love him or hate him, Hulk accomplished a lot in the wrestling business. He did so much. Honestly, I’ve been watching a lot of old Hogan matches on WWE Network and the more I watch his classic matches, the more I respect him. That’s a promise, no more Hogan bashing on my blog. Look like Hulk is gonna get his payment from Gawker soon after all.

I think Gawker attacked Hulk ’cause maybe Hulk is a conservative and he supports Donald Trump? Hulk Hogan does have conservative views in politics, he always did.

WWE should do the smart thing, re-instate Hulk’s contract and bring him back to the company. Put his name back in the Hall of Fame too.


The Undertaker returns to WWE to get revenge at Brock Lesnar…

Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker rematch for Wrestlemania 32? That is what’s gonna look like to me. I may have stopped watching WWE for a long while but I’m gonna have to tune in to RAW tonight ’cause Undertaker is probably gonna appear. The Undertaker is back to get his revenge at Lesnar ’cause Lesnar took the undefeated Wrestlemania streak away from him.

I haven’t watched wrestling in a long time but this is pretty cool. I’ve always been a big Undertaker fan.