Will the WWE ever induct Chyna in the Hall of Fame??? I love Chyna but it’s pretty unlikely she’ll get in, unfortunately…


There’s a lot of talk throughout the wrestling internet community that we all want Chyna aka “The 9th Wonder of the World” to be included in the Hall of Fame. I agree. Chyna is definitely worthy and she’s long overdue to be in the Hall of Fame. Why? Well for one, Chyna was one of the original founders of the D-Generation X wrestling faction. Ya know, D-X which had members such as Triple H, Shawn Michaels, X-Pac, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn. Chyna was one of the first members of that group. She also won the the WWF Intercontinental Championship 2 times and a one time WWF Women’s champion. She was also the first woman to be an entrant in a Royal Rumble match-up. There are many reasons why she’s worthy like her relationship storyline with Eddie  Guerrero and her feud with Chris Jericho. She had many memorable moments in the WWF when it used to be called WWF at the time she was in the business.

Wrestling fans have been wanting Chyna in the Hall of Fame long before she passed away. Now that she has passed on, even more wrestling fans want her in the Hall of Fame. I agree, though. I fuckin’ LOVE Chyna. Always did and always will. While I would love for her to be included in the Hall of Fame, I don’t think it’ll happen ever. It’s pretty unlikely she’ll get in and here are a few reasons why…

  1. She publicly disrespected Vince McMahon, Stephanie and Triple H in the past. She trashed them in interviews and she made a lot of youtube videos trashing them. She mostly trashed Stephanie though ’cause Chyna accused Triple H of cheating on her with Stephanie McMahon and that’s probably one of the big reasons Vince will never let her in. They probably feel it isn’t a good idea to have someone in the Hall of Fame when this person disrespected them in the past.
  2. Chyna’s history with working in the porn industry is another big reason. Since the WWE is now a family-friendly company, they feel this won’t be good for the company given her history with doing porn. The ironic thing with that though is that the WWE inducted Sunny (real name: Tamara Sytch) who also had a history of starring in adult porn. So if Sunny can get in, why can’t Chyna right?

I would love for Chyna to get in but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen ever. Yeah, before her death, the WWE ignored her for many years due to her negative grudges at the McMahons and Triple H. They ignored her up until she passed and they responded out of her respect and for her family.

You see the WWE can ignore Chyna all they want to but she’s a fucking legend, ya know? Yeah, Chyna had her problems but her legacy in the wrestling business and what she did can’t be denied. Chyna was a great talent. I used to love watching her on TV. I remember her storylines with Eddie Guerrero and her solo matches.

I wish WWE would treat her with more respect ’cause they’ve always treated her like garbage. I’m not gonna blame WWE for her passing, though. Before she passed on, I’ve followed her youtube channel for a long time. I actually miss watching her videos.

Chyna’s a legend… can’t take that away from her.



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