Thoughts on this Stormy Daniels vs. Donald Trump thing…

Some of you may want to know what my thoughts are on this whole Trump’s alleged affair with Stormy Daniels thing. It has been going on in the news for a while. There’s a whole media frenzy over this ’cause why? The Russian collusion thing is dead and the media knows it. So now the media have to figure out a different way to destroy Trump and now they’re giving this Stormy Daniels thing a try.

Stormy Daniels an adult porn star is accusing Trump of having an affair with her back in 2006 while he was still married to Melania Trump. She is also accusing Trump’s personal lawyer of paying her $130,000 of hush money to keep her silent about it. She’s also accusing him of other crazy stuff like she was threatened physically if she didn’t remain silent about the alleged affair and all that stuff.

To be honest, I haven’t been following this story much ’cause like most I’m sick and tired of all the the negativity and fake news bullshit against President Trump. I mean, Trump is doing good things for America. He’s doing a lot of good things for America but the media refuses to report positively about him still. All the Fake News media wants to do is hate, hate, hate. That’s all they got really.

The question you’re probably wondering is this, is the alleged affair with Stormy and Donald true? I don’t know. Nobody knows ’cause there’s no proof of it. Even if it is true that Stormy and Donald may have had a sexual relationship, that should be none other than Trump’s personal business. Even if it’s true, I’m not surprised ’cause he’s fucking Donald Trump, ya know? He’s the worlds biggest billionaire and the most famous person in the world, so I won’t be surprised if Trump slept with other women other than his wife.

Keep in mind that men who are rich and famous can be like that. Rich people live crazy lifestyles. That’s what a lot of Trump haters can’t understand. Many rich and famous men cheat on their wives all the time. It’s pretty common in Hollywood. I’m not surprised if Trump slept with a lot of women in the past ’cause the dude is an alpha male and he’s rich. I can see why a lot of women would want him.

Even though Stormy is accusing him of a lot of things at least she’s not accusing him of “rape” and she’s saying it was a “consensual” thing. As long as it was consensual sex then Trump did nothing wrong and did nothing illegal so it does not have grounds for impeachment when the affair happened over a decade ago.

The thing is, this cunt of a porn star is just another ego-driven idiot trying to get her 10 minutes of fame and get rich off of Trump. Just another lunatic trying to leech off of Trump’s fame kind of like how Joy Villa the Scientologist fraud. Stormy is just another dummy trying to boost her career. I’ve never heard of this Stormy Daniels until this story came up.

One thing I’d like to say though is that it’s very wrong for people to get into Trump’s private life to begin with. Like I said, this is Trump’s personal business. If he does happen to sleep with a lot of women… who fuckin’ cares! He’s a man and some men can be like that. There are many men out there who are players and womanizers. Sure, Trump may have chased women in the past but I’m sure he doesn’t anymore, though.

Whether or not the affair is true, I don’t care either way. There are more important things to worry about like “Making America Great Again”. That’s all I’m worried about. This country is already great again and it’s going to be even greater. We still need to drain the swamp in Congress, the FBI and the Media. We’re on our way to doing all that.

I ignore this Stormy Daniels story ’cause all it is it’s just another way for the Trump haters to try and take down the Trump presidency since the Russian collusion thing didn’t work. The Stormy Daniels thing is gonna fail too. Just watch for it.


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