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Triple H is growing more frustrated with the way Vince McMahon has been running WWE… about freakin’ time!!!!

Not only that WWE fans are unhappy at the way Vince McMahon has been running RAW/SD Live and the PPV’s, Triple H is just as frustrated as much as we all are. Triple H maybe Vince’s son in law in real life and Triple H maybe C.O.O. of the WWE in real life so you may think that Triple H must kiss Vince’s ass most of the time. Well, Triple H did play the “yes man” with Vince up until now. Triple H is now getting frustrated on the way Vince has been handling WWE creative storylines and booking.

Check out this story to see what’s been going on lately…


Ya know, I really believe that Triple H should take full control of WWE and Vince should leave. Vince really is hurting wrestling fans and he doesn’t even realize it. The WWE are trying all they can to improve the product but no matter what they do, the ratings get worse.

Vince McMahon thinks he knows what the fans want but in reality, he doesn’t at all. I think he doesn’t realize that what the fans want to see is that they don’t want Vince ignoring wrestling. That’s what Vince has been doing and it’s what we don’t like about WWE. The company ignoring wrestling and treating it like family entertainment is what we don’t want.

Vince really needs to wake up and step his game up or else the new wrestling company AEW will take over the WWE’s spotlight easily. AEW (All Elite Wrestling) is coming. They got a ppv coming on TV called “Double Or Nothing” next Saturday night and soon, AEW will be aired on TNT channel weekly. Once AEW gets on TV, I can see WWE fans switching to AEW and AEW could become next big wrestling federation.

Us WWE fans just want to see good wrestling back ’cause the matches on WWE shows lately have been nothing but shit. Vince really needs to bring back “wrestling” and end this PG rating crap.

I predict AEW will take over the WWE’s spotlight ’cause AEW will give us a lot of things that WWE don’t do. AEW will give us “wrestling” and that’s why they’re about to explode in the industry. Just wait.




The WWE lost their viewers and now they are losing their superstars… when will Vince McMahon wake up???

For a long while now, the WWE have been losing their ratings, big time again. This is nothing new with WWE. Sometimes they are good with the ratings but most of the times the ratings have been horrible. Both RAW, Smackdown Live and the ppv’s have been at an all time low.

Why have the ratings been going down? Some people blame it on 3 hours of RAW and blame it on the many commercials that are aired during Smackdown Live. During Smackdown Live the blue brand, they air a lot of commercials… they even air commercials during the matches and that could be what drew viewers away. That’s what I think. People also believe that people turned away from WWE ’cause they are for the Saudi’s. WWE does live shows with Saudi Arabia and fans protested against them for doing it ’cause of the Saudi’s killing of that journalist. Fans didn’t want WWE to continue with the Saudi shows but they did anyways so maybe lots of fans are boycotting WWE ’cause simply they are for the Saudi’s. That could be another reason.

Those could be some pretty good reasons that people are pretty much done with WWE. Other reasons I could think of: 1) People are fed up with the PG era 2) Bad wrestling matches 3) Terrible booking 4) The superstars aren’t being used right 5) Fans are fed up with WWE ramming Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns and Ronda Rousey down their throats.

I think the main reason why people are turning away is ’cause of “wrestling” really. That’s what people watch these shows for, they want to see “wrestling” but the WWE haven’t been giving us that. All they’ve been doing lately is too many wrestlers cutting promos, long boring storylines and feuds. None of us wants to see that. We want to see great matches like the good ol’ days, ya know? This is why NXT the WWE’s third brand is doing better in ratings than the main roster ’cause NXT focus’s on wrestling more than anything. They have some good wrestling matches on NXT which is why that brand is getting hotter than the main roster.

Back in the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s years, WWE was really good back then but now they are complete shit. Even the current superstars are realizing this. Many superstars are quitting WWE nowadays and many are joining the new wrestling company that just got formed called AEW (All Elite Wrestling). Many superstars in WWE have asked for their release and many refused to renew their contracts. Why? Because many feel they aren’t being used right by Vince McMahon. The latest superstar to ask for WWE release was Luke Harper and now it’s looking that Sasha Banks is gonna quit WWE. Sasha hasn’t quit yet but it’s looking like she’s going to.

Superstars don’t like how they are being used and I can’t blame them. Superstars work for the company hoping to become champions and become main event stars but Vince never takes them there. I have nothing against Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns and Ronda Rousey but there are many other great talent in WWE worthy of main event status but Vince keeps holding them down.

WWE is trying all they can to bring the ratings back up but they keep failing. Why? It’s because they never listen to the fans. The fans want to see “good wrestling” but they never give us that. We want to see our favorite superstars get pushed to main event status but they keep getting held down. Gee, no wonder more superstars are leaving.

Ya know, when All Elite Wrestling (AEW) gets a TV deal, the WWE better watch it ’cause I can absolutely see AEW taking over the WWE’s spotlight pretty quickly. Who knows, maybe AEW will be way better than WWE. We’ll have to wait and see. I can see AEW exploding quickly and they already are but wait until they get a TV deal. Could AEW be bigger than WWE? Yes, I can see it. That’s why WWE is scared of them ’cause they know it’s gonna happen.

I love WWE and I love pro wrestling but I want to see WWE get better ’cause what I’m seeing now is very sad. They did do a great job with Wrestlemania 35… I was impressed with that show. A lot of times I take long breaks from WWE ’cause they get so bad. I’m thinking about taking another long break again myself, not sure yet. I keep watching ’cause I love Asuka who is on SD Live and I’m a huge fan of AJ Styles. WWE is cool, I just want to see them get better like everyone else. Seeing all of this is really sad and such a shame.

WWE used to be amazing in the old days.


“Wrestlemania 35″… a brief review… it was surprisingly great! Best Wrestlemania I’ve seen in a long time!

Yes I did watch “Wrestlemania 35” last Sunday on the WWE Network. I was meaning to post this review earlier this week but didn’t feel like it and now I’ll do it. Ya know, the past several Wrestlemania’s were pretty good but could have been better. This time WWE really stepped their game up and improved. I thought “Wrestlemania 35” was one of the best Wrestlemania’s I’ve seen in a long time.

I enjoyed all of it except the best matches of the night were:

Shane McMahon vs. The Miz,

Fatal 4 Way Tag Team Championship Match w/ The Usos vs. Aleister Black/Ricochet vs. Rusev & Shinsuke Nakumra vs. The Bar

Kofi Kingston vs. Daniel Bryan for the WWE Title

and of course, the women’s main event with Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte vs. Ronda Rousey.

Those 4 matches were the best of the night and they felt like Wrestlemania.

The rest of the matches were pretty good but they were quick squash matches. I’m happy to see many NXT stars making their Wrestlemania debuts like Aleister Black, Ricochet and Samoa Joe. All three of those guys are really cool and I’m a fan of those wrestlers.

I think Aleister Black and Ricochet tag team is really cool. Those two guys were singles wrestlers back in NXT but now they are on the main roster, they are a tag team. I respect those guys so much ’cause they’ve been performing on RAW, SD and even NXT every week on a non-stop basis. Their work ethic in the company is impressive. Most wrestlers refuse to work hectic WWE schedules but Aleister and Ricochet are willing to perform whenever WWE wants them and that’s ballsy. On top of all that, Aleister and Ricochet are both very talented wrestlers in the ring and both guys are gonna be main event stars sooner or later. I’m a huge fan of both of those guys.

As far as the women’s main event goes, it was kind of short but it was a thrilling and exciting match. Women main event Wrestlemania for the first time is controversial and it’s not for everyone but I totally support it. Women have been in wrestling for many decades and have never main evented. I think it’s finally time that women should be able to wrestle in main events. They deserve it and it’s long overdue. I’m a huge fan of Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair and I love Ronda. I’ve loved Ronda Rousey for a long time and still support her now. All three women are very talented performers and they’re phenomenal wrestlers too.

WWE is trying to improve their product ’cause they lost their audience. Ratings are dropping and no one watching the ppvs anymore. I’m sure Wrestlemania did well. It was a great ppv overall.

Brock Lesnar finally lost the belt, the Usos retain their tag team championships, Kofi finally won the WWE Title, Becky Lynch won both RAW/SD titles. Yep. I would say it was a great night of Wrestlemania.

WWE is slowly giving what the fans want. Good job Vince and the WWE!


Wrestlemania 35 predictions tomorrow night…

Since Wrestlemania 35 is tomorrow night, some of you will probably wonder what my predictions of the matches will be. I won’t name all predictions for all matches since it’s a big card but I will name some of them.

Becky vs. Charlotte vs. Ronda for the SD/RAW women’s champ: I got Ronda on this one.

Brock vs. Seth: I got Brock on this one. He’s gonna retain the Universal Champ for sure.

Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi for the WWE Title: I got Kofi on this one.

Triple H vs. Batista – No Hold’s Barred retirement match: I got Triple H on this one.

Shane O’ Mac vs. The Miz: I got the Miz on this one and this will probably be one of the best matches on the card.

Kurt Angle vs. Baron Corbin: I got Kurt on this one.

AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton: I got AJ on this one and this will probably end up being a great match too.

Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre: I got Drew McIntyre on this one and predicting this one will be a quick squash match.

As for who John Cena’s secret Wrestlemania oponnent is gonna be, I’m thinking either Bray Wyatt, Lars Sullivan, The Undertaker or maybe Sting. We’ll have to see.

Looking forward to WM35 tomorrow.


“Fighting With My Family” was such a great movie… saw it yesterday afternoon!!!

Yesterday afternoon, I went and saw the film “Fighting With My Family” which would be the first film I saw in theater in the year 2019. This is a WWE wrestling movie in which this is a biopic film about WWE Superstar Paige. Ya know, the female wrestler from the UK.

I was very surprised of this movie. I kept thinking I was going to walk out after the movie thinking to myself “This movie is so and so” but it didn’t turn out to be that. The movie turned out to be enjoyable all the way through. I liked it a lot actually. The writing, directing and acting by the cast was all good. Some of you think, only die-hard wrestling fans would love a movie like this. Nope. This could be a movie for non-wrestling fans too. If you’re not a fan of professional wrestling then you should check it out.

I’ve always been a pretty big fan of Paige and now I’m a fan of hers even more after seeing this. While this is a biopic film of her life, this movie only tells the story leading up to when she won the Divas title on RAW the day after Wrestlemania 30. It showed how she went through NXT so she can make it to WWE full time.

After this movie, I think it’s finally time we need more movies based on pro wrestling. We’ve had a few in the past like “The Wrestler” with Mickey Rourke, “No Holds Barred” with Hulk Hogan, “Ready to Rumble” with David Arquette and that’s about all I can think of really. We definitely need more wrestling movies for sure.

Back to Paige, it is sad that her wrestling career has been cut short, though. Remember, WWE forced her to retire due to a serious neck injury. WWE will no longer allow her to wrestle for that reason. Yeah, wrestling maybe fake and scripted but wrestlers still can get injuries ’cause they’re still doing all kinds of physical things in the ring. Even though Paige’s WWE career was short, she did accomplished a lot and I thought she deserved her own biopic movie. Her story deserved to get told for sure.

Will WWE make more biopic films on their wrestlers? Hulk Hogan is having his own biopic movie coming to Netflix with Chris Hemsworth playing him so that one should be interesting.

I’m a professional wrestling nerd. I love it so much. I was glad to watch “Fighting With My Family” and I’m definitely getting the BluRay for that film when it comes out.


WWE is lying about Roman Reigns having leukemia… I’m not gonna believe that he has cancer unless they can prove it, otherwise…

Back in Oct. of 2018, Roman Reigns went on Monday Night RAW to make a shocking announcement. Roman Reigns the professional wrestler has been fighting leukemia cancer for 11 years but he’s been in “remission” and claims it was back. Back in Oct., Reigns relinquished his Universal Title after he announced the cancer has returned and he was going to take a long hiatus from WWE to fight it. Well Roman came back to WWE last Monday night to give a health status on his cancer and now claims he’s in “remission” again. Now that he’s in “remission” again, he is now back in the WWE full time again.

Before Roman’s cancer announcement, wrestling fans used to hate the man and now they love him all of a sudden. Even though Roman Reigns the wrestling character was meant to be a babyface/hero type of wrestler, he still got booed a lot at live WWE shows. The WWE did all they could to get fans to stop hating on Reigns. They did all they could to get him over with the fans.

When Roman announced his cancer back in Oct. on RAW, I did a history research on his life and couldn’t find any evidence at all about his past cancer. So I’m like, “Hmmmm… this is getting kind of fishy already.” There is a back and forth debate about this whole thing. Is Roman’s cancer fake/storyline or is it real? There are those that believe it’s a storyline and there are those that believe it’s real.

I’ve always believed that this whole Roman cancer thing is a storyline/work ever since this thing started. It’s pretty obvious, I think and anybody that think it’s real is dumb. People think it’s real ’cause they truly believe WWE wouldn’t go out of line by making cancer a “storyline”. They believe it’s real ’cause WWE does a lot of work for cancer victims over the years.

I haven’t seen a shred of evidence of Roman’s cancer being real. So far, WWE has never proved it. Roman himself never proved it. No proof from his family and nothing from his doctors. Roman just gives his cancer updates on RAW and no where else.

People think it’s real ’cause the rest of WWE and now media outlets  are going along with it. Then you see the Leukemia Care UK twitter page chiming in on this whole thing trying their best to shoot down speculation of this being a “storyline/work” but I’m still not buying it.

Nobody knows anything about Roman’s leukemia diagnosis. What kind of leukemia does Roman have? Nobody said anything and even Roman himself never said what type of leukemia he has.

Wrestlemania 35 is just around the corner and I believe WWE is faking the Roman has cancer thing just to help build hype for Wrestlemania even more. This could also lead to another possible Shield reunion.

WWE is trying all they can to make Roman the next big hero in WWE kind of like Hulk Hogan, The Rock and Stone Cold, ya know? That’s what I believe what they’re trying to do.

Some want to believe Roman’s cancer is fake and I can completely understand them. When someone wants to believe this is a “work”, they would get hated on by the crowd who think it’s real. I don’t know why, though. This is WWE! A scripted show and you don’t know what’s real and what’s fake anymore so you can’t really trust anything they do.

Some want to believe that Vince McMahon wouldn’t stoop this low by making cancer a storyline but yes, Vince McMahon is THAT crazy. He’ll do  anything for ratings even if it’s something like this. This wasn’t the first time Vince has gone way out of line in storylines.

Like the title says, I’m not gonna believe that Roman’s cancer is real unless they can prove it, otherwise. When people become victims of cancer, they usually do a good job of proving it so they can show people that it’s real and they’re telling the truth.

I know cancer is pretty serious and a big deal ’cause I’ve had some pretty important people who died of different kinds of cancer but I don’t believe Roman’s cancer is real. I mean, come on, Roman’s hiatus from WWE was real short… about 4 months. Now he announced his comeback before Wrestlemania. Roman’s probably gonna be in the main event at WM35 and Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins title match could end up being a triple threat, my bets are on it, y’all. Roman’s getting the Universal Title back.

If Roman’s cancer turns out to be real after all then my bad, my heart goes out to him but it’s pretty unlikely that it’s real. I just don’t believe it is. WWE is lying for sure and they’re doing all they can to make it “seem” real. They are WWE now. You can’t believe everything they do especially when they’re a scripted show, ya know?

Another thing, people think I hate Roman Reigns ’cause I think his cancer is a storyline. No. Not at all. As a matter of fact, I’m a huge fan of his. I think the dude is a freakin’ badass. He’s got a great look and I think he’s great in the ring but gotta be realistic, ya know? It’s funny that people would accuse me of hating on Reigns coming from people who once hated the man and now they are all fanboys after his cancer announcement. Fucking please.


Expecting Chris Jericho to return to WWE soon? Don’t count on it ’cause he just signed with All Elite Wrestling for a full time contract…

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WWE fans were wondering if wrestler Chris Jericho would return to the WWE someday. Jericho has been slowing down in WWE lately focusing on other things like performing at wrestling independent events, touring with Fozzy, working on his podcast and all that stuff that he does. Well, hate to break the news that it looks like that Jericho isn’t returning to WWE anytime soon ’cause he just signed a full time contract to All Elite Wrestling which is a brand new independent wrestling company put together by Shahid and Tony Khan.

To be honest, I’m glad Jericho has been staying away from WWE and he should stay away from them. Back when Jericho was on WWE TV, the WWE wasn’t using him right. WWE kept making him lose matches and kept making him look weak. In my opinion, Jericho did the right thing stepping away from WWE for a while ’cause I don’t like the way WWE is right now to be honest with you. Jericho is better off without WWE anyways.

On top of that, I love the stuff that Jericho is doing with independent wrestling like the stuff he’s doing with Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks. All that stuff he’s doing is pretty amazing shit. All these guys are doing stuff that WWE are afraid of.

I am noticing that independent wrestling have exploded in the wrestling scene. Seems to me that indie wrestling is doing better than WWE nowadays. Why is the indie wrestling scene so hot nowadays?  Why are fans turning to indie wrestling than professional wrestling like WWE? The answer is quite simple really…. one word: wrestling. That’s it. Indie wrestling companies give us wrestling when the WWE doesn’t. WWE is all about family entertainment so fans are now flocking to indie wrestling.

Kenny Omega is a pretty huge star in the indie wrestling world and the Young Bucks are getting up there too. I prefer Jericho stay indie ’cause he’s doing well.

I’m a huge Jericho fan, though. I’ve admired the guy for many many years ever since he made his WWE debut in 2000. I like all the stuff he’s doing. As for his band Fozzy goes, I’ve listened to them a little bit but haven’t bought any of their records… planning on it, though. I’m more of a fan of Jericho’s wrestling than his music.

Jericho’s one of the best in the wrestling business. He can play both the good guy and the bad guy quite well. He’s also really good in the ring too. I wish him luck in AEW.