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Triple H in WWE forced to retire from in-ring wrestling for good… in other words, he’s done…

In more shocking news, this week Triple H who is a professional wrestler in the WWE announced that he is retired from in-ring “wrestling”. He was forced to retire from wrestling after a health scare that he had. He hung up the wrestling boots after having dangerous heart problems, surgery and dealing with viral pneumonia.

So if you’re hoping that Triple H will have some matches left in him, sorry, never happening. He’ll never have “one last” match, none of it.

Triple H had a really good career run, though. He accomplished everything anyway. 14 time champ, wrestled every wrestler you can think of and he had matches against pretty much all the legends that includes Sting, Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior.


Triple H may no longer be allowed to wrestle anymore but he’s still a part of the business in some way. He’s currently serving as executive vice president, Global Talent Strategy & Development in WWE. He’s still working for Vince.

Triple H started the NXT brand with WWE legend Dusty Rhodes but Triple H ran that brand all by himself when Dusty passed on. Now Triple H doesn’t run NXT anymore.

I’ve always been a Triple H fan, never been a hater.

Now that he’s done in the ring, he could be WWE Hall of Fame bound anytime now… maybe not this year but next year maybe. Believe it or not, Triple H isn’t in the Hall of Fame. Yes, Triple H is in the Hall of Fame as the group D-Generation X but he isn’t in there as a solo performer… yet.

It’s crazy, ya know? WWE is getting short on legends and icons ’cause so many either died or retired.

I’m also looking forward to watching Wrestlemania next weekend.


Reasons why NXT wrestling is way better than RAW/Smackdown Live…

Man, I have become hooked to WWE NXT wrestling on the WWE Network. If you don’t know what NXT is, it’s like a third brand for WWE. NXT is a brand that brings in rookie wrestlers aka “new” wrestlers. WWE NXT is a weekly program on the WWE Network which streams every Wednesday night at 8 p.m.

I’m just starting to watch NXT every Wednesday night. I’ve started watching their NXT Takeover ppvs each time they have one but now all year long I’ve been watching older NXT episodes and trying to catch up.

NXT is a third band that was created by Triple H and the legendary Dusty Rhodes. Both of those men ran the show for a while but since Dusty Rhodes died in real life, Triple H runs the show all by himself now. Vince McMahon is not in charge of NXT, Triple H is. Vince McMahon runs the main roster which are RAW/Smackdown and the PPV’s. Triple H runs NXT Wednesdays and the NXT Takeover ppvs.

I’ve become really addicted to NXT wrestling and haven’t stopped watching. It’s just amazing stuff. NXT became really hot in the wrestling industry. RAW and Smackdown isn’t so good lately and I find NXT way better. Why?

I’m about to explain why…

  • Vince McMahon doesn’t run NXT: I’m so glad Vince McMahon doesn’t run the NXT brand. If he did then he would have completely ruined the show just like he’s screwing up RAW and Smackdown. Triple H is running NXT all by himself and I think he’s doing a great job.
  • NXT gives us more wrestling than storylines and promos: You know how on RAW and Smackdown those shows are 90% storylines and wrestlers cutting a promo most of the time? RAW and Smackdown usually start off with wrestlers giving a promo on the mic for a long time but on NXT they give us wrestling right away. NXT does have rookie wrestlers cut a promo out in the ring but not as much as on the main roster.
  • NXT storylines and feuds are more entertaining than the main roster: One thing for sure, Triple H knows how to keep people watching NXT. The writing on the NXT shows is so good.
  • Better booking of matches: One big reason why NXT is getting so hot in the wrestling industry is that the booking of matches are better than the main roster. NXT books really good matches during the Wednesday night shows and on TakeOver ppvs.
  • The wrestling is way better than RAW/SD: Another reason why NXT is so hot right now is ’cause the wrestling is really good. NXT puts on more exciting and fun matches than RAW/SD. Triple H knows wrestling and he knows how to put on a good wrestling match. He gets that from his own wrestling career. He wants NXT to have good wrestling and does a good job of that. That’s what the fans want to see is actual “wrestling” and that’s why they all turn to NXT wrestling.
  • NXT created better gimmicks and wrestling characters: Triple H and NXT are doing things that Vince McMahon couldn’t have done years ago. Yes, Vince McMahon created a lot of wrestler characters in old school WWE in the 80’s and early 90’s but now NXT is here, Triple has created some really good wrestling characters out of that brand. I don’t think Vince McMahon could have created characters like Bobby Roode, Asuka, Finn Balor, Shinsuke Nakumura, AJ Styles, Bayley, Elias, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre, etc. All those characters came from Triple H’s NXT brand and he continues to create even more characters like Aleister Black, Kairi Sane, Nikki Cross, Johnny Gargano, Adam Cole, Kassius Ohno, The Velveteen Dream, etc. This is another reason the NXT brand is getting so hot now is ’cause they’ve created some really cool wrestlers through that brand.

There you have it. I’m a really huge NXT fan. I’m late getting into the show but I’m having a blast watching it. The show’s a great wrestling series. I hope NXT stays around a long time and I think it will. They continue to get more popular as the ratings for RAW/SD continues to tank. More people are watching NXT ’cause they want to see “wrestling” and RAW/SD Live doesn’t give us wrestling anymore. When is Vince ever going to wake up and listen to the fans for once?



Last night’s Survivor Series 2017 was mostly good except for that awful main event…

I watched WWE “Survivor Series 2017” ppv on the WWE Network last night. The ppv was pretty good. Most of it was real good except for that awful main event: Team RAW vs. Team Smackdown Men’s Elimination Match. The reason why that main event match was so bad is that the newer guys like the former NXT stars in the match didn’t get to do much. It was Triple H hogging the spotlight in that match which is what I didn’t like about it. Triple H made the younger talent in that match look weak: Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, Shinsuke Nakamura and Bobby Roode were all former NXT guys who deserved to shine on “Survivor Series” but instead WWE made them look like pussies last night. For a long while now, the WWE has been making those guys I named top stars in WWE and they all got buried by Triple H last night. Sick. Yeah, Triple H is an icon in wrestling but admittedly, he’s one of the biggest egomaniacs in wrestling. There was something about Triple H’s ego last night that I didn’t like. The only positive I can give about the match is that the match tried to push Braun Strowman and the match helped get him over.

I remember in the early 2000’s years in WWE, Triple was known to burying talent and holding them down… well look like he’s back into that which is sad. Those NXT guys that I listed above, Triple H was the one who helped them get to where they are now and Triple H wants to destroy them? Triple H is a semi-retired wrestler and only wrestles part-time now and it seems that he only inserts himself into big ppv matches. Another clue that he has a big ego problem. I like Triple H but if he keeps this up, he’s gonna lose my support again. That match was the worst “Survivor Series” main event.

On with the other matches on the card… the best matches of last night were The Shield vs. The New Day which opened the ppv and that match was pretty exciting. I love both The Shield and The New Day… glad they are finally feuding with each  other.

The Team RAW and Team SD Women’s Elimination match was also really good. WWE did it right that they gave Asuka the spotlight. She was freakin’ awesome last night. I’m such a huge fan of her. Love her so much. I continue to watch older NXT and WWE because of her pretty much. She’s such a cool wrestler. So far so good, WWE is using her right.

Brock Lesnar vs. Aj Styles was also surprisingly pretty good and I was skeptical of that match. Both men did a great job and didn’t think they would pull off a fun match like that.

Other than that, last night’s Survivor Series was pretty good… could have been better.


Triple H and Stephanie McMahon on the Trump Train? Seems so, they attended the inauguration ceremony last Friday… (see photo for proof)

Cool pic of WWE star & Vice President of Executive Talent in WWE, Triple H and his wife Stephanie McMahon at the Trump inauguration last Friday. Triple H and Stephanie are not just a married couple on TV, they are married in real life too. They must be big Trump fans too ’cause it looks like they’re enjoying themselves.

Also remember, Stephanie’s Mom, Linda McMahon is now part of the Trump administration who just got sworn in for the SBA today.

I’m looking forward to the Royal Rumble this Sunday.


WWE is being all nice to Chyna now ’cause they are trying get away with that they treated her like crap…

I still blame the death of Chyna on WWE all the way. My opinion still stands on that.

Read more on this well-written article on why Chyna dying was WWE’s fault…


This article said the same thing I said the other day. This article says that her real-life feud with WWE has gotten her into a depression so she started taking prescription meds because of it.

In the old days of WWE, Triple H started dating Stephanie while he was still engaged to Chyna so yeah… Triple H cheated on Chyna with Stephanie. That’s the only reason why Triple H’s career is so big right now ’cause he married the boss’s daughter. I’ve always believed that Triple H wouldn’t have gotten where he is in WWE if hadn’t married the boss’s daughter. It’s obvious, right? I mean think about it, right? Triple H is a 13 time WWE Champion. He’s always gotta be at every Wrestlemania even if he’s so-called “retired” from wrestling and now he’s the 2nd boss of WWE. Triple H is Vince McMahon’s right hand-man now.

Ya know, if Triple H married Chyna instead and if he was still married to Chyna… Triple H wouldn’t have gotten all that. It’s pretty obvious to me that the only reason Triple H married Stephanie McMahon (Vince’s daughter) is to help boost Triple H’s wrestling career and his plan worked. Honestly, I don’t think Triple H really loves Stephanie… he totally used her to boost his career. Triple H is a manipulator and would do anything to get what he wants.

Triple H claims that the reason Chyna is not in the Hall of Fame is ’cause he says that he’s worried that kids would look up her name in google and find out that she had a background in porn? Like Vince Russo said, the real reason they wouldn’t allow Chyna in the Hall of Fame is ’cause Stephanie McMahon doesn’t want Chyna in the Hall of Fame. Stephanie hates Chyna’s guts and she’s the one keeping Chyna out of the Hall of Fame. Vince McMahon is just giving Stephanie what she wants.

It’s all pretty crazy. After years of Vince, Triple H and Stephanie treating Chyna like she’s a pile of garbage… they all act nice to Chyna now that she has died? Fucking unbelievable! I thought it was pretty despicable and low of WWE. They treated Chyna like crap and now WWE finally acknowledges her after she died? It’s bullshit. All of it. Vince should feel ashamed of himself.

She tried to reach out to WWE many times, hoping to bury the hatchet but they never responded until now. Chyna should be treated with respect ’cause she really did help make WWE a lot of money. She still has a lot of fans that stuck with her even she stayed away from wrestling after all these years. She definitely did change wrestling and I think that’s the only reason why Triple H is mad at Chyna ’cause he’s jealous of her. Jealous that she changed the wrestling business and he didn’t. Gee, no wonder the WWE shut her out. Jealousy is a motherfucker ain’t it? No wonder Chyna left America for Japan.

Chyna wanted to meet with WWE hoping to resolve things and bury the hatchet but WWE wanted nothing to do with her.

I’m fed up with WWE and I think I’m about done supporting them. Not sure yet though. I’ll give them another chance. If they do a tribute show for Chyna on the next RAW and put her in the next Hall of Fame, I’ll continue to support them. If they don’t do any of those at all then it’ll be the last straw. I’ll be boycotting the WWE. I promise you that.


Cool Video: Triple H eulogizes Lemmy Kilmister at memorial…

Pretty cool speech by WWE’s Triple H eulogizing Lemmy Kilmister. It’s pretty well known that Triple H is a die-hard fan of Motorhead as the band Motorhead created three different theme songs for Triple H. Lemmy has always been an important part of WWE history. Yep, you hear Lemmy’s singing voice almost all the time on RAW and PPV shows whenever Triple H is on TV. Lemmy has always been important to the wrestling industry.


Will I watch Wrestlemania 31 this Sunday? Probably not…

Wrestlemania 31 is this Sunday and to be honest, I don’t think I’m gonna watch. I usually watch Wrestlemania every year and have been watching Wrestlemania for years. I don’t watch every WWE ppv like a lot of fans do… only the big ones. I stopped watching WWE. Haven’t been watching RAW in a long time, it’s actually been a few years now since I haven’t watched it. Some of you would think I wouldn’t give up watching wrestling but yes I do. I do take long breaks from watching WWE from time to time when they start getting really bad but I don’t like the direction where the company is headed right now. Every time I try to tune into RAW, the show has never improved. The same old gimmicky storylines and soap opera stuff. Always shoving John Cena in our faces like usual.

I’m not crazy about the Wrestlemania card this year:


The only match I would be interested in seeing is Sting vs. Triple H… that’s probably gonna end up being the match of the night while Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt will be the second best. You know Undertaker is gonna win against Bray Wyatt since the WWE upset too many WWE fans with the Undertaker losing his Wrestlemania streak last year.

I could watch Wrestlemania 31 on WWE Network if I wanted but I don’t wanna subscribe to it. I’m not really all that excited about this year’s Wrestlmania. I do wanna see the Triple H vs. Sting match though ’cause that’s gonna be the good one.

I don’t like WWE anymore and the way it’s going lately. Who knows, maybe I’ll change my mind and will watch it anyway but it’s probably gonna be a mediocre Wrestlemania like all the others.


Look like Chyna is gonna be in the WWE Hall of Fame soon after all!!!

For many years, wrestling fans have wondered if Chyna aka “The Ninth Wonder of the World” will ever make the WWE Hall of Fame. It’s been well-documented that Chyna and WWE never really got along too well and looks like the WWE finally wants to bury the hatchet with her.

Stone Cold Steve Austin had Triple H as a guest on his podcast show and Triple H commented on how he wants to get Chyna in the Hall of Fame. Remember, Triple H and Chyna used to be lovers before he met Stephanie.

Chyna responded and she seems to be game in being inducted in the Hall of Fame.

More here:


Will Chyna be inducted to this year’s Hall of Fame? Maybe not this year but definitely next year. Chyna deserves an induction. Love her or hate her, Chyna is very popular and she achieved a lot in the wrestling business.

I love Chyna, always did and still do.

She’s currently living in Japan teaching English so if she wants to get inducted, she’ll have to fly all the way back to the US.

I hope she returns to the WWE for one more match as well. I’ve always been a Chyna fan. She gave us a lot during the Attitude Era. Yes, I do find her hot and sexy. She seems like a sweetheart too.

Check out her youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl3UAzDmhBN2N_eCd1GEJmA


Triple H and Stephanie just got my full respect now!!!

I was never that big of a fan of Triple H and Stephanie over the years in the WWE but after this story, I am a fan of them now!

This is pretty cool. On TV, Triple H was playing a heel character with his group, The Authority on RAW as he stood at ringside while watching Kane, Seth Rollins and Big Show beat up John Cena. Triple H was smiling and laughing through the whole thing playing the heel character as he was but a young child sitting at the front row was upset and started crying. Triple H breaks character goes up to the child, hugs him and apologizes. Then Stephanie comes and joins in.

As you see in the article, Triple H and Steph invited the kid backstage to hang out.


Pretty cool story and makes me respect Triple H and Steph even more now. They are really good with children ’cause they are parents themselves. Yeah, while Triple H and Steph play a storyline married couple on TV… they are also a real-life married couple off TV.

I never really liked them that much ’cause I don’t like how they’re taking control of the company just because Triple H is married to the boss’s daughter but after what they did here, I’ll have a change of heart with them, I guess.

The WWE guys are really good with kids. That’s what they do this for to perform for children and make them happy. While most people know that wrestling isn’t real… keep in mind that a lot of children thinks it’s real. Well, most wrestling fans used to believed wrestling was real when they were a kid. I used to think wrestling was real when I was young myself.


Last night’s RAW: Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar

Last night’s RAW opened up with a Vince McMahon vs. Paul Heyman fight. Vince stood out in the ring with crutches and Paul Heyman came out with his fight gear on. Paul Heyman, talked on the mic for a while as he made his way to the ring, and when he got in, immediately, he started beating McMahon with one of his crutches. Of course, Brock Lesnar comes out to the ring to save the day for Paul Heyman. As Lesnar entered the ring and started to go after McMahon, Triple H’s music hits with Lemmy Kilmister’s voice blaring over the speakers, “Tiiiimmme to play the gggaammmeee…”. Of course, the crowd goes nuts as soon as Triple H’s music hits. Triple H comes walking out slowly to the music with his usual water bottle, and he is sporting a new buzz cut hair do. Suddenly Triple H starts running after Lesnar to the ring, and it was an all out brawl between the two. Triple H left Lesnar in a bloody mess. Yes, Lesnar was covered with blood.

Sometimes people want to believe the blood in wrestling is fake, but it’s not. Blood in wrestling is real. How do the performers get away with it? How do they fake it? Well, they usually hide a small blade, and they’re usually good at cutting themselves on purpose so people won’t notice.

After that segment got over with, the internet blew up with the entire wrestling community of fans giving that segment positive feedback. I agree. I thought that was the best thing RAW did in years. That’s wrestling right there, folks. That’s the kind of wrestling everyone wants to see. If WWE brings that stuff back, get rid of the PG era, WWE would get good again. RAW has been nothing but shit for the past several years or more, and finally, they did something that was actually wrestling. It was an incredible segment. I LOVED it too.

I used to never want to see Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania again, but after seeing what they did on RAW last night, now I’m officially sold to Triple H vs. Lesnar II. This is the stuff wrestling fans want to see, not the kiddie stuff. We want to see hardcore violence and blood. We don’t get much of that anymore. Since that segment got a lot of great feedback from the fans, hopefully, the WWE will listen to us and we may soon see the PG era gone. Hopefully. Cross our fingers.

That segment felt like a Wrestlemania moment to me.

As for the rest of last night’s RAW in Dallas, TX. goes, it was a mediocre show like usual, but the opening segment Triple H vs. Lesnar, was phenomenal.

This is part of the reason why WWE needs Brock Lesnar, ’cause it seems that Lesnar is the only superstar who has what it takes to make WWE interesting again. Hopefully Triple H vs. Lesnar at ‘Mania this year, will be just as bloody and gruesome, would be awesome. It can’t be PG when Brock Lesnar is around, think about it!