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Triple H and Stephanie McMahon on the Trump Train? Seems so, they attended the inauguration ceremony last Friday… (see photo for proof)

Cool pic of WWE star & Vice President of Executive Talent in WWE, Triple H and his wife Stephanie McMahon at the Trump inauguration last Friday. Triple H and Stephanie are not just a married couple on TV, they are married in real life too. They must be big Trump fans too ’cause it looks like they’re enjoying themselves.

Also remember, Stephanie’s Mom, Linda McMahon is now part of the Trump administration who just got sworn in for the SBA today.

I’m looking forward to the Royal Rumble this Sunday.


Trump to nominate Linda McMahon for a position in his cabinet, no surprise there…

Linda McMahon, (who is the former CEO of WWE and she’s also the wife of WWE owner Vince McMahon) is getting a position for Trump’s cabinet. She’s being considered for the Small Business Administration which is perfect for her really.

I had a feeling that Linda was gonna be considered for a part in Trump’s cabinet ’cause Donald Trump is friends with the McMahon family. Trump and the WWE had a long history together. Trump held two Wrestlemania events at his Trump Plaza back in the 80’s. Trump also performed for a hair vs. hair match which was a “Battle of Billionaires” at Wrestlemania 23. Trump is a WWE Hall of Famer too.

Linda left WWE so she can get into politics so it turns out she’s a Republican and is a Donald Trump supporter. This position would be good for Linda ’cause she knows a lot about business since her husband Vince is a businessman.

I’m sure this choice is gonna get the media all worked up. They’ll have a field day with this for sure just because she’s a part of WWE. They’ll be like “Oh no, Trump is having someone from WWE in his cabinet”. They’re gonna smear her and make her look ridiculous, I’m sure!


Good! Linda McMahon loses her Senate seat bid!

How much do you want to bet that she’ll get right back to WWE real soon? Lets see if this will have an affect on WWE. Will they get back the Attitude Era or not? We’ll have to wait and see.

Linda is trying to make her dream come true in politics but with her WWE past, it’s making it real tough for her. Just shows that politics is not for her and she belongs in wrestling.


Prays that Linda McMahon loses her election for US Senate…

Another thing I’ll be looking out for, other than the President Election tomorrow, is looking to see if Linda McMahon on whether or not she will win or lose the spot for US Senate, from the state of, Connecticut. I’m sure wrestling fans are hoping she’ll lose. That way WWE can bring back TV-14. They’ll bring back good wrestling and turn John Cena, heel. Linda McMahon was a former WWE CEO but she left the company to focus on politics. If you think WWE will never bring back the Attitude Era even if Linda loses, I would say you’re wrong on that. Each week, WWE have been getting pretty low ratings for both, RAW and SD. They’ll bring back the Attitude Era, for sure. They’ll do anything for ratings. I would think if WWE brought back the Attitude, it would start to get real big again, and all the old fans who gave up watching, will start watching again.

The Attitude Era is what made me addicted to WWE. The hardcore violence, sexy DIVAS, the bloody matches, etc. I miss all of that. Hopefully, they’ll consider bringing that stuff back if Linda loses. Linda was CEO in WWE before she left for politics, and after she left, that’s when WWE changed everything, so she can have a clean election without anyone attacking her. It’s just typical Vince, doing whatever it takes to help her win. Lets pray she doesn’t win tomorrow. It’ll be nice to see WWE go back the way they were before, so they can get all of their old fans back. All the adult fans, that is.


I’ll confess that WWE is shit right now…

I did watch “Summerslam” ppv last weekend and it was one of the worst ppv’s I’ve ever seen. WWE is really going down the shitter with this stupid PG rating. Why did WWE get rid of the “Attitude Era” and went PG? It’s not because of John Cena and little kids supporting WWE at all. The only reason WWE is for children now is because Linda McMahon is in politics and is running for Senate. I mean, think about it, right? Linda was targeted for the Attitude Era stuff in the past. She was in hot water for a little bit because of all the violence, sex, and inappropriate stuff that were aired during the “Attitude Era”, which kind of hurt her political campaign. This is the only reason for the PG rating ’cause Vince would do whatever it takes to help Linda win the Senate election and she’s doing good in the election so far, she’s moving on up. If they turned WWE back to the TV-14 rating, that’ll hurt her campaign even more.

I remember taking a long break from watching WWE for at least several months. I started watching again because Brock Lesnar came back, and like always, WWE is still lame. The storylines look like they come from a children’s book or something. Plus when a superstar gets injured on TV, people actually believe it’s a real injury, and WWE tries to make storylines seem realistic. It’s hard to believe what’s real and what’s not in wrestling anymore, know what I mean?

I miss wrestling back in the 90’s when it used to be wrestling. This is why Vince is trying to ignore wrestling and turn it into entertainment ’cause it’s all about Linda’s campaign. Vince is a manipulator and marketing genius, remember that. He wants her to have a clean and appropriate election without the media attacking her like they did before. Vince doesn’t want to turn off the voters away from her. She’s in politics full time now, and I don’t see WWE going back to TV-14 anytime soon. This is why John Cena will never turn heel. It’s all because of Linda’s campaign.

Even though I don’t like the company’s current product, I still respect Vince and I love their performers though. I’m thinking about giving up on WWE again, possibly for good. All the stars we all love came and gone, there’s all new and young guys working for the business now. A different era. Yep “Summerslam 25” was a bad ppv, it only had one great match which was Jericho vs. Ziggler.

I understand why kids and families support WWE currently. If I ever get myself a family someday, I would turn the kids onto WWE sure ’cause I was into WWE ever since I was a child. That’s the only reason to support WWE is when you have a kid, but when you’re a full grown adult, it’s hard to take WWE seriously to this day.


BREAKING NEWS: Vince McMahon sues, Susan Bysiewicz, over WWE garbs ban for Linda’s voting…

Vince’s evil boss character on WWE TV is how he is in real life in so many ways, and this proves it! You mess with the boss of WWE, he’ll mess with you in return. I had a feeling a huge lawsuit was coming so this is honestly, no surprise to me.

TMZ reports.

When you think of McMahon suing this woman, all you hear is Vince’s “No Chance in Hell” theme song below. I think Susan just joined Vince’s kiss my ass club!


Report: Linda McMahon vs. Connecticut state politicians gets even nastier, people aren’t allowed to vote if they wear WWE garbs!!!

Now you understand why Vince McMahon started this, “I Stand Up for WWE” campaign. It’s not only to help his wife in the election for Conn. state senate, it’s also to help defend the company WWE. If voters wear WWE garbs, they will not be allowed to vote.

More on it, here.

I agree, the WWE is being unfairly attacked in the Senate race in Conn. I totally stand up for WWE, all the way. I will be writing a post to stand up for the WWE soon, stay tuned.

I think Linda could possibly win the election though, she may have a chance. Maybe bad publicity with the WWE will help her win, think about it! After all, Jesse Ventura’s background with WWE helped him win as governor of Minnesota, right?


Cool Video: Vince McMahon wants WWE fans to help stick up for WWE from this Richard Blumenthal vs. Linda McMahon feud…

Linda McMahon is running for Connecticut state Senate against Richard Blumenthal. Blumenthal is doing whatever it takes to get Linda to lose the election by blaming the WWE on a lot of things. Such as treating the WWE Divas like sex slaves, violence, wrestlers using drugs & steroids, etc. You get the drill. It was only a matter of time that Vince will jump in on this feud to help his wife. Here he is, urging WWE fans that he wants WWE’s fans to help stick up for WWE and not be looked at in a bad way.

What is my prediction on this heated election in Conn.? I think Linda has a good chance in winning the whole thing. Her WWE controversy is what’s going to help her get more votes.

Watch what Vince McMahon have to say here…


Report: Linda McMahon resigns from WWE as CEO to go political…

The WWE’s executive and CEO, Linda McMahon, will be resigning from the iconic wrestling business to focus on her upcoming political career. Those who don’t know her, she is the real life wife of WWE chairman/owner, Vince McMahon.

Linda wants the Senate seat for the state of Connecticut to run against Christopher Dodd.

The Associated Press reports:


Well, here comes a Linda McMahon vs. Christopher Dodd feud, a storyline for Monday Night RAW as a way to plug her campaign. Christopher Dodd will probably be a future Monday Night RAW guest host to start the storyline. I bet your money this will happen.