I’ll confess that WWE is shit right now…

I did watch “Summerslam” ppv last weekend and it was one of the worst ppv’s I’ve ever seen. WWE is really going down the shitter with this stupid PG rating. Why did WWE get rid of the “Attitude Era” and went PG? It’s not because of John Cena and little kids supporting WWE at all. The only reason WWE is for children now is because Linda McMahon is in politics and is running for Senate. I mean, think about it, right? Linda was targeted for the Attitude Era stuff in the past. She was in hot water for a little bit because of all the violence, sex, and inappropriate stuff that were aired during the “Attitude Era”, which kind of hurt her political campaign. This is the only reason for the PG rating ’cause Vince would do whatever it takes to help Linda win the Senate election and she’s doing good in the election so far, she’s moving on up. If they turned WWE back to the TV-14 rating, that’ll hurt her campaign even more.

I remember taking a long break from watching WWE for at least several months. I started watching again because Brock Lesnar came back, and like always, WWE is still lame. The storylines look like they come from a children’s book or something. Plus when a superstar gets injured on TV, people actually believe it’s a real injury, and WWE tries to make storylines seem realistic. It’s hard to believe what’s real and what’s not in wrestling anymore, know what I mean?

I miss wrestling back in the 90’s when it used to be wrestling. This is why Vince is trying to ignore wrestling and turn it into entertainment ’cause it’s all about Linda’s campaign. Vince is a manipulator and marketing genius, remember that. He wants her to have a clean and appropriate election without the media attacking her like they did before. Vince doesn’t want to turn off the voters away from her. She’s in politics full time now, and I don’t see WWE going back to TV-14 anytime soon. This is why John Cena will never turn heel. It’s all because of Linda’s campaign.

Even though I don’t like the company’s current product, I still respect Vince and I love their performers though. I’m thinking about giving up on WWE again, possibly for good. All the stars we all love came and gone, there’s all new and young guys working for the business now. A different era. Yep “Summerslam 25” was a bad ppv, it only had one great match which was Jericho vs. Ziggler.

I understand why kids and families support WWE currently. If I ever get myself a family someday, I would turn the kids onto WWE sure ’cause I was into WWE ever since I was a child. That’s the only reason to support WWE is when you have a kid, but when you’re a full grown adult, it’s hard to take WWE seriously to this day.


One thought on “I’ll confess that WWE is shit right now…”

  1. i like it being PG because my son loves wwe.
    Summerslam was crap.

    90s wwe was brilo but old school is over and i do not think they will go back because children watch the show now. i can remember my dad watching the show first then let me and bro watch it if there was no blood lol.

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