“Don’t Bother To Knock” is Marilyn’s best performance in her career, in my opinion…

Last night, I watched the Netflix DVD rental of “Don’t Bother To Knock”. Yes, you guess it, another Marilyn Monroe flick. I think this is her best film in her career, and it was her best performance too, which she should have gotten an Oscar nod for. Believe it or not, Marilyn Monroe has never been nominated for anything by the Academy, which she should have, but she did win 2 Golden Globes for “Bus Stop” and “Some Like It Hot”. I thought her performance for “Don’t Bother To Knock” was Oscar worthy enough. It’s a real shame that she never got anything from the Oscars though.

Back to the film, “Don’t Bother To Knock” is about an airplane pilot name Jed, who was dumped by his girlfriend, so he starts getting interested in his next door neighbor Nell (Monroe), who is a babysitter. Turns out that Nell was just getting out of a mental hospital and she hasn’t gotten better yet, still kind of insane in a way. This movie is a love triangle story, and Nell turns violent toward the end.

Marilyn is mostly known for starring in comedy/musicals over the years, but she has had a few pretty dark roles, this film here, and “Niagra”. I just can’t stop watching Marilyn flicks. I just watched “Prince and the Showgirl” a week ago, it was alright but not her best film. I’m trying to catch up with all the classics. I love those films from the 30’s – 50’s. You should too. This is true cinema, not most of the garbage you see nowadays.


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