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Robin Williams passed 6 years ago today…

Robin Williams was definitely one of my favorite actors like most people. I grew up watching all of his movies just like you. Robin was an actor who could play anything that throws at him. He wasn’t just a “comedic” actor, though… and yes he did mostly comedic roles but he can also do serious dramatic roles and he can do much darker roles like “One hour Photo”, “Insomnia” and “Death To Smoochy” which are all great movies, btw. He definitely was a great talent and a true comedian too.

Some of the other movies I loved he was in were “Popeye”, “Dead Poets Society”, “Jack”, “RV”, “Toys” and even though “The Birdcage” was a weird as hell movie it’s definitely one of his best comedies. I’m also not afraid to admit he was good in “Hook” and I liked him as Peter Pan. He did too many good films and I loved “RV” too. Even if “RV” was a low budget B movie type of film, it’s still good and entertaining as hell.

Robin should be good enough proof that movie stars and celebrities aren’t perfect as people wanna believe. A lot of people want to believe that movie stars have it all and think they’re happy and perfect ’cause they’re famous but you’d be surprised to find out that no, not really. When will people realize that celebs and movie stars are human like the rest of us? Yes, they are richer than the rest of us but they talk like us, eat like us and they have their problems like us. Nobody is perfect even them. They don’t carry around this “I’m a movie star” thing with them, a lot of them just see acting as a job and it’s what they do for a living to survive.

Celebrities and Hollywood people committing suicide is on the rise ’cause fame is tough. If they want suicides to stop in Hollywood and the music industry then I wish people would start treating them better ’cause that’s a part of it. People suck in this world for sure. Losing Robin should be a pretty good wake up call that depression is real and I think more people has woken up about it. Before Robin’s suicide, he was on the verge of getting Parkinson’s but he was suffering depression years before then… he had it for a long time.

Robin was a great talent for sure, I’ve watched his films ever since I was a child. If he was alive today, I’m sure he would still be making movies. Too bad people couldn’t help him and I’m sure they tried.


The future of Hollywood, will they ever go back to work? They are still shutdown…

Yeah, Hollywood is a mess right now… no doubt but many conservatives in America won’t publicly admit that they all watch movies and TV shows. Even through this pandemic while we are all on lockdown, that means Hollywood is on lockdown too. Many major movies and TV shows that were currently being made had to stop production. Movies that were already made before pandemic are being sent to streaming services and “on demand” releases ’cause many states in America don’t have movie theaters open. With no movie theaters open, that means there’s no where for Hollywood to release their films whether national or indie films. Future film releases go on streaming services or “On Demand” through TV like I said.

It’s harder to find new movies to watch ’cause with Hollywood out of work, that means directors, producers, screenwriters, actors, actresses are all stuck at home and they can’t give us any new entertainment as of this moment. Most of the movies getting released were made before the pandemic. Hollywood out of work, that means no film.

Believe it or not, Hollywood film people are all stuck at home like the rest of us. That’s why you’re seeing more movie stars online more often trying to entertain their fans in different ways: online q&a’s, live twitter chats, live stream, etc. Whatever.

Admittedly I do miss going to the movie theaters as I haven’t been in a movie theater in a couple of months. I still do try to catch new 2020 movie releases the best I can, though. I’m hoping movie theaters get back open this year and I’m sure they will come back. What will happen when movie theaters stay shut down through the Fall and Hollywood stays shut down? That means all the movies in the Fall will be pushed back even later and the new James Bond movie which is supposed to be the biggest movie of the year may not get released in theaters at all and might get an “on Demand” release. Same might happen with Spielberg’s remake of “West Side Story” and the Dune remake. We’ll have to see wait and see what happens.

You may think it or may not care but Hollywood is suffering through this pandemic. Yeah, Hollywood is in a lot of trouble right now with all this “pedo” stuff and the “Me too” movement but it’ll all calm down soon, I’m sure.

I still like to watch movies and you do too, admit it.


Been re-watching all the Marvel superhero films on Disney plus, love ’em all…

On Disney Plus streaming service, I’ve just re-watched all the Iron Man, Thor and Captain America movies that are on there. Yup, I re-watched all 9 movies of those three characters. I love them all… they are all amazing and well-done movies but I think my favorite Marvel character of them all would have to be Captain America to be honest. I think the three Captain America solo movies: “The First Avenger”, “The Winter Soldier” and “Civil War” are all mind-blowing movies, love them so much. The Iron Man and Thor movies are real cool too but Captain America is my favorite.

I would like Marvel/Disney to continue making Iron Man and Captain America movies in the MCU but the way “The Avengers: Endgame” movie ended… I think Iron Man and Captain America are both finished making movies for good unfortunately. Without giving spoilers, those two characters are definitely done ’cause I believe Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. finally wants to move on from Marvel. They want nothing to do with superhero films anymore and want to move on to other things.

The good news though is that the Thor movies can continue ’cause the way the “Avengers: Endgame” ended is left open the possibility of more Thor movies and there is a 4th Thor movie in the works with Chris Hemsworth still playing Thor. Some of you may ask, is Tom Hiddleston done playing the iconic character of Loki??? He maybe done playing in the Avengers movies but it isn’t clear yet on whether or not the Loki character is done in the “Thor” solo films; however, though… Tom Hiddleston is still playing Loki in his original series coming out for Disney Plus. Loki is coming out with his own series on Disney Plus so that’s not the end of Loki for sure.

I used to not be that crazy about Marvel but it’s growing on me, really. I’m planning to re-watch “Captain Marvel” tonight and I want to give “Black Panther” another watch too.

Disney Plus is a great streaming service but I wish it’s got all the X-Men movies on there. They are trying to get all X-Men movies on there but they only added two of them so far. I think there are like a total of six X-Men movies but maybe they couldn’t get ’em all on there due to “rights” and all that stuff, ya know? I’m sure they’re trying to get ’em all on there but it would be nice. They don’t have all the Wolverine solo movies on there yet either and no Incredible Hulk films but I’m sure they’ll get them all on there in the future. Small baby steps, I guess.

Disney Plus is really quite impressive. Great streaming content but I won’t touch “Hamilton” and that Beyonce “Black is King” thing, I’ll stay away from those. I’ve become addicted to Disney Plus and watching a lot of stuff on there already. Not bad for a streaming service that’s $6.99 a month with no ads but I have a feeling they might raise the price in the future like all streaming services do.


Martial arts and film icon, Bruce Lee died 47 years ago today…


47 years ago today, martial arts and film icon, Bruce Lee mysteriously passed away. Yes, Bruce’s death was definitely mysterious ’cause nobody knows what really happened to him.

On July 20th, 1973 before he mysteriously died all of a sudden, he was actually okay ’cause he was in Hong Kong, about to have dinner with George Lazenby and Raymond Chow to discuss Bruce’s next film. While Bruce was fine that day, he had seizures and headaches in the past before. That day on July 20th later on, Bruce complained of a headache and had an actress friend Betty Ting give him painkillers while Bruce was at her house. Later that evening he went to lay down for a nap and never woke up ever since then. All happened at Betty Ting’s home.

Was it the Equagesic painkillers that killed him? The toxicology reports stated that he had a lot of it in his system but that still didn’t mean the drugs killed him, though. There were no external signs of injury but he had severe brain swelling. Lee’s death was ruled “death by mis-adventure” but it doesn’t add up.

I’m sure there are tons of conspiracy theories floating around and of course, lots of theories that Bruce was murdered. I’m sure his friend Betty Ting is getting blamed the most for his death, though ’cause she was the last one with him before he died.

The Mysterious Circumstances Surrounding Bruce Lee’s Death

I am a massive Bruce Lee fan. Loved him in all those martial arts action films… I’ve seen “Enter The Dragon” too many times. The “Chinese Connection” and “Way of the Dragon” (the one with Chuck Norris) are also favorites of mine as well.

As for his death, you just never know but it would be nice to get some real answers after 47 years.

He was definitely an important figure in America and all around the world. His movies are still extremely popular even to this day after all these years. I still love to watch his movies when I can.

Rest easy, Bruce. You’re not forgotten and Brandon is not forgotten either, his death was tragic too.


Finally got around to watching “The Mule” and thought it was great… Clint Eastwood still got it with acting after all these years…

Over the weekend, I finally gotten around to watching Clint Eastwood’s latest acting role, “The Mule” and which he also directed. I’ve been wanting to see this film for a long while since I’ve never gotten a chance to see it in theater although I wanted to. So I figured I would order the BluRay from amazon since NY State is in strict lockdown still.

I watched this over the weekend and thought it was another winner for Eastwood. Freakin’ loved it actually. This film has gotten mixed reviews but I thought the whole film was fine to me. I don’t have any complaints at all… the film had good acting by the whole cast all around, good direction by Eastwood and good writing too.

“The Mule” was inspired by the real life story of Leo Sharp, who was actually an old man who smuggled drugs for a Mexican cartel. Of course, Clint’s version he plays Earl Stone, a horticulturist and Korean War veteran who got himself into drug smuggling for a Mexican drug cartel ’cause he was desperate for money and Earl didn’t know what he was getting himself into after all that time.

The film is a crime drama yes but it’s so refreshing and different to see a crime drama that doesn’t include a lot of violence and tough guy cops. You won’t see any of that in this movie at all. Seeing crime dramas with tough guy cops and intelligent detectives that can solve difficult crimes quickly can get old and tiresome. In this film, “The Mule”, you’ll see something that can happen for real.

While the entire cast did a great job with the acting, I was of course most impressed with Clint. Oh man, Clint can still act even at 90 years old. People always questioned his acting skills at an old age but he can still do it and he can prove them wrong each time. Clint can still do leading roles pretty well. I was kind of shocked to see that Clint had a lot of screen time as you’ll see him throughout the entire movie pretty much. I don’t think this will be his last acting role either as I think he’ll keep acting as long as he’s still alive. What I’m saying is Clint still got it. He can still play the grumpy old man kind of role really well.

I thought “The Mule” was one of his best new films for sure.

It’s going to be interesting to see what’s next for Eastwood now that he’s got “Richard Jewell” and “The Mule” out of the way which are both excellent movies. No new film has been announced by Clint yet but I’m sure he will find something. I love Clint Eastwood movies as I’ve always been a massive fan and trying to watch as many as I can. There’s so many older Eastwood movies I’ve never seen before and trying to get to them. Keep in mind, though, I don’t enjoy every Clint film I’ve seen… he did make a few stinkers like I said in a post before but he is an amazing talent for the most part.

It’ll be interesting to see what he’ll do next. With America in a pandemic and I’m sure Clint is stuck at home like the rest of us, I’m sure he has a lot more time on his hands and I’m sure he’s going through a bunch of scripts to choose his next project. I’m sure Hollywood will get back to work real soon, hopefully.


Re-booting Superman is what almost destroyed the character? They should have continued the Donner movies instead…

There are reports going around that the reason Warner Bros. aren’t interested in doing another solo Superman movie is ’cause they think a standalone Superman movie wouldn’t be successful at this time. Another reason is that JJ Abrams and his film company, Bad Robot is making a deal with Warner Bros. so he can make DC superheroes with them. While JJ is a huge Superman fan himself, he’s not interested in making a Superman film and he’s probably more interested in making DC films of other superheroes in the DC world.

If J.J. were to get on board to direct a Superman film himself, it’ll be totally different and would have a totally different cast. They’d cast who they want.

As far as the thought of Henry Cavill solo Superman movie would not be successful as of this time, I wanna know what drugs WB’s using? Both “Man of Steel” and “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” were box office hits despite mixed reviews of both of those films. Maybe that is what WB’s is really trying to avoid… the next Superman solo movie getting mostly mixed reviews like usual.

In my opinion, though, I thought “Man of Steel” was an amazing film. I thought it was well done and I was impressed with “Dawn of Justice” as well. I loved both of them.

Anyhow, I always preferred the Donner/Christopher Reeve styled Superman movies more. When Christopher Nolan announced that he was planning a Superman movie, he said he didn’t want to direct it and Nolan and Warner Bros’s ended up getting Zack Snyder for the job. Zack didn’t want a Donner/Reeve styled Superman movie at all and wanted a complete reboot.

Will WB’s ever go back to the Donner/Reeve styled Superman ever at all? They did that with “Superman: Returns” directed by Bryan Singer which was great and a sequel to “Superman: Returns” was gonna happen but WB’s ended up rebooting Superman instead.

I think WB’s doing another Donner/Reeve styled Superman film could work and that’s what everybody wants to see more to be honest. People want the old suit back and they want to hear the John Williams theme again. I think they could pull it off if they give it a chance. Do another movie, make a continuation of the original Reeve Superman films, know what I mean?

I think it’s a mistake that WB’s and DC no longer interested in making Superman solo movies anymore ’cause Superman is king. They need to keep making Superman movies.

Yeah, I understand how WB’s being frustrated ’cause making a good Superman movie is tough… they can be hard stories to tell and tough to get right.

I think a prequel to Donner’s “Superman: The Movie” is a nice idea too, though. How about a whole movie taken place on Krypton and a movie about the life of Jor-el? I’d like that too.

Just don’t ignore Superman, it’s crazy.


Happy birthday to Michael J. Fox, yes, he is a die-hard leftist but still one of my favorite actors…

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Michael J. Fox is a die-hard leftist just like the rest of liberal Hollywood but he’s still freakin’ awesome and I can still be a fan of his movies and not like his politics.

I grew up watching M.J. Fox films especially films like the “Back to the Future” trilogy and “Teen Wolf” which are the two films that made him a star. He made plenty of other great films in the 80’s and 90’s like “The Secret of My Success”, “Poison Ivy”, “The Frighteners”, “Doc Hollywood”, “Casualties of War”, “Bright Lights, Big City”, “Mars Attacks” and of course his sitcom series, “Family Ties”. I grew up watching all of that. So M.J. Fox’s career was definitely special in my life and I am a fan.

Of course, Michael’s film career took a major setback when it was discovered he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 1991. I read that Fox started getting Parkinson’s while filming the movie, “Doc Hollywood”.

For this reason, he was forced to retire from acting but not completely, he still works occasionally. He just doesn’t do leading roles in blockbuster films anymore like he used to. From what I’m seeing, he does voice over stuff for animated films, documentaries and makes lots of cameos of different TV shows.

Another thing I admire the hell out of M.J. Fox is that he is a real life guitar player and he still plays. There are plenty of videos of him playing with bands mostly jamming on Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode”. Fox can really play that song.

I don’t agree with his politics and don’t have to but he’s still a great man. He maybe still suffering Parkinson’s Disease but the man is still alive and well. It hasn’t killed him yet. Happy birthday, Mike!!!


Happy 90th birthday, Clint Eastwood…

Many actors have retired from the big screen as they got older… actors such as Gene Hackman, Jack Nicholson, Paul Hogan (known as Crocodile Dundee) and Sean Connery to name a few.

One actor who doesn’t believe in retirement is none other than Clint Eastwood. The legendary actor/director just turned 90 today. Yes, he is still alive and well and he is still acting & directing.

Clint’s latest leading acting role was “The Mule” which I haven’t seen yet but want to and his latest directed film/not star in was “Richard Jewell” another one I haven’t seen yet.

Clint is probably gonna keep making movies whether acting or directing or both as long as he’s alive. He’ll be doing this until he passes on probably. In this article, Clint says he’s keeping his career going ’cause he likes doing it still. Making movies is his passion it looks like and he’ll never give it up.

Clint Eastwood, 89, Puts Retirement Rumors to Rest: ‘It’s Nice to Be Able to Have a Paying Job’

Clint has a very extensive filmography. Why does he have so many directed films? It’s because he’s a very fast worker. When he directs movies he only does scenes in like 1 or 2 takes and that’s it. Pretty much all of his directed movies were done in a month or two.

As far as my favorite Clint Eastwood movies go, they are listed here:

Favorite movies he starred in:

– The Good, The Bad and Ugly
– Dirty Harry
– Dirty Harry and Sudden Impact
– The Unforgiven
– Play Misty For Me
– Million Dollar Baby
– Escape From Alcratraz
– Gran Torino
– True Crime
– A Fistful Of Dollars

Favorite movies he directed but didn’t star, I’ll just name 5:

– Mystic River
– American Sniper
– Jersey Boys
– Changeling
– Sully

Haven’t seen a lot of his older Westerns but I’m trying to get to them all. I’ve seen most of Clint’s filmography, though.

He did make a few stinkers, though… I didn’t like “J. Edgar” and thought “Hereafter” was pretty bad too.


Why big name movie actors go from starring in many blockbusters back down to starring in many low budget B movies…

I notice one thing going on in the Hollywood film industry lately. It’s pretty weird, though… like the title says… actors that were once really huge and so big in the movies that they go back down to starring in low budget B movies.

Actors at the top of my head that absolutely went there… how about guys like Nicholas Cage, John Travolta, Dolph Lundgren, Eddie Murphy, Steven Seagal, Bruce Willis, Jean Claude Van Damme, Mel Gibson…. oh the list goes on and honestly Sylvester Stallone is on his way there.

They were once big name stars in the 80’s and 90’s…. all those big names starred in major blockbusters that were huge money makers but nowadays you don’t hear much from them anymore. You ask yourself, where did those actors disappear to? Well the funny thing is, those actors really haven’t gone away at all. They’re still working. It’s just that they make a lot of low budget b-movies that nobody knows about…. mostly straight to video stuff.

I would think that whatever big name budget movie they tried to do was a box office bomb… I think they were dropped out of their agency’s that allows them to do blockbuster films and now they’re all in an agency that they do low budget b movies instead. Yeah, they were all big names back in the old days, they were huge… but why they did they get demoted from huge star to b movie actor? I think the obvious answer is that they aren’t a box office draw anymore. It’s clear that these actors don’t do it for the money, though… they do it ’cause they love making movies. They just want to keep working ’cause that’s what they do.

Some of you may think that most of their low budget b movies are pretty bad but not all of them. On Netflix, I watched a bunch of Dolph Lundgren b movies…. some of them good and some of them bad. Same with JCVD. Same with Nicholas Cage, I saw a lot of his b movie stuff… some good and some bad. I think the best Nic Cage low budget movie I’ve seen so far was a horror film named “Mandy” that he stars in the leading role in… that film was actually pretty amazing and was blown away by it, you should check it out.

I just think kids in today’s generation of movies wouldn’t know who those guys are anymore since we’re all now obsessed with superhero films and remakes nowadays. I don’t think people care about Bruce Willis anymore. Nobody cares about Travolta anymore. All those actors I listed above, they are all still talented, though. They still got it with the acting even though they are getting older.

They went back down to b movies ’cause like I said above, they aren’t a box office draw anymore… and maybe another reason they went back down is ’cause maybe they no longer want the box office spotlight, ya know? They don’t really care about the fame ’cause they just want to work. They love acting and it’s a passion for them. They don’t care whether or not a movie is a hit.

I’m sure those guys would love to do big movies again but in this day and age, it’ll be hard for them to get there again.

Sure, Eddie Murphy has “Coming To America 2” coming out soon as a major motion picture but will it be a hit? I don’t know, we’ll see but I wouldn’t be surprised it bombs ’cause nobody knows who Eddie Murphy is anymore. I think he hosted SNL not too long ago, just to try to get his name back in the mainstream again.

Hollywood is a tough business.




I think the movie “Contagion” just came true… did the movie predict what may happen?

Everything going on right now in real life just happened in that movie “Contagion”… a movie directed by Steven Soderbergh and a film that has an all-star cast. A sci-fi thriller film that is about a virus outbreak and America goes to shutdown. It seems that in the movie they try to practice social distancing just like happening in real life right now.

I’ve seen “Contagion” several times before and they had this idea long before covid-19 and everything in that film is dead-on of what’s going on now. Crazy if you think about it but watch the old trailer and you’ll see what I mean.

I’m sure many of you have seen the movie too. haha…. Now I’m thinking that “Contagion” just predicted of what may happen in the future and we’re living in that right now.