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Steven Spielberg’s remake of “West Side Story” trailer finally drops today and looks amazing! I’m impressed!

I’ve actually been looking forward to Spielberg’s remake of “The West Side Story” ever since it was announced. I’m a huge fan of the 1961 original by Robert Wise and of course, the play will always be great too.

I’m sure that ever since this was announced there was all kinds of skepticism of Spielberg taking on the remake of “West Side Story”. People are upset that it’s being remade and it should be left alone, blah blah blah… saying stuff that Spielberg is gonna ruin it and won’t top the original. Ya, you get the deal.

Well the trailer for Spielberg’s take on it is here and I’m impressed with it as I got goosebumps watching it. Looks like Steve wants to stay very faithful to the original and the play. He wants it done right. The Spielberg version is still taking place in the 1950’s and the look and the feel of his version is kind of similar to Robert Wise’s version.

Spielberg’s version is still gonna be a song and dance kind of movie and I’m sure it will have all the same songs from the original movie and theatre play… songs like “Tonight”, “Maria”, “America”, “The Rumble”, “I Feel Pretty”…. it’s all gonna be in there.

Spielberg’s a genius, I think he wont’ disappoint the “West Side Story” lovers with this one at all. I’m definitely looking forward to it and I’m gonna be there in the theater for this one for sure. Can’t wait!


Just picked up the Zack Snyder cut of “Justice League” and “Wonder Woman 1984” on BluRay this week…

I went to Best Buy this week to pick a few superhero films on BluRay that I wanted to get that I haven’t seen yet. I refuse to get the HBO Max streaming service to watch all the new movies so I waited for Zack Snyder’s version of “Justice League” to come out on BluRay and it just came out yesterday. I bought the Zack Snyder “Justice League” on release day. Along with it I picked up the Wonder Woman sequel “1984” too.

I’m looking forward to watching these this weekend.

I’m a huge fan of comics/graphic novels and love superhero films as well. I’m planning to re-watch the first “Wonder Woman” film on BluRay this weekend as well.

After I watch the Snyder cut of “Justice League”, I’ll post a review and I’ll pick which version I prefer more… the Snyder version or the Theatrical one. Looking forward to watching the Snyder version, though.

Glad I got these.


Expendables 4 is finally happening and Casting now underway…

So Lionsgate studios finally greenlights “Expendables 4” and looks like they are in a rush to get the casting done for the 4th installment of action movie franchise.

Of course, the main cast is officially returning: Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Randy Couture and Dolph Lundgren.

Doing a little research on whether or not Terry Crews will be back for this one, it’s looking like he won’t ’cause Avi Lerner of Lionsgate won’t allow Terry to be back unless he drops his lawsuit accusing this talent agent of sexual abuse. Things can always change, though so we’ll see if Terry decides to drop his sexual abuse lawsuit against this other person then he might be back, we’ll have to wait.

It is not yet known on whether or not Jet Li, Arnold or Bruce Willis gonna be back… we’ll have to wait on those too.

EX 4 announced a few new names to the Expendables cast: Megan Fox, 50 Cent and Tony Jaa.

It is not yet known what the plot for EX 4 is gonna be but Sly said on instagram it’s gonna be a spinoff but that can always change.

I’m sure the next Expendables is gonna be a crowded movie of big name action stars so I’m sure they’ll keep adding more and more big name stars in the future.

I’m sure the next Expendables will be Rated R this time and they will bring back the gritty and dark violence. The PG-13 rating was a failed experiment and they’ll never do that again.

They’ll keep adding more and more big names but again, my wish list: Kurt Russell, Jackie Chan, Tom Cruise, Liam Neeson, Nicolas Cage, Jason Momoa, Danny Trejo, Chris Hemsworth, Vin Diesel, Carl Weathers, Dave Bautista…

I doubt most of these guys would get in but Carl Weathers and Dave Bautista would be the most likely. Everybody would expect the Rock Dwayne Johnson to get added but he’s a busy guy with so many other projects but we’ll see about Dwayne… never say never.

I’m surprised Danny Trejo didn’t get in on these movies yet and I think a Mickey Rourke return would be cool.

As for females, you know they’re gonna add a few more ladies other than Megan Fox… Michelle Rodriguez would be a cool addition. Maybe Uma Thurman, Michelle Yeoh and Gina Carano.

I’m probably gonna be wrong on most of these picks and will only get a few of them right but ya never know. We’ll see.


EDIT TO ADD: Ooops, one correction that Danny Trejo was in the first Expendables movie, my bad on that one.

The idea of movies being released in theaters and on streaming serVices is Dumb anyways… Scarlett Johansson is right to Sue Disney….

This is a good move and finally a movie star is fighting back at the idea of movies being released in theaters and streaming services simultaneously. It seems that Scarlett Johansson isn’t too fond of that idea. Reasons being is that she feels that she’ll be getting paid lesser than she thought and yes, this idea definitely hurts the actors financially and it isn’t right.

HBO Max was the first to start this idea, release a bunch of movies simultaneously on streaming and theaters at the same time but nobody criticized that idea until Disney started doing it.

It’s a stupid move. Huge movies shouldn’t be released at two different places at the same time ’cause like I said above it hurts the actors financially and it also hurts the box office as well.

All major movies should be released in theaters exclusively and only in theaters… ’cause most importantly, movies were meant to be seen on the big screen to begin with, not on the small screen. It’s about the movie theater going experience, ya know?

It’s more fun watching big movies on the big screen in theaters for the incredible picture and the “loud” sound when watching the action pictures. That’s how the “Black Widow” movie is supposed to be seen.

Is Scarlett doing this ’cause she’s egotistical like some people would think? No. I’m sure she worked real hard on that movie and gave her blood, sweat and tears so she deserves to get that full pay all the way. She seems real proud of that movie and wants to protect it in some way.

I hope she wins this lawsuit but I doubt it. Disney is a powerful company so it’ll be a difficult battle. She’s a brave lady for this, though. Makes me love her even more and I want to see “Black Widow” myself. I’ll go see it in a theater ’cause once again, that’s how movies were supposed to be seen.


“Ghostbusters: Afterlife” trailer #2 gets dropped this week and so far, film looks very promising!

The original plan for Ghostbusters 3 was that Dan Aykroyd wanted to reunite the 4 Ghostbusters characters: Ray Stantz, Dr. Venkman, Egon and Winston but the only problem with that now is that obviously Harold Ramis passed away.

Dan’s been saying ever since they’ve been talking about it that this is gonna be a passing of the torch kind of story. They wanted young kids and a girl to be the new Ghostbusters with the originals teaching them. As you can see they’re committed to keeping that story here despite Harold Ramis passing away.

In this trailer, they’re letting you know that they haven’t forgotten about Harold ’cause they gave him a nice tribute by showing him with the original Ghostbusters in a photo and playing the old Ghostbusters commercials they did.

They are definitely bringing back everybody from the first two films with the exception of Rick Moranis who turned it down which is a bummer. I was hoping he would come back as Louis Tully ’cause it would have been awesome, he was a funny character.

Other than that, this film looks very good. I’m probably gonna see it for sure.

The way the plot is looking for “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” is that there are these kids that are looking for the original Ghostbusters and they want to learn how to catch ghosts since they’ve been finding their old equipment and finding Ecto 1 on their own. The town has been taken by ghosts again and the kids want to fight them but they don’t really know how so they want to try and find Ray Stantz, Peter Venkman and Winston Zeddemore. Hoping they could teach them. They find out that Egno Spengler died to explain Harold’s real-life passing but the surviving Ghostbusters, the ones that are left are still around… but they want nothing to do with ghost catching anymore. Ray, Peter and Winston moved on.

I remember a point where Dan Aykroyd said originally the 4 ghostbusters moved on to have all kinds of problems in life and from the looks of the trailer, looks like he’s staying true to that idea. When Ray Stantz picked up the phone toward the end of the trailer and says, “We’re closed”, he sounds like an angry old man which is how he’ll appear to be in the movie. He’ll no longer be this fast talking funny man like he was in the first two films. Peter and Winston will be different too, I bet.

Annie Potts aka Janine the crazy secretary lady makes an appearance in the trailer as you can see.

The question is, will Ray, Peter and Winston suit up and start fighting ghosts again in the film? My guess is that it’s an absolute yes. They’ll be teaching the kids how to catch ghosts so they have to. Ray, Peter and Winston will refuse at first ’cause they want nothing to do with that life anymore but the kids will keep begging and begging so at some point in the movie, they ended up helping them. When Ray, Peter and Winston notice the kids are in danger that’s when they’ll suit up and put the proton packs back on. If Peter and Winston won’t be in ghost busting catching action again, then Ray Stantz will be the most likely. They need to do something to keep the fans entertained ’cause they’ll be expecting the original Ghostbusters to get back into action.

I’m sure Harold will get a nice big tribute in there somewhere… will Egon appear as a ghost? Possibly, we’ll have to wait and see what they’ll do. I’m sure they’ll do something with Egon in the film.

I love the Ghostbusters. Always been a huge fan but I refuse to watch that all-girl reboot directed by Paul Feig and I will never watch that one at all but “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” yes, definitely. I’ll be there in the theater for that one.


Sylvester STallone drops big hint that “Expendables 4” is his next movie???

Sly’s last couple of movies were “Rambo: Last Blood”, “The Suicide Squad” and “Samaritan”. I haven’t seen “Samaritan” yet but will get the BluRay when it’s out.

Anyhow, Sly’s just dropped the big hint that “Expendables 4” is probably gonna be his next film. They have a script ready to go and it’s gonna start filming soon?

The goal with these Expendables film series is to have a bunch of big name actors all in one movie to go “old school” in action films. That’s the whole point of ’em. So far Sly had almost all the big action stars in the first three films.

Question is, who is going to be casted for “Expendables 4”? Here comes all the guessing games.

I’m sure the main cast will return: Sly Stallone, Jason Statham, Randy Couture, Dolph Lundgren, Jet Li and Terry Crews. Arnold will probably return but will Bruce Willis? We don’t know about Bruce since he refused to star in the 3rd one but we’ll see.

I’m sure Sly will add a bunch more big names to cast… here are some wild guesses…. “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel, Chris Hemsworth might be possibilities… and I’m hoping and praying Sly gets Kurt Russell and Jackie Chan this time. Sly’s been trying to get Kurt and Jackie since the first one but they kept turning it down… hopefully Sly can get them this time.

One big name action star who hasn’t had a role in a Expendables yet was Steven Seagal. I’m sure Sly wants him pretty badly but as long as Avi Lerner is still producing Expendables 4 in which he is, no chance of that happening of Seagal being in EX4. As some of you may or may not know, Seagal and Lerner don’t get along, they had a big falling out and Seagal refuses to work with Lerner. Sly and Seagal has no beef with each other, they get along great still, it’s Avi Lerner that Seagal hates. Although, Steven Seagal would be an awesome addition…. too bad it’s never gonna happen.

Other names I’d like to see get added: Michael Rooker (Sly did Cliffhanger with him), Carl Weathers would be cool, Daniel Craig, Michael Douglas and John Travolta maybe? It’ll be cool to see Sly and Travolta re-team again.

It’ll be interesting to see who’ll they get for this one.


Happy 75th Birthday to Sylvester Stallone!

Happy birthday, Sylvester Stallone.

The man who is most famous as Rocky, Rambo and Barney Ross turns 75 today. Here he is the man himself in the Insta photo above with an impressive custom made cake made for him.

Sly is a man who I’ve idolized my entire life and still do to this day. Rocky was definitely a hero of mine when I was a child and still love Rocky movies to this day. I’ve collected most of Sly’s films on DVD and BluRay over the years. I never got to meet the man in person yet but I did get an autographed picture that he sent me and got to visit his star at the Hollywood Walk Of Fame once which was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Next on the bucket list is to one day go to Philadelphia to visit the Rocky steps at the art museum and see the Rocky statue with my own eyes. One day that will happen.

So Sly turns 75 today. He is quickly approaching 80 but will Sly retire from action movies any time soon? I remember him saying in interviews plenty of times that he does plan on retiring from acting soon so he can focus on writing and directing more. I’m sure he’s got some more action movies left in him and he’ll probably give us some more. Sly retired Rocky and Sly retired Rambo so he’s done playing those two characters. He hasn’t yet retired Barney Ross, though and he’ll probably give us one more Expendables movie so Expendables 4 is still a big possibility. I’m sure he’s got some acting left in him. Sly is approaching 80’s but he’s still in good shape and capable of acting still so he’ll probably go on a while longer.

I just want Sly to finally finish his “Poe” script and get that movie made… I just want Sly to get that movie off the ground before it’s his time to go if you know what I mean. I want to see Sly’s “Poe” biopic movie so bad but he’s been working on the script for decades ever since he was real young and still working on it now. Everybody’s wants Sly to finish the “Poe” movie so it can be made. We’re all curious about it. We’ll have to keep waiting, I guess.


At long last, IndIana Jones 5 is finally filming In Bamburgh, UK…

After many rewrites of “Indiana Jones 5”, the movie is finally filming as we speak. Here is a legit set photo of the crew behind the scenes. I believe this is the only set photo I can find of Indy 5 ’cause why? People taking pics is probably not allowed.

The cast and crew is filming the fifth installment of Indiana Jones in the Bamburgh, UK. They’re filming it at Bamburgh Castle. I’m sure the whole movie won’t be filmed at Bamburgh castle, just some of it. From the looks of things Bamburgh Castle is on a really small island in the UK which is great for an archeology spot.

As you can see here you see a mask Harrison Ford in full Indy garb speaking with Kathleen Kennedy. That unmasked man is Rob Marshall. Not sure but I think the film’s director, James Mangold is standing behind Harrison?

The plot and the title of the next movie is being kept under wraps for now but I’m sure we’ll learn more as we go along.

I’m hoping the next Indy movie will focus more on archeology and the history part of things like they were supposed to be. Yeah, I’m sure Indiana Jones 5 will still be a typical popcorn action flick too like the first four were but I’m hoping the next one will focus on story than action. Even though the plot is being kept under wraps, it’s probably gonna end up being a “passing of the torch” story like they’ve been hinting at for years. Ya know, passing the whip to someone much younger. Is that why Phoebe Waller-Bridge was hired as the female lead? She’s gonna be wearing Indy’s hat and whip at the end? A female archeologist is the goal? That’s what it’s kinda looking like to me.

And looks like John Rhys-Davies is about to reprise his legendary role as Sallah in “Indy 5” too ’cause he wasn’t in the last movie, “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” so it’s gonna be cool to see him again.

I’m sure Harrison is getting all kinds of criticism about his age for this movie but I’m sure he’s still capable of doing his own action scenes and there probably will be lots of action in this one for sure. He is 78 now but I’m sure he’s capable of swinging his own whip again and running around.

I’m a huge Indy fan. Love ’em all, yeah I thought “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” was great ’cause it was different and risky. I think James Mangold is capable of making a great Indiana Jones movie. Ever see the Wolverine movie, “Logan”? That film kind of reminded me of Indiana Jones a bit which is probably why he got the job.

Indy 5 will have lots of action, some comedy and some archeology stuff. It will be the same old Indy. I think they won’t disappoint us this time ’cause they know about all the bad reviews that Indy 4 got. They’ll definitely try to smarten up and make the next one better. Trust!

And I don’t think we’ve seen the last of the Ark either and it’s pretty likely we’ll see the return of that. The hunt for the Ark again?


Even though Theaters are slowly disappearing, people are still going to the movies after lockdown for “The Conjuring 3” and “A Quiet Place II”… Insane really…

This is pretty insane really. Just when you thought theaters are dying ’cause of the pandemic… well fortunately that’s not the case. it’s actually the opposite ’cause people are starting to go back to the movie theaters after over a year of having no movie theaters.

After some theaters in the states started opening back up and some are closing for good, you would think you would see the death of the movie theater going experience but after seeing this, I predict theaters are about to make a huge comeback.

After the lockdown, two popular horror franchises came out with new films “The Conjuring 3” and “A Quiet Place – Part II” which both are now playing in theaters. It turns out that both movies did very well in the box office, surprisingly.

I went to see “A Quiet Place – Part II” last Friday afternoon, in case you haven’t seen my post about that movie the other day and it was really good. Loved it. Seen that the 3rd one was immediately green lighted but looks like John Krasinski is not gonna direct the third one.

Even though not confirmed yet, I’m sure a 4th “Conjuring” movie is on the way after the success of the third one. I haven’t seen the third one yet but gonna get around to it and want to see it badly. Had to choose one movie to see last Friday so I went with “A Quiet Place II” instead.

I think what it is why movie theaters are still a hit is ’cause people grew tired of watching movies at home during the lockdown with no theaters open. Movies were meant to be seen on the big screen, ya know? It’s about the theater experience.

Now that I think about it, movie theaters will never be gone ever.


Went to the movie theaters for the first time in over a year… saw “A Quiet Place Part II”…

Well this is interesting… after over a year of having no movie theater due to the world getting shut down over a stupid and pointless “lockdown”, I finally got to a movie theater earlier today since some movie theaters are actually still around. Yes, many movie theaters have closed down ’cause the pandemic did them in. The Bowtie Cinemas at the Wilton Mall closed down for good so I went to the other one in downtown Saratoga Springs, “Criterion Cinemas” which is still open for now anyways.

I went to the movie theaters today ’cause there were two different choices of horror films I wanted to see… it was either “A Quiet Place II” or “The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It”. I really wanted to see both of them pretty badly but I had to choose one so I went for a “A Quiet Place II” since I loved the first one.

I thought the second one was way better than the first. These movies are getting better and better and from the looks of things, the ending of “Part II” may have left open for a third one so this is probably gonna end up being a series of films, a new franchise.

I think John Krasinski is doing a great job with these movies. He’s surprisingly a great screenwriter and great director. He’s really good at the horror genre. I’m the biggest horror fan you’ll ever see. Yes, “A Quiet Place – Part II” is more frightening and more thrilling than the first. Cillian Murphy is an awesome actor and he plays a cool character in this one. Regan Abbott is an awesome character too.

I hardly ever jump in horror films when the “jump” scare come but this one did it to me once. I think these creatures in these films are so cool. Can you imagine living that life? Being forced to be quiet all the time so those creatures don’t hear you?

Not only that John Krasinski is a great director and screenwriter, he’s also a helluva an actor too. John isn’t in this one very much but did a great job. John is known as Jim from “The Office” so it may seem pretty strange that he goes from a comic actor to horror. It seems to me that John is definitely a fan of the horror genre himself. When John is done with the Quiet Place series, I hope he moves on to other horror films and he probably will ’cause he so good at it.

Anyhow, about movie theaters coming back… this is how movies are supposed to be seen. On the big screen, not on the small screen but I have a feeling like everyone else that we’re about to see the death of the movie going experience for good. Streaming services and VOD will be the new future of movie releases and you’re already seeing it. Movies were meant to be seen on the big screen to begin with.

I thought “A Quiet Place II” was really good and looking forward to the third one.