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Happy birthday, Harrison Ford…

Happy birthday to another one of my favorite actors, Harrison Ford.

A lot of people like Harrison for Han Solo but to me I was more into Indiana Jones. I love the Indiana Jones movies. I grew up watching them. I love all 4 Indy movies and yes, that includes the 4th one, “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”. I thought that movie was fantastic as well. I can’t wait for Indy 5.

While Harrison is most famous for Han Solo and Indy, he played many other great roles too like “Patriot Games”, “Clear & Present Danger”, “Witness, “The Fugitive”, “Blade Runner”, “The Mosquito Coast” and the list goes on and on. Harrison is so talented in his acting the man can play just about anything. He still is a very good actor even at 76 years old. 

Ford maybe a very liberal guy politically but I just respect him as an actor. He’s been in so many good movies. The man certainly knows how to choose his movies well.

As far as Indy 5 goes, I know that film has been pushed back ’til 2021 so if you do the math, Harrison will be about 79 years old. Why did Indy 5 get pushed back? Is it because they’re aiming Indy to be like 80 years old? Probably.

Anyway, Harrison is an amazing guy. I’ve always been a huge fan and I’ve grown up watching his movies since I was a child.



Billy Dee Williams officially reprising his role as Lando Calrissian for “Star Wars Episode IX”… HELL YES!!!

Well this is great news and I would say it’s about freakin’ time too! Some of you may ask, why wasn’t Lando Calrissian in Star Wars Episode 7 “The Force Awakens” and Episode 8 “The Last Jedi”? Doing a little googling, I read that while Billy Dee was willing to play the character again, I’ve read he wasn’t needed in the new movies. I guess the writers didn’t have a place for him in the stories of the first two movies. Now it looks like they are finally ready for a Lando return for Episode 9.

That’s understandable why they need Billy Dee to reprise Lando finally ’cause without trying to reveal major spoilers of the first two movies — Harrison, Carrie and Mark Hamill won’t be able to return to Episode IX. This means that Disney/Lucasfilm is in desperate need of a leading star and since this is a continuing series of the original trilogy they need to continue to bring back older characters from the original trilogy so fans can still feel “nostalgic”.

Details of the plot for Episode IX is unknown as of this point and it’s pretty likely that Lando Calrissian will be the leading star in the next one. It’s looking like Rey will be teaming up with Lando so they can help destroy the First Order and Kylo Ren. It’s looking like Lando and Chewie will be flying the Millennium Falcon again for some more flying action like they did in “Return of the Jedi”. Well, I would think Rey would need someone who knows how to fly the Falcon while she’s out doing other things and she probably goes to Cloud City to ask Lando for some help.

I’m glad the original Lando is finally coming back. Even though Billy Dee hasn’t played Lando in years, I’m sure he’ll kill it still.

I don’t know why so many hate episode 7 and 8. I think Disney is doing a great job with the Star Wars movies. I love all the films so far. Screw the haters.


“Creed II” trailer is finally here and looks freakin’ awesome!

Well the “Creed II” trailer is finally here and I’m already impressed with it. Looks freakin’ awesome.

A lot of you know I’m a huge Rocky fan. Love the Rocky series and I’m loving the Creed spin-offs too. Can’t wait for this one.

I had to watch this trailer a couple of times and some of you may ask, where’s Dolph? When I first watched it, I asked myself that same question. “Why didn’t Dolph get put in the trailer when he’s in the movie?” Well, after watching the trailer a couple of times, Dolph is actually in it if you look closely. Dolph is in the trailer but very briefly.

In the trailer, there’s a short clip of Ivan’s son pushing Adonis on stage during weigh-ins and you can see Dolph on stage. That was the only time Dolph as Ivan Drago was seen in the trailer but I’m sure we’ll see more of Dolph as Ivan Drago in trailer no. 2. This is just a teaser.

It is a great trailer, though and it gave me goosebumps watching it. This is looking like to be the most realistic boxing movie ever. Can’t wait.

Some of you may say it’s kind of silly to bring Ivan Drago back but I don’t think so. I actually think it’s a great idea and makes sense for Ivan to come back. The whole point of the Creed spin-off is that Adonis wants to get revenge at Ivan Drago for killing his father in Rocky IV. Ivan is too old to fight in the ring so he has his son fight Adonis instead. Rocky’s son vs. Ivan’s son is a great idea. That’s something that Apollo and Mickey would have wanted to happen.

Can’t wait for this movie and looking forward to seeing more trailers. Technically this is gonna be the 8th Rocky film.


Saw the new horror film “Hereditary” today and it was fuckin’ amazing! Go see it please!!!

Today, I decided to go to the mall to check out the movie, “Hereditary”. The new horror film that just came out that’s been getting a lot of buzz and a lot of positive reviews all over. Usually when a movie gets all kinds of positive reviews everywhere, it turns out garbage once I actually see it for myself. That’s not the case with this movie. I saw “Hereditary” today and it was fucking amazing! Best horror film I’ve seen in years.

When it comes to horror films, I’ve always been a long time horror fan. Have been a horror fan ever since I was a little kid. I spent my entire life watching. I don’t get scared watching horror films too much since I’m so used to it but I think “Hereditary” finally did it to me, though. “Hereditary” really was terrifying.

Man, the writer and director of this film Ari Aster definitely knows his shit when it comes to horror. I think he did a good job with both the writing and directing. The script was intelligently written. I love the direction and cinematography too. The film was well-acted by the cast.

This is a film about a family’s ancestry or something like that. A supernatural film so you can betcha there will be ghosts in this movie and stuff. If you like ghost movies like “Paranormal Activity” and “The Conjuring”, I think you will enjoy “Hereditary” even more.

I would recommend you all go see this movie whether you’re a horror fan or not. Finally, a horror film with a real plot and intelligent storytelling. When it comes to newer horror films, we’ve been getting mostly silly slashers and found footage horror films but finally we get a true horror film here. “Hereditary” is definitely the perfect film to watch with all the lights off.

There’s a lot of ghost movies over the years and I would say “Hereditary” is the best ghost movie since the original “Amityville Horror” released in 1979. “Hereditary” really was that damn good and I’m definitely getting the BluRay when it comes out.


New “Halloween” movie trailer is out… Michael Myers is back and so is the original Laurie Strode…

The new “Halloween” movie trailer dropped this week and I got goosebumps watching it! Looks fucking awesome, I would say! I’m a huge Halloween fan. I’ve seen all of the movies… even the two Rob Zombie “Halloween” films.

Some of you may ask, why was this new movie made??? Well, John Carpenter always had a pure dislike for the sequels that came after the original Halloween and if you do a little google research, Carpenter had some negative things to say about Rob Zombie’s two “Halloween” films. The studio Blumhouse/Miramax were in development of a new Halloween film and they brought John Carpenter in to help out with the script some. John Carpenter also scored the music for the new movie as well. Carpenter didn’t like all the other Halloween movies and he wanted Michael Myers to be more frightening than the Rob Zombie version.

So this film wants to ignore everything else about Halloween (sequels/remakes) and this new film is going to be a direct sequel of the Carpenter’s 1978 original. This means that Jamie Lee Curtis is back as Laurie Strode and Nick Castle is back as Michael Myers.

In this trailer, I loved how they honored Dr. Loomis by showing a drawing of him so that was a nice tribute to Donald Pleasance. Just to remind you, Donald Pleasance passed away in 1995 so obviously he won’t be able to come back, but I’m sure he gets mentioned a lot and I’m pretty sure there might be a few Dr. Loomis flashbacks from the original movie.

I’m excited for this film and I can’t wait. As long as John Carpenter was involved with this film, I’m sure it’ll be really good. Hopefully this movie does well in the box office and I’m sure it will. It could be a box office smash.


Val Kilmer officially returning to “Top Gun” sequel to reprise his role as the Iceman…

This is great news and it’s just another reason to get all excited for the “Top Gun” sequel. Iceman is coming back! Which is really cool ’cause this movie wouldn’t work without the Iceman.

“Top Gun: Maverick” has already started filming this summer and now the casting has just started.

So far Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer are the only two stars confirmed for the sequel. I’m sure the film makers will sign more to the film so we’ll have to wait and see. Will Kelly McGillis return as Charlie Blackwood who played Maverick’s lover in the first one? I think there’s a pretty good chance we’ll see her too. Only thing though, Kelly is 60 years old now so I’m not sure a love story continuing between her and Maverick would work. I’m sure they’re gonna get Maverick a new love interest in the new movie, a younger female, of course but I’m sure Kelly will be back.

I think it’s a possibility this film could be a full on reunion. Everyone from the first movie could be coming back including Tom Skerritt as Viper.

Of course, the only character that can’t be returning to the new movie is obviously Goose ’cause you all know what happened to him in the first movie, right? It would be cool if Anthony Edwards could return but it wouldn’t work. I’m sure there’ll be some Goose flashbacks and I’m sure the film will honor Goose in some way by having someone else to play piano to sing “Great Balls of Fire” or “You Lost that Loving Feeling”.

Back to Val Kilmer… it’s gonna be interesting, though. I haven’t seen Val Kilmer in a new movie in many years. I think Kilmer is a phenomenal actor and he has starred in many great films in the 80’s and 90’s. I think the reason we haven’t seen much of Val lately is ’cause he has been having health problems, lately, I think? Looks like he’s all better now.

Can’t wait to see who the rest of the cast will be. There will be some familiar faces from the first movie and I’m sure they will bring in some new actors as well. I’m sure they’ll find Maverick a new love interest, a new female and younger. You know how all Tom Cruise movies are. He always have a young hot looking love interest in his movies. They’ll do the same with this one as well. Anyway, it’s gonna be really cool to see Val and Tom reunite ’cause they haven’t starred in a movie together ever since the first Top Gun movie was released in 1986.


Why the young Han Solo had to be completely different than the full-grown Han Solo…

So I’ve just seen “Solo: A Star Wars” story earlier this afternoon. I thought the film was pretty damn enjoyable. I liked it a lot! Yes, the film did Star Wars justice all the way through!

There are a lot of complaints about this movie, though. Mostly the complaints are that the film’s leading star who plays the young Han Solo looks nothing like the Harrison Ford Han Solo. Well, after watching the actual film today, I would have to say Alden Ehrenreich does resemble Harrison a little bit if you actually look at him… it’s just that Alden and Harrison’s speaking voices are different. That’s what people are complaining about? I can understand why both had to be different. I mean, think about how silly would it be if a young Han Solo had to look like and speak exactly like Harrison. It would seem like a parody almost.

Another thing to keep in mind that when you’re young, your looks and speaking voices changes as you get older anyways. So in my opinion, it makes total sense to make both different. The film crew didn’t want the young Han to be exactly like the full grown Han. On top of that, it would be very hard to find someone who speaks like Harrison ’cause nobody could speak like Harrison anyways. There is only one Harrison and that is Harrison. There is not one person out there that can be like him although there are many actors out there who tries to impersonate him. They wanted someone who is not an exact copy of Harrison and Alden was the right fit.

With that being said, though, I thought Alden did a very good job. Even though the speaking voice was different, Alden got Han’s personality down perfectly, though. Alden did a good job showing what Han would have been like when he was young.

Other than that, though I thought the “Solo” movie was really good. It was well directed and well acted by the rest of the cast. Donald Glover did the young Lando really well and I was impressed with Emilia Clarke in the film. I also thought Woody Harrelson was awesome.

A lot of so-called Star Wars fans are complaining about the new SW’s films by Disney but why? Would you rather have George Lucas back? If you say “Yes” then George wouldn’t have done a better job. He would have made the new movies much much worse. Remember those awful prequels? Yeah, I thought so. I’m glad Lucas is gone ’cause I wasn’t a big fan of the prequels either. I saw all the new Star Wars movies in theater so far: Episode 7, Episode 8, Rogue One and now Solo. I love them all. I think Disney is doing a great job so far and doing them justice.

Anyhow, back to the “Solo” film, I feel this is gonna be a trilogy of some sorts ’cause the ending left open for more. Will there be a sequel to Solo? I think there will be ’cause Jabba needs to come in and have a feud with Han still. Remember Jabba and Han were feuding over money and stuff and I was hoping they would show all that stuff in a future film soon. Maybe Jabba will be in “Solo II”? Hopefully there will be a “Solo II” ’cause I can’t see this film ending right here.