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Sly Stallone visits the old Mick’s Gym and Adrian’s pet shop in Philadelphia…

Sly is in Philadelphia still working hard on filming, “Creed 2”. Of course, during break of filming, Sly had to do some reminiscing about the history of Rocky by visiting some old filming locations. See Sly’s instagram for more.

Sadly, Mick’s gym is closed down and Adrian’s Pet Shop got demolished like last year.

I can’t blame Sly for wanting to visit old Rocky filming locations and reminisce the past. Rocky means a lot to Sly and you can tell that he LOVES playing the character. When Sly filmed the very first Rocky, he was pretty young back then. Sly was just 30 years old when he filmed the first Rocky. Back then, he wasn’t a rich man at all like other movie stars. Now after that first Rocky movie, Sly is a superstar and icon in Hollywood. He did it all himself really.

One day I would love to visit Philadelphia so I can see all the Rocky locations with my own eyes. I would especially love to try running the art museum stairs and see the Rocky statue!



The Queen biopic movie trailer for “Bohemian Rhapsody” film is here… the trailer is impressive!

I’m not really a big fan of music biopic films. Ya know, music stars and bands getting their own big screen movies ’cause most of them are not accurate but some of the best music biopics I’ve seen over the years of my life were: “La Bamba” (the Ritchie Valens biopic with Lou Diamond Phillips), “The Buddy Holly Story” (w/ Gary Busey playing Buddy), “Walk the Line” (w/ Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash) and “Straight Outta Compton” (a film about the rap group the NWA, yeah I thought this film was really good). That’s pretty much it really.

I’m really excited for this one, though. The biopic film about the band Queen which is a band that I love. I don’t think I’ve bought Queen’s records but I have a greatest hits album by them on CD that I listened to a lot in the past. I should start getting their studio albums, though and I will ’cause I really love the band.

This trailer did give me goosebumps and I can’t wait. I’m definitely gonna go see this one in October for sure. They did a really good job with the trailer. Lets just hope the movie itself won’t suck ’cause sometimes movie trailers try to fool ya like that. Ya know, make the movie look good but when you actually go see it, the film turns out to be shit. I’m sure it won’t be shit, though. We’ll wait and see the film for ourselves.

This film was obviously made for die-hard Queen fans and this film could introduce new fans too ’cause I’m sure there’s plenty of people today that haven’t even heard the band Queen before. Why? It’s because the industry today is so hung up on pop music, rap and country that people forgot real music existed. Maybe this film will give people a wake up call that real music is out there?


Bill and Ted 3 is finally green lighted and yes, Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves are reprising their roles for third installment…

This is pretty cool news. Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves has been talking about doing another Bill and Ted movie for many years and looks like it’s finally happening. Yes, Alex and Keanu are confirmed to reprise their roles as Bill and Ted.

The plot to this movie will be that Bill and Ted are now aging in their 50’s and they now have families. They’ve written a lot of songs together but they can’t come up with a good song. So now they gone back to time travelling again so they can find that hit song they’re looking for.

When I was a kid I’ve seen “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” too many times. It’s a great comedy film and one of my favorites. I thought “Bogus Journey” the second one kind of sucked, though but the first one will always be a classic.

Alex and Keanu aren’t kids anymore, so do you think they’ll be able to still play Bill and Ted well? Yeah, I’m sure they still got it after all these years.

After Keanu’s role in “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” that film helped Keanu get a big career boost for sure as Keanu has starred in many bigger roles after that. Keanu had big roles in films like “Speed”, “The Matrix” trilogy, “Bram Stoker’s Dracula”, “Point Break” and he starred in a lot of action movies over the years. Keanu stayed away from comedy for a long while. From what I remember, Keanu never did comedy much.

What did Alex do after his role of “Bill and Ted”? Well after that, I believed he stayed away from acting for a long while and mostly concentrated on directing and producing stuff. Now he’s back to acting again for Bill and Ted 3.

I’m definitely looking forward to this, though.


Just saw “Avengers: Infinity War” earlier today and it was the best superhero film since “The Dark Knight”…

Well, earlier this afternoon, I decided to go to the mall to check out the new “Avengers: Infinity War” film which is the third installment of the Avengers franchise. You may have noticed that I don’t do movie reviews here much anymore ’cause why? Simply because I don’t go to the movies much anymore but I’m trying to go more often if they release something I wanna see and turns out “Avengers: Infinity War” is something I wanted to see ’cause I loved the first two Avengers film.

This film was even better. I was so impressed with “Avengers: Infinity War” and was pretty much blown away by it, really. When I was watching this film, I kept trying to figure out which movie it is. Is this an Avengers film or Guardians of the Galaxy 3? Well, it’s a crossover film and I’ve noticed that the Guardians of the Galaxy cast got a lot more screen time than the Avengers cast which was kind of strange to me. Other than that, it was still a very good movie. I loved the whole thing and wasn’t bored one bit. It was action packed and it was fun to watch. The film got serious at times, though.

The ending left me thinking, “WTF just happened?”. Nobody knows what happened at the end and it’s a mystery that no one will find out. I won’t explain what happened ’cause I don’t want to reveal major spoilers but this is just a hint about what’s about to go down. I’m sure all will be explained in the next movie.

I must say that Thanos who was voiced by Josh Brolin was one of the best villains in a superhero film. The cast was very big, though. It’s a crowded movie with so many big name stars all over the place.

I thought the story and writing was interesting and different. The special effects and action scenes were fun too. While this film is a must see, I think it’s appropriate that you must watch the first two Avengers films and the first two Guardians of the Galaxy films so you can see what’s going on. To be honest, I’ve never even watched the “Doctor Strange” movie before yet but I will get around to it at some point.

I do like watching superhero films but there are only very few that I love like “Superman I and II” w/ Chris Reeve, “The Dark Knight” w/ Christian Bale and Heath Ledger, “Iron Man 3”, “Logan”, “The Punisher” w/ Thomas Jane, “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” and now you can add “Avengers: Infinity War” to the list.

I thought “Infinity War” was phenomenal. Can’t wait for the next one.


Sylvester Stallone finally and officially confirms “Rambo V”… the plot will be about Rambo’s missing daughter…

… Something wicked is coming this way!

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There were talks of Sly doing Rambo 5 ever since the 4th one came out. There were several different plot ideas over the years. One of them were Rambo’s daughter gets kidnapped by sex traffickers and Rambo hunts them down to rescue her, another plot idea is that Rambo battles a half-human beast monster and another plot idea that Rambo battles a Mexican drug cartel.

Well, it’s looking like the official plot is gonna be the missing daughter idea and they’re going for that one and scrapping the others.

I could have sworn at one point that Sly came pretty close to quitting Rambo for good, but I guess he’s game for one more.

Sylvester Stallone is aging. He’s 71 years old now. Sly probably wants to do one more Creed film, one more Expendables and one more Rambo then he’ll probably be done with action movies after those? That’s my guess. Sly did say at one point that he plans to retire from acting soon so he can focus on writing & directing full time. Sly probably feels that he has some action left in him still.

I’m glad Sly and the studio are going for the missing daughter idea ’cause no doubt that will bring out the violent Rambo. This is probably gonna turn out to be a much darker movie. More darker that “Rambo IV” which was release in 2008. Ya know, that Rambo movie released in 2008 was a very short film but it was still amazing. That film got mixed reviews but I fucking LOVED it. That film showed a darker side of Rambo and I’m sure the next one will show an even darker side of him.

Be ready for a MUCH more violent Rambo in the next one. I can’t wait! Hopefully they make it a much longer movie too like a good 2 hours will be fine.

I think Sly wants to bring Rambo back ’cause he wants to end the series better. If you think Rambo was violent in the last film, you haven’t seen anything yet. I can see the next film being very bloody.

It’s a perfect time for Sly to bring Rocky, Rambo and the Expendables back one more time ’cause Sly is getting older, ya know? He probably wants to get these films out of the way before he gets older and that’s the plan.


Happy 80th birthday, Superman!!!


Superman Action Comics #1 was officially released 80 years ago today. After the release of that comic that year, Superman became immensely popular over the years. Yes, Superman has been 80 years in the entertainment business. Not only that Superman was a hit in the comics, the character continues to entertain us in various forms of entertainment in cartoons, big screen movies, animated movies, TV shows, video games, etc.

I’ve been a fan of Superman my whole life, really. When I was a child, I used to watch the old George Reeves Superman TV show and I watched the old Superman cartoons. After the first Superman Action comics was released, 40 years later we saw the release of the live action Superman film, “Superman: The Movie” which starred Christopher Reeve. That film was a huge hit in the box office which also made 3 more Superman films with Chris after that. I love the original Superman movies with Chris Reeve. Those movies are very special to me.

Superman continues to entertain us even to this very day. Superman went through different actors on the big screen and now currently Henry Cavill portrays the character in which I think he does a good job at. Superman is still the most iconic superhero in the entertainment industry. I’ve always loved the character and still do. I just love the stories and find the Superman character fascinating like a lot of people do.

I wasn’t a big comic collector over the years of my life but I’m trying to get into comic collecting now. I’ve been buying a lot of Superman comics ’cause I just love reading them. I only buy comics like once a year at Saratoga Comic Con but I’m planning to buy comics a lot more often ’cause they are getting quite addicting. I love comics. I can see why they’re popular and why everyone loves comics. I’ll mostly collect Superman comics ’cause he’s my #1 favorite.

Happy 80th birthday, Superman. Thanks for entertaining us for 80 years!


Saw the new “Death Wish” remake and it was freakin’ GREAT! Definitely go check it out!

Earlier today, I decided to go to the mall for something to do and I wanted to go see the new, “Death Wish” remake w/ Bruce Willis. Turned out that I thought the movie was freakin’ GREAT like the title says. It’s definitely one of the best action thrillers I’ve seen in a long time.

Bruce Willis is finally back on the big screen after several years of making straight to video films. This is the Bruce Willis we all want to see, though. The bad ass Bruce Willis like how we all like to see him. This role will remind you of John McClane a little bit from the first two “Die Hard” movies.

Ya know how most remakes sucks nowadays? Well, we finally get a really good one here. As a matter of fact, I think the “Death Wish” remake w/ Bruce Willis was a lot better than the original which starred Charles Bronson. Even though both movies have pretty similar story lines, still though the films are pretty different. I’m glad the remake isn’t exactly like the original. The one with Bruce Willis is a modern day “Death Wish” film of what it would have been like today. That’s the whole point of it, I believe.

What I liked about this film is that this is an action thriller where you get to cheer on the hero and also get grossed out by the gritty scenes. There are a few scenes in this film that will make you want to look away from the screen. Eli Roth is the master of making gritty scenes since he is mostly known as a horror director.

I was very impressed with this film. Glad I went and saw it. It’s a good revenge movie. Bruce Willis haven’t been starring in that many great roles lately and the true Bruce Willis is finally back. This is not just a remake, I think it’s gonna be a reboot too ’cause this could be ongoing series. There’s probably gonna be a sequel.

The action scenes were a blast to watch and the entire cast did great on the acting too. It was good to see Elizabeth Shue in a movie again, though. I haven’t seen her in a movie since “Hollow Man” w/ Kevin Bacon. Remember Elizabeth Shue played Laruso’s love interest in the first “Karate Kid” movie and she was McFly’s girlfriend in “Back to the Future II and III”. She was also the leading star in “Adventures in Babysitting”.

The “Death Wish” remake kicked ass. If you’re a fan of action thrillers, definitely go see this one. I’m definitely getting the BluRay when it comes out for sure.