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At long last, IndIana Jones 5 is finally filming In Bamburgh, UK…

After many rewrites of “Indiana Jones 5”, the movie is finally filming as we speak. Here is a legit set photo of the crew behind the scenes. I believe this is the only set photo I can find of Indy 5 ’cause why? People taking pics is probably not allowed.

The cast and crew is filming the fifth installment of Indiana Jones in the Bamburgh, UK. They’re filming it at Bamburgh Castle. I’m sure the whole movie won’t be filmed at Bamburgh castle, just some of it. From the looks of things Bamburgh Castle is on a really small island in the UK which is great for an archeology spot.

As you can see here you see a mask Harrison Ford in full Indy garb speaking with Kathleen Kennedy. That unmasked man is Rob Marshall. Not sure but I think the film’s director, James Mangold is standing behind Harrison?

The plot and the title of the next movie is being kept under wraps for now but I’m sure we’ll learn more as we go along.

I’m hoping the next Indy movie will focus more on archeology and the history part of things like they were supposed to be. Yeah, I’m sure Indiana Jones 5 will still be a typical popcorn action flick too like the first four were but I’m hoping the next one will focus on story than action. Even though the plot is being kept under wraps, it’s probably gonna end up being a “passing of the torch” story like they’ve been hinting at for years. Ya know, passing the whip to someone much younger. Is that why Phoebe Waller-Bridge was hired as the female lead? She’s gonna be wearing Indy’s hat and whip at the end? A female archeologist is the goal? That’s what it’s kinda looking like to me.

And looks like John Rhys-Davies is about to reprise his legendary role as Sallah in “Indy 5” too ’cause he wasn’t in the last movie, “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” so it’s gonna be cool to see him again.

I’m sure Harrison is getting all kinds of criticism about his age for this movie but I’m sure he’s still capable of doing his own action scenes and there probably will be lots of action in this one for sure. He is 78 now but I’m sure he’s capable of swinging his own whip again and running around.

I’m a huge Indy fan. Love ’em all, yeah I thought “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” was great ’cause it was different and risky. I think James Mangold is capable of making a great Indiana Jones movie. Ever see the Wolverine movie, “Logan”? That film kind of reminded me of Indiana Jones a bit which is probably why he got the job.

Indy 5 will have lots of action, some comedy and some archeology stuff. It will be the same old Indy. I think they won’t disappoint us this time ’cause they know about all the bad reviews that Indy 4 got. They’ll definitely try to smarten up and make the next one better. Trust!

And I don’t think we’ve seen the last of the Ark either and it’s pretty likely we’ll see the return of that. The hunt for the Ark again?


Even though Theaters are slowly disappearing, people are still going to the movies after lockdown for “The Conjuring 3” and “A Quiet Place II”… Insane really…

This is pretty insane really. Just when you thought theaters are dying ’cause of the pandemic… well fortunately that’s not the case. it’s actually the opposite ’cause people are starting to go back to the movie theaters after over a year of having no movie theaters.

After some theaters in the states started opening back up and some are closing for good, you would think you would see the death of the movie theater going experience but after seeing this, I predict theaters are about to make a huge comeback.

After the lockdown, two popular horror franchises came out with new films “The Conjuring 3” and “A Quiet Place – Part II” which both are now playing in theaters. It turns out that both movies did very well in the box office, surprisingly.

I went to see “A Quiet Place – Part II” last Friday afternoon, in case you haven’t seen my post about that movie the other day and it was really good. Loved it. Seen that the 3rd one was immediately green lighted but looks like John Krasinski is not gonna direct the third one.

Even though not confirmed yet, I’m sure a 4th “Conjuring” movie is on the way after the success of the third one. I haven’t seen the third one yet but gonna get around to it and want to see it badly. Had to choose one movie to see last Friday so I went with “A Quiet Place II” instead.

I think what it is why movie theaters are still a hit is ’cause people grew tired of watching movies at home during the lockdown with no theaters open. Movies were meant to be seen on the big screen, ya know? It’s about the theater experience.

Now that I think about it, movie theaters will never be gone ever.


Went to the movie theaters for the first time in over a year… saw “A Quiet Place Part II”…

Well this is interesting… after over a year of having no movie theater due to the world getting shut down over a stupid and pointless “lockdown”, I finally got to a movie theater earlier today since some movie theaters are actually still around. Yes, many movie theaters have closed down ’cause the pandemic did them in. The Bowtie Cinemas at the Wilton Mall closed down for good so I went to the other one in downtown Saratoga Springs, “Criterion Cinemas” which is still open for now anyways.

I went to the movie theaters today ’cause there were two different choices of horror films I wanted to see… it was either “A Quiet Place II” or “The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It”. I really wanted to see both of them pretty badly but I had to choose one so I went for a “A Quiet Place II” since I loved the first one.

I thought the second one was way better than the first. These movies are getting better and better and from the looks of things, the ending of “Part II” may have left open for a third one so this is probably gonna end up being a series of films, a new franchise.

I think John Krasinski is doing a great job with these movies. He’s surprisingly a great screenwriter and great director. He’s really good at the horror genre. I’m the biggest horror fan you’ll ever see. Yes, “A Quiet Place – Part II” is more frightening and more thrilling than the first. Cillian Murphy is an awesome actor and he plays a cool character in this one. Regan Abbott is an awesome character too.

I hardly ever jump in horror films when the “jump” scare come but this one did it to me once. I think these creatures in these films are so cool. Can you imagine living that life? Being forced to be quiet all the time so those creatures don’t hear you?

Not only that John Krasinski is a great director and screenwriter, he’s also a helluva an actor too. John isn’t in this one very much but did a great job. John is known as Jim from “The Office” so it may seem pretty strange that he goes from a comic actor to horror. It seems to me that John is definitely a fan of the horror genre himself. When John is done with the Quiet Place series, I hope he moves on to other horror films and he probably will ’cause he so good at it.

Anyhow, about movie theaters coming back… this is how movies are supposed to be seen. On the big screen, not on the small screen but I have a feeling like everyone else that we’re about to see the death of the movie going experience for good. Streaming services and VOD will be the new future of movie releases and you’re already seeing it. Movies were meant to be seen on the big screen to begin with.

I thought “A Quiet Place II” was really good and looking forward to the third one.


Happy 91st Birthday, Clint Eastwood…

Not only that today is Memorial Day, it is also Clint Eastwood’s 91st birthday. Yeah, he is 91 and he is still alive and well. I’ve always been a huge fan. Trying to watch as many films of his as I can especially a lot of his older Westerns… trying to catch up with them all. I’ve seen a lot of his old westerns like the Man With No Name Trilogy: “Fistful Of Dollars”, “For a Few Dollars More” and “The Good, The Bad and the Ugly”. All three are great films but of course, I find the third one “TG, TB and TU” being the best.

Not too long ago, I got around to watching “Outlaw Josey Wales”, “High Plains Drifter”, “Joe Kidd”, “Hang ‘Em High”, for the first time and I loved all of those. Of course, I’ve seen “Unforgiven” many times and I still think “Unforgiven” is one of his best Westerns.

As far as his work outside of the Western genre… of course, I love all the Dirty Harry movies which I think “Sudden Impact” being the best one.

Other Eastwood films I loved were “Escape From Alcatraz” which is one of my favorites that he starred in but didn’t direct.

I also loved “Bridges of Madison County”, “Absolute Power”, “In the Line Of Fire”, “Gran Torino”, “Jersey Boys”, “American Sniper, “The Mule”, “Changeling” and “Richard Jewell”. Another one of his best films I think is “Million Dollar Baby” and I gotta get the BluRay to that film sometime soon. Love that film so much. I also loved the crime thriller, “Mystic River” and a thriller he starred in called “Bloodwork”. The 1999 crime thriller, “True Crime” was excellent as well.

There’s still so many films of his I haven’t seen yet ’cause he has a very impressive and very prolific filmography. He’s done way over 60 -70 films, it’s crazy.

Not all of his movies are good, though, he did make some stinkers… I didn’t care for “J. Edgar”, didn’t care for “Hereafter”, “Invictus” and didn’t like “Trouble With the Curve”.

This man is a legend and a genius for sure. I respect him so much ’cause he keeps going. He’s one actor and director who doesn’t believe in retirement ’cause obviously, he’s gonna keep making movies until he passes. He’s never retiring, trust me. He’s got some more movies left in him until he can’t do it anymore ’cause that time is coming and he knows it too.

Happy birthday, Clint. I’m sure he’s excited to get back to work soon after covid stopped him from working like everyone else.

I wish he would give us one more Dirty Harry film, though. I believe he can pull that off. A retired inspector, Harry Callahan being forced to fight crime again at an old age when he’s no longer a police detective sounds good to me.


“Joker 2” is officially happening with Todd Phillips Co-writing again…

Well, Warner Bros. and DC greenlights Joker 2 and Todd Phillips is co-writing again. It is not yet known whether or not the other writer Scott Silver is coming back but we’ll see. It’s also not yet known whether or not Todd will direct “Joker 2” but it’s pretty likely he will.

The bigger question is will Joaquin Phoenix reprise his role as the Joker for the sequel? Well, the actor keeps flip flopping back and forth from what I’ve heard. One time he says the Joker movie should be a standalone film and next thing you know, he’s onto it. Now nobody knows for sure but I’m sure Warner Bros. is desperately gonna try to talk to him into it.

Good news the sequel is happening but I won’t bother if Phoenix is not gonna be in it ’cause I thought he did a great job with that role. I think Phoenix should come back for sure ’cause he makes an awesome Joker, in my opinion.

People complained about the first Joker movie ’cause of its gritty and over the top violence and gore. Well that’s how the Heath Ledger Joker was in “The Dark Knight” but nobody complained then. Do you think the crew of “Joker 2” will tone it down with the violence for the next movie? Fuck no. They’ll just make the next movie even more grittier and more graphic and I hope they do.

I loved the “Joker” movie myself and planning to give it a re-watch soon. Phoenix is definitely one of my favorite actors too, though. That guy is awesome!


Clint Eastwood to direct and Star in new Western film titled, “Cry Macho”, iT will also star Dwight Yoakam…

Looks like Clint Eastwood finally picked his next directorial film. I figure Clint would decide on something while not doing anything throughout this pandemic and now he’s getting ready get back to work finally. Clint picked a movie titled, “Cry Mancho” which is adapted from the book. It’s more of a neo-Western, though…. which the story takes place in the 70’s.

The plot for “Cry Macho” film will be about Eastwood playing a retired rodeo star who is hired to bring back an 11 Year old boy in Mexico back to the United States. The movie will have Clint playing the leading role again and it will star alongside country singer/actor Dwight Yoakam and young actor Eduardo Minett who plays the 11 year old kid.

Eastwood stayed away from the Western genre for years and looks like he’s about to make a huge comeback to it. His last Western that he starred and directed was “Unforgiven” in 1998. It’s no secret that Eastwood is a huge fan of the Western genre ’cause he did so many of those films throughout his career.

Keep in mind that Clint is 90 years old now and he’s still directing and starring the lead in his own movies. Age is not stopping this man and he definitely doesn’t believe in retirement and he’ll do this until he passes on.

Speaking of Clint Eastwood, I just watched his films “High Plains Drifter” and “Joe Kidd”…. both Westerns and loved ’em both. Great films. I’m a huge fan of Eastwood and trying to watch as many films of his as possible. There are still many I haven’t seen.


The “Zappa” documentary inspired me to start getting into his music more finally…

Last night on Hulu, I’ve finally gotten around to watching the “Zappa” documentary. A rockumentary film that was directed by Alex Winter who is famously known as Bill from the “Bill & Ted” film franchise.

Frank Zappa is a legend and icon in the music business. He’s not just a rock n’ roll musician, he’s done other genres in his career and he’s done a little more than 60 albums, maybe more than that.

I never really got into Frank Zappa music at all and I’ve been meaning to so yeah, I’m pretty late getting into his music. After watching the “Zappa” doc finally, it inspired me to finally start getting his albums so I bought his very first album, “Freak Out” and another album called “Hot Rats” which are the two perfect albums to start off with for a Frank Zappa newbie like myself.

Frank was an interesting guy. My favorite parts of the doc was the very beginning when he was showing off his vault, where he keeps his recording music all shelved at his home. I also thought his rants about the music industry were pretty insightful.

Frank said on the doc that while he has no problem making music for himself so he can like it and listen to it, he also makes it for other people which is why he made albums. The doc also showed some of his live performances and had many other musicians speaking about Frank especially Steve Vai and many others.

A longtime Frank Zappa fan may not appreciate this doc but I think it was made for people who know nothing about the guy. In other words, it seems to me the film was more aimed to the newbies. This isn’t Alex’s first directed film ’cause he’s been directing films for a long while but I believe this is his first rock doc and I thought he did a great job with it. The film had an interesting direction style, it was different than other rock documentaries I’ve seen.

It’s definitely worth watching for any music lover, though.


Big name Music artists that were film actors too…

This week I just watched a few classic movies that starred big music artists that were in leading roles of films… “Love Me Tender” starring Elvis and “Tony Rome” starring Frank Sinatra. Both really good.

Some people find it questionable that big name music artists like Rihanna and Lady Gaga getting movie roles and they get criticized for it but music stars also being actors is nothing new… it goes way back.

Here is a list of huge music stars that did movies over the years:

  • Elvis Presley
  • Frank Sinatra
  • Dean Martin
  • Bing Crosby
  • Cher
  • David Bowie
  • Tina Turner
  • Will Smith
  • Whitney Houston
  • Courtney Love
  • Tom Waits
  • Mick Jagger
  • Bjork
  • Dolly Parton
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Michael Jackson
  • Queen Latifah
  • Tupac Shakur
  • Barbra Streisand
  • 50 Cent
  • Ice Cube
  • Kris Kristofferson

And the list goes on and on…. Why is it do you think that music stars do both music and movies at the same time? Is it ego? Is it about the money? Not really. I think it’s because they want to express their talent with something else other than music. They felt that they could do something else. Maybe it gives them something to do when they’re not touring or something. Many of them just fell in love with acting and kept at it. I also believe it’s a great way to help keep their name known and them starring in movies is a great way to market their music careers too.

Music stars doing movies is not gonna stop, that will always be around. No doubt that their music careers helped them get in the movie business ’cause without music, they wouldn’t have made it in Hollywood.

I’ve been watching some movies with big music stars in them lately which inspired me to write this topic. It is interesting if you think about it.


Nicolas Cage is a way better actor now than he was years ago… really, you should start watching his newer films…

I’ve been watching so many Nicolas Cage movies a lot lately. Not sure why, I guess I just like the guy’s acting style. He’s different than other actors out there. Yeah, Nic Cage used to be made fun of all the time ’cause of his “horrible” acting but is he horrible? Admittedly, in the old days Nic wasn’t that great, I’ll confess it but now that the guy doesn’t do big budget movies anymore, he’s a way better actor now. I think he improved as he got older.

Nic is now 57 years old and he has starred in over 100 movies over the years. Wow. That’s the one thing the haters will never admit. He’s one of the most prolific actors you’ll ever see. He’s a workhorse, no doubt. I read in an interview with him that the reason he works all the time, non stop ’cause if he’s not working and doesn’t have a job, “he’ll self destruct”. Meaning that he’ll go crazy if he’s not doing anything. That’s why he does one film after another. He’s done every genre too from comedy, serious dramas, thrillers, action movies and even horror.

He’s done so many great movies over the years but all those low budget B-movies he’s doing lately is really good stuff… movies like “Mandy”, “Mom and Dad”, “Colour Out of Space”, “Primal”, “The Trust”, “Dog Eat Dog”, “Grand Isle”, “Score to Settle”, “Running with the Devil”, “Joe”, etc.

I just watched his latest, “Jiu Jitsu” on Netflix in which he stars with Frank Grillo… an action sci-fi movie. Really cheesy flick but entertaining as hell.

Nic is killing it lately. If what Nic Cage movies to start off with when it comes to his newer stuff… you should check out “Mandy”, “Grande Isle” and maybe “Colour Out of Space” too. “Jiu Jitsu” is also recommended.

Will Nic ever take a long break from acting and retire one day? No. He’ll probably keep going until he can’t do it anymore.

Most celebrities and actors are awful people but there are a few good ones left and Nic is one of them. I have no problem with him.

People like to make fun of Nic and bash his acting a lot but I don’t understand why. Yeah, not all of his movies are that great…. he’s got some stinkers for sure but he can be really good in some of them like “Mandy”… that’s one of his best roles right there. He was also really good in “Leaving Las Vegas” in which he won an Oscar for. He’s not bad like so many people try to make him out to be. He’s gotten way better at picking films, though I’ll you that. I’m a huge fan of his.


Superman is returning to the big screen after all but it’s JJ Abrams is in Charge, will he direcT it??? NOt yet known…

JJ Abrams did Mission Impossible, did the Star Trek reboot and took over Star Wars. Now JJ, the iconic director/producer is taking over “Superman”. Yes, that’s right. The Man of Steel, the superhero we all known and love by DC/Warner Bros.

JJ seems pretty serious about this project and it really is going forward. The new film will have JJ’s Bad Robot producing the film and screenwriter by the name of Ta-Nehisi Coates will pen the script. Plot is being kept under wraps… there is no director and no one signed to play the new Clark Kent/Superman yet.

I remember about a year or two ago, Warner Bros. announced they are no longer doing Superman movies for a long while and there were all kinds of speculation that Henry Cavill is done playing the character. Then Henry made it clear to all of us that he’s not done and he will continue to play the Superman character as long as he can ’cause he loves the character so much.

Does this JJ Abrams Superman flick opening the doors for Henry to return? It’s not yet known but to be honest, it’s pretty unlikely. It’s looking like JJ wants to give his vision on Superman so they’re probably go for a different male lead actor to play Clark Kent/Superman.

A new Superman movie is in the works by JJ through Warner Bros, a new reboot so that means were probably gonna get another origin story… ya know, the legendary Superman story where it starts from Krypton and goes to Earth ’cause his home planet exploded… grows up in Smallville and becomes Superman at the Fortress of Solitude and becomes the hero in Metropolis. We’re probably gonna get that story again and we’re probably gonna get Lex Luthor as the main villain again. Do we really need Luthor and General Zod again???

I hope JJ will make things a little different, though… it be great if he brought other Superman villains to the big screen like Brainiac for example. Dark Seid would also be awesome.

Will JJ Abrams himself end up directing his first Superman movie? I wouldn’t be surprised if he decided to do it ’cause I thought he did fine work with “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”… just think what JJ could do with a Superman movie?

Yes, I’m sure the new Superman movie will be full of action, CGI and all that stuff but hopefully JJ can do better than Zack Snyder. Yeah, I loved “Man of Steel” and “Dawn of Justice” but admittedly they could have been better.

It’s hard to make a great Superman movie and I hope JJ does a great job with it.

We won’t know what the plot is for a long while ’cause you know JJ… that man is always full of secrecy with all of his films… he just likes to take things real slow… that’s how he is. We won’t know the plot, characters and casting for a long while. JJ just loves teasing things. He’s the kind of guy that doesn’t like to give out his secrets early and wants everyone to see the film themselves. That’s why he does what he does, ya know?

So many people want to hate on JJ Abrams work but I’m a fan. I’m all for JJ doing Superman and looking forward to seeing what he’s gonna do with it.

I’m glad Warner Bros. decided to bring back Superman ’cause they created a lot of backlash with that by ignoring him. You can’t ignore Superman, he is king. They finally understood that, it looks like.