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15 Films to Look forward to in 2021…

I do this list every year too, a list of films to look forward to in the new year… now that it’s 2021, I figure it’s time to list the films that I look forward to this year. Well many of these films were originally supposed to be released in 2020 but they all got pushed back ’cause of the pandemic obviously…

Here is the list…

I’ll name 15 of these films…

No Time To Die – the new James Bond 007 film: I was gonna see the new Bond film but this is one film that got pushed back.

Top Gun 2: Maverick – Another film I’ve been looking forward to that also got pushed back.

A Quiet Place – Part 2: Another 2020 horror film pushback, loved the first movie looking forward to the 2nd one.

The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It: Another film pushback… I’m a huge Conjuring fan and can’t wait for this one.

Mortal Kombat (reboot) film: I’m a huge MK fan of the video games, love ’em and kind of actually looking forward to this. The old Mortal Kombat movie in 1995 was pretty good too, though.

The Little Things: A crime thriller starring Denzel Washington that actually looks pretty awesome. I’m down with seeing this one somehow.

The Many Saints of Newark (The Sopranos prequel film): Another 2020 pushback movie, this is gonna be the Sopranos prequel which already sounding good even though a trailer hasn’t came out yet. I love mobster movies anyway so…

Black Widow: This Marvel character of the Avengers gets her own spinoff movie so this one should be good.

Dune: I’m a huge fan of Frank Herbert’s Dune books, loved the David Lynch movie too and I’m hoping this reboot will be good. I’ll be checking it out.

West Side Story: Another 2020 pushback movie, I’m a huge fan of West Side Story and actually interested in the Spielberg version.

Halloween Kills: Another Halloween movie coming this year.

Morbius: A Marvel superhero movie with Jared Leto in the leading role. Looks like a good one already.

Uncharted: A movie based upon the hit video game is coming out this year. Hoping to see a trailer real soon.

Spiral: This film is a horror film which is gonna be the 9th installment of the SAW franchise, it stars Samuel L. Jackson. Sam L. Jackson in a horror movie? I’m down with that!

The Last Duel: Ridley Scott has a new movie coming out this year with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon being the writers of this script. Matt Damon is also starring the leading role. This film is about medieval and knights kind of stuff so this is gonna be an interesting one.

Will I get to see any of these if movie theaters ever come back that is? I’m hoping. Happy new year.


Could Mr. T Reprise his role as Clubber Lang for “Creed III”???? The Fans want it to happen but ya never know, we can only hope….

It’s now been confirmed that Creed star, Michael B. Jordan is set to star and direct “Creed III”, the third installment to the Rocky spin off series. This was confirmed by the “Creed” actress Tessa Thompson who plays Adonis’s lover in the films. The script for “Creed III” is still being worked on but the story and plot that continues on after “Creed II” is not yet known.

A lot of Rocky & Creed fans dream is that they are hoping and begging Mr. T to reprise his role as Clubber Lang for “Creed IIII”… wanting Clubber’s son to fight against Adonis. Kind of a similar plot to Ivan Drago’s son.

I like this plot idea for Clubber return in this article, though. They shouldn’t go for the son idea ’cause why repeat the same story, ya know? It should be just Clubber.

Read this:

Not sure if the script is being written for Clubber to come back but man, I feel that no one other than Mr. T should play that character. That role belongs to him only. It would be a joke if they got someone else to play Clubber ’cause the movie would bomb if that happened. If they’re going to bring Clubber back then everybody will expect Mr. T to reprise that role.

Bringing Clubber back is a nice idea and a nice dream but it’s all up to Mr. T. himself if he wants to reprise the role. He’s kind of a retired actor, I think? He hasn’t had a big screen role in many years. His real name is Lawrence Tureaud and as you can see in the pic of him walking the street in sweats, he still has that mean and tough guy look even though he’s 68 now.

If Mr. T came back as Clubber, I’m sure he still got it and would knock it out of the park.

As far as Rocky played by Sylvester Stallone, it’s not yet known whether or not Sly is coming back as his iconic character once again. Ever since Creed II, Sly maintained that will be the last and final time he’ll be playing Rocky in a Creed film but ya never know. Sly could change his mind. I thought Sly retired the character for good but in his online Q&A sessions he kept saying that he’s open to playing Rocky again, always that back and forth thing, he can’t make up his freakin’ mind. So fingers crossed for now.

If Clubber and Rocky are both not coming back at all and if Creed III is gonna go for a totally different plot, I’m sure they’ll find a way to make die-hard Rocky fans happy. They’ll figure something out.

I think in Creed III, it be pretty cool if Adonis could start a friendship with Rocky’s son Robert (played by Milo Ventimiglia), that could be a big possibility too remembering how Creed II ended.


“The ChristMas Chronicles 1 & 2” on Netflix with Kurt Russell & Goldie… both really good films!!! Was impressed!!!

So on Christmas Eve night, I usually watch a Christmas movie or two every year. This year, I decided to do a little something different by finally getting around to checking out “The Christmas Chronicles 1 & 2”, the Netflix exclusive Christmas movies which reunites real-life married couple Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn on the screen.

Obviously this wasn’t the first time Kurt and Goldie starred in movies together. Their first movie together was “Swing Shift” in 1984 and then of course, “Overboard” in 1987. The film “Overboard” was the film that made this power-couple huge stars in the film industry.

I watched both “Christmas Chronicles” on Netflix back to back last Friday night so I went on a binge watch, admittedly. hahaha… anyway, I was hooked to these two films from the start. Very good film-making on both of them too. Great acting by the entire cast, great writing… no complaints. Of course, Kurt Russell kills it and that man still got it obviously same with Goldie. Even though Goldie’s appearance was real short in the first movie ’cause it was just an introduction to Mrs. Claus but she’s throughout the entire second movie, though. I’ll have to say it was pretty freakin’ awesome seeing Kurt and Goldie together again on the screen.

Both films are entertaining as hell and they were both really funny too ’cause a lot of it was comedy for sure. Even though these two films had a lot of comedy in them, though, it was on a serious note…. both films had a lot of positivity and a lot of heart too.

We’ve had too many Santa movies over the years and most of them weren’t that good but finally we get something that’s really enjoyable. The first one is good but the second “Christmas Chronicles” is way better, though.

Will there be a third one? Probably. I hope so. Kurt Russell is still very talented, he’s like 69, almost 70 and he’s still killing it with his acting. That man can play anything that throws at him and over the years of his career, he has played pretty much everything even Elvis! Is there anything Kurt can’t do? I guess that’s one of the big reasons why Kurt is one of the most respected actors ’cause he’s so versatile.

You should check these movies out if you haven’t yet. You won’t be disappointed.


Are we about to see the death of the cinema going experience? I believe we are about to say RIP To Cinemas real soon…

Welp, I’m sure you’re all noticing that Hollywood finding new and different ways of releasing new movies nowadays… thanks to covid and this stupid pandemic.

We have all these streaming services now from Netflix, Hulu, HBO MAX, APPLE TV Plus, CBS All Access, Amazon Prime Video and lord knows, I’m sure I’m missing some others but those are the ones I can think of at the top of my head. There is also VOD and online movie streaming where you can either buy or rent movies through Itunes movies, Google Play and things like that. VOD is a big thing right now too.

So many new movies getting released through either streaming service or VOD ’cause why? Pandemic shut down movie theaters for starters and yes, theaters are coming back but like I said in another post, it’s hard for theaters to release new movies nowadays. That is why Hollywood is releasing a lot of new upcoming movies for both streaming service and in theater at the same time. Like all those new releases coming for HBO Max, that got me thinking that Cinema is about dead.

Which is a shame, ya know? This is how we’re all supposed to be watching movies. We’re supposed to watch movies on the big screen and not the small screen but it’s amazing to me how quickly things change. I think we’re about to see the death of cinemas real fast. Sure, movie theaters are gonna come back but it’s gonna take a while for people to go to movie theaters again. No one’s gonna go back to the theaters when they come back and Hollywood knows it, that’s why they’re gonna release new movies to streaming services from now on.

This is why Netflix, Hulu and HBO Max getting a lot of new movies lately. Just last night, I watched the movie “Ava” with Jessica Chastain and it was pretty good. I’m sure that film would have gotten a huge theatrical release but because of Covid, it got a streaming release instead. I thought “Ava” was a great film, though… a good action movie you should check it out.

I also watched the live action version of “Mulan” on Disney Plus and I loved that one too. I’m sure that film would have gotten a major theatrical release as well but it ended up getting premiered on Disney Plus instead.

I am calling it now that movie theaters will disappear and the Cinema experience is about to come to an end. Streaming services and VOD Is gonna be the new future of movies sadly.

It’s a shame ’cause a lot of action movies, science fiction and horror films were meant to be watched on the big screen with all the special effects, cinematography, the loud music and loud sounds effects. All about the cinema experience. That’s what’s fun about watching movies on the big screen. We’re about to say goodbye to that.

Sad to say it but it is what it is. I used to love going to the movies too and haven’t been in a theater in a long time. Crazy.


Actor Nicolas Cage has interesting insight on today’s movie DistribUtion, watch what he says…

I was just watching some Nicolas Cage interviews through youtube out of pure boredom and this one kind of caught my attention. I love Nic Cage’s insight on today’s movie distribution.

In the old days, the only way you could watch the new movies is in a movie theater but now there’s all kinds of options like streaming services and VOD things like that. Cage here explains that he was once against the VOD format but it grew on him over the years. Why did Cage have a change of heart over VOD format of movie watching? Well, Cage here says that the format does have an audience and he’s right. VOD is very popular right now… people’s been renting and buying movies via VOD which is why so many movies being made straight-to-VOD lately… and also Nic Cage here says that VOD gives screenwriters a chance for their films to get made into films since the major movie studios won’t buy ’em, ya know?

Nic also explains that the reason he’s been doing a lot of straight-to-VOD independent low budget movies lately well, he’s just going back to his roots where he just started. Remember, Nic started out doing low budget indie films before moving on to becoming a blockbuster star… Nic later moved on to starring in some pretty huge movies over the years: “Leaving Las Vegas”, “Con Air”, “The Rock”, “Face/Off”, “National Treasure”, “8MM”, “Snake Eyes”, “City of Angels”, “Gone in 60 Seconds”, “Lord of War”, “Matchstick Men”, etc. The list goes on…

Later in the years, though, Nic went back down to doing low budget movies again.

I don’t know why people make fun of this guy. He’s one of my favorite actors really… the guy can act and love him or hate him, he’s one of the hardest working actors in Hollywood than anybody really. He’s always working and this man never stops. He’s very talented, in my opinion.

Honestly, though, I think some of his best work are the VOD low budget films he’s been doing lately like “Mandy”, “Color out of Space”, “Joe” and “Mom and Dad” were some of his best indie films. You should check ’em out.

When will Nic Cage start doing big screen blockbusters again? Not for a long while but never say never, I hear Disney is still working on “National Treasure 3” and Nic is committed to playing Ben Gates again so ya never know.

I’ve been watching a lot of Nic Cage movies lately and not sure why. I guess I respect him a whole lot. He’s a talented guy… can play anything that throws at him.


ADmittedly, I miss going to the movies… will they ever come back???

Yeah, in some states in the US, some governors are opening back up movie theaters but with only small capacity audience and whatever other crazy restrictions these animals come up with.

Anyhow, even though some movie theaters are allowed to open, I’m noticing a lot of ’em stay closed. Some of them try to open but they go back to closing. Why? Well, many movie theaters are struggling to release new films which is difficult to pull in people… especially with a low crowd capacity.

Yeah, some theaters in the United States are allowed to fully open but even they are struggling to release new movies so instead, a lot of movie theaters screen older films like a lot of classics and Anniversary screenings and things like that, ya know?

Why are movie theaters struggling to make a full return??? Well… it is hard to release new movies when most of Hollywood are still out of work. Just a reminder, y’all that Hollywood are the ones that makes these movies. They write ’em, direct ’em, have actors/actresses that star in them, film them, etc. It takes a long time to make a movie, it’s a long process.

If you want new movies, Hollywood needs to get back to work ’cause like I said before, many of these Hollywood people are stuck at home still like the rest of us. Yeah, Hollywood is slowly returning back to work, I’m noticing. Yup, directors, producers, screenwriters, actors/actresses, etc. Many of them are at home still waiting to get back to work.

You want to get back to the movies, you need movies and these Hollywood people are the ones that brings them to you. They make the entertainment for us and America seems to have forgotten that.

A lot of big movies that were supposed to be released this year were pushed back further ’cause Covid stopped them from finishing them. For example “Top Gun 2” and the new “James Bond” movie. I was really looking forward to seeing those two movies this year but they got pushed back ’cause they couldn’t finish ’em. Steven Spielberg’s “West Side Story” remake was supposed to get released this year as well but I guess, that film got pushed back too ’cause Steve couldn’t finish that film.

I’m hoping this covid shit disappears in 2021 and then the country comes back to normal so the movies can return. Not only that live music needs to come back, the movies need to return too.

I haven’t been in a movie theater in many months which feels weird. They’ll make a full return at some point, though. I like going to the movies, though. Always did ever since I was a kid. I’ve always been a movie buff.


Sly Stallone Celebrates wrap up of latest movie “Samaritan” with Cast and Crew… cool video…

Sylvester Stallone here, finishing up his latest and newest film “Samaritan” wrapping up after a little break due to covid.

Don’t know about you but Sly seems like a cool and stand up dude in real life. He seems fun to talk to and as you probably noticed, the man is so humble while on set. He shows more respect to the film crew ’cause love Hollywood or hate ’em, they are the hardest working people.

Of course, the cast and crew loves working with Sly ’cause he’s such a legend. Who wouldn’t be thrilled to be working with him?

I just heard that Sly got signed for an unspecified role in “Suicide Squad 2” which seems exciting and it’s probably gonna be another cameo appearance. After Sly’s cameo in “Guardians of the Galaxy 2”, I predicted that he’s probably gonna star in more superhero films after that one.

This film “Samaritan” is a superhero film and looking forward to seeing the film’s first trailer real soon.


New James Bond 007 flick, “No Time To Die” pushed back to April of 2021… smart move honestly…

This is the smartest move that Hollywood has ever done honestly and I actually like it and have no problem with the pushback! MGM and Universal announced today that the newest 007 Bond flick, “No Time To Die” is getting pushed back to April of 2021. It was originally going to be released in Nov. of this year but since the pandemic is still going on and many states across the US still having movie theaters closed, it makes more sense to release this film after this pandemic shit.

If they released this movie in Nov. as scheduled then many Bond fans won’t be able to see it in a theater and it would have a negative impact on box office numbers. Yeah, some states in the US do have movie theaters open now but the film would still lose a lot of money.

The studios really care for the Bond fans that really want to see the next Bond film which is the last film of the Daniel Craig era. They know a lot of people looking forward to the movie since the film getting a lot of buzz and they would feel bad if a lot of fans don’t get to see it ’cause of Covid so they thought it would be better to push it back.

I have no problem with it. I’m all for the pushback. They busted their ass making this film and worked really hard so why release it this year when not many will get to see it, ya know? Makes more sense to release it next year.

I’m a huge 007 fan. Seen all the Bond movies. Seen all 25 films and looking forward to the next one for sure.


If facemasks, social distancing and small capacity crowds work then why can’t live music and movie theaters return… Hmmmmmmm????

Yup, the country is starting to open still but with restrictions, very strict like “facemask” required and practicing social distance and small capacity crowds is required at businesses.

All that is fine and good, only thing though that bands & music artists across the USA whether national or local can’t have their live music still with a lot of venues closed and strict regulations and all that by their governors.

Movie theaters in some states across the USA are still closed.

My question is why can’t we have our live music and movie theaters back as long as facemask, social distancing and small capacity crowds work? As long as that stuff works then live venues like stadiums, arenas, smaller theaters, clubs and bars should be allowed for bands & artists to return. Bands and music artists whether national or local are still out of live music ’cause they have no venues to play in.

Even though they have no venues and places to play, bands & artists in America find other ways for them to have live music like have live music outdoors. There’s no stopping them doing that. People are smart enough to wear facemasks and practice social distancing and do that stuff even through outdoor live music with small capacity crowds. It works so live music should be able to make a return.

The same goes for movie theaters. Movie theaters should be able to return if facemasks, social distancing and small capacity crowds work. In movie theaters, why not block some seats off so people can be 6 feet apart more and have fewer people in the theaters? That won’t hurt anything at all but they’re still keeping movie theaters closed.

It’s crazy. If that stuff works in small businesses and restaurants then live music concerts and movie theaters should be allowed to return. I don’t see why not?

More proof that it’s about power and control? I would say so. Governors are obsessed with power and the more we give in to them and the more we comply, the more they abuse their power.

Bands and music artists in America need to be out there playing music ’cause that’s what they’re supposed to do. They can’t be staying home.

Movie theaters need to return ’cause all the new movies coming out, that’s hurting the box office the more some movie theaters stay closed. Hollywood needs to get back to work as well.

It’s ridiculous how bands and musicians are not allowed to play live and how they’re keeping movie theaters closed still. I’m hoping movie theaters return this year so I can go see the new Bond movie, “No Time To Die”… if not then I’m gonna have to wait for BluRay release, I guess. I wanted to go see the new Christopher Nolan film, “Tenet” but no movie theaters open to see it at that time and I’ve been dying to see that film too. Sucks so much.

This pandemic shit will be over with soon and I’m predicting sometime after the election ’cause it’s all about the election. All this power and control is just so Democrats can have something to run on ’cause that’s all they got.


“The Batman” teaser is finally here and it looks amazing, I’m so there for this one…

When Robert Pattinson was announced that he was going to be the next Batman for the upcoming “The Batman” directed by Matt Reeves, it got mixed reactions. Some love it and some hate it as Pattinson being the next Batman. I’m one of those that always believed that Pattinson could pull it off and I always believed in him in that role. So many trashed Matt Reeves and “The Batman” ’cause of Pattinson’s history with the Twilight movies. So far, I’m seeing the Pattinson critics having a change of heart after the teaser finally came out and many critics not saying anything as well.

I think the first teaser is impressive and gave me goosebumps. Looks like this movie is gonna be the beginnings of Catwoman, The Penguin and the Riddler ’cause as you can see those characters look different and they aren’t those iconic villains… “yet”. Just an origin story for them, not an origin story for Batman which has already been done so many times.

The new Batman looks intense though and looks 10x’s more violent than the previous Batmans we’ve had in the past. Batman, a lot more tougher and more angry.

My question is, no Joker at all in this movie? I wouldn’t rule that out… probably no Joker but don’t be surprised if you’ll see or hear a Joker reference or more. If there is going to be a sequel to this movie and probably will be depending how this movie does in the box office, I’m sure they will feature more and different villains.

I’m so glad this movie “The Batman” is gonna be a detective story finally. All the previous Batman films we had were “action” movies. They weren’t detective stories. We need a detective story where fans can figure things out ourselves and we need a Batman movie where we can really think. A mystery “whodunit” story is what’s missing and we’re finally getting that.

Can’t wait and I’m definitely seeing this film when it comes out.