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Not only that Master Palpatine returns so does Darth Vader in “Episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker”???

So the Star Wars Episode 9 trailer is finally here and the subtitle for this one is: “The Rise of Skywalker”. Interesting.

As usual the trailer is full secrecy and mysteries that will get people talking and debating. JJ Abrams is the master at making movie trailers for that reason alone. Not bad for a trailer that’s only two minutes.

Some of you may ask, who’s the voice over? It can’t be Kylo Ren ’cause Adam Driver’s voice is a lot deeper. It can’t be Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker ’cause it doesn’t sound like Hamill’s voice at all. Who does that voice remind you of? That’s right… it sounds almost an exact match as Master Palpatine and that’s who the voice is. It is Ian McDiarmid’s voice for sure so this probably means that Ian reprises his role as Palpatine? That’s what it’s looking like.

It’s also looking like that Darth Vader is making a return too. Is that who is flying that huge Tie Fighter going after Rey as she stands there and waits for it? If you watch the trailer, it very briefly showed the inside of the tie fighter with an unknown person holding the control yoke. You see someone’s hands with big black rubber gloves controlling the yoke. I immediately thought of Vader. There were talks in the past of bringing Vader back somehow and I wouldn’t be surprised that’s who it is.

Some of you may ask, how is it possible for Vader to come back when he died in “Return of the Jedi”? Hmmmmm… interesting thought but keep in mind that this is science fiction and anything is possible.

Another thought that now that Palpatine is back, it’s possible that he created another Vader, a different one. This time Luke Skywalker is the new Vader. Luke Skywalker turns evil and joins the Dark Side, imagine that??? That could be a possibility too and it’ll be an interesting turn if they go that direction.

Some other thoughts on the trailer, looks like Lando and Chewie flying the Falcon again like the good ol’ days. I kind of predicted that would happen and looks like Leia would make an appearance too.

Some of you may ask, would Luke Skywalker return for this one? I think it’s a possibility ’cause like I said above, he could turn into the Dark Side after what happened to him in “The Last Jedi”. There is a reason this movie is subtitled “The Rise of Skywalker” so it could be referring to either Luke or Anakin. My bets is that it’s probably Luke.

Also toward the end of the trailer, you see Rey and her friends looking at some debri across a body of water. Well, that’s obviously parts of the death star from years ago… parts of the super laser from the Death Star.

It’s a great trailer and gave me goosebumps. I’m totally stoked for this one and will definitely be there in the theaters for this one. I’ve seen all the new Star Wars movies in theater so far including “Rogue One” and “A Solo Story”. I’m looking forward to this one for sure. I think Disney is doing a great job with the new Star Wars movies. Fuck the whiners and the crybabies!



Sly says “Rambo: Last Blood” will have surprise ending… will Rambo get killed off at the end? Probably…

Sly posted this video on instagram saying that “Rambo: Last Blood” is now going through the editing process and he says the film is coming along great so far. Sly also says that this film is gonna surprise a lot of people and the ending is gonna be unexpecting.

What’s gonna happen at the end of “Last Blood”??? Will Rambo get killed off at the end? Probably. It’s the only way to end the series. A lot of people want Rambo to live and don’t want him to die but heroes living at the end of movies is getting old and tiresome. Time for a new idea and something interesting, ya know? What happened at the end of “Last Blood”? Will Rambo sacrifice himself to save the missing girl from the sex traffickers or do the bad guys win this time? I think it would be an interesting idea if the bad guys won this time ’cause it would be shocking and unexpecting.

Since the film is going through the editing process, I think we’ll get a trailer real soon. Probably this Spring for sure. This could end up being the best Rambo film of the series, we shall wait and see. I hope the film isn’t gonna be a short one this time. Rambo 4 was only 1 hr. and 20 min. Hopefully “Last Blood” will be a good 2 hrs. or a little more.


Sylvester Stallone shows an interesting still image of Rambo from “Rambo: Last Blood”…

Sly Stallone just posted this interesting still image of Rambo from “Rambo: Last Blood” which is the fifth installment to the Rambo franchise coming out in Sept. As you can see, this is an intense and cold look which Rambo is known to giving facial expressions like this. When he gives you that look, watch out. Rambo is about to explode in a violent rampage.

As you can see in this photo, looks like Rambo either turns himself into the drug lords and sex traffickers or he just got captured by them. Looking at this image, Rambo is surrounded by them.

Some of you may ask, how is it possible for Rambo to be able to survive when getting surrounded by bad people? Well if you knew Rambo and saw the first previous 4 films, Rambo is capable of killing a bunch of people all in one shot by himself. That’s why Col. Trautman says in the first movie, “a good supply of body bags”.

Rambo will be no different in “Rambo: Last Blood”. If you thought the fourth Rambo film in 2008 was violent, it’s looking like that this film will be 10 x’s more violent. Sly is hinting you about that in this instagram post by saying a “brutal storm is about to burst”. Seeing that Sly put his body on the line for this film, it’s looking like this will be a violent movie.

Can’t wait for this flick. When will the trailer for “Last Blood” get dropped? I think we’ll get our first trailer sometime this Spring.



Mark Hamill to voice Chucky in “Child’s Play” reboot… interesting… no April Fool’s joke, btw…

Well this is interesting casting. You all know that there is a “Child’s Play” re-boot in the works. This will be a complete re-imagining of Chucky so it will be nothing like the original series with Brad Dourif voicing Chucky.

Speaking of Brad Dourif, what do you think? Do you think Mark Hamill can top Brad Dourif voicing Chucky? One thing I’m worried about is that Mark might make his Chucky voice sound a bit like the Joker which I’m hoping he won’t sound like that especially the laugh. No doubt, Chucky will probably do the “evil” laugh again in the re-boot film and Mark will have to do that. Only thing though I hope Chucky’s laugh won’t sound like the Joker’s, ya know what I mean? Actually, I don’t think there is anything to worry about, though ’cause Mark is a pro at voice characters. I’m sure Mark has what it takes to make different voices. Mark could make Chucky’s laugh more menacing and evil, I’m sure. I think Mark could pull the Chucky role off with no problem.

Even though Mark Hamill’s liberal politics suck ass, I still am a fan of his. I’ve always liked his Luke Skywalker role and hearing him voice the Joker is always enjoyable. Plus, I love listening to Mark when he does interviews and stuff ’cause the guy is a great speaker. He’s one of the best speakers and even though his politics suck, he is a pretty intelligent guy I would say.

I’m all for him voicing Chucky and I think he would knock it out of the park with no problem. Mark is gonna kill it, I think. Mark would do a good job trying to make Chucky sound scary and evil. Looking forward to it.

‘Child’s Play’: Mark Hamill Will Be The Voice Of Chucky In Killer Remake


Matt Reeves “The Batman”… is it gonna be old-school 1940’s Batman??? If so interesting…

While DC/Warner Bros. continues to ignore Superman, they haven’t ignored our other iconic superhero in the DC world… and that is Batman. DC/Warner Bros. studios is in the works of a new Batman movie. It’s going to be a whole new reboot, I guess. It’ll have nothing to do with any of the past Batman films.

Through the press, there are rumors that this film could be set in the 90’s but from the looks of things,  it doesn’t look  like it’s heading that way to me. In this image while celebrating 80 years of Batman, Matt Reeves revealed a photo of what it looks like the first comic when Batman made his debut. In the background which is blurred out, I’m pretty sure it’s the script for the movie. On the cover of the script, you see the old Batman logo from the 1940’s comics.

So now I’m thinking is this movie gonna be taking place in the 1940’s? Are we gonna get the old school Batman? Ya know, the blue and black Batman with the yellow belt. If the old-school Batman is coming to the big screen then that’ll be freakin’ cool and it’ll work. I think the blue and black Batman should return ’cause we had the Dark Knight Batman for many years and I feel we’ve finally had enough of that. We’ve had the Dark Knight Batman through the Tim Burton, Joel Schumacher, Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder films. Now it’s finally time for something different.

If the 1940’s Batman is what they’re going for then that would be some interesting film making and I think Matt Reeves could pull it off. They said it would take place in a different era and the 1940’s could be it. This film would be nothing like the Adam West and Burt Ward TV series ’cause Reeves Batman would take place years before then. It’ll be an interesting take for sure and I’m all for this.

I’m a huge Batman fan and I’m hoping Reeves “The Batman” is gonna be a great one and hope it won’t suck.


Thoughts on the Motley Crue movie, “The Dirt” on Netflix, I thought it was surprisingly great! Very realistic too!!!

I’ve watched the Motley Crue biopic film on Netflix called “The Dirt” last Sunday night and I thought it was surprisingly good! I wasn’t much of a Motley Crue fan much over the years but after seeing this movie, makes me want to get into their music more. I’ve heard all of their hit songs on MTV, of course so I’m definitely familiar with their music. I only own one Motley Crue album which is “The Saints of Los Angeles” their latest album but I’m planning on getting their older albums soon.

As far the Dirt goes, I was surprised of how realistic and accurate the film was. Metal bands like that can be really crazy in real life with the all the sex, drugs and alcohol and all that stuff. Some of you may ask, is everything seen in the movie accurate? According to the band, Motley Crue themselves, they said yes everything in the movie is pretty much true. I’m gonna have to read the book now which was written by Tommy Lee.

The movie had some pretty mixed emotions, though. A lot of times the movie can be funny and entertaining as hell but at the same time it can also be scary and sad. Why is the film a bit scary? Probably ’cause of all the drug use in the movie and what drugs can really do to you, that’s one thing that film showed you. The film wanted to educate you about the dangers of drugs which they did a good job of, I think. The film also can be pretty sad and gotten serious like with the death of Vince’s daughter, Skylar which was the most serious part of the whole film.

I thought it was a great movie. It’s a great movie for die hard fans of Motley Crue and a good film for new fans too. I don’t know much about Motley Crue but I’m gonna have to learn more about them after seeing this movie. I definitely plan on watching this movie again on Netflix this week. Probably this weekend actually. The film was well-written and well-acted by the cast too. It’s recommended seeing for any music fan. You don’t even need to be a Motley Crue fan at all to watch this film. You can watch it to educate yourself on what the rock n’ roll lifestyle is really like. The rock n’ roll lifestyle may seem like a lot of fun but this film wants to show you that it isn’t always enjoyable.

Definitely check it out if you’re a Netflix subscriber.


After Star Wars: Episode 9 will there be an Episode: 10, 11 and 12? Yes, I think there will be…

So Oscar Isaac confirms that Disney is ending the Skywalker saga at Star Wars: Episode 9. That’s it.

So now that the Star Wars Episode 9 is gonna be the last of the Skywalker story, does this mean it’s the end of the original Star Wars series? No, I don’t think it’s over ’cause I think the original series will continue and continue. I think there will be an Episode 10, 11 and 12 but they won’t be about the Skywalker story anymore.

Yeah, there will be other Star Wars spinoffs and other trilogies in the works but I think the original series with the Episode numbers will continue on forever. After episode 9, there will be a whole new story.

In the new Star Wars trilogy episodes 7, 8 and 9 there is a reason for all these new young characters ’cause it’s an obvious “passing of the torch” kind of thing. I predict that Episodes 10, 11, and 12 will focus on the new characters. It’ll continue the stories of Rey, Finn, Poe and everyone else.

Star Wars will be around forever. It’s never going away kind of like how James Bond and Star Trek will never end.

I think it’ll be an interesting idea that Episodes 10, 11, and 12 will focus on Rey. Rey will definitely be a lot older in Episodes 10, 11, and 12 so hopefully they’ll keep Daisy Ridley for those movies and they probably will.

I’m looking forward to Star Wars 9. I’m loving all the Star Wars movies so far. I’m loving the spinoffs and yes, I thought “The Last Jedi” was fucking awesome. My only disappointment with the new Star Wars movies was that Disney didn’t reunite Han, Leia and Luke which is a bummer. Would have been awesome if that happened.