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Kevin Smith confirms Jay and Silent Bob reboot film coming soon…

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Namaste! See @jayandsilentbob Do Yoga! This morning, @jaymewes & I gave sun salutations, sat in chair poses and pretended we were warriors with @blackmarketyoga, our real life Yogi Bayer (the @therealstephenblatt character from @yogahosers). We’re just two guys from #Dogma who are trying to improve their pranayama. It won’t be long before the #jayandsilentbobreboot shoot is upon us, so we two old timers are not only trying to look like leading men again, we’re building core strength for all the running around and stunts we’ve got planned for the dopey duo’s second cinematic outing, nearly 20 years after the first! I just did a pass of the Reboot script in which I removed all the fat jokes (and swapped them with vegan jokes) because this @weightwatchers Ambassador is currently down to 201 pounds! #KevinSmith #jasonmewes #jaymewes #jayandsilentbob #yoga #yoganewbie #wwambassador #weightlosstransformation #weightwatchers

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Believe it or not, I am a huge Jay and Silent Bob fan. I’m a huge fan of Kevin Smith movies too. I think Kevin Smith is an interesting guy and he’s hilarious too. Yeah, these guys are probably liberals and they’re probably Trump haters but who cares. They’re just talented guys and they ARE true comedians. These are two guys who knows how to get people laughing hard.

I’ve seen every movie Jay and Silent Bob have been in over the years. I’ve seen a lot of Kevin Smith directed films too. I also admire Kevin for his strong knowledge in Star Wars and comic books. Actually, it was Kevin Smith who helped sparked my interest in becoming a comic book reader myself and I have started collecting. I have a small collection of comics but it’s a good start.

Anyway, I’m happy to hear that Jay and Silent Bob has a new movie coming out and I’m looking forward to it. The next Jay and Silent Bob movie is gonna be different, though. It’s gonna be a reboot so it’s not gonna have anything to do with the earlier films. Why? It’s because of Kevin Smith’s weight. As you can see Kevin has been losing weight lately. He went from be a really obesed man to really skinny as you can see here. Kevin went through the Weight Watchers program and now he just started doing yoga as you can see here.

I do enjoy watching comedy films some ’cause even for a guy like me, I need to have a good laugh sometimes. In the next Jay and Silent Bob movie, there will be no “fat” jokes. Like Kevin said in the instagram post, they’re switching it to vegan jokes instead. Even though Kevin and Jay haven’t played their characters in a long time, I’m sure they still got it. I’m sure they’ll do a great job with the next Jay and Silent Bob movie and will give us some great laughs once again.

And by the way, I met Jason Mewes in person as you can see here. It was at a comic convention in Saratoga Springs. Jason was a cool guy in person like I expected him to be. He’s very good to his fans. Most celebrities at conventions just sit at the autograph table with their heads down but not Jason Mewes. He was standing all day, talking with his fans, taking pictures and signing autographs… all that stuff. Did I get Jay to sign something? Yes, I just had him sign the “Clerks” movie on BluRay which is my favorite Jay and Silent Bob movie.

It was a great honor to meet Jason Mewes in person. If only I can meet Kevin Smith himself in person someday. Would be cool.




Henry Cavill the man himself quick to shoot down quitting Superman rumors on his instagram… looks like he’s still ON as Superman! YES!!!

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Today was exciting #Superman

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The Hollywood Reporter was the first to report the news that Henry Cavill was out as Superman and a huge debate sparked on the internet. Lots of rumors and speculation swirling that Henry quit the Superman role.

Well here he is quickly shooting down the rumors in this humorous video. Wearing a Krypton Lifting Team t-shirt and then he holds up a Superman action figure. Well, looks like he’s still on as Superman, y’all so you can all settle down now.

Truthfully, I don’t think Henry Cavill will quit the role ’cause you can tell that he loves playing the character too much. I think he’ll still play Superman for “Justice League 2” and “Man of Steel 2” (if it happens that is). Glad he’s still on myself.


Henry Cavill done playing Superman… did he just quit playing the role? Seems so…


It looks  like Warner Bros/DC. films are parting ways with actor Henry Cavill who just played Superman for them for three films: “Man of Steel”, “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” and “Justice League”. The split appears to be amicable ’cause the WB’s spokesperson said they and Cavill still have a great relationship together and always will.

Why are they parting ways? Well, WB’s seems to be so heavily focused on other superhero projects by the time they finish with those films, Henry will be too old to be playing Superman. Henry is 35 right now so age is probably what to blame for on this.

Another reason could be that Henry is a pretty busy guy.  He has other film projects in the works so that means he might not have time to play Superman again. Henry’s next focus is the new TV show “The Witcher” which is based upon the video game, a Netflix TV series.

So Henry done playing the Superman role for good? It looks like it.

Henry Cavill’s Future as Superman in Doubt, Warner Bros. Focusing on Supergirl

This kind of sucks, ya know. I thought Henry made a great Superman,  I really did. It’s looking like Ben Affleck  is done playing Batman too. I really was hoping for a follow-up/sequel to “Man of Steel” but looks like it’s never happening now. Another “Justice League” film will probably happen but looks like Superman and Batman will have to be replaced.

I never thought WB’s and Henry would make this unprecedented move ’cause people were expecting them to give us a few more Superman movies w/ Henry playing the character. Well, that’s Hollywood, I guess. Things changes different directions all the time.

Henry really is a great actor, though. I’ve seen him in other movies besides Superman flicks. The Superman movies did give him a pretty big career boost and I think he will star in bigger movies in the future. Maybe Henry will play a different superhero somewhere down the road, I can see that happening.

It’s going to be interesting to see what Warner Bros. is planning to do with Superman now. They’ll probably reboot the series again and I’m hearing stuff about Michael B. Jordan being the possible replacement.

“Man of Steel”, “Batman vs. Superman: DOJ” and “Justice League” all got mixed reviews but I liked all three movies,  I really did. Henry probably feels that three Superman movies is enough for him. Maybe he just got overwhelmed and he wants to move on to other projects?

Henry hasn’t responded to this with a statement yet but I’m sure he will soon. I think he will speak out about it on his official instagram page so keep an eye on that…



Did Sly just hint that “Rambo 5” is gonna be his next movie after “Creed II”??? Yes, it seems like it’s going to be his next one and he’s training hard for it…

Sylvester Stallone just posted a photo of him working out in the gym after getting back home from vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard over the weekend. In the hashtag he put Rambo 5. Does that mean he is filming the movie pretty soon? Well reports say that Rambo 5 will begin filming in Sept. of this year ’cause the film is slated for a Fall of 2019 release date. So yeah, it definitely looks like Rambo 5 is gonna be his next movie after “Creed II”. When Sly begins work on the next Rambo film, he’ll be off in a plane filming the movie in other countries like London, Bulgaria and the Canary Islands.

Look at Sly here… he’s looking fucking jacked… holy shit! Not bad for a 72 year old man! I think he has what it takes to play Rambo one more time. Also notice that Sly is trying to let his hair grow out again. He usually lets his hair grow out when a new Rambo film happens ’cause I guess they like having Rambo have long hair. I’m sure his hair will be long enough by the time Rambo starts filming.

The next Rambo movie is gonna be about John Rambo on the search for a missing daughter. She won’t be Rambo’s missing daughter, she’ll be a friend’s missing daughter. The next movie will be about Rambo battling sex traffickers which the plot sounds interesting.

I predict the next Rambo is going to be even more violent, more grittier and gory than the previous Rambo films we’ve seen. I think Sly said in the past that he wants to make the next Rambo film 10x’s more violent than the last one released in 2008. The Rambo film released in 2008 was really good but way too short of a film. Hopefully the next one will be a good two hours or more.

I think Sly will still be badass as Rambo after all these years. He deserves to play the character one more time. I grew up watching Rocky and Rambo films. Both characters are heroes of mine.

When they start composing the music for “Rambo 5” which is usually done after the movie is made, I hope they bring back the Jerry Goldsmith music. They should especially bring back the main theme, “It’s a Long Road” which is a theme that opened “Rambo: First Blood” in 1982. It’s a great theme, they should keep it for the next one. I love that theme with the arpeggiated riff in the beginning of it. I think it’s a beautiful theme song for a movie. I think they will open Rambo 5 with this theme.


Happy birthday, Harrison Ford…

Happy birthday to another one of my favorite actors, Harrison Ford.

A lot of people like Harrison for Han Solo but to me I was more into Indiana Jones. I love the Indiana Jones movies. I grew up watching them. I love all 4 Indy movies and yes, that includes the 4th one, “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”. I thought that movie was fantastic as well. I can’t wait for Indy 5.

While Harrison is most famous for Han Solo and Indy, he played many other great roles too like “Patriot Games”, “Clear & Present Danger”, “Witness, “The Fugitive”, “Blade Runner”, “The Mosquito Coast” and the list goes on and on. Harrison is so talented in his acting the man can play just about anything. He still is a very good actor even at 76 years old. 

Ford maybe a very liberal guy politically but I just respect him as an actor. He’s been in so many good movies. The man certainly knows how to choose his movies well.

As far as Indy 5 goes, I know that film has been pushed back ’til 2021 so if you do the math, Harrison will be about 79 years old. Why did Indy 5 get pushed back? Is it because they’re aiming Indy to be like 80 years old? Probably.

Anyway, Harrison is an amazing guy. I’ve always been a huge fan and I’ve grown up watching his movies since I was a child.


Billy Dee Williams officially reprising his role as Lando Calrissian for “Star Wars Episode IX”… HELL YES!!!

Well this is great news and I would say it’s about freakin’ time too! Some of you may ask, why wasn’t Lando Calrissian in Star Wars Episode 7 “The Force Awakens” and Episode 8 “The Last Jedi”? Doing a little googling, I read that while Billy Dee was willing to play the character again, I’ve read he wasn’t needed in the new movies. I guess the writers didn’t have a place for him in the stories of the first two movies. Now it looks like they are finally ready for a Lando return for Episode 9.

That’s understandable why they need Billy Dee to reprise Lando finally ’cause without trying to reveal major spoilers of the first two movies — Harrison, Carrie and Mark Hamill won’t be able to return to Episode IX. This means that Disney/Lucasfilm is in desperate need of a leading star and since this is a continuing series of the original trilogy they need to continue to bring back older characters from the original trilogy so fans can still feel “nostalgic”.

Details of the plot for Episode IX is unknown as of this point and it’s pretty likely that Lando Calrissian will be the leading star in the next one. It’s looking like Rey will be teaming up with Lando so they can help destroy the First Order and Kylo Ren. It’s looking like Lando and Chewie will be flying the Millennium Falcon again for some more flying action like they did in “Return of the Jedi”. Well, I would think Rey would need someone who knows how to fly the Falcon while she’s out doing other things and she probably goes to Cloud City to ask Lando for some help.

I’m glad the original Lando is finally coming back. Even though Billy Dee hasn’t played Lando in years, I’m sure he’ll kill it still.

I don’t know why so many hate episode 7 and 8. I think Disney is doing a great job with the Star Wars movies. I love all the films so far. Screw the haters.


“Creed II” trailer is finally here and looks freakin’ awesome!

Well the “Creed II” trailer is finally here and I’m already impressed with it. Looks freakin’ awesome.

A lot of you know I’m a huge Rocky fan. Love the Rocky series and I’m loving the Creed spin-offs too. Can’t wait for this one.

I had to watch this trailer a couple of times and some of you may ask, where’s Dolph? When I first watched it, I asked myself that same question. “Why didn’t Dolph get put in the trailer when he’s in the movie?” Well, after watching the trailer a couple of times, Dolph is actually in it if you look closely. Dolph is in the trailer but very briefly.

In the trailer, there’s a short clip of Ivan’s son pushing Adonis on stage during weigh-ins and you can see Dolph on stage. That was the only time Dolph as Ivan Drago was seen in the trailer but I’m sure we’ll see more of Dolph as Ivan Drago in trailer no. 2. This is just a teaser.

It is a great trailer, though and it gave me goosebumps watching it. This is looking like to be the most realistic boxing movie ever. Can’t wait.

Some of you may say it’s kind of silly to bring Ivan Drago back but I don’t think so. I actually think it’s a great idea and makes sense for Ivan to come back. The whole point of the Creed spin-off is that Adonis wants to get revenge at Ivan Drago for killing his father in Rocky IV. Ivan is too old to fight in the ring so he has his son fight Adonis instead. Rocky’s son vs. Ivan’s son is a great idea. That’s something that Apollo and Mickey would have wanted to happen.

Can’t wait for this movie and looking forward to seeing more trailers. Technically this is gonna be the 8th Rocky film.