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“Joker 2” is officially happening with Todd Phillips Co-writing again…

Well, Warner Bros. and DC greenlights Joker 2 and Todd Phillips is co-writing again. It is not yet known whether or not the other writer Scott Silver is coming back but we’ll see. It’s also not yet known whether or not Todd will direct “Joker 2” but it’s pretty likely he will.

The bigger question is will Joaquin Phoenix reprise his role as the Joker for the sequel? Well, the actor keeps flip flopping back and forth from what I’ve heard. One time he says the Joker movie should be a standalone film and next thing you know, he’s onto it. Now nobody knows for sure but I’m sure Warner Bros. is desperately gonna try to talk to him into it.

Good news the sequel is happening but I won’t bother if Phoenix is not gonna be in it ’cause I thought he did a great job with that role. I think Phoenix should come back for sure ’cause he makes an awesome Joker, in my opinion.

People complained about the first Joker movie ’cause of its gritty and over the top violence and gore. Well that’s how the Heath Ledger Joker was in “The Dark Knight” but nobody complained then. Do you think the crew of “Joker 2” will tone it down with the violence for the next movie? Fuck no. They’ll just make the next movie even more grittier and more graphic and I hope they do.

I loved the “Joker” movie myself and planning to give it a re-watch soon. Phoenix is definitely one of my favorite actors too, though. That guy is awesome!


Warner Bros. teases “Joker” spin-off with Joaquin Phoenix starring as the Joker and it’s looking freaking awesome already!

First look of Warner Bros./DC’s of the Joker’s first solo movie is here. It shows Joaquin Phoenix without the Joker make-up and with the full make-up on. I’m already very impressed with it and now find this very intriguing!

They don’t show you what Joker’s laugh sounds like yet but I’m sure they will show us pretty soon. Will Joaquin’s Joker laugh be better than Mark Hamill’s? We’ll have to wait and see. I’m sure we’ll hear the new Joker laugh when the teaser trailer comes out.

So Joaquin Phoenix gets officially added to the list of other actors playing the Joker in live action films/TV: Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, Jared Leto, Cameron Monaghan and now Joaquin Phoenix is the latest Joker actor.

Who do I think played the best Joker? Well to me it’s a tie between Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson, of course. They were the best. Can Phoenix top ’em? We’ll have to wait and see the movie and see for ourselves.


Joaquin Phoenix will play the Joker in the Joker’s first standalone live-action film…

This is interesting. Joaquin Phoenix looks like he will be playing the Joker in the first ever Joker live-action movie which will be co-written and directed by Todd Phillips. Joaquin is not confirmed for the role yet but he is the top choice to play the Joker and he has agreed to the role. It will probably happen.

The idea for the movie that it will take place in the 80’s and it will be more of a gritty crime-drama than a typical superhero film.

Joaquin Phoenix in Talks to Play the Joker in Todd Phillips’ Standalone Movie (EXCLUSIVE)

I’m sure many are thinking Joaquin Phoenix is a terrible choice but honestly, I think he’s going to do a great job and knock it out of the park. Joaquin is a terrific actor… he’s one of my favorites actually. He has done so many phenomenal movies. Joaquin can play anything that throws at him.

I think Joaquin will play the Joker quite well… however, the question you all have to ask is… will Joaquin be able to do the Joker laugh? Joaquin will have to do that laugh for that movie and I think Joaquin will learn how and practice to get it right. I think Joaquin will do the Joker laugh quite well.

It would be cool if Mark Hamill would play a live-action Joker but it will never happen ’cause Hamill is 66 years old now. He’s too old to play the Joker in a live-action set. I may not like Hamill being anti-Trump but I still think he does a good job voicing the Joker, though, no doubt.

I’m glad Joker is finally getting his own movie too and hopefully Harley Quinn will be in it and she probably will be. Write Harley Quinn in the movie and I’m sure even more people would see it ’cause Harley Quinn is a very popular character.

It’s going to be interesting to see what Joaquin is going to look like in Joker make-up and in full costume. This is gonna be a Joker standalone film and origin story. I don’t think Batman will be in it at all, although, it’s possible that Batman will get mentioned in it.



Joaquin Phoenix as Lex Luthor for “Batman/Superman” movie??? Yes, please…

Warner Bros. is interested in hiring Joaquin Phoenix for an unknown role for the upcoming “Batman/Superman” film and speculation is already going around that he could be playing Lex Luthor. Is Joaquin going to have to shave his head bald for this role?

More on the story, here:

I agree with this pick. Joaquin plays menacing and evil characters quite well, and he can be pretty scary!! Joaquin maybe a weird guy in real life but the man sure can act!

Maybe Lex won’t even be bald in the next film. Keep in mind, that Zack changes all the characters for his Superman movies so he might have a different vision for Lex as well. Maybe everybody is wrong and he could end up being the Flash or Green Lantern instead? Maybe even Jimmy Olsen?


Film Of The Day: Walk The Line

There have been a lot of music biopics out there, but this is my favorite one. They surprisingly did a great job with this movie, and stayed pretty faithful to Johnny Cash’s history. The film, “Walk The Line”, which stars Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon, focuses on the earlier days of Johnny Cash. It gives you more insight on Johnny’s rise to fame, his relationship with June Carter, and also getting signed to Sun records.

The movie was beautifully done all around. Amazing cinematography, the acting was well done by everyone in the film, plus most importantly of all, it was the music that made the movie work. Joaquin and Reese really did all the singing for this movie, and they did a good job. I can’t think of no other actor who can play the young Johnny other than Joaquin. Joaquin was the perfect match. This movie is entertaining throughout, especially the scene where Johnny tries to audition to get signed with Sun records. I also loved the scene where Johnny wrote “Folsom Prison Blues”. Whether you never listened to Johnny Cash or if you’re a longtime fan, this film is for everyone, either way. One thing to keep in mind though, that not all of this movie is happy and lovable. There’s a lot of pretty dark scenes in this film ’cause this film concentrates a lot on Johnny’s alcoholism and short temper problems.

I’ve seen this film too many times, and I could watch this 20 times a day, and would never get bored of it. This film is definitely in my top 10. Joaquin’s best role for sure, and James Mangold sure as hell delivered a masterpiece.


Cool Video: Even if Joaquin Phoenix is done with the bearded rap gimmick, he is still bizarre!!!

Is there another Joaquin Phoenix documentary in the works? “I’m Still Here 2”??? Here is Joaquin at the Venice Film Festival promoting his next movie, “The Master”, and he is still acting bizarre, even if he moved on from the rap stuff. Here is Joaquin with cast and crew of the “Master” at the press conference talking about the movie. Joaquin is still acting weird, he only answered one question which you see in the video. He wouldn’t even talk to the mic and he’s talking quietly. He’s also looking bored as hell throughout the interviews, and even went as far as smoking during it too.

Well, maybe this is part of an act ’cause that is part of his character for, “The Master”. His character in the “The Master” is pretty much the same way. It’s hard to tell whether this is real or just an act which makes Joaquin a great actor.

Enjoy these.


Cool Video: Joaquin Phoenix finally has a new movie out called, “The Master”, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson!

Joaquin Phoenix, is finally done with his crazy rap gimmick and back to where he is best at, acting. Here he is in a new leading role called, “The Master”, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. Joaquin has been my favorite actor for years. So I just gotta say to him, welcome back to Hollywood! I’ll be seeing this movie for sure, looks great!


Report: Joaquin Phoenix finally returns to acting in untitled film directed by Paul Thomas Anderson!!!

Now that Joaquin Phoenix is finally out of his crazy rap gimmick, the actor finally announced his next film project. He will star in an untitled religious drama directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, it will star alongside Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Joaquin, hasn’t starred in a new movie since 2008, “Two Lovers”. After that film, he announced he was going to retire from acting to start a rap career. He grew his hair to long, and grew a full beard. Joaquin admitted on his last David Letterman appearance, that his rap career was all an act. It was something fun that he and Casey Affleck came up with.

Joaquin is now done fooling around and he’s finally ready to get back to work! I’m glad, because he’s one of my favorite actors. He’s a good man for this and I’m looking forward to his next film!

Variety, reports.


Film Review: I’m Still Here

So last night, I finally watched the movie, “I’m Still Here” on one of them ppv Movies On Demand things. Here is just a brief review.

This movie is about the mockumentary of actor, Joaquin Phoenix, retiring from acting to focus on a rap career. While Joaquin maybe looked at as a crazy and whacked out person in the media, I didn’t see that at all in the movie. Joaquin was actually seen pretty normal in this film. Yes, he was crazy in some parts but not that bad. What I saw in this film was a guy who is struggling to have a better life, he had a drug addiction with cocaine and other drugs. He changed his personality so people could be able to understand him as a person more. Joaquin may get angry and swear a lot in the film, but there is an emotional and sad part about him. The film showed his feud with the Spacehog frontman, Antony Langdon and Joaquin forms a friendship with rapper, P. Diddy Sean Combs. Through those scenes with Sean Combs, really showed the personality side of things with Joaquin.

The movie was not dark, it had some humorous moments of course, but the film was very serious in a way. The movie is definitely fictional, but I think the film exposed the real Joaquin Phoenix, that he might have a real drug problem like his brother River, had back in the day. Joaquin’s acting in this film was really good as usual, but he might get another Oscar nomination for Best Actor in this film, possibly.

I was pretty impressed with the film, liked it a lot.

Score for “I’m Still Here” (**** = 4 stars as in “excellent”)


Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman last night, quick thoughts…

So I watched Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman last night. It was quite interesting. He too admitted this whole thing is a fake, and an act for a documentary movie. Joaquin cleared this all up on why him and Casey Affleck are doing this film. Joaqin explained this movie, “I’m Still Here” is supposed to be like a TV reality show, like what you see in most reality shows on TV these days. Joaquin and Casey’s goal with the film, was that they wanted to trick people that this was real when it isn’t. Joaquin came out on the stage, all clean shaven and haircut like in the picture you see above. Joaquin knows that this rap character is going to give him a beat down and he admits the controversy. He apologized to Letterman for the act, but Letterman said he wasn’t offended and said the whole thing was a lot of fun. Letterman joked that he wants to be paid because he was in the movie for 5 minutes ’cause of the first Letterman appearance with Joaquin.

It seems that Casey and Joaquin agreed to give up this rap gimmick ’cause I guess too many people started to see it was fake. In my opinion, they didn’t need to give it up, they should have kept it going. I thought the whole rap gimmick thing was great comedy. The reason for the apology was that it was a good way to end this whole thing. All of this was scripted like a WWE thing. Joaquin Phoenix did a great job promoting himself as an actor this way. He wasn’t that well known in the past, but now because of this rap gimmick, created controversy, the dude’s even bigger than he was before.

Sometimes controversy, negative backlashes and bad publicity can actually be great. I’m never offended when I get a negative backlash from the public, as I actually love it all. This stuff actually helps promotes you and gets you more well known.