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Cool Video: Even if Joaquin Phoenix is done with the bearded rap gimmick, he is still bizarre!!!

Is there another Joaquin Phoenix documentary in the works? “I’m Still Here 2”??? Here is Joaquin at the Venice Film Festival promoting his next movie, “The Master”, and he is still acting bizarre, even if he moved on from the rap stuff. Here is Joaquin with cast and crew of the “Master” at the press conference talking about the movie. Joaquin is still acting weird, he only answered one question which you see in the video. He wouldn’t even talk to the mic and he’s talking quietly. He’s also looking bored as hell throughout the interviews, and even went as far as smoking during it too.

Well, maybe this is part of an act ’cause that is part of his character for, “The Master”. His character in the “The Master” is pretty much the same way. It’s hard to tell whether this is real or just an act which makes Joaquin a great actor.

Enjoy these.


Cool Video: Joaquin Phoenix finally has a new movie out called, “The Master”, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson!

Joaquin Phoenix, is finally done with his crazy rap gimmick and back to where he is best at, acting. Here he is in a new leading role called, “The Master”, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. Joaquin has been my favorite actor for years. So I just gotta say to him, welcome back to Hollywood! I’ll be seeing this movie for sure, looks great!