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Cool Video: Even if Joaquin Phoenix is done with the bearded rap gimmick, he is still bizarre!!!

Is there another Joaquin Phoenix documentary in the works? “I’m Still Here 2”??? Here is Joaquin at the Venice Film Festival promoting his next movie, “The Master”, and he is still acting bizarre, even if he moved on from the rap stuff. Here is Joaquin with cast and crew of the “Master” at the press conference talking about the movie. Joaquin is still acting weird, he only answered one question which you see in the video. He wouldn’t even talk to the mic and he’s talking quietly. He’s also looking bored as hell throughout the interviews, and even went as far as smoking during it too.

Well, maybe this is part of an act ’cause that is part of his character for, “The Master”. His character in the “The Master” is pretty much the same way. It’s hard to tell whether this is real or just an act which makes Joaquin a great actor.

Enjoy these.



Oh fuck yeah! “The Expendables” teaser trailer has been exclusively shown at Venice Festival by Sly Stallone himself and the bootleg version of the trailer hits youtube.

I’m sure the HD version of the trailer will be hitting the nets soon.

This film looks fuckin’ great, and I so can’t wait to see this. I’m psyched. Dolph vs. Jet Li, wow! The film looks amazing. Sly will bring true action movies back.

Check it out.


Cool Video: Fan tries to run up to Stallone at Venice Film Festival…

A die hard Stallone fan jumped over the barricade and tried to run toward Sylvester Stallone at the Venice Film Festival but it didn’t take long for the kid to get dragged away by security. From what it looks like, the kid didn’t try to attack Stallone, I just think he simply wanted a closer look at the legend. It seems as the kid loved doing it, ’cause as he was being taken away by Stallone’s bodygaurds, the kid still had a smile on his face.


More pics of Sly at Venice Film Festival yesterday…

I’ll admit that Sly look like he’s wearing face makeup to look good and a fake beard, but the man still looks good at 63.

Congrats to Sly, the man hasn’t been awarded or honoured for anything in a long time. It’s about time he got some award ’cause he is a talented film maker and actor.

Hopefully when Sly does that movie about, Edgar Allan Poe, that he always wanted to do will land him in the Oscars for Best Picture/Director. He deserves another Oscar run too.

Sly arrives at the Festival in style, on a speed boat.


Pics of Sly arriving in Venice, Italy, to receive his award…

Recent pics of Sly arriving in Venice, Italy to receive his award, he is being honoured there today. He will also show footage of “The Expendables” and a teaser trailer, plus, I’m sure he will talk more about “Rambo V”.

Look like Sly is letting his hair grow out again to prepare for Rambo. So I definitely think he will get the long hair. Sly is looking like Jack Carter again from the movie, “Get Carter”. Sly is looking incredibly happy and psyched to pick up his award which might happen sometime this afternoon.


BREAKING NEWS: Sylvester Stallone to be honoured at the Venice Film Festival…

Sylvester Stallone, will be honoured a huge award at the Venice Film Festival in Italy. Sly will not only be receiving his special award, but he will also be showing footage from, “The Expendables” movie and maybe a teaser trailer exclusively at the festival. The Venice Film Festival runs from Sept. 2-12th. Sly will be there at the festival Sept. 12th to receive the award and to show footage of his new film.

More on it here:


When Sept. 12th comes, I’m sure Sly at Venice festival pics will start surfacing the web. When the Venice pics comes, I’ll post ’em here.

I will also post the Expendables teaser footage, ’cause you’ll know that will hit the internet as well.

Congrats Sly!

It is no Oscar award, but the Venice award is much better than that!