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Is Sylvester Stallone getting ready to retire from acting pretty soon? Me thinks so, yes…

Well, Sly just wrapped up filming “Rambo: Last Blood” which means he’s all done filming for the movie. Next thing you know, Sly announced that he has retired the Rambo character for good too. So Sly retired Rocky and now Rambo.

What’s next? “Expendables 4” still needs to happen and that film is still in the works so I would think “EX4” could be Sly’s next film. “Expendables 4” could start filming anytime now, probably in 2019. Sly is still committed to doing “Expendables 4” and that’s probably gonna be the last time he’s gonna play Barney Ross too.

With all this going on, is Sly getting ready to retire from acting pretty soon? Yes, I believe he is. He did talk about retiring from acting in the past  before but he’s not going to retire from Hollywood for good, though. I remember Sly saying in the past that he wants to write and direct more films that he’s not starring in more.

After “Creed II”, he’s got more movies coming out that he’s working on: “Backtrace” “Rambo: Last Blood”, “Tough As They Come”, “The Expendables 4” and “Scarpa”. That’s pretty much it.

I really believe he’s about to hang it up on acting pretty soon… he’s just going to finish those movies listed above and that’s probably it. That’s understandable… Sylvester is 72 years old right now and I think he still has some action movies left in him before he gets too old. If he wants to retire from acting to focus more on directing then that’s great.

The man obviously has a huge passion for making movies, you can tell that he loves it. That’s why he keeps working. Sly probably wants to direct more ’cause it’s probably not as hectic of a job as acting. Sly has a family and he wants to spend more time with them.

Usually famous actors who spent most of their lives acting in movies just get so tired of it and they want to do something different. That’s why a lot of famous actors over the years has turned to directing like Clint Eastwood, Mel Gibson and many others.

As far as Sly Stallone goes, I’ve always respected this man immensely. I remember in the past when Sly’s career was in a slump, he got hated on and criticized so much. Now you don’t see people hating on him anymore. Sly finally got the respect he deserves and he earned it. He definitely turned his career around for sure, love him or hate him.



Sylvester Stallone announces that he’s done playing the Rocky Balboa character for good. “Creed II” will be the last time he’ll be playing him…

Sly Stallone, the man himself exclusively revealed the news on his instagram page that he’s done playing Rocky for good. He came close to retiring the character in 2006 with the film, “Rocky Balboa” (or Rocky 6) but then the Creed spin-offs happened and things changed. Sly decided to play the Rocky character again for two more films. Why did Sly continue to play Rocky after Rocky 6? Well Sly probably figured that the Creed spinoff films can’t be done without the Rocky character. It made total sense to bring him back. The films are about celebrating the history of Apollo Creed and that can’t be done without Sylvester Stallone playing Rocky. Easy to understand isn’t it?

Now that Sly announced he’s done with Rocky, I get this feeling what’s going to happen to Rocky in “Creed II”. I still haven’t seen “Creed II” yet but hoping to see it next week and I will.

Thank you, Sly. Rocky Balboa has been an inspiration in my life over the years. These movies aren’t just boxing movies, these are films about “life” really. I’ve been a huge fan of the Rocky character ever since I was a child. I remember being a young child watching the first Rocky film and I’ve been hooked to Rocky films ever since. I grew up watching all the films and seen all 5 Rocky movies so many times. Actually, I just re-watched the first 6 Rocky films last week and I’m about to watch the first “Creed” movie sometime this week.

It’s interesting that Sly wants to retire both Rocky and Rambo. There’s one more Rambo film coming and that’s probably gonna be the last one. Might as well get those films out of the way before Sly gets too old

Rocky has been a huge part of all of our lives whether you want to admit it or not. Sly’s acting skills has always gotten mixed reviews but I always thought he was a phenomenal actor. I always saw that the man’s got acting talent. People finally saw that he’s got talent when the first “Creed” movie came out which he got Oscar nominated for. While the first “Creed” movie was his best performance in his career, I’m sure his performance in “Creed II” will be even better. Can’t wait to see the new film! I’m definitely gonna try to see it before it stops playing.


Sly Stallone posts photo of Rambo’s bloody arm, giving us a hint that not only violence will be back, blood will be back too…

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“ Don’t let the bogeyman get you!… “Happy Halloween.

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Today on Sly’s instagram he just posted another Rambo pic while on set of the new film. As you can see he just posted a pic of Rambo’s bloody arm… giving us a hint that the dark, violent and angry Rambo will indeed be back for the next one.

Will Rambo 5 be similar to Rambo II, III and IV? No, I’ve read somewhere that Sly wants Rambo “Last Blood” to be completely different than the previous 4. I read that Sly wanted “Last Blood” to be his own version of “No Country For Old Men”. Kind of like a violent Western movie is what Sly is going for so it looks like they’re definitely going for a more Western feeling. As you can see in the pic, I’m sure there will still be plenty of violence and action scenes.

I remember a time where Sly Stallone came pretty close to retiring the Rambo character for good. Rambo 5 have been in development for a pretty long time. It’s been in the works on and off since Rambo 4 in 2008. Why did Sly almost retire the character? Read this interesting article.


I wonder what made Sly change his mind about retiring the Rambo character and coming back after all? The answer to that question is not yet known but maybe Sly just feels that the fans deserve one more Rambo film ’cause a lot of fans have been begging him for one more. Fans just believe Rambo shouldn’t end with Rambo 4. The Rambo series deserves a better closure then what we saw in Rambo 4.

Sly had other plot ideas for Rambo 5 but Lionsgate/Millennium Films wanted to do a Rambo film about human trafficking so they’re sticking with that plot. Why do they want to do a movie about human trafficking? Probably to help bring awareness to human trafficking. Human trafficking is real and it’s a problem in America. That’s the goal with the movie to bring more awareness to human trafficking. That’s what the studio wants and Sly is going for it.

I’m sure they’ll give us a great Rambo movie and I’m sure they won’t disappoint the fans at all. I wonder how it will all end? Will they make Rambo die in this one? I’m still thinking yes, they probably will kill him off somehow. In “Rambo: First Blood”, they actually tried to kill Rambo off but the studio wasn’t haven’t it so they forced Sly to re-write the ending so Rambo can live for upcoming sequels. I can see them killing Rambo off this time in order to end the Rambo series for good. Would make sense. It’s not a spoiler or anything, just a prediction.



Sly Stallone shows off new Rambo knife for “Rambo: Last Blood”… giving us a hint that violence will be back…

Rambo may have chopped his long hair off for “Rambo: Last Blood” but looks like we’re still going to get the same violent Rambo like we’ve always had. Rambo is gonna be no different. He’s still gonna have PTSD and all that stuff. Rambo still not over his past so I’m feeling that he’s gonna get more violent than ever. The new knife is a hint.

Fans are worried that this movie could be a PG-13 but I don’t think so. It’s gonna be a hard R rating, I’m sure. I’m already feeling this could be a more violent Rambo than the previous 4. Not too worry fans, Sly will NOT disappoint us. He’ll know what the fans would want out of a Rambo film.

It’s going to be interesting to see what the teaser trailer is gonna be like and I’m sure we’ll get that real soon. Maybe we’ll get the teaser trailer at the end of this year, who knows. Will “Rambo: Last Blood” be the best Rambo film of them all? I’m sure they’ll give us a great Rambo film but nothing will top the first one. The first one will always be a classic.


Oh yeah! Sylvester Stallone is finally bringing the “Hunter” novel to the big screen. It’s about freakin’ time!!!!

Initially, Sly wanted the plot for Rambo 5 to be about Rambo battling an inhuman beast in the Arctic but he scrapped that idea and now I guess, Sly is going for the Rambo rescuing the missing daughter from the drug cartel in Mexico plot instead. The scrapped Rambo plot isn’t being thrown out totally, though as Sly Stallone still has plans to finally bring “Hunter” novel to the big screen. Stallone purchased the rights to the book in 2009… he always wanted to make the book into a movie but never got around to it until now. Looks like Stallone is finally moving forward with the ‘Hunter” big screen movie. Stallone will still be starring in the leading role in the “Hunter” film, he just won’t be playing Rambo in it. Stallone is probably gonna play the book’s leading character Nathaniel Hunter in it, that’s what it’s gonna look like to me.


I’ve read the “Hunter” book and it’s fucking awesome. It would be an awesome movie if made right. Will Sly direct the movie himself? It’s not yet known but we’ll have to wait and see. When I read the book, it totally reminded me of Rambo. Why did Sly scrap the idea of Rambo battling the beast? He thought it would be pretty silly?

So the “Hunter” movie is gonna be Sly’s next film after “Rambo: Last Blood”??? That’s what it’s looking like to me.

When is “Expendables 4” gonna happen or is there ever gonna be one? It’s been green lighted earlier this year so looks like it’s still on. They better make EX4 soon ’cause Sly is getting older.


“Rambo: Last Blood” begins casting… they find the film’s leading villain and leading actress too…

“Rambo: Last Blood” has already started filming with just Sly being the only cast member so far and they just signed two actors for the film. They just added Paz Vega who is playing journalist, Carmen Delgado and they also signed Sergio Peris-Mencheta who is the film’s leading villain.


I would think Sergio being the main villain, he would be the leader of the Mexican cartel who Rambo will try to hunt down. I thought this film was going to be about a missing daughter but instead it’s looking like Rambo is going to help find Carmen’s half-sister. I bet Carmen will be Rambo’s love interest in this film too. It’s no surprise to see minor changes in the story ’cause Sly is always making changes in his scripts. Sly even continues to write the script even while filming the movie, that’s how he has always been. So expect even more changes to the story soon ’cause Sly is always changing things around.

Anyway, it makes sense to hire Spanish actors since most of the movie will be set in Mexico.

It may seem like that this movie is gonna be a Western but NOT all of it. Maybe the beginning of the movie, yes but I’m pretty positive we will see the tough guy Rambo we all want to see. Sly won’t disappoint us. I think we may get the violent Rambo once again… yes, big machine guns, big knives and maybe big helicopters. We’ll get it all… blood and gore, big fist fights, big and LOUD EXPLOSIONS. It’ll be the action movie we all want to see.


Rambo 5 gonna be more of a Western film instead of a war film? Kind of what it’s looking like…

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Rambo’s man cave…@rambomovie #rambo5

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It’s looking like the next Rambo film which will be the fifth installment is gonna be much different than the previous 4. The next Rambo is looking like to be more of a Western feel. From all the pics I’ve seen of Sly filming on set, looks like you’re about to say goodbye to big machine guns and you’re not going to see Rambo flying in giant helicopters like in the earlier films.

What’s Rambo’s weapons of choice are going to be for the next film? If you look at the background in this picture look what’s hanging on the walls. I see some rifles hanging on the walls so you might see Rambo using those instead of machine guns.

You can also see a knife in Rambo’s hand in which he looks like he was sharpening. Is that Rambo’s new knife? Hmmmm….

This is already looking pretty interesting. Also if you look very closely on this picture, you can see Rambo’s bowie knife hanging on the wall next to the rifles. Was that the old Rambo bowie knife that he used in “Rambo: First Blood”?