Happy 75th Birthday to Sylvester Stallone!

Happy birthday, Sylvester Stallone.

The man who is most famous as Rocky, Rambo and Barney Ross turns 75 today. Here he is the man himself in the Insta photo above with an impressive custom made cake made for him.

Sly is a man who I’ve idolized my entire life and still do to this day. Rocky was definitely a hero of mine when I was a child and still love Rocky movies to this day. I’ve collected most of Sly’s films on DVD and BluRay over the years. I never got to meet the man in person yet but I did get an autographed picture that he sent me and got to visit his star at the Hollywood Walk Of Fame once which was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Next on the bucket list is to one day go to Philadelphia to visit the Rocky steps at the art museum and see the Rocky statue with my own eyes. One day that will happen.

So Sly turns 75 today. He is quickly approaching 80 but will Sly retire from action movies any time soon? I remember him saying in interviews plenty of times that he does plan on retiring from acting soon so he can focus on writing and directing more. I’m sure he’s got some more action movies left in him and he’ll probably give us some more. Sly retired Rocky and Sly retired Rambo so he’s done playing those two characters. He hasn’t yet retired Barney Ross, though and he’ll probably give us one more Expendables movie so Expendables 4 is still a big possibility. I’m sure he’s got some acting left in him. Sly is approaching 80’s but he’s still in good shape and capable of acting still so he’ll probably go on a while longer.

I just want Sly to finally finish his “Poe” script and get that movie made… I just want Sly to get that movie off the ground before it’s his time to go if you know what I mean. I want to see Sly’s “Poe” biopic movie so bad but he’s been working on the script for decades ever since he was real young and still working on it now. Everybody’s wants Sly to finish the “Poe” movie so it can be made. We’re all curious about it. We’ll have to keep waiting, I guess.


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