Richard Donner was an important director in Hollywood… Sad Loss…

This week we lost film director, Richard Donner, which is a real bummer. Whether you want to realize it or not, I’m sure you’ve all seen a Richard Donner directed film especially his most famous movies like “Superman I & II”, “The Goonies” and all 4 Lethal Weapon movies. We’ve all seen those.

Richard made movies that was important to our childhood especially movies like “Superman: The Movie” and “The Goonies” which I’m sure a lot of us have seen like over 100 times.

Richard Donner was the one who brought Superman to the big screen. He was originally signed to direct “Superman I & II” back to back. He was doing both at the same time, I’ve read but then later Warner Bros. fired him and was replaced by Richard Lester.

Richard Donner did other great movies like “The Omen” horror film with Gregory Peck. “Ladyhawke” with Matthew Broderick, “Scrooged” with Bill Murray, “Radioflyer” was also great.

Richard Donner and Mel Gibson both had a long time partnership, they did the 4 Lethal Weapon movies together and Richard directed “Conspiracy Theory” and “Maverick” also both starring Mel Gibson. So Richard and Mel did 6 movies together.

I remember Richard Donner really tried to push for “Goonies II” to happen, he’s been talking about it for a long time. The goal was to bring back the original cast together from the first movie as full grown adults. Donner wanted to bring back everybody, even the two Fratelli brothers (except for Anne Ramsey aka Mama Fratelli who passed in 1988). “Goonies II” ended up not happening and looks like the sequel will be dead for good now.

The above pic in this blog post is a behind the scenes shot of “Superman: The Movie”. Richard Donner posing for a pic with the legendary, Marlon Brando who played Jor-El in the movie, Superman’s father.

Thanks for the entertainment and RIP, Richard. Remember, he was the one who picked Christopher Reeve to play Superman even though he auditioned many other actors before him.


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