Just about done collecting David Bowie’s entire album discography… just 3 more left…

It took me a long time but like the title says, I’m almost done completing David Bowie’s entire album discography. Yeah, for a long time my goal was to collect every album he has ever recorded. Bowie has a total of 27 albums… I have 24 of them so far. Just got three more left to go… I just got to get the “Labrynth” soundtrack and the two albums he did with his Tin Machine band. Just get to those three albums and then I have them all. I do now have every official Bowie album, though which feels pretty good ’cause I’ve always been a huge Bowie superfan.

I only have one David Bowie live album, though… which is the iconic “Bowie Live” album which is an important live album in the history of rock. I plan on getting more Bowie live stuff for sure and after I complete Bowie’s studio discography, I’m gonna start getting his unreleased compilations and B-side albums ’cause he has plenty of those.

I’ve loved Bowie music ever since I was a teenager and yes, he was one artist that got me interested in singing myself. He also helped sparked my interest in songwriting too. I definitely look at Bowie as a huge inspiration and influence in my own songwriting for sure.

The last two Bowie albums I bought were “Tonight” and “Scary Monsters and Super Creeps”. Haven’t listened to those two albums yet but will later this week.

I just love Bowie, man. Just love his voice and songwriting style. He’s definitely one of those artists where you can love everything he did and there’s not one bad song at all by this man. Everything he has done was so great and he’s one artist you’ll never get tired of listening to ever.

He may no longer be with us but “Bowie 4 Life”.


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