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RIP David Bowie who passed away two years ago today…

I got to thinking about David Bowie a lot this week ’cause this week was his birthday and anniversary death. David Bowie passed two years ago today.

I’m a longtime Bowie fan. I’ve been a fan of his long before he passed. I’ve been listening to his music for many years. In fact, Bowie was one of the musicians who helped made me want to sing myself. When I first started playing guitar, I initially didn’t want to be a singer and just be a guitar player. The singing came later in the years. Bowie was one of those that made me want to pick up a microphone.

A lot of people mostly know Bowie as a singer but his guitar playing wasn’t known that much and yes, he played a lot of guitar over the years. That’s how he wrote many of his famous songs.

I have a lot of Bowie albums in my music collection and trying to collect his entire discography. Yeah, I’m a die-hard Bowie fan. I love singing and Bowie’s definitely an inspiration.

He was more than just a musician, he was also a visual artist, a fashion genius and he was a great thinker too. He was an interesting guy for sure. There was something mysterious about this guy which was what I admired about him. He was never afraid to make music how he wanted and wasn’t afraid to go different directions. He maybe gone but his music lives on.


David Bowie passed away one year ago today…

Here’s to my favorite singer and songwriter, David Bowie. There’s not one song I don’t like by David Bowie. He’s one of those artists where you can like all of his music and I do. How can you not like David Bowie, ya know? I’ve been a fan of his music long before his passing.

I am now trying to collect all of his studio albums. So far I only have 12 of them.

When I first picked up the guitar, initially, I never wanted to have anything to do with singing lead vocals… I just wanted to be a guitar player. Until I heard Bowie, that’s when I wanted to become a singer myself. It was him who helped me inspire to play guitar and sing too in which he did both also.

His singing voice was powerful and unique. His songwriting was genius too. I love Bowie. Always did. RIP Bowie.


In defense to Lady Gaga tributing Bowie at the Grammy’s…

I know everyone may not be pleased about Lady Gaga performing a tribute to Bowie at the Grammy’s. There’s always gonna be those haters ’cause you can’t please everyone right? Anyway, I can see why Lady Gaga was the right performer to tribute Bowie ’cause think about it, right? I’ve been following Gaga’s career for a pretty long time. Her music and her image is all Bowie-like. David Bowie was one of her biggest influences and you can tell. She’s a visual artist like him and she is a fashion artist like him. That’s why she always dresses so strangely and outrageously ’cause she’s like him, ya know? Bowie was a pretty important part of her life. Gaga is a like modern version of David Bowie. I can’t see anybody else tributing David Bowie other than her. She’s the only one that could do it. Some may not have been pleased with it but no matter what you think of it, Bowie himself would have been proud.


David Bowie had more albums planned??? So expect a lot more unreleased Bowie music in the future…

Before David Bowie’s passing, it looks like he originally wanted to keep making new music and keep making new albums ’cause as I said before, Bowie has recorded plenty of unreleased material. Look like he wanted to keep releasing albums after “Blackstar” but he won’t be able to now obviously.

They already have plans in releasing Bowie’s theater musical starring Michael C. Hall “Lazarus” into an album soon so that’s probably gonna be the next Bowie release even though it won’t be Bowie singing the songs. Michael C. Hall will be singing on it.

David Bowie prepared a number of records to be released posthumously

While I’m sure fans would think that his record labels shouldn’t release music with him being gone, I’m pretty sure Bowie himself would have wanted them to keep releasing his music. I’m pretty sure we’ll get another Bowie studio album pretty soon. He probably already recorded a new album before his passing but never got a chance to get it out to his record label due to his health, probably.

When a famous music artist dies, the label always look for unreleased material as a way to help celebrate their music and honor that artist. We’ll get plenty more Bowie music, I’m sure.


Kirk Hammett of Metallica speaks on David Bowie… says Bowie was a huge influence on Metallica…

Like I said before, if you’re a music lover… how can you not have been influenced by David Bowie? Bowie was respected by all people who loved all genres of music. Bowie influenced everybody whether you’re a musician or not, ya know?

Kirk Hammett has some cool things to say about Bowie.


Bowie was a huge influence in my own music and his music changed my life forever as well. Bowie’s songs will help get you through hard times as well.

When I first started playing guitar, I originally wanted to be just a guitar player. I didn’t want anything to do with singing at first but until I discovered Bowie’s music that’s when I decided I wanted to learn how to sing myself. Bowie’s singing was so powerful. He was so good at making his singing sound so melodic and memorable. He was great at making vocal melodies that can never leave your head.


Do a lot of people only like David Bowie for his popular songs? Seems like it…

It seems to me that a lot of music fans only like David Bowie for his popular songs. All of his well known hits that people know and love. They only know Bowie for his popular albums, really. I’m sure a lot of Bowie fans aren’t really into all of his music like me. I’ve been listening to his music for years so I can tell you for sure that I’m a true die-hard Bowie fan. What I’m trying to say is a lot of people know him for his music in the 70’s and 80’s but what about some of his newer stuff? Albums like “Black Tie, White Noise”, “Buddha of Suburbia”, “Outside”, “Earthling”, “Hours…”, and lets not forget that Bowie was also in another band that most of you probably don’t know about called, Tin Machine. Look up Tin Machine. Tin Machine has only done two albums but very good!

Everything Bowie has done in his music career is good. There’s not one album that I don’t like by him. I love every studio album he did. Ever since Bowie’s passing, I’ve been listening to Bowie albums all week so I guess you can I’m listening through his discography of albums again. Just celebrating his work.

How can you not like David Bowie? Everybody should love David Bowie no matter what genre of music you like. David Bowie was respected by people who liked all genres of music. If you’re a metalhead, you’d probably like Bowie. If you’re a country music fan, you’d probably like Bowie. He was respected by everybody and he influenced everybody in some way. Even if you’re not much of a Bowie fan at all, I’m pretty sure you’ve been inspired by him still.

I usually don’t cry and feel emotional over musician deaths but Bowie really did it to me. This one kind of hit me hard. I’ve always been a lifelong Bowie fan. He’s a huge influence in my own singing as well ’cause in case you haven’t noticed, a lot of my original songs are Bowie inspired.