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It’s a David Bowie weekend…

Last Friday was Bowie’s birthday and today is his 6th year Anniversary death. I’ve been a long time Bowie fan ever since high school really. Over the years, I’ve tried to collect all of his albums and it took me a long time ’cause he has a large discography of albums… only need a few more left.

Some wonder what Bowie was like in the studio? After doing a lot of reading on him in his studio work over the years, I’ve read he was very nice. He wasn’t difficult to get along with but he kept everything honest, though. He knew what he was going for in his music. Did he write most of his own songs? Yes for the most part, I read he brought a lot of his own material but at the same time, he let his other guitar players and other musicians come up with their own stuff. If David liked their playing, he’ll take it into his songs. So in reality, it was both David and the musicians in his band wrote the music, they all wrote together really.

Not only that I like listening to Bowie music, I also loved reading about him too. I’ve read that if you actually got to meet Bowie in person, while he was pretty a nice guy, he’ll be very boring. He doesn’t like people fanboying over him and he was never one for autographs much, I think. He always stayed humbled and never saw himself as a rock star. He just wanted to live like a normal person and be a family man, ya know?

Bowie was a huge inspiration and influence into my own songwriting too, though… if you heard my original songs, you would probably hear a lot of Bowie influence.

I’ll never get tired of Bowie music ever. Initially, I just wanted to be a guitar player but the singing came after and it was Bowie that got me interested in singing myself after I picked up the guitar.

Bowie maybe gone but the music will never be. His art will always be around.


Just about done collecting David Bowie’s entire album discography… just 3 more left…

It took me a long time but like the title says, I’m almost done completing David Bowie’s entire album discography. Yeah, for a long time my goal was to collect every album he has ever recorded. Bowie has a total of 27 albums… I have 24 of them so far. Just got three more left to go… I just got to get the “Labrynth” soundtrack and the two albums he did with his Tin Machine band. Just get to those three albums and then I have them all. I do now have every official Bowie album, though which feels pretty good ’cause I’ve always been a huge Bowie superfan.

I only have one David Bowie live album, though… which is the iconic “Bowie Live” album which is an important live album in the history of rock. I plan on getting more Bowie live stuff for sure and after I complete Bowie’s studio discography, I’m gonna start getting his unreleased compilations and B-side albums ’cause he has plenty of those.

I’ve loved Bowie music ever since I was a teenager and yes, he was one artist that got me interested in singing myself. He also helped sparked my interest in songwriting too. I definitely look at Bowie as a huge inspiration and influence in my own songwriting for sure.

The last two Bowie albums I bought were “Tonight” and “Scary Monsters and Super Creeps”. Haven’t listened to those two albums yet but will later this week.

I just love Bowie, man. Just love his voice and songwriting style. He’s definitely one of those artists where you can love everything he did and there’s not one bad song at all by this man. Everything he has done was so great and he’s one artist you’ll never get tired of listening to ever.

He may no longer be with us but “Bowie 4 Life”.


David Bowie may not have liked his glitter rock years but I thought he was amazing at that…

Over the weekend, I bought this Rolling Stone special tribute magazine about David Bowie. It’s got him on the cover and the magazine is everything about David Bowie. Includes older articles and interviews with David Bowie in them and things like that, ya know?

I was reading the magazine over the weekend and I was surprised to learn that David Bowie never liked his glitter rock years. In fact, he always hated that era. Ya know, the glitter rock years that he was most famous for “Ziggy Stardust”, “Aladdin Sane”, “Diamond Dogs” and “Hunky Dory”. He never liked those albums and David said he even hated his iconic live album “David live” released in 1974. I read all this and shaking my head like what?

I beg to differ ’cause I think all those records he didn’t like that were listed above were all fucking amazing and incredible. I loved Bowie’s rock n’ roll albums, I never understood why he hated them. He just never was a fan of rock n’ roll and I now completely understand why Bowie stayed away from rock n’ roll over the years. He did mostly pop music over the years. The thing is, Bowie never saw himself as a rock artist… he always saw himself as an actor than a musician… that’s why he created all those musical characters like Ziggy Stardust, the Thin White Duke, etc.

The thing that shocked me the most was how he never liked his “David Live” album released in 1974. That is his most popular live album, that got him most positive reviews and he hated it? I bought that “David Live” album not too long ago and listened to it a few times, that album blew my fucking mind and I think it’s one of the greatest live albums in the history of music. Bowie was his own worst critic, I guess.

No matter what genre Bowie did over the years, he was genius at everything. I even loved all of his non-rock stuff. I’m trying to collect all of his studio albums and even his Tin Machine records and I’m just about there.

Even though Bowie tried to avoid rock n’ roll the best he could over the years, a lot of his newer stuff were still “rock n’ roll in a way… especially songs like “Are you Afraid of Americans”, “Dead Man Walking”, “Something In the Air”, “Slow Burn” and “Blackstar”. Even though those songs were different genres, they still were “rock n’ roll”. That song “Are you Afraid of Americans” had some pretty heavy guitar riffing on it.

I kind of wished David did rock n’ roll more ’cause he was great at it. He hated rock n’ roll so much, he did whatever he could to get away from it. Why did he do rock n’ roll even though he hated it? Well, he thought he would give a try, like an experiment and maybe he did it for the money? So he grew quickly tired of rock n’ roll and gave us the album “Young Americans” which was a strictly pop record in 1975.

When he did his latest and final record, “Blackstar”, once again he did his best to avoid rock n’ roll on it by eliminating guitar playing completely. He just sang over horn sections and stuff on that album but a lot of that album was still “rock”. He always did “rock” even though he didn’t know it ’cause pop music and techno is rock n’ roll too if you think about it.

I rarely ever buy tribute magazines from the newsstands but I had to get this David Bowie one since I’m a huge fan. Glad I got it. Very good and interesting read.


Just think if David Bowie performed live again if he didn’t pass away, I think he would have still had it for sure…

Doing all these David Bowie songs for my tribute for him, got me thinking about this. What would it have been like if Bowie didn’t pass away and he didn’t have that health decline. What if he was able to perform again? If he got to perform live again, I’m sure he would have still got it. I’m sure he would have killed it on stage like usual.

If I remember correctly, Bowie stopped performing on stage in 2004 for a few reasons. 1) He had too many heart attacks due to his heavy smoking, heavy drinking and his past drug use. Those were also the reasons why he couldn’t sing high anymore as he got older but he still could sing, though. 2) He also had a daughter with his wife Iman so he looked at as retiring from touring as an opportunity to spend more time with his family.

Even though he hasn’t performed a full show before he passed, he did a few special guest appearances with David Gilmour and Alicia Keys, that’s about it. After those two performances, you never saw him on stage again.

About 10 years after the release after “Reality”, he came out with a new album “The Next Day” and the follow up album after that, “Blackstar”. Why did Bowie release two new studio albums after years of no touring and no releasing new music? Well since he couldn’t perform, he could still sing and make music so he thought he would quickly make a few new albums before something was coming for him ’cause he knew death was coming. He just knew it and predicted it earlier so he released new music ’cause he knew his fans were wanting something new musically from him. Since he couldn’t perform live and couldn’t tour anymore, he thought he would give them something, ya know? I think David just really appreciated the fans support and he loved his fans so much so he gave back to them by giving them new music.

If he got to perform live and tour again, IF HE DID, I’m sure he would have killed it like usual. I’m sure he would have been performing his greatest hits and his new material.

Bowie never got to perform his new songs from “The Next Day” and “Blackstar” albums but I guess the closest you’ll get to see him perform his new stuff was that Michael C. Hall performed “Lazarus” on TV in honor of him. Michael’s performance of that song was dead-on, though, it was amazing and he killed it… Bowie would have been proud of that performance I’m sure. Go youtube it if you haven’t seen it before. Just think if Bowie himself got to perform “Blackstar” and “Lazarus” live if he had the opportunity, I’m sure he would have floored a lot of people. Bowie never got to perform on TV again so I guess they had Michael C. Hall do it instead.

I’ve been a die-hard Bowie fan for years ever since I was young. He’s definitely an inspiration/influence for my own singing, songwriting and guitar playing for sure. It was pretty much him that made me want to start writing my own music really and a lot of my own originals were Bowie inspired.

I got two more Bowie songs for my online tribute and I’ll get them online at some point this weekend. Just rehearsing them to death and I’ll get them online when I can.


A few more David Bowie covers…

The Bowie tribute continues… enjoy these ones…

“Rock N’ Roll Suicide”…

“Queen Bitch”… 

“The Supermen”… 

I’ll post more when I can. Still rehearsing and practicing the other ones. I’m not make these public until I’m happy with the performance good enough.

I think people are actually enjoying these, though. I may as well do an encore and play 4 more Bowie covers once the 12 songs are up. I’ll do 4 more after that.

These Bowie songs are very challenging… at least some of them can be. They are hard to sing vocally but the more practice, the more I’ll get it.



My David Bowie tribute on Instagram begins today… enjoy…

The first three Bowie covers for the day. Enjoy these ones but I’m planning on posting a few more tomorrow.

Space Oddity…


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Another one of Bowie's big hits. Enjoy. #DavidBowie

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Rebel, Rebel…

Have a lot more coming!


Thoughts on David Bowie telling Dave Grohl to “Fuck off” after being asked to collaborate for movie soundtrack…

I know how much people want to idolize their favorite musicians and artists but sometimes it’s a bad idea to interact with them or meet them in person. Why? It’s because you’ll never know whether or not they’re an asshole. That’s why it’s a good idea not to meet famous people, ya know???

Not all musicians are gonna be nice ’cause there will be many musicians that will be assholes, no matter how talented they are. I’ve met plenty of local musicians and local artists that I loved and respected but they turn out to be assholes when you talk to them.

All musicians are gonna be different, they’re not all the same. Some will be really nice and some are gonna be downright arrogant pricks.

Maybe Bowie was not an asshole to people at all? Maybe that’s just a Brit way of talking to people ’cause after all Bowie was British to begin with. Maybe British people say “Fuck Off” as their way of saying “bye”??? I don’t know. British people swear a lot like that. Bowie was a Brit who lived in New York City for most of his life. I know Ozzy talked like that a lot, he says “fuck off” to people a lot, not a way to be mean just his way of saying get lost. That’s just the Brits way of talking. I don’t believe Bowie was being mean to Dave, though.

Anyhow, whether or not Bowie was a jerk, either way he was still a talented artist and I’ll always love his music.


David Bowie… why he was the greatest artist ever…

I’m planning a David Bowie tribute for my online home performances but I think I’m gonna make that for instagram instead of live stream. I’ve noticed that instagram allows you to post longer videos now which is about time so I’m going to do all live performances on instagram from now on, I think.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been learning all the David Bowie songs I want to learn for the tribute. Learning these Bowie songs… singing them and playing guitar on them… it reminded me that Bowie really was a musical genius. He knew how to write songs for sure and he was a real musician.

I’m trying to sing Bowie songs as how he sung the songs on the album. A lot of his songs are pretty tough to sing. Why? It’s because he was a pretty melodic singer and he also sung a lot of high notes too. His music was so great ’cause he was good at singing melodic vocal lines that never leave your head… his vocal phrasing is what made his music special.

While David was mostly known as a really good singer… what most people don’t want to talk about was his rhythm guitar playing. He was a great rhythm guitarist for sure… he used a lot of chords for his songs, it’s crazy. He was also more than just a guitar player ’cause he played more than one instrument on his albums in the past… he played the saxophone, keyboards, piano and the organ on a lot of them too.

That man knew what he wanted out of his music. David was a songwriter who was never afraid to take risks in his music over the years. Whether he did rock n’ roll to pop to dance music to ballads, everything he did was genius.

Before David passed away, he wanted nothing to do with rock n’ roll anymore ’cause his latest album, “Blackstar” wasn’t a rock n’ roll album but it was still an amazing record. I just learned the song “Blackstar” the album’s title track and that is one of the songs for the upcoming Bowie tribute… and I’m excited to do that song for y’all.

There’s not one Bowie song that I don’t like… he is one of those artists that you enjoy every song and never get tired of listening to over and over. Even though he stopped doing rock n’ roll over the years, his songs were still pretty tight and gave you goosebumps.

I was bummed when David passed ’cause I’ve always looked up to his music over the years of my life. Listened to his music for a long time. My Bowie tribute will be coming real soon… probably this week exclusively on my instagram page. I’ve always wanted to do a Bowie tribute and finally doing it.