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Two more David Bowie covers for the day…

I’m posting Bowie’s songs “Starman” and “The Man Who Sold the World” (the Bowie version, not Nirvana). So far, posted 10 songs for David Bowie tribute and got two more to go which I will post sometime over the weekend.


“The Man Who Sold the World”…



Thinking of doing a live virtual show for my original songs too… probably will…

I’m now thinking of doing a live virtual show/concert for my originals too. If I’m going to do that, it means I’ll probably have to go back and re-listen to all my older songs and re-learn them all again. I’ve probably forgotten how to play most of ’em. I’ll play a lot of my older songs that I used to do when I used to gig a lot and I’ll try to write some more new ones too.

I know my listeners/fans want to hear my originals ’cause there are people that actually do like to listen to my originals despite the many critics and haters that I have.

Maybe I should bring the old songs back ’cause admittedly, those old songs did help get me out there gigging a little bit. I’ll bring back “Evil Fred”, “Time Bomb”, “Mr. Tough Guy”, “Suicide or Murder”, etc. All of it.

Time to have some fun.


A few more David Bowie covers…

The Bowie tribute continues… enjoy these ones…

“Rock N’ Roll Suicide”…

“Queen Bitch”… 

“The Supermen”… 

I’ll post more when I can. Still rehearsing and practicing the other ones. I’m not make these public until I’m happy with the performance good enough.

I think people are actually enjoying these, though. I may as well do an encore and play 4 more Bowie covers once the 12 songs are up. I’ll do 4 more after that.

These Bowie songs are very challenging… at least some of them can be. They are hard to sing vocally but the more practice, the more I’ll get it.



My David Bowie tribute on Instagram begins today… enjoy…

The first three Bowie covers for the day. Enjoy these ones but I’m planning on posting a few more tomorrow.

Space Oddity…


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Another one of Bowie's big hits. Enjoy. #DavidBowie

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Rebel, Rebel…

Have a lot more coming!


From now on, I think I’m going to use my FB like page to upload my live home performances instead of youtube…

I think from now on, I’m going to use my facebook “like” page to upload live home acoustic performances on video. Whether I play covers or an original song on live video, I’ll post ’em all here instead of my youtube channel. I’m not a big fan of youtube anymore and FB is pretty much the way to go.

Reasons to avoid “Youtube” is ’cause:

  1. Nobody cares about it anymore.
  2. To  avoid copyright notices on cover songs (hate getting those, you don’t get those on FB)

I’m also going to use my FB like page ’cause the page got 66 likes which is not bad. I could use more FB likes so that’s why I’m going to use it more. Use my FB like page a lot more often hoping to spark more traffic  on it. I’m going to use it more this year, hoping to get more fans. I’m  planning to get back into songwriting again so whenever I write new songs, I’ll release them all exclusively on my FB like page instead of youtube or this blog.

I want to promote my FB like page and get it going. My FB like page is for my music stuff only. There won’t be political debates, rants or any of that stuff. I use that page to promote my music only.

I’m  going to make changes to my FB like page too so I can try and make it look more professional. Would like to do a photoshoot for it, this year.

I’m realizing that the FB like page is pretty much the best way to promote your music. I wanna get it going this year more. If you’re a fan of my music and if you haven’t joined that page yet, feel free to do so.


Video: Watch me jam along to Eastbound Jesus “54 Miles”…

This is getting some views and some positive feedback so I thought I would post this here too. This video is me jamming some guitar along to one of Eastbound Jesus’s songs called, “54 Miles”… a song off of their album “Northern Rock”.

I figured the song out by ear and the song is actually pretty simple. They just stay in the key of G throughout the whole thing pretty much.

This video is getting a lot of positive feedback and after thinking about it a while, I think I can handle jamming in bands just fine. Hopefully someday I could jam with EBJ the band themselves whether it will be at one of their practice sessions or at a gig of theirs, I’m good either way. Not become a full time EBJ member or anything, just jam with them for fun and that’s it!

Enjoy the video!


Original song (audio): “Suicide Or Murder”…

Here’s another old song that I’ve written for the upcoming Greatest Hits album that I have planned. The lyrics in this song maybe pretty dark but it’s a fictional horror story. I’ve always liked to tell stories in songs. This song is about a dead body being discovered and trying to decide whether it was a murder or a suicide.

The scale I’m using for the solo is the E Phrygian scale. It was the best scale that I could find that would work well with this song and the solo sounds good.

Enjoy! I think this song is one of my favorites really. Imagine what this tune would sound like in a full band? That’s how I originally heard it.