From now on, I think I’m going to use my FB like page to upload my live home performances instead of youtube…

I think from now on, I’m going to use my facebook “like” page to upload live home acoustic performances on video. Whether I play covers or an original song on live video, I’ll post ’em all here instead of my youtube channel. I’m not a big fan of youtube anymore and FB is pretty much the way to go.

Reasons to avoid “Youtube” is ’cause:

  1. Nobody cares about it anymore.
  2. To  avoid copyright notices on cover songs (hate getting those, you don’t get those on FB)

I’m also going to use my FB like page ’cause the page got 66 likes which is not bad. I could use more FB likes so that’s why I’m going to use it more. Use my FB like page a lot more often hoping to spark more traffic  on it. I’m going to use it more this year, hoping to get more fans. I’m  planning to get back into songwriting again so whenever I write new songs, I’ll release them all exclusively on my FB like page instead of youtube or this blog.

I want to promote my FB like page and get it going. My FB like page is for my music stuff only. There won’t be political debates, rants or any of that stuff. I use that page to promote my music only.

I’m  going to make changes to my FB like page too so I can try and make it look more professional. Would like to do a photoshoot for it, this year.

I’m realizing that the FB like page is pretty much the best way to promote your music. I wanna get it going this year more. If you’re a fan of my music and if you haven’t joined that page yet, feel free to do so.



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