Video: Watch me jam along to Eastbound Jesus “54 Miles”…

This is getting some views and some positive feedback so I thought I would post this here too. This video is me jamming some guitar along to one of Eastbound Jesus’s songs called, “54 Miles”… a song off of their album “Northern Rock”.

I figured the song out by ear and the song is actually pretty simple. They just stay in the key of G throughout the whole thing pretty much.

This video is getting a lot of positive feedback and after thinking about it a while, I think I can handle jamming in bands just fine. Hopefully someday I could jam with EBJ the band themselves whether it will be at one of their practice sessions or at a gig of theirs, I’m good either way. Not become a full time EBJ member or anything, just jam with them for fun and that’s it!

Enjoy the video!


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