If Donald Trump does a rally at the Times Union Center in Albany, will I go? Yes absolutely!

Word got out that the Times Union Center in Albany, N.Y. got a call from the Trump team about doing a possible rally at the Times Union arena in Albany. If it gets confirmed at the Times Union in Albany, will I go? Yes, you betcha! Even though I don’t drive, I’ll figure out a way to get there and I just did actually. I have a lot of family members who are Bernie fans so I know they won’t take me so I figure it’s best for me to find other fellow Trump supporters to go with. I know there are a lot of Trump supporters around here and I just found somebody interested in going with if the rally gets confirmed so it’s all good.

I would love to see a Donald Trump speech live in person and maybe get lucky enough to meet Trump the man himself. Trump is a New Yorker like the rest of us and most of us in New York love Trump obviously!

I hear that Bernie Sanders might do a rally at the Times Union in Albany too so you know what that means right? That means Bernie will probably hire some of his supporters to invade the Trump rally in Albany so Bernie fanatics will probably disrupt the Trump rally in Albany for sure! When I go, I probably won’t bother talking with any of the Trump protesters but if they start in on me first, I would have no problem telling them to fuck off. If a Trump protester happens to hurt me physically like punch me or something like that, I’ll have no problem kicking their ass and knocking them out… self defense, ya know?

I’m looking forward to going if a Trump rally in Albany happens and it probably will. I’ll bring my Ipod to take photos and videos with.

This week, I ordered a Trump “Make America Great Again” hat and t-shirt and I’ll wear those when I go to the Trump rally in Albany if it happens. I just ordered a Trump hat and t-shirt from his website and it should arrive this weekend.

I know a lot of people are getting pissed off ’cause I show my support for Trump but I won’t stop showing my support for the Donald. Out of all the candidates we have so far, The Donald is still the best bet. Sorry but I refuse to support Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz. Donald Trump really is the best guy we have and he’s definitely our only hope. I don’t care what anyone thinks.

I believe people who hate Donald Trump are really misinformed people and I really mean that too.



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