Azealia Banks vs. Sarah Palin thoughts, is Azealia backpeddling? Seems like it…

Azealia Banks made some harsh statements about Sarah Palin that she should get gang raped by a bunch of black guys and allow for it to be videotaped. Then Azealia wrote an open letter on twitter apologizing to Sarah and claiming that’s not what she really meant (which the open letter she wrote was deleted off of twitter so I found it in the EW link below).

I think Azealia is just a one-hit wonder artist that I don’t know much about trying to do whatever it takes to get more attention and sell more records. So she’s trying to promote her music by attacking Sarah Palin is the way I’m seeing it. I’ve never heard of Azealia Banks until last year when she started saying that she hates the USA and everything about this country, remember that? Now she’s taking her anti-American ways even further by attacking Sarah Palin for no reason. Azealia is just a cunt trying to promote her music, period. End of story.

Azealia is just trying to attract more attention by making Sarah Palin haters into her fans. That’s all she’s doing. Azealia attention whore. I hope Sarah sues her to the ground.


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