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Trump to nominate Sarah Palin for V.A.??? Oh man, I hope so!!!

I predicted that Sarah Palin could be a part of Trump’s cabinet somehow. It looks like she maybe getting a big role. I can’t think of anything better for Palin other than the V.A. which is just perfect for her. She cares for our veterans more than anybody out there so this position would be perfect for her. I really hope Trump picks Sarah for his cabinet and then Trump can drive the Palin haters mad.


So far, Trump’s cabinet picks are really good but I’ll have to admit that I hope Trump doesn’t get General Petraeus and Mitt Romney in. Those two guys are not to be trusted at all. Why you shouldn’t trust Petraeus? Well he is a Benghazi witness for starters (testified twice for Trey Gowdy) and plus he’s on probation for leaking confidential stuff to his mistress. I’m sure Trump won’t pick them, though because I’m sure he doesn’t want to upset America.

With that being said, though, I hope he gets Palin in. Those two have been friendly with each other for years so you shouldn’t have been surprised to see Trump maybe getting Palin for his cabinet.


Could Sarah Palin end up being Trump’s VP running mate, is that why she’s not listed to speak @ RNC next week?

Trump  is about ready to announce his VP running mate finally which he will do that in NYC. In the link below is a list of people who will speak at the RNC next week. However, Sarah Palin’s name isn’t seen at all in the RNC schedule. She’s been a big supporter of Trump for a long while now and suddenly she’s not scheduled to speak at the RNC?

There could be a big reason for that as I think Trump might of actually picked Sarah Palin to be his VP running mate. Notice on the list the VP nominee will speak on Night 3. So if Sarah Palin has been chosen to be the VP running mate then she will speak on Night 3.

There has been a lot of talk that either Newt Gingrich or Ivanka Trump has been chosen to be the VIP running mate but it’s not gonna be them ’cause they’re scheduled to speak at RNC next week. The VP running mate will not be Jeff Sessions either ’cause he is listed to speak at the RNC.


If Sarah Palin is the VP for Trump then that would be cool. I still love Sarah Palin too. Palin and Trump would make a great team-up. Don’t be surprised if Trump’s running mate could end up being Palin. It would for sure upset the NeverTrumpers if it’s indeed, Sarah Palin. I hope he picked her. Palin being Trump’s VP would create a lot of controversy for sure and would drive the media crazy.


Azealia Banks vs. Sarah Palin thoughts, is Azealia backpeddling? Seems like it…

Azealia Banks made some harsh statements about Sarah Palin that she should get gang raped by a bunch of black guys and allow for it to be videotaped. Then Azealia wrote an open letter on twitter apologizing to Sarah and claiming that’s not what she really meant (which the open letter she wrote was deleted off of twitter so I found it in the EW link below).




I think Azealia is just a one-hit wonder artist that I don’t know much about trying to do whatever it takes to get more attention and sell more records. So she’s trying to promote her music by attacking Sarah Palin is the way I’m seeing it. I’ve never heard of Azealia Banks until last year when she started saying that she hates the USA and everything about this country, remember that? Now she’s taking her anti-American ways even further by attacking Sarah Palin for no reason. Azealia is just a cunt trying to promote her music, period. End of story.

Azealia is just trying to attract more attention by making Sarah Palin haters into her fans. That’s all she’s doing. Azealia attention whore. I hope Sarah sues her to the ground.


Sarah Palin upsets a lot of her own fans after her Donald Trump endorsement…

Apparently a lot of Sarah Palin fans are Donald Trump haters and many of her fans just turned their backs on her. Which is no surprise ’cause which candidate do those Donald Trump haters support instead? That’s right. Many Sarah Palin supporters were mostly Ted Cruz supporters. They should have seen it coming ’cause Sarah just jumped aboard to help fight against Ted Cruz. I’d say that if you’re a Ted Cruz fan, you’re not a true conservative like you think you are. I think Ted Cruz is a closet liberal and hiding it. Those dumb so-called conservatives think Ted Cruz is fighting back at the Obama admin. but he never was. I mean, Ted actually backed a lot of Obama’s policies like Rubio stated at one of the GOP Debates… Rubio exposing Ted as a flip flopper. Ted Cruz supported Obama’s TPP trade but Cruz supporters continued to support him anyways.

That’s one thing I love about Trump, he’s so good at exposing all of those fake conservatives.

Ya see, I’m not on either side anymore. The conservative party has gotten so bad and so ridiculous… even they are driving me crazy as of late. Those so-called “right-wingers” love Ted Cruz. Really? I hate Ted Cruz. On top of that, Ted is not eligible for the White House. If you support Ted Cruz then I can’t support you. Ted would be a nightmare for the White House and we can’t have him. Ted will not be the GOP nominee that’s for sure so there’s nothing to worry about. Those so-called “right-wingers” can be just as bad as liberals. The right-wing community can be dumb, ignorant and misinformed too. It goes both ways, yo!

It’s turning out that a lot of “right-wingers” hate Donald Trump too. Both the left & the right hate Trump. Most Trump supporters has gone independent like me.


Once Sarah Palin endorses Donald Trump… Bernie and Hillary are done… also is Palin gonna be Trump’s running mate?

I don’t care what the haters think. I still love Sarah Palin even to this day. I’ve been quietly supporting her after all these years still ’cause if I continue to talk about her publicly, I know I’m gonna get slammed by stupid ass libtards. I know many libtards wants Bernie and some libtards want Hillary as president but once Sarah Palin endorses Donald Trump hopefully today, Bernie and Hillary are done. Bernie and Hillary are finished. What does this mean when Sarah endorses Trump? Well, for starters, Sarah is a pretty popular conservative star. She’s just as big as Donald Trump. Once she endorses him, that’s gonna earn Donald Trump even more supporters than ever before. That’ll help get Trump even more voters.

It’s no secret that Palin and Trump have always been pretty close to each other so I wouldn’t be surprise at all if Trump chooses her as his running mate. She was John McCain’s running mate in 2008 so a second Vice-President run for Sarah? Sarah Palin might be Trump’s mysterious guest in Iowa. Once again, she could end up being his running mate too. I always saw that Palin and Trump would make a great team up in someway.

Once Trump gets Palin’s support that’ll give Trump the landslide win in the election. Sarah Palin is still awesome. I don’t care what the haters think.


Two political figures that liberals really hate take a selfie together @ Shot Show 2015…

Yep, that’s Sarah Palin and Ted Nugent taking a selfie together. Two political figures that liberals really hate. The media and liberals like to paint them as “bigots” and “controversial” but I don’t think so.

I look at these two as patriots who are not afraid to call things like it is. Even if their truth is brutal, they’re not afraid to call out Obama and this corrupt government. If people are hating, they’re doing a good job, in my opinion. They must be doing something right.

I don’t care what anyone else says. I respect the hell out of these two. I love Sarah and Uncle Ted both. Anyone that has the balls to call out Obama’s bullshit, you can very well believe I’ll be a fan of that person. Conservatives like me love these two but liberals hate ’em.

I hope Sarah decides to run in 2016. I loved her since 2008 and I still haven’t turned my back on her yet. Like they all say, “Run Sarah Run”!!!! Agree with it or not, Sarah and Uncle Ted are both heroes in the Conservative community. We all respect the hell out of these two

Why? Because like I said above, these two are not afraid to call out Obama’s bullshit while everyone else stays silent. I love Sarah and Ted. Huge fan of both. All of their haters can suck it if they don’t like it.


Sarah Palin just did her Ice Bucket, why did she have to rip off George W’s idea???

Come on, Sarah, can you come up with something original? While it looked like at first Sarah wasn’t gonna get water dumped on her head and write a check at first… of course, someone dumped water on her head at the end of the video… kind of like the George W. Bush one.

Did she really challenge Hillary Clinton? I am also 100% positive that when Hillary does her ice bucket, that video will go viral and get the most views.

This is what’s gonna look like when Hillary does the ice bucket…