When it comes to Sarah Palin and Obama impeachment…

When the news first broke that Sarah Palin called for Obama impeachment — sure enough, Sarah haters are gonna make all kinds of ridiculous claims that she did all kinds of impeachable offenses as governor like what a few of you guys tried to do. Without giving me any information and details of what kind of impeachable offenses Sarah have done when she was governor, all you did was call her a bunch of names and called her a hypocrite. You guys never showed me any links or anything. Why? It’s because it’s my belief that she has done nothing impeachable. She was only governor of Alaska for 3 years. So technically, she hasn’t really done much during her time as governor. Sure, Sarah may have done a few bad things like she may have been a part of the Bridge to Nowhere controversy but that was about it (the Bridge to Nowhere stuff happened before she was governor, btw). She has done nothing impeachable during her 3 year run as Governor from what I see.

I have followed Sarah’s political career for a pretty long time now and I can tell you something that she has done nothing criminal over the years. That’s just the way I see things. While in office, she may have done some stuff that other people didn’t like but that doesn’t mean she has done anything impeachable or criminal.

On top of that, even if she may have done a few impeachable things… even if it’s true, you still can’t compare her to Barack.

Did Sarah murder people? Did she try to cover it up and blame it on a video??? Did she smuggle guns to Mexican drug lords and tried to blame it on Bush? Was she obsessed with dropping drones all over the place? Did she come up with an illegal health care system that could potentially hurt so many Americans or even kill them? Did she open the border of the US to allow all kinds of illegal immigrants and criminals to pour into our country? Did she do things without congressional authority? Was she obsessed with targeting certain political groups through the IRS? Did she wiretap journalists phones and computers and stuff? Did she spy on innocent Americans through cell phones, computers, the internet, etc??? Did she lie about her birth certificate? Did she shred the Constitution to pieces??? Did she trade in 5 terrorists for a US Soldier who is a deserter? I can go on all day with this.

Was her impeachable offenses or criminal acts just as bad as I explained above? No, no, and no.

On top of all this, Sarah wasn’t the only one who was calling for impeachment of Barack Obama. Most of us have been calling for impeachment for years now. It just that calls for impeachment haven’t been mainstream news until Sarah said something. She was the one who helped bring talks of Obama impeachment to the media. Talks of Obama impeachment haven’t been huge news until now.

All the things she said that Obama needs to be impeached for is nothing new. His crimes and scandals: Benghazi, Operation F&F, IRS, NSA, Bergdhal, Obamacare, illegal immigration, etc. A lot of us have been talking about that stuff for many years now.

People who attack Sarah’s calls for Obama impeachment are hating her for it ’cause they know she’s right and they don’t want to admit it.

Congress won’t act on Obama impeachment ’cause they know it’ll hurt their upcoming elections in Nov. if they filed articles of impeachment. That’s why Speaker Boehner refuses to impeach Obama. He knows it’ll make him lose votes. That’s why Boehner have chosen to do the lawsuit instead. In November, we need to vote Boehner out. He maybe Republican but I don’t like him and don’t trust him at all. He needs to go. We need to elect a House Speaker with a spine who does have the guts to impeach Obama so hopefully that happens in Nov. We need to get rid of Boehner so hopefully he’ll be gone in Nov.

The things that Sarah says about Obama is nothing new. I’ve been talking about everything she’s saying about Obama on my blog for years.

Sarah is not a dangerous woman. Maybe that could explain all the hate ’cause everybody knows she’s innocent and harmless. She wasn’t a lawless governor. People don’t like her ’cause of her conservative beliefs and they don’t like the way she calls out liberals.

Just admit you would rather have Sarah as president than Hillary.

Don’t bother responding to a different blog post to attack Sarah ’cause it’ll just get deleted and ignored.