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Trump did nothing wrong… if the Bidens are dirty then they need to be looked into…

Some of you probably want to know my thoughts on the Trump impeachment hearings. Am I watching it??? No. Absolutely not. I started to watch it on C-span and tried to watch a couple of hours of it but got bored finally and gave up. I still watch videos here and there of the impeachment hearings online… mostly just to hear Elise Stefanik and Jim Jordan talk. I hear that Michael Turner is another star on the House Floor but I haven’t seen any of his videos on the House Floor yet so I’ll get around to watching them.

Ya know, I think that’s funny that the Democrats wants Trump removed over that July 25th phone call with Ukrainian president Zelensky. They want Trump removed ’cause he tried to look into the corruption of the Bidens – Joe and Hunter, pressuring Zelensky to investigate the Bidens and Trump wanted investigation into the Ukrainian interference of the 2016 election. Trump sending Rudy and Barr out to see what’s going on with all this stuff. The whistleblower complaint alleges that Zelensky felt pressured by Trump and the whistleblower claimed there was abuse of power with them too. Democrats also wants to accuse Trump of witholding military aide to get “quid pro quo” help from Zelensky but from what I’ve seen from the hearings most of these so-called “star-witnesses” shot the quid pro quo claims down. There wasn’t any “quid pro quo” and even Trump himself said not too long ago that he wanted nothing back.

I think Trump is pretty smart to go after the Bidens… Trump did nothing wrong ’cause if people in government are dirty then they should be investigated. This is what “Draining the swamp” is and that’s what “Draining the swamp” looks like. Trump believes that Ukraine is hiding the DNC server and Hillary’s e-mails and I really believe him too.

My question is why is Trump getting in trouble for all this? Isn’t that the president’s job to begin with is to go after corruption? YES! Usually when people are accusing someone of something they have something to hide. What are the democrats hiding? They want to remove Trump ’cause they know he’s about to expose their crimes. Trump vowed to go after the DNC server and Hillary’s e-mails and that stuff would expose Democrat crimes, is that what they’re afraid of? When I think of DNC server and Hillary’s e-mails, that’s the real scandal, not Trump going after the Bidens.

This is a sham impeachment and it’s not gonna go anywhere anyways. Trump isn’t going anywhere. It’s funny, ya know. Each time Democrats go after Trump, the Democrats exposes their own corruption every time… it’s kind of like a boomerang and that’s what’s going on here. Each time Democrats go after Trump, it hits them back in the ass. I love it. They just want to impeach Trump ’cause they know he’s going to win the 2020 re-election and they publicly admit that too. It’s all a witch hunt indeed. Just a bunch of crybabies who hate Trump and nothing more.

I wish the Democrats would leave Trump alone and let him do his job!


Trump announces that Daytona Beach, FL will be his permanent home if he doesn’t make it past 2020…

Trump just announced on twitter that his permanent home of residence will be Daytona Beach, Florida if he doesn’t make past 2020 as president. Whether he gets impeached & removed from office or loses the 2020 re-election, that is where he’ll move to.

I can’t blame him since New York is still a blue state and he’s been dealing with harassment and bullying by Mayor Deblasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Trump hasn’t done anything wrong since the 2016 election… it’s just that lefties have a problem with their one-sided views in politics which is crazy. They hate Republicans & Conservatives so much, the left wonder why they lose elections? The left will stop at nothing to destroy people they disagree with, it’s pathetic.

If Trump gets impeached and removed from office by Democrats or if he loses re-election, that will be the end of the Democrat party. The Democrat party and the mainstream news media are both the enemy of the people. If you can’t see that then then you are brainwashed by the mainstream news media if you hate Trump this much.

I’ll never abandon support of Trump no matter what the haters think.


Liberals are already calling the IRS commissioner impeachment filings by the House a witch hunt… pathetic…

So let me get this straight… each time a Republican led House goes after somebody in the Obama admin or a liberal political figure… they get called a “witch hunt” by libtards? Are liberals really this one sided? They can’t see how criminal these left-wing politicians are?

Just wait until the House suddenly files impeachment on Barack Obama whenever it does. If you think liberals protecting Hillary Clinton is bad, Barack Obama would be a lot worse. Liberals would be crying, “Free Obama” just like they’re going “Free Hillary” right now. It’s all pathetic really.

When somebody goes against someone in the Obama administration out of love for America, they’ll get a liberal backlash. Which proves even more that liberals really are anti-America. When somebody does something out of love for America, that’s what liberals hate. If Barack Obama ever starts getting impeachment proceedings that’s when things will get a lot worse for sure. Liberals will always believe that left-wing politicians are innocent no matter the situation. That’s part of why most of us are getting fed up with liberals. I believe that liberals are just way too loyal to their team, obviously. That’s what’s going on here, I think. Liberals won’t be honest with their own party at all, it’s just sickening really. They have to protect everything “liberal”, that’s what it is.

Uggggghhh… just wait until Donald Trump gets elected, liberals will do everything they can to impeach him for sure. That’s how one-sided these dumbasses are.


Trey Gowdy not the hero congressman we all want him to believe???

Right-wingers looked up to Trey Gowdy ’cause we all expected him to take down Obama over Benghazi and his imperial presidency. Turns out that’s not what Trey’s intention is gonna be. Trey seems to be another Republican disagreeing with impeachment much like Speaker Boehner.

For the past couple of months, Trey seemed to be too kind toward Obama. With his Benghazi “Select Committee” investigations, I’ve noticed they haven’t questioned Obama once. Obama was never brought up during the public hearings. Everything about Benghazi so far have been more about Hillary than Obama.

Also when Trey was questioning the Secret Service during the fence jumping incident, he even seemed concerned for Obama’s safety.


So after all of the above, Trey is another slimey Republican protecting Obama???

I just can’t understand why Republicans don’t agree with impeachment. I just think it’s because of a race issue. They don’t wanna risk being called a racist if they impeach their first black president, ya know?

There are some Republicans that agree with impeachment but not enough of ’em. I’m starting to lose respect toward Trey Gowdy myself. Like I said before, even some Republicans are protecting Obama.


Finally, a House republican agreeing with Obama impeachment!!! Thanks Walter Jones!!!

Congressman Walter Jones just dropped this article in facebook today. Seems like it was Walter’s way of wishing Barack a happy birthday. Most Republicans in the House of Representatives have been tight-lipped on Barack impeachment even if they don’t like him but finally a republican came forward and admitted impeachment is a good idea.

See how Sarah Palin calling for impeachment would lead to Republicans speaking out about it? That’s why she’s doing a good thing.

I agree with Walter, a lawsuit is just a silly political game that Boehner is playing. I’ve called on it that it doesn’t make any sense that Obama would get sued instead of impeachment. Walter agrees with that.

Thanks, Walter!!! You da man!!! \m/

Hopefully more Republicans will come forward and call for impeachment after this. So yeah, happy birthday, Barack… a little gift from Walter for ya!!!



When it comes to Sarah Palin and Obama impeachment…

When the news first broke that Sarah Palin called for Obama impeachment — sure enough, Sarah haters are gonna make all kinds of ridiculous claims that she did all kinds of impeachable offenses as governor like what a few of you guys tried to do. Without giving me any information and details of what kind of impeachable offenses Sarah have done when she was governor, all you did was call her a bunch of names and called her a hypocrite. You guys never showed me any links or anything. Why? It’s because it’s my belief that she has done nothing impeachable. She was only governor of Alaska for 3 years. So technically, she hasn’t really done much during her time as governor. Sure, Sarah may have done a few bad things like she may have been a part of the Bridge to Nowhere controversy but that was about it (the Bridge to Nowhere stuff happened before she was governor, btw). She has done nothing impeachable during her 3 year run as Governor from what I see.

I have followed Sarah’s political career for a pretty long time now and I can tell you something that she has done nothing criminal over the years. That’s just the way I see things. While in office, she may have done some stuff that other people didn’t like but that doesn’t mean she has done anything impeachable or criminal.

On top of that, even if she may have done a few impeachable things… even if it’s true, you still can’t compare her to Barack.

Did Sarah murder people? Did she try to cover it up and blame it on a video??? Did she smuggle guns to Mexican drug lords and tried to blame it on Bush? Was she obsessed with dropping drones all over the place? Did she come up with an illegal health care system that could potentially hurt so many Americans or even kill them? Did she open the border of the US to allow all kinds of illegal immigrants and criminals to pour into our country? Did she do things without congressional authority? Was she obsessed with targeting certain political groups through the IRS? Did she wiretap journalists phones and computers and stuff? Did she spy on innocent Americans through cell phones, computers, the internet, etc??? Did she lie about her birth certificate? Did she shred the Constitution to pieces??? Did she trade in 5 terrorists for a US Soldier who is a deserter? I can go on all day with this.

Was her impeachable offenses or criminal acts just as bad as I explained above? No, no, and no.

On top of all this, Sarah wasn’t the only one who was calling for impeachment of Barack Obama. Most of us have been calling for impeachment for years now. It just that calls for impeachment haven’t been mainstream news until Sarah said something. She was the one who helped bring talks of Obama impeachment to the media. Talks of Obama impeachment haven’t been huge news until now.

All the things she said that Obama needs to be impeached for is nothing new. His crimes and scandals: Benghazi, Operation F&F, IRS, NSA, Bergdhal, Obamacare, illegal immigration, etc. A lot of us have been talking about that stuff for many years now.

People who attack Sarah’s calls for Obama impeachment are hating her for it ’cause they know she’s right and they don’t want to admit it.

Congress won’t act on Obama impeachment ’cause they know it’ll hurt their upcoming elections in Nov. if they filed articles of impeachment. That’s why Speaker Boehner refuses to impeach Obama. He knows it’ll make him lose votes. That’s why Boehner have chosen to do the lawsuit instead. In November, we need to vote Boehner out. He maybe Republican but I don’t like him and don’t trust him at all. He needs to go. We need to elect a House Speaker with a spine who does have the guts to impeach Obama so hopefully that happens in Nov. We need to get rid of Boehner so hopefully he’ll be gone in Nov.

The things that Sarah says about Obama is nothing new. I’ve been talking about everything she’s saying about Obama on my blog for years.

Sarah is not a dangerous woman. Maybe that could explain all the hate ’cause everybody knows she’s innocent and harmless. She wasn’t a lawless governor. People don’t like her ’cause of her conservative beliefs and they don’t like the way she calls out liberals.

Just admit you would rather have Sarah as president than Hillary.

Don’t bother responding to a different blog post to attack Sarah ’cause it’ll just get deleted and ignored.


Sarah Palin calls out the liberal newspaper the Washington Post…

Keep in mind that Richard Nixon was a republican president back in the day. When will the media ever be honest on both political parties??? The media shouldn’t be aggressive at just Republicans/Conservatives, the media needs to be more aggressive on Democrats too ’cause Democrats are no better. Why does the media try to make the Democrat/liberal party look good? Today’s media is full of liberal bias, I can’t stand it. This country doesn’t revolve around liberals and the media is trying to make it look that way.

GO SARAH!!! Telling it like it is like usual! \m/


Don’t kid yourselves, Obama has a good case for impeachment…

I know nobody wants to listen to Sarah Palin since she tells the truth but she explains how impeachment works in her latest write-up.

She’s so right that “high crimes and misdemeanors” doesn’t necessarily mean that an impeachable offense have to be something criminal and serious. I know many will accuse her of being full of shit and will call her delusional and stuff but I agree with everything she wrote here.


Obama has a very good case to be impeached for. Everything Obama have done is worthy of being impeached especially the border crisis going on right now.

I’m leaving the comments closed in this one post ’cause I know all you ignorant jackasses are gonna do is attack Sarah Palin like spoiled little brats. Which makes you a bunch of hypocrites when you complain about my hate for Barack. Don’t like people hating on your precious Obama??? Well, you look like hypocrites hating on Sarah Palin. I really mean that too.



Obama can absolutely be impeached for his lawlessness, Congress just doesn’t want to do it…

Like always the impeachment process is always a debatable topic. Lots of speculation and opinion about the way it’s done. Doing a little research, I took a look at Richard Nixon’s articles of impeachment which you can find, here

There were a lot of claims that in order to get impeached there needs to be hard evidence and absolute proof. Take a look at all of Nixon’s charges in the link above. Does all that stuff pretty much match what Obama is doing? You can absolutely compare Nixon’s lawlessness to Obama’s. Everything in Nixon’s charges is similar to Obama’s crimes and scandals: Benghazi, Operation F&F, the NDAA, the U.S. having no border and allowing illegals to enter our country, etc. There are even charges of lying and obstruction of justice, that’s all Obama too. Executive orders are also on there.

Watch the video below for further proof of what I mean. Alex Jones of InfoWars breaks it down perfectly.

I’m believing that Congress is totally protecting Obama. Not just democrats, republicans too. Which is why I’m starting to get pissed off at both parties. I’m considering going independent or libertarian. Not sure.



Coming to a grocery store near you…

LOL! A little humor. Thanks to Mad Magazine for the funny political meme. That definitely sends a good message.

On a serious note, an impeachment really needs to happen, though. If you seriously think he has done nothing impeachable, then you’re delusional and need to get your head checked. You see, an impeachable offense is not always about getting caught with doing something horrible and very dangerous like many mistakenly believe. An impeachable offense can even be something really small. Yes, Obama have done PLENTY of impeachable offenses it’s just that Congress haven’t done anything to get the impeachment hearings rolling yet.

I’m praying it will soon. Give it time. Things like Benghazi, IRS, Obamacare and that illegal prisoner trade-in should be good enough to bring him down.

Some believe that the reason Congress haven’t done anything to him yet ’cause many are afraid of getting accused of being racist. Maybe part of that’s true but black people should be held accountable when they commit crimes and break laws. It may be pretty risky to get him held accountable ’cause of the color of his skin but his skin color shouldn’t matter. The law should be enforced on him like the law is enforced on the rest of us. Black people should be treated no differently than us. If I was Speaker of The House, I’d get the impeachment hearings rolling immediately… I wouldn’t give a fuck if people called me racist. Black people shouldn’t have the privilege to commit crimes and get away with it. They should be treated the same way legally as the whites.

People think nothing will happen to Barack… they think he’ll serve his second term as President in full but I disagree. I think there is a big chance that an impeachment maybe happening. If Barack serves both of his terms in full, then he successfully got away with his crimes. You just let him win and he’ll declare himself victorious. If that happens… then what kind of legal system do we have???

There was a rumor that Barack came this close to getting arrested for treason last year and that’s how the Navy Shipyard shooting happened. The Navy Shipyard shooting was in retaliation for that. Look it up.

I don’t care what anyone says or thinks… Barack needs to be held accountable and he needs to be investigated. Even if you think he wasn’t responsible for his crimes, he still needs to be investigated.