Coming to a grocery store near you…

LOL! A little humor. Thanks to Mad Magazine for the funny political meme. That definitely sends a good message.

On a serious note, an impeachment really needs to happen, though. If you seriously think he has done nothing impeachable, then you’re delusional and need to get your head checked. You see, an impeachable offense is not always about getting caught with doing something horrible and very dangerous like many mistakenly believe. An impeachable offense can even be something really small. Yes, Obama have done PLENTY of impeachable offenses it’s just that Congress haven’t done anything to get the impeachment hearings rolling yet.

I’m praying it will soon. Give it time. Things like Benghazi, IRS, Obamacare and that illegal prisoner trade-in should be good enough to bring him down.

Some believe that the reason Congress haven’t done anything to him yet ’cause many are afraid of getting accused of being racist. Maybe part of that’s true but black people should be held accountable when they commit crimes and break laws. It may be pretty risky to get him held accountable ’cause of the color of his skin but his skin color shouldn’t matter. The law should be enforced on him like the law is enforced on the rest of us. Black people should be treated no differently than us. If I was Speaker of The House, I’d get the impeachment hearings rolling immediately… I wouldn’t give a fuck if people called me racist. Black people shouldn’t have the privilege to commit crimes and get away with it. They should be treated the same way legally as the whites.

People think nothing will happen to Barack… they think he’ll serve his second term as President in full but I disagree. I think there is a big chance that an impeachment maybe happening. If Barack serves both of his terms in full, then he successfully got away with his crimes. You just let him win and he’ll declare himself victorious. If that happens… then what kind of legal system do we have???

There was a rumor that Barack came this close to getting arrested for treason last year and that’s how the Navy Shipyard shooting happened. The Navy Shipyard shooting was in retaliation for that. Look it up.

I don’t care what anyone says or thinks… Barack needs to be held accountable and he needs to be investigated. Even if you think he wasn’t responsible for his crimes, he still needs to be investigated.




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