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Trump did nothing wrong… if the Bidens are dirty then they need to be looked into…

Some of you probably want to know my thoughts on the Trump impeachment hearings. Am I watching it??? No. Absolutely not. I started to watch it on C-span and tried to watch a couple of hours of it but got bored finally and gave up. I still watch videos here and there of the impeachment hearings online… mostly just to hear Elise Stefanik and Jim Jordan talk. I hear that Michael Turner is another star on the House Floor but I haven’t seen any of his videos on the House Floor yet so I’ll get around to watching them.

Ya know, I think that’s funny that the Democrats wants Trump removed over that July 25th phone call with Ukrainian president Zelensky. They want Trump removed ’cause he tried to look into the corruption of the Bidens – Joe and Hunter, pressuring Zelensky to investigate the Bidens and Trump wanted investigation into the Ukrainian interference of the 2016 election. Trump sending Rudy and Barr out to see what’s going on with all this stuff. The whistleblower complaint alleges that Zelensky felt pressured by Trump and the whistleblower claimed there was abuse of power with them too. Democrats also wants to accuse Trump of witholding military aide to get “quid pro quo” help from Zelensky but from what I’ve seen from the hearings most of these so-called “star-witnesses” shot the quid pro quo claims down. There wasn’t any “quid pro quo” and even Trump himself said not too long ago that he wanted nothing back.

I think Trump is pretty smart to go after the Bidens… Trump did nothing wrong ’cause if people in government are dirty then they should be investigated. This is what “Draining the swamp” is and that’s what “Draining the swamp” looks like. Trump believes that Ukraine is hiding the DNC server and Hillary’s e-mails and I really believe him too.

My question is why is Trump getting in trouble for all this? Isn’t that the president’s job to begin with is to go after corruption? YES! Usually when people are accusing someone of something they have something to hide. What are the democrats hiding? They want to remove Trump ’cause they know he’s about to expose their crimes. Trump vowed to go after the DNC server and Hillary’s e-mails and that stuff would expose Democrat crimes, is that what they’re afraid of? When I think of DNC server and Hillary’s e-mails, that’s the real scandal, not Trump going after the Bidens.

This is a sham impeachment and it’s not gonna go anywhere anyways. Trump isn’t going anywhere. It’s funny, ya know. Each time Democrats go after Trump, the Democrats exposes their own corruption every time… it’s kind of like a boomerang and that’s what’s going on here. Each time Democrats go after Trump, it hits them back in the ass. I love it. They just want to impeach Trump ’cause they know he’s going to win the 2020 re-election and they publicly admit that too. It’s all a witch hunt indeed. Just a bunch of crybabies who hate Trump and nothing more.

I wish the Democrats would leave Trump alone and let him do his job!


MH17 is just Obama’s opportunity to go after Vladimir Putin…

Predictably, Obama is already pointing fingers and playing the blame game about the MH17 take down. Like I said before, the last thing you wanna do is trust Obama on this. After the Bergdahl trade-in, the illegal immigration stuff and the capture of Khatallah for the Benghazi attack… you shouldn’t trust Obama on the MH17 take down. It’s already looking like the U.S. is trying to make Russia look bad over this. Everyone knows that Obama never liked Putin too much and this is just Obama’s opportunity to go after him. Since Obama and Putin never really get along too well… it was only a matter of time that Obama is gonna make Putin look bad in some way. I think the White House have framed Russia.

Even though I don’t like Vladimir Putin either, I think he’s gonna retaliate in some way and it won’t be good.

Like I said, the last thing you wanna do is trust Obama. All he does is lie, every word that comes out of his mouth and he’s probably lying about Russia being responsible too. On top of that, Obama shouldn’t be pointing fingers already until he knows something and have hard enough evidence to prove that Russia was behind it.

This is just Obama trying to be tough guy over President Putin.

You may think I’m crazy but I mean well and sticking with it.

We could be going to war against Russia over this.


Vladimir Putin shooting down planes??? I’m not surprised… he’s just as evil as Barack Obama…

So the breaking news story today that Russia may have shot down Malaysian Airlines MH17 over Ukraine. It is being blamed on Russia and I wouldn’t be surprised that Vladimir Putin maybe shooting down planes. It also shows that Russia may have done something with the disappearance of Malaysian 370. I’m not surprised that Vladimir Putin is shooting down planes. Do your research on Vladimir Putin. Vladimir Putin have been killing innocent people for years. The man is evil and he’s a monster.

Vladimir Putin is just as evil as Barack Obama. Why do you think both men hate each others guts? It’s all jealousy for sure. While Putin does kill people much like Obama… it’s just that Obama is better at hiding it. I’ve been accused of siding with Putin a lot but I’m neutral on Obama/Putin. I hate both of them. They both need to be thrown in prison. Obama and Putin are very much alike. They’re both dictators in their own right. They’re both corrupt leaders. They’re both criminals. They’re both communists as well.

RIP to the victims of MH17. This could help them find out what happened to the 370 plane as well. My heart goes out to the victims families.


Sarah Palin calls Vladimir Putin on “The Tonight Show” w/ Jimmy Fallon…

Whether you like Sarah Palin or not, you have to admit that this segment on Jimmy Fallon last night was pretty funny as hell. Jimmy Fallon maybe a democrat/left-winger kind of guy but this shows he supports “right-wingers” and their opinions. He doesn’t mind right-winger politicians appearing on his show.

Finally, Jimmy does something good for once! I liked this. Sarah did a good job. She can do comedy pretty well.



I think everyone in America is putting Lindsey Graham’s comments on Ukraine out of context, everybody needs to relax and chill…

I think I can comprehend what Sen. Lindsey Graham is saying better than anyone else can. Lindsey wasn’t really blaming Russia’s invasion in Ukraine on Benghazi, Egypt, Syria, etc. Lindsey could have worded things better since he has bad English and all but the man brought up some valid points. What he’s saying is that he’s just simply making a good point that Obama’s weakness is making terrible things happen. Things like not doing anything with Benghazi and no one being held accountable for it. Obama aiding terrorists in Egypt. Obama’s red line in Syria. After all that stuff is making Obama a weak leader and it’s making Vladimir Putin a lot tougher. Lindsey just thinks Russia’s Crimean takeover was inspired by Obama’s weakness.

How can I put this to make it easier to understand kind of like a weak student getting picked on by a bully. Student is weak, bullying gets tougher and more aggressive. Worse things will come out of it.

That’s the point that Sen. Graham is making.

That’s what I don’t understand in politics when republican politicians want to publicly speak their mind and be honest about stuff… people will pretty hateful about it, ya know? The American people will resort to name calling at US politicians by saying stuff like: “This guy is a moron”, “He’s insane”, etc. blah blah blah… you get the deal. You guys think I’m pretty hateful against President Obama well a lot of people’s hate can be worse than mine when they hate other politicians. People say nasty things about Sarah Palin and Ted Nugent everyday, they never get in trouble for it and think it’s okay.  So it’s wrong to hate democrat/liberal politicians and it’s okay to hate republicans/conservatives??? Hypocrisy. Gotta love it.

Back to Sen. Graham, his point, “The worst is yet to come”… he’s right about that too. Obama’s weakness in leadership will bring out the worse. Possibly more wars, violence, crime. Sen. Graham is right on the money.

He continues to bring up Benghazi ’cause he’s just like everybody else… he cares and wants answers of the Benghazi attacks just like us. He brought Benghazi into this ’cause it’s his way of bringing Benghazi to everyone’s attention and it shouldn’t be forgotten.

I’m absolutely on Sen. Graham’s side. If that bothers you, I don’t care.


Sarah Palin predicted during the 2008 elections Russia would invade Ukraine if Obama’s elected… turns out she was right!!!

Just more reasons to love Sarah Palin and why she should be the one who should be our first female president.

A few years back, Palin was the first to call on it that Russia would invade Ukraine if Obama was elected but she was laughed at and got a lot of flak for it. What she said, actually happened.

More on it, here.

America should listen to this woman more ’cause she tells it like it is every time. I still support Sarah. I’ve been following her since the 2008 elections and still AM a fan/supporter of her. I have no regrets or guilt supporting her. Don’t like it? Fuck off. I support who I want.

The Ukraine violence is getting really bad too. I haven’t been following the Ukraine protests too much but it does sound like a bit fishy.