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Ric Flair dances on the Tonight Show with some rapper…

In August of 2017, Ric Flair the wrestling legend had a pretty scary health scare that almost killed him. He had some kind of heart problem and he had part of his bowels removed ’cause of it. After the surgery Ric Flair took a little break from the entertainment business and now he is back at it full time.

As you can see, nothing is slowing him down. Even after a major surgery which removed part of his bowels, he’s still out there doing physical things like dancing with rapper Offset as you can see here. Yeah, as you can see Ric’s got the dance moves even at 69 years old which is impressive.

I’m not a big fan of the song too much but I just enjoyed watching Ric Flair having a blast. He looked like he was having too much fun dancing like that. I think Ric deserves to have fun again after he went through a tough time so it’s nice to see him smiling again.

Ric’s stylin’ and profilin’ is not just a wrestling gimmick, it’s how he is in real life too. In real life outside of the wrestling ring, he looks and dresses like an alpha male ’cause that’s what he is an alpha male.

Ric Flair is one of my top 5 favorite wrestlers. He’s pretty high up on the list for sure. I’ve always respected that man immensely. Ric can play both the heel and babyface pretty well, but I think he’s more entertaining as a heel though. Ric has worked through pretty much all wrestling companies except for ECW. Flair is a genius in and out of the ring.


The mighty Slayer performs on Jimmy Fallon again and they killed it! WOW!

We really need more metal in this world. Not a lot of people know that metal still exists ’cause pop music, rap/hip hop and country are still dominating the music industry. Even though I don’t watch Jimmy Fallon anymore… I’m very proud and happy for him that he tries to give metal more recognition.

Slayer is one of my favorite bands and I’ve been listening to them for a long while now; I have six albums by them including their latest, “Repentless”. Slayer is the epitome of what true metal sounds like. \m/

I never saw Slayer live in concert myself but I’ve always wanted to and one day I will. They’re a great band. Metal needs another takeover in the music industry and it can happen. It seems that Jimmy is a fan of heavy music which is cool.

It may seem a bit unexpected of Jimmy to have Slayer  on his show but maybe he’s a huge fan of that band himself? The video above is a phenomenal performance. I’m sure just by having Slayer on Jimmy’s show introduced them to a lot newer fans. There’s a lot of music listeners who are still hung up on pop, rap and country so of course some are gonna be shocked to see Jimmy have Slayer on.


Glad I skipped last night’s Golden Globes, I’m gonna skip the Oscars and the Grammy’s too!!

Well, I’m glad that I skipped last night’s Golden Globes ’cause I figure it was gonna be nothing but Trump bashing by celebrities. A waste of time to watch. The Trump bashing at award shows is not the only reason why I’m boycotting all award shows. It’s not only because of “libtard” Hollywood, it’s also because the nominations at award shows hasn’t been so good lately. Giving nominations to movies that don’t look so great at all… “La La Land”, really? Don’t look any good to me. Trump supporters shouldn’t have been surprised of the Trump bashing from last nigh so why were they watching anyways? Award shows are garbage. They have been sucking for the past couple of years now.

I’m done with award shows. I usually watch the Oscars every year but I think I’m done watching the Oscars too. I won’t even watch this year’s Oscars… not only because of the Trump bashing, that’s part of the reason but also ’cause of terrible nominations. The Oscar nominations aren’t out yet but when they do come out, I’m sure the Oscar nominees will be shit this year too. I won’t even watch the Grammy’s at all this year.

Award shows for both movies and music seems to be getting worse every year. Does everything about these award shows have to be about liberal politics? Gosh, can’t they leave politics out of everything for once and entertain us like they what they are here to do? It’s a shame to see these celebrities bash Trump and the voters ’cause keep in mind, we have given our money to these people to do what they do. Yeah, we are paying these celebs to go see their movies and we pay music stars to buy their albums and shit. It’s a shame.

Anyhow, while most of last night’s Golden Globes was pretty much garbage, the only good thing that happened there last night was Sylvester Stallone reuniting with Carl Weathers 40 years after the first Rocky came out. That was the only good thing that happened last night but other than that… the Golden Globes last night was predictably trash.

While I am a huge movie buff and all, I’m not ashamed to say that Hollywood has been crap as of late. They don’t release good movies much anymore. I only watch movies that interest me. Hollywood is becoming horrible though. What happened? Too many remakes, reboots, sequels, too many CGI action movies, etc. I miss the old days of Hollywood when it used to be good.


NeverTrump idiots act like a bunch of crybabies over Trump’s appearance on Jimmy Fallon…

Wow. Just unbelievable. Does everyone have to hate Trump? Does it make you a bad person for supporting him? Trump appeared on the Jimmy Fallon show and the NeverTrump idiots are furious about it. They complain, whine and bitch about it on social networking. They were upset at the way Jimmy Fallon handled Trump on the show. Why? Is it because Jimmy didn’t get on the Trump hating bandwagon?

In defense of Jimmy Fallon, he might not be a fan of Trump but regardless of political views, Jimmy respects all guests on his show. Jimmy was just giving Trump respect. Jimmy didn’t want to treat Trump negatively ’cause he knows a lot of Trump supporters would be watching and he didn’t want to lose ratings if he decided to make Trump look bad on his show. Jimmy was just being a professional. Respecting all guests on his show even if they have “right-wing” political views. Jimmy didn’t want to make Trump to look out to be a bad man. He wanted to give Trump an opportunity to be himself, just like the same way Jimmy treats all of his guests on his show so they can be themselves and be who they wanna be.

Liberals and some conservatives on the NeverTrump crowd like to view Trump as a guy who says mean and offensive things. I think the NeverTrump idiots are upset at that ’cause they just found out that Mr. Trump is not that at all, a mean guy. They just found out the truth that Mr. Trump is actually a fun loving, good-hearted guy with a good sense of humor ’cause Trump was funny on Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy did make fun of Trump a lot but Trump was brave enough to take it as a joke and laugh along with him. Trump even made fun of himself on the show.

You see a lot of people want to look at Trump as a bad man but they’re just brainwashed idiots who just follow the media. Trump has always been a good guy. I think the haters are just surprised and shocked to find out that he’s actually a good man and it pissed them off. Oh well.

I give kudos for Jimmy for showing Trump respect and treating him fair unlike Seth Myers and Jimmy Kimmel who treats Trump badly. After this, I expect Seth Myers and Jimmy Kimmel wanting to have Trump on their shows pretty soon. Give it time.


John Mayer jamming with “Dead & Company” is great! WOW!!!!

This performance is fucking amazing. I was never a big John Mayer fan. I actually liked John Mayer playing with the Dead. Good stuff. I’m not a big fan of John’s solo career but he can find a good side project when he wants to. Even though I’m not a fan of John Mayer, I do agree that he is a great guitar player. I’ve always respected his guitar playing, I just never liked his songwriting. He’s great with the Grateful Dead and I think John should stick with this type of music instead of the pop/mainstream stuff John is known for. Kudos John.

Makes me wanna see “Dead & Company” live myself. As a matter of fact, “Dead & Company” with John Mayer already played here in Albany not too long ago… I wanted to go to that show but couldn’t afford it. Yeah, I love the Grateful Dead!



Video: The Undertaker makes surprising appearance on Jimmy Fallon last night…

I was watching Jimmy Fallon last night and the Undertaker came out to give the turkey a tombstone piledriver. The tombstone piledriver is the Undertaker’s famous finishing move in WWE. When the Undertaker’s theme started playing and a huge guy started walking out to the stage, I didn’t think it would be really him but it ended up being really him afterall. His real name is Mark Calaway.

I was expecting ‘Taker to give Jimmy the Tombstone piledriver too ’cause that would have been awesome but of course, it didn’t happen. Wouldn’t it be cool if ‘Taker give him the Tombstone piledriver after Jimmy sticking out his hand for ‘Taker to shake? When Undertaker looked Jimmy dead in the eye, I think that was a warning to leave him alone or he will give Jimmy the piledriver too so Jimmy immediately backed off.

Jimmy looked really frightened of the Undertaker, you can tell that he really is afraid of him. I mean who isn’t afraid of the Undertaker?

Undertaker is one of the baddest characters in wrestling and I’m a huge fan myself. Undertaker is a legend for sure.


Demi Lovato on Jimmy Fallon from last night…

Last night, I watched Jimmy Fallon ’cause Demi Lovato was gonna be a guest on there. Surprisingly, Demi seems like a sweetheart of a lady and she seems down to earth for sure. She came out to the stage wearing this unique looking dress that exposes cleavage. Yeah, she showed off some boobs last night as you can see in the videos here. You can tell that Jimmy can’t help himself but check out her chest. Why do you think women wear those kind of things that exposes their cleavage? It’s because they love that kind of attention of men checking them out, that’s why.

Whether you like Demi’s music or not, you can’t deny she’s fuckin’ hot.

When she performed on Jimmy last night, I thought she was entertaining as hell for sure. Yeah she was lip syncing no doubt but her act was enjoyable. I would like to see her live on stage myself but her tour with Nick Jonas isn’t coming anywhere around the Albany area sadly. Oh well.

I’m a pretty big fan of Demi. She looks like a porn star but at least she’s better to look at than Miley… way better than Miley.


“Saved By the Bell” reunion on Jimmy Fallon…

I’ll have to admit that this was a pretty cool video. The reunion is still missing two from the cast… obviously missing Lisa Voorhies and Dustin Diamond who played “Screech”. Dustin obviously couldn’t be a part of this ’cause he’s in trouble with the law.

The “Saved By the Bell” cast in this video still looking good. The 4 of them still look the same, they’re just older now. Yes, I’ll admit it that I used to watch the show too. They can still play their characters very well too as you can see.


The real Neil Young finally performs with his impersonator on “The Tonight Show” w/ Jimmy Fallon…

For the past couple of years, Jimmy Fallon have been impersonating Neil Young on his late night talk shows but the real Neil Young have never came out to perform with him until now. It finally happened last night and it was a great performance too. Even Jimmy did a great job. I did watch this episode last night ’cause as some of you may know I’m a pretty big Neil Young fan. Neil went on his show to plug in his Pono player and his album, “Storytone”, plus Neil performed a song with the Roots too.

Neil Young is 69 and he’s still killing it.


Paul Reubens confirms Pee-Wee is making a big screen comeback…

Paul Reubens appeared on Jimmy Fallon last night to promote the “Pee Wee’s Playhouse” BluRay set. This is Paul Reuebens, not Pee Wee Herman on Jimmy Fallon.

Paul revealed the big news that he’s making a new Pee-Wee big screen movie with Judd Apatow producing. Paul says that a director have been hired but he’s not saying who yet. Paul says he can’t reveal anything else until the big announcement next week.

Who is gonna be the director of the new Pee Wee movie? I really hope it’s Tim Burton ’cause that would be cool if Paul and Tim re-teamed together.

What’s the story and plot gonna be about? I hope it’s not gonna be based on Pee Wee’s Playhouse. I’m hoping for a continuation of the “Big Adventure” film.

I’m glad to see Paul out of the Pee Wee character for once.