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Cool Video: Phish performs the Rolling Stones hit, “Loving Cup” on Jimmy Fallon last night…

Phish performed on TV for the first time in many years. Here they are performing the Rolling Stones classic, “Loving Cup”  in celebration of the band’s “Exile on Main St.” album. Keith Richards was even there to introduce the band to the stage. How cool is that?

See the great performance here:


Now you see how talented Phish really is when they play live. Phish are amazing live performers, I’ve seen them live in concert at least a couple of times. I love Phish and plan on seeing them again this summer at SPAC hopefully.


Cool Video: Erin Harkes performs on Jimmy Fallon last night!!! For reals…

HOLY SHIT!!!! Jimmy Fallon last night, pulled some musicians out of the audience to do this “Battle of the Instant Bands” segment. Erin Harkes who is a singer/songwriter from Albany got picked by Jimmy Fallon. Yes, you can see Erin Harkes on stage and in person at the Jimmy Fallon show. She sang and performed. As usual Erin’s singing skills blows my fuckin’ MIND! She’s an amazing talent. And her landing on Jimmy Fallon, just shows she could get BIG and possibly get a record deal. Congrats to Erin on her 15 minutes of fame. She impresses Albany with her talent and now she impresses Jimmy.




Report: Phish to appear on Jimmy Fallon to cover Rolling Stones song…

It’s a rare thing that Phish does TV performances. Why? Because they hardly ever do it. Their last TV performance was way back in 2004. I don’t know what show they appeared on that year but I’m trying to find out by google research, not finding anything.

On May 13th, Phish will be going on Jimmy Fallon, to perform a Rolling Stones cover off their, “Exile on Main Street” album. During Phish’s 3 day Halloween fest in Indio, California. Phish performed “Exile On Main Street” in it’s entirety. Phish will be performing one song off that record on Jimmy Fallon.

Yes, Phish do play covers at their live gigs. They have always been known to do that.

More on it here:


As to which song Phish will play from “Exile on Main St.”, I’m thinking either “Soul Survivor” or “Sweet Virginia”.


Report: Jimmy Fallon, TV actor, occasional film actor, now late night TV talk show host, and college graduate?

You’re never too old to go to college and graduate!! Jimmy Fallon was in town here in Upstate New York. Yes, that would be in Saratoga Springs. He was here at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center today receiving his college degree at his college graduation. Back in his earlier years, he went to college but dropped out to pursue his comedy career. This guy went from being a club standup, to Saturday Night Live TV star, to appearing in many Hollywood films, now he’s got a job as a Late Night TV host taking over Conan O’ Brien.

Here you can see photos of Jimmy Fallon, yes, the REAL Jimmy Fallon you see on TV every night, at SPAC on the stage.

The Associated Press Reports:


Congratulations to Jimmy! I’m enjoying his “Late Night” show a lot, he’s doing a great job hosting so far, and I haven’t been bored watching his show one bit.

Now that he’s a college graduate, it makes you wonder how much longer he plans to stay as host for “Late Night”? He could decide to leave the show to pursue a job with his degree.

First Angelina Jolie filmed “Salt” in Albany for a day, and now Jimmy Fallon in Saratoga Springs for his college graduation.

It’s nice to see the big stars over here. It’s just proof that celebrities are willing to travel anywhere. At least it shows that they think New York City or Los Angeles isn’t bigger than us.


Thought: “Late Night” with Jimmy Fallon so far…

I’ve been watching “Late Night” with Jimmy Fallon quite a lot, and I’m surprised, Jimmy is actually doing a great job. He’s entertaining. He has some great guests on the show that no other late night talk show would have. Jimmy also has musical guests on there that are not too well known as well. Plus, Jimmy having the Roots as his host band is really cool.

I still miss Conan O’ Brien, but Conan will be making his debut on “The Tonight Show” June 1st, so we will have to wait all the way to June 1st for the return of Conan on TV.

Jimmy is doing okay. He’s actually pretty funny and entertaining. I think Jimmy was hired for the job ’cause Lorne Michaels liked his work with SNL’s “Weekend Update”.

“Late Night” with Jimmy Fallon is not bad at all. I like the show.


Thought: Van Morrison will be the only reason I’ll be watching Jimmy Fallon’s debut…

The only reason I’ll be watching Jimmy Fallon’s “Late Night” debut is for this guy pictured above. Van Morrison!!! He’ll be making a rare TV appearance performing music. Van Morrison is a legendary rocker who written hit songs such as: “Gloria”, “Brown Eyed Girl”, “Wild Night”, “Moondance”, etc. Wonder if Van Morrison will do a classic hit or one of his new songs from a new album? You’ll never know. Van Morrison rocks. Van Morrison is another legend still making music today.


Report: NBC unveils “The Jay Leno Show”…

Since the shocking announcement that Jay Leno is staying put on NBC, the peacock station just revealed more details on the new show. The name of the show is simply titled “The Jay Leno Show”. Like I said in a post before, the show will be basically the same thing as “The Tonight Show”. Making jokes about current news, two celebrity interviews and a musical guest. Guitarist Kevin Eubanks and the rest of the “Tonight Show” band will stick with Leno as well.

Read more here at Variety:


When Conan makes the move to “The Tonight Show” replacing Leno, I wonder if Max Weinberg the drummer and his band will move along with Conan or will they stay put at Jimmy Fallon? I would hate to see Max Weinberg and Conan O’ Brien apart, it would be weird to see, and I hope NBC keeps them together even if Conan is moving to “The Tonight Show”.

Max Weinberg friggin rules, he’s funny as hell and plus he’s one badass drummer.


Report: Jimmy Fallon is close to being the official host of NBC’s “Late Night”…

Former Saturday Night Live star, Jimmy Fallon will soon be the official host for NBC’s “Late Night” replacing Conan O’ Brien when he leaves for Jay Leno very soon.

The Associated Press reports:


I am a fan of Jimmy Fallon, I like the dude, he’s funny, don’t get me wrong, but I have a feeling that “Late Night” on NBC ratings will drop. People are so used to seeing Conan being the host that they won’t care for the show anymore no matter who is hosting it.

It’s gonna be really weird seeing Jimmy Fallon making jokes with Max Weinberg the drummer and Conan O’ Brien making jokes with Kevin Eubanks the guitar player but this is something we’ll have to get used to for a long while. It’ll take Conan O’ Brien a while to get used to most definitely.

Don’t be surprised if Conan starts calling Kevin Eubanks by the name of Max by mistake because we all know that’s gonna happen. But I can’t wait for Jay Leno to leave.

Good fucking riddance to Jay. I never found Jay to be funny at all, his jokes are always too simple. Conan makes me laugh hard everytime I see him on TV, it’s gonna be awesome to see Conan earlier at night. Conan O’ Brien is the best late night talk show host, that man is hands down, a comic genius!



BREAKING NEWS: Jimmy Fallon to take over Conan O’ Brien…

Oh my, what shocking news. Former Saturday Night Live star Jimmy Fallon has been signed to replace Conan O’ Brien after Conan leaves to take over Jay Leno very soon. Jimmy Fallon quietly signed a deal with NBC without the public knowing about it. Jimmy is expected to start hosting “The Late Show” in February of 2009.

Jimmy Fallon now has the opportunity to perform his own comedy parodies and songs live on the show with his acoustic guitar more.

Variety Reports:


I’m happy it’s not going to be Carson Daly or Jimmy Kimmel or anybody like that.

Jimmy Fallon is the man!