Report: Jimmy Fallon is close to being the official host of NBC’s “Late Night”…

Former Saturday Night Live star, Jimmy Fallon will soon be the official host for NBC’s “Late Night” replacing Conan O’ Brien when he leaves for Jay Leno very soon.

The Associated Press reports:

I am a fan of Jimmy Fallon, I like the dude, he’s funny, don’t get me wrong, but I have a feeling that “Late Night” on NBC ratings will drop. People are so used to seeing Conan being the host that they won’t care for the show anymore no matter who is hosting it.

It’s gonna be really weird seeing Jimmy Fallon making jokes with Max Weinberg the drummer and Conan O’ Brien making jokes with Kevin Eubanks the guitar player but this is something we’ll have to get used to for a long while. It’ll take Conan O’ Brien a while to get used to most definitely.

Don’t be surprised if Conan starts calling Kevin Eubanks by the name of Max by mistake because we all know that’s gonna happen. But I can’t wait for Jay Leno to leave.

Good fucking riddance to Jay. I never found Jay to be funny at all, his jokes are always too simple. Conan makes me laugh hard everytime I see him on TV, it’s gonna be awesome to see Conan earlier at night. Conan O’ Brien is the best late night talk show host, that man is hands down, a comic genius!



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