Report: “Iron Man” still tops box office, “Speed Racer” flops…

“Iron Man” still stays strong on the no. 1 spot for box office this weekend. “Speed Racer” starring Emile Kirsch is no. 2 making around 20 million.

The Associated Press Reports:

“Iron Man” won’t be no. 1 much longer since “Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian” came out this weekend. “Prince Caspian” will indeed beat “Iron Man” in world records. I will be seeing “Prince Caspian” tomorrow on my day off of work.

Oh yeah, speaking of “Iron Man”, I picked up the video game version of “Iron Man” for the PS3 at Best Buy today. I won’t play the game right away though, I need to beat “Grand Theft Auto IV” first before I start to play any other games. I think I’m officially addicted to videogames again. I don’t buy music CD’s or movies on DVD’s much anymore ’cause I’ve gotten back into videogames. I went out shopping with parents this afternoon since it’s Mother’s Day and all so I decided to go to Best Buy ’cause I couldn’t resist in buying something for myself.



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