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Yeah, Hollywood is a very liberal industry but I don’t care, I still love watching movies either way… will always be a movie buff!!!

Yeah, I know Hollywood is in a major backlash and they are in hot water right now over their liberal politics. That’s okay ’cause I don’t care about that. Conservatives on social media continue to threaten boycott on the Hollywood industry by no longer watching their movies and their TV shows but ya know what? I’d say screw ’em. Yeah, I really hate the politics of movie stars, film directors and film studios but that’s okay with me. It is possible to keep entertainment and politics separate and that’s what I’m gonna do.

I continue to watch movies ’cause that’s what I do, ya know? I’m a movie buff. Have been a movie buff ever since I was a child and still am to this day. I’ll NEVER stop watching movies, EVER. I don’t care about their politics. I care about their art. As long as they’re still telling good stories and making good films, I’ll continue to support Hollywood despite their bad politics.

Yeah, Robert Deniro, Ben Affleck and George Clooney are very liberal men but they are still talented people. They still made a lot of great movies and they are great actors too, admit it. Yeah, directors like Steven Spielberg and all the iconic directors out there are probably liberal but again, they all still make amazing films.

I’ll never drop Hollywood out of my life just because they hate Trump and have whacky liberal ideas. Who cares.

I’ll always go to the movie theaters, buy or rent movies ’cause I love movies and always will. It is possible to ignore their bullshit and continue to support their work. Try it, sometime.

Admittedly, I almost boycotted Netflix ’cause of their liberal politics but I’m back on Netflix now. Yeah, I know they’re very liberal but I went back on there to watch some TV shows that I wanted to watch like “Black Mirror”, “Stranger Things” (which I’m watching currently), “The Dark Crystal”, “Gotham” and some others.

It is possible to support people’s entertainment and not agree with their politics. You should try it, sometime. The same goes for music too.


Hate to admit this but I’m actually happy with this year’s Oscar nominations, I’m gonna have to watch…

I haven’t been watching the Oscars for the past several years or more ’cause of politics of course… plus the Oscar shows keep getting worse and worse every year. I can’t help but admit that the nominations this year are quite impressive. Nominations going to the right people this time.

As for the “Best Picture” categories…. I’ve only seen “Black Panther”, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Green Book”, “Roma” and “A Star Is Born”. I haven’t seen “Black Klansman”, “The Favourite”  and “Vice” yet. I’ve seen pretty much most of the “Best Picture” nominations; however, I only liked “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Green Book” and “A Star is Born”. I didn’t like “Roma” and “Black Panther” too much.

I’m gonna have to watch the Oscars this year ’cause I’m curious on what would win Best Picture. The Best Picture win will probably go to either “Green Book”, “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “A Star Is Born”. If it goes to “Black Panther” and it wouldn’t surprise me that it would end up getting the win then that would piss me off so much.  Simply because “Black Panther” doesn’t deserve to get treated like it’s the best movie ever made ’cause it wasn’t all that great at all. Now that “Black Panther” is streamable on Netflix, maybe I’ll give it another viewing but I’m sure my opinion on that movie will stay the same.

I do hope Bradley Cooper or Viggo Mortesen will win for “Best Actor in a leading role” but that award will probably go to Remi Malek which I will be happy with that ’cause Remi was really good in “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

I really hope Lady Gaga will win for Best Actress for “A Star Is Born” ’cause she was really in that movie but I have a feeling that the lady who plays Roma will end up winning that one instead.

As for “Actor in a Supporting Role”, I’m happy that Sam Elliot got nominated for an Oscar for the first time in his career. That dude has been acting in film for decades and he never got Oscar nominated once until now. Him getting an Oscar nomination was long overdue. I don’t think he’ll win that award but it’s awesome he got nominated. His role in “A Star Is Born” was really good so the nomination was worthy. I predict Mahershala Ali from the “Green Book” movie will get the win for this one.


I’m gonna have to watch the Oscars this year. Yeah, I know the show will continue with its liberal political bullshit and their Donald Trump bashing, but I don’t care about that. I want to find out how many awards “Green Book”, “A Star Is Born” and “Bohemian Rhapsody” is gonna win this year ’cause I love those three movies. They were the best films of 2018 for sure.

The Oscars did surprisingly good with the nominations this year.


Top 15 Movies I’m looking forward to in 2019…

It’s almost at the end of the year and I wanted to list all the movies I’m looking forward to seeing in the year 2019. There are some good ones coming out. This isn’t a best of list or anything, just movies I look most forward to seeing next year.

Here is the list in no particular order:


  • Star Wars Episode IX: The final film of the new Star Wars trilogy is of course on my list. I’ve seen all the new Star Wars films Disney has been putting out lately and I think they’re doing a good job with them. Yes, I did love “The Last Jedi”… I thought it was brilliant.
  • Avengers: Endgame: No new Batman and Superman movie that year but I’ll take a new Avengers film anytime. I love the first three Avengers films and looking forward to the fourth one. From what I’m seeing, this is the final Avengers film and it looks great.
  • Rambo: Last Blood: The fifth Rambo film is still slated for a 2019 release date so hopefully it sticks and the release doesn’t get any push backs. I’m definitely looking forward to the new Rambo and will be seeing it no matter what.
  • Terminator 6: Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamiliton reuniting for the next Terminator? Fuck yeah. Any Terminator fan would be crazy to skip this one.
  • Toy Story 4: I’m a huge Toy Story fan. Loved the first three movies and definitely looking forward to 4.
  • Captain Marvel: One superhero movie I’m actually looking forward to see. So far from what I’m seeing of this movie, I’m liking it.
  • Godzilla: King of the Monsters: Just saw the trailer for this flick and I’m a huge Godzilla fan so I’ll probably end up seeing this one.
  • It: Chapter Two: The sequel to Stephen King movie is coming out soon and I’ll probably go see this one too. In this film, the Losers Club will be full grown adults this time. Should be an interesting movie.
  • Once Upon A Time In  Hollywood: A new Quentin Tarantino movie based on the Charles Manson murders is coming out and I’m definitely going to see this one. I love Tarantino movies so I can’t miss this one.
  • Scary Stories To Tell In the Dark: I used to be a huge fan of these books when I was a kid so I’m looking forward to the movie adaptation. Looking forward to seeing what they’re going to do with it.
  • Joker: The Todd Phillips directed “Joker” movie which stars Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker. Definitely not gonna miss this one ’cause it’s looking good so far from what I’ve seen.
  • Hellboy: I’m a pretty big Hellboy fan. Loved the original movie so I’m hoping the remake will be good and probably will be.
  • Ad Astra: An outer space science fiction movie that stars Brad Pitt. Haven’t seen any trailers for it yet or anything but from what I’m hearing about it looks pretty interesting. Science fiction is slowly making a comeback anyway.
  • Midsommar: The director of “Hereditary” horror film is coming out with another horror film next year and it’s going to be about the Pagan cult. Ari Aster did a great job with “Hereditary” so I’m sure this one is gonna be good too.
  • The Irishman: New Martin Scorsese film coming out that has an all-star cast… Robert Deniro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, Harvey Keitel, etc. This film is based on a real life crime story. Yeah, Robert Deniro’s politics suck ass but he’s still a talented actor and I’m probably gonna go see this one anyways.

That’s it. Enjoy the list, y’all!


Movies based on video games might soon take over the movie industry…

Over the years in the movie industry there haven’t been too many movies that were adapted from video games. There have been some live-action movies based on video games but not enough.

I believe the very first live action video game movie was “Super Mario Bros.” that starred Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo. Then comes other video game adapted movies such as “Double Dragon”, “Street Fighter”, “Mortal Kombat”, the two “Tomb Raider” movies with Angelina, the Resident Evil franchise, and that’s probably about all.

Well I think you can safely say that “Movies” based upon video games is about ready to take over the industry big time. Over the years we had superhero flicks taking over but I think the superhero industry will die out and movies based on video games will become the next big thing.

Lets look at all the upcoming movies based on video games coming out in the future… we have: “World Of Warcraft” by Sam Raimi, there’s “Heavenly Sword”, the Tomb Raider reboot, The Last of Us, Assassins Creed, Metal Gear Solid, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Mass Effect, Heavy Rain and there’s even a “Sonic The Hedgehog” movie in development.

Yep, video game movies are definitely on it’s way and it’s gonna be big. I’m glad this is happening ’cause as some of you know, I’m a pretty big video gamer myself. I’m not a video game addict like most people… it’s just what I do when I’m really bored. I didn’t get a PS4 system yet but planning on getting one sometime down the road.


In defense of wrestlers getting into the movies…

These days, more and more wrestlers have been getting away from professional wrestling to act in movies more. With wrestlers such as, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Kurt Angle are becoming pretty big movie stars lately. I’m sure many movie fans are accusing them of not having acting talent and I’m sure they think these wrestlers don’t deserve to be in the movies, but in this post, I’ll take a little time to defend them.

People think that wrestlers don’t have acting experience, sorry to say, but these wrestlers have PLENTY Of acting experience. How? Well, professional wrestling is acting. Think of professional wrestling as theater. Both wrestling and acting in movies are pretty much the same thing. When you have years and years of professional wrestling experience, you don’t need to go to college for acting or any of that stuff. Wrestling taught them how to be an actor. They don’t need to be on the Broadway theater stage or do commercials on TV to get their start. They can get right into the movies, right away.

Wrestling helps them become a big name, so they get recognized in the movies easier. The bigger these guys become in the wrestling industry, they accomplished everything they needed to accomplish in wrestling, that there’s nothing left for them to do anymore. That’s why they move away from wrestling, and move on to movies. So they deserve to be in the movies for sure.

I think Dwayne, Steve Austin and Kurt are all doing a good job in movies so far. I’ve seen some of their work recently. I expect even more wrestlers to retire from the business to focus on movies more. I think Triple H could be next. There are rumors he might be retiring from WWE soon, not sure. Triple H has been doing a bunch of straight to video movies for WWE Films. Triple H didn’t do any major big screen movies yet, but I’m sure he’ll get into big screen movies soon when he gets done with wrestling officially.


Top 15 Best movie theme music of all times…

I’m bored, on a rainy Thursday, so I thought I would come up with a fun topic. Here’s a top fifteen list of my favorite theme songs of composed scores from different movies over the years. These are my personal favorites, so don’t get mad if your favorite is not on the list.


1. The Last of the Mohicans

2. Superman

3. Halloween

4. Indiana Jones

5. Back to the Future

6. Rambo

7. Terminator 2: Judgement Day

8. Schindler’s List

9. Harry Potter

10. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

11. Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

12. Inception

13. The Social Network

14. The Boondock Saints

15. Cliffhanger

That’s it. Enjoy the list!


Mickey Rourke picks up Golden Globe for “The Wrestler”…

Mickey Rourke just picked up his win for “The Wrestler”, Rourke won for “Best Leading Actor in a Drama”.

As Mickey made his way up to the stage, he was so nervous that he couldn’t even walk up the stairs. He almost fell as he went up. He also had a tough time speaking through the mic. Through the mic, Rourke joked, “I know Aronofsky, doesn’t like being called a tough son of a bitch, but man, you’re a touch son of a bitch”, then Aronofsky flips Rourke the middle finger, LOL! It was all uncensored too since it was live.

Congrats to Mickey, he deserves it. I never seen “The Wrestler” and I’m dying to see the film so badily. Mickey will probably end up winning an Oscar too.


Report: “Watchmen” drama fuels up some more…

*yawn* Here’s the latest drama on this whole Warner Bros. vs. Fox feud over a superhero movie “Watchmen”. As you probably read in the news already, this battle has been moved to Federal Court.

Warner Bros. producer wrote an open letter to the public at FOX, begging them to drop the lawsuit and let them release the film as planned. Of course, typical FOX immediately responded, still vowing to fight and still aiming to destroy Warner’s movie.

More on it here:


Warner’s wanted the Federal court to make an early decision on the project, so instead, both FOX and Warners make a settlement to delay a court hearing until Monday. FOX is still wanting Warner’s “Watchmen” to be destroyed no matter what happens and no matter what anybody says.

Variety Reports:


Like I said before, if FOX is successful and destroys Warner’s movie, I will act like Twentieth Century Fox don’t even exist to me. As I said in a blog post before: 1) Selling every DVD distributed by FOX in my collection 2) Will no longer see a FOX movie in theater even if it looks good to me 3) Will no longer report anything Twentieth Century Fox related in the blog, it all still stands to me.

FOX know they have no reason to destroy the “Watchmen” project even if they do own the distrubition rights. It’s clearly an ego thing. It’s all ego, money, and power.


Report: Christopher Nolan preparing to work on Batman 3???

Christopher Nolan is planning a Batman 3 and in the talks of planning a good story for it.

Check it out at MTV News:


Great news. I’m sure sometime this year, we’ll soon get a press release if Chris is going to do a third one or not.

As for the villains…they should be the Joker, Catwoman and the Penguin. They shouldn’t bring in the Riddler just yet, not this soon.

While no one would want the Heath Ledger Joker to be replaced and he can’t be topped, yes, there is someone that can top the Heath Ledger Joker easily. Mark Hamill anyone? Mark Hamill, the Star Wars guy has been portraying the Joker in animated films for many years and he does an amazing job at it. If Hamill is willing to play a live action version of the Joker, that would be fuckin’ sweet too. I think Hamill will do a great job playing the live action Joker.