Report: Christopher Nolan preparing to work on Batman 3???

Christopher Nolan is planning a Batman 3 and in the talks of planning a good story for it.

Check it out at MTV News:

Great news. I’m sure sometime this year, we’ll soon get a press release if Chris is going to do a third one or not.

As for the villains…they should be the Joker, Catwoman and the Penguin. They shouldn’t bring in the Riddler just yet, not this soon.

While no one would want the Heath Ledger Joker to be replaced and he can’t be topped, yes, there is someone that can top the Heath Ledger Joker easily. Mark Hamill anyone? Mark Hamill, the Star Wars guy has been portraying the Joker in animated films for many years and he does an amazing job at it. If Hamill is willing to play a live action version of the Joker, that would be fuckin’ sweet too. I think Hamill will do a great job playing the live action Joker.


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