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Report: Tom Hardy casted for Christopher Nolan’s, “Dark Knight 3” but keeping his role a secret for now…

Wow! Christopher Nolan is on a roll with both “Superman” and “Batman”, working on both at the same time, it seems! First Chris hires Zack Snyder to direct, “Superman” and now Chris hires Tom Hardy for a top secret character in, the “Dark Knight 3”. They won’t reveal Tom’s character yet, but everyone is quickly assuming that it could be a villain character.

See the article at, Deadline.

Now, now, people. Settle down. The article never said, that Tom could possibly be playing a villain. I mean, he could, but Tom could still be playing a major good guy character, too. Don’t you think that Tom Hardy could play a good guy character who tries to help, Batman? I’m not saying he could be playing, Robin, but a different Batman character who’s a good guy.

Maybe Tom could be playing, Harold Allnut, who helps Batman with his crazy gadgets and maybe Hush could be the main villain for, “Batman 3”? Something like that could be a possibility. All this talk on Tom playing a lead villain, is just speculation, ’cause I guess that’s what the Deadline article wanted people to do. To play all these silly guessing games for the villain he will be playing.

If Tom is indeed playing a villain, I’d like to see him not playing one of those crazy costumed villains. Maybe Tom could play the role of Joe Chill? Joe Chill is the guy that killed Bruce Wayne’s parents and this could be a nice revenge story.

Report: Robin Williams wants to play the Riddler in next “Dark Knight” flick, if Chris Nolan picks the Riddler that is…

Robin Williams, revealed that he is dying to play the Riddler in the next “Batman” flick. The only problem is, Christopher Nolan and David Goyer still haven’t announced the main villain for Batman 3 yet. Just a few days ago, Christopher Nolan announced that the script for “Batman 3” is now in the works, finally. So we will soon know who the villains for the next flick will be.

Robin also says, he was offered roles for the earlier Batman films but he was turned down everytime. He got offered to play the Joker in Tim Burton’s “Batman” film, but it obviously went to Jack Nicholson instead and he also got offered a role for the Riddler in “Batman: Forever” but he was turned down for that too.

More on it here:


If Christopher Nolan does happen to pick the Riddler, maybe Robin’s dream would come true. Mr. Nolan has worked with Robin Williams in a film before. Remember that film, “Insomnia” which Robin stars with Al Pacino and Hillary Swank? That film was directed by Mr. Nolan, and Robin plays a villain in that film. So Mr. Nolan would know that Robin plays a villain very well.

Robin also played a villain in the movie , “One Hour Photo”, which was directed by Mark Romanek. Robin does have experience playing villains in films.

Even if the Riddler is picked for the next Batman film, that still doesn’t mean Robin could get picked. Maybe Chris has a different vision for a different actor that would be the right fit. So my point in this blog, don’t get your hopes up that Robin will get the role. I’d like to see him get it and Robin would play the role perfectly. Robin thinks he’s gonna get it because his “ego” got in his head that he already worked with Chris before.

I’m all cool with Robin as the Riddler, sure, but honestly, I would say give the Riddler role to a young actor.


Thought: Woody Harrelson should play the Riddler in Batman 3 if the Riddler is picked…

If The Riddler is picked as the main villain for “Batman 3”, I think Woody Harrelson would be the perfect choice of actor to play the character. Woody looks almost exactly like Frank Gorshin from the TV series. Woody’s got the same look as the Riddler character, he’s got a great enough speaking voice for the character. I’m pretty sure Woody can laugh like the Riddler perfectly. Woody’s the perfect fit for the Riddler role, in my opinion.

As for who should play other Batman villains, another actor I can think of that could play the Penguin is Phillip Seymour Hoffman. He was actually rumoured to play the character years back but he denied it. Phillip is short and fat like the Penguin. Either him or Jack Black would be great for the Penguin.

As for the Catwoman, I know they won’t get Halle Berry, but lets hope Nolan doesn’t have her in mind. Honestly, Angelina Jolie might be great for Catwoman. Maybe Kate Winslet or Hillary Swank.

They need an actor who can play the villain with great acting chops, much like Heath Ledger’s Joker. I’m pretty sure Nolan won’t fail on the casting for the villain for Batman 3. He’s great at what he does.


Report: Christopher Nolan preparing to work on Batman 3???

Christopher Nolan is planning a Batman 3 and in the talks of planning a good story for it.

Check it out at MTV News:


Great news. I’m sure sometime this year, we’ll soon get a press release if Chris is going to do a third one or not.

As for the villains…they should be the Joker, Catwoman and the Penguin. They shouldn’t bring in the Riddler just yet, not this soon.

While no one would want the Heath Ledger Joker to be replaced and he can’t be topped, yes, there is someone that can top the Heath Ledger Joker easily. Mark Hamill anyone? Mark Hamill, the Star Wars guy has been portraying the Joker in animated films for many years and he does an amazing job at it. If Hamill is willing to play a live action version of the Joker, that would be fuckin’ sweet too. I think Hamill will do a great job playing the live action Joker.