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Report: “Man of Steel” will focus on a “naturalistic approach” similar to Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy…

While this is no surprise, the new “Man of Steel” movie setting to hit theaters next Summer in 2013, will be similar to the Batman trilogy. The first “Man of Steel” movie will have an origin story much like, “Batman: Begins”. Just like that film was the beginning of Batman, this film will be the beginning of Superman. It’s going to ignore the Richard Donner/Christopher Reeve style. This film will be like a Superman movie made for the first time. So you will not hear the John Williams main theme at all. “Man Of Steel” will make you wonder what Superman will be like if he was real. The screenwriter, David Goyer, speaks out on how he is handling the script, a little bit, but of course, he doesn’t get into details with the story and plot.

More on the story, here.

While, I’m still disappointed that the John Williams music won’t be in the movie, I’ll give it a chance. Maybe Hans Zimmer can give it a good score, who knows. I like their idea for the new Superman story, but admittedly, I’m a bit skeptical like some people out there. This film could be a flop and may not be as good. People may not be used to a different approach to Superman ’cause everyone is so used to the Richard Donner style. I do like Henry as Superman though, that’s a good choice. I’m just hoping and praying that this will be an amazing film. Will Zack redeem himself this time? Or will he make another shit movie, worse than “Sucker Punch”? Who knows. All we have to do is wait to see the actual film and than people can judge. If “Man of Steel” gets positive reviews from everyone, that would be amazing, but I am predicting that this film will get mixed reviews.

I’m hoping Warner Bros., will release trailer #2 soon with Hans Zimmer’s new theme and hope they will show General Zod for the next trailer. “Man of Steel” is just the beginning but I’m sure the sequel will leave open more ideas and more villains. Lex Luthor may not be in “Man of Steel”, but maybe he will get a cameo at the end and he could be the leading villain for the sequel?


Thought: Why do people want Brandon Routh back so bad?

I look through entertainment movie blogs and message board forums talking about the actor choices for the upcoming new, Superman movie. The most popular picks are Brandon Routh and Jon Hamm. Brandon Routh is the most popular choice, of course. Ya know, I thought, “Superman: Returns” was a pretty good movie, but the only thing is, I never cared for Routh as Superman that much.

The reason people want Routh back is because he’s so similar to Christopher Reeve. Plus everyone wants to see Routh in another Superman movie. Honestly, I would prefer Jon Hamm more than Routh. I said before, I don’t want Routh back. I like Jon Hamm, he’s the better choice, I think.

I know I said this quite a bit, but don’t be surprised that it could be neither Brandon Routh or Jon Hamm as Superman. They could go with Leo Dicaprio due to the success of “Inception” like I said before.

So who would I want to play Superman? Honestly, and here is my 2cents. The Superman role should go to an actor who is not a big name star. In other words, the role should really go to an unknown. Christopher Reeve was an unknown when he came in, so was Brandon Routh. All that stuff with Brandon Routh possibly being considered to come back, all that news is from a UK newspaper, “News of the World”, which are tabloids. So I’m not believing that. The role should go to an unknown. I’m sure Chris and Zack would get a guy for Superman, that we’ve never even heard before. So don’t get all excited that they could get a big name superstar for Superman.


Report: Zack Snyder reveals that the new Superman movie will be original and will focus on earlier days of Superman…

Zack Snyder recently did a French interview on a French film website to promote, “Legends of the Guardians”, over seas, and of course, he was asked about the Superman movie he is directing soon. While Zack still refuses to discuss the plot, he did reveal a little. He says the next Superman movie won’t be a remake of the earlier films and it won’t be adapted from the comics. The next Superman movie will stay focused on Superman’s earlier days.

More on it, here.

What does he mean, by the earlier days of Superman? Will the whole movie be taken place in Sueprman’s home planet, Krypton? If so, that would be really cool. “Superman: The Movie” had scenes on planet Krypton but very little, only in the beginning of the film. If we had a Superman flick that was taken place on planet Krypton a lot more, that would be sweet. That would mean Jor-El would get more screen time.

Either that, or are we going to get the other plot where most of the movie will be taken place at the Daily Planet in Metropolis.

Zack is keeping quiet on the plot ’cause I’m sure that is what he is paid to do. Christopher Nolan and WB’s don’t want the plot revealed until the time is right. Hopefully they’ll reveal the plot soon ’cause I’m dying to know what the story will be about too.


Report: Tom Hardy casted for Christopher Nolan’s, “Dark Knight 3” but keeping his role a secret for now…

Wow! Christopher Nolan is on a roll with both “Superman” and “Batman”, working on both at the same time, it seems! First Chris hires Zack Snyder to direct, “Superman” and now Chris hires Tom Hardy for a top secret character in, the “Dark Knight 3”. They won’t reveal Tom’s character yet, but everyone is quickly assuming that it could be a villain character.

See the article at, Deadline.

Now, now, people. Settle down. The article never said, that Tom could possibly be playing a villain. I mean, he could, but Tom could still be playing a major good guy character, too. Don’t you think that Tom Hardy could play a good guy character who tries to help, Batman? I’m not saying he could be playing, Robin, but a different Batman character who’s a good guy.

Maybe Tom could be playing, Harold Allnut, who helps Batman with his crazy gadgets and maybe Hush could be the main villain for, “Batman 3”? Something like that could be a possibility. All this talk on Tom playing a lead villain, is just speculation, ’cause I guess that’s what the Deadline article wanted people to do. To play all these silly guessing games for the villain he will be playing.

If Tom is indeed playing a villain, I’d like to see him not playing one of those crazy costumed villains. Maybe Tom could play the role of Joe Chill? Joe Chill is the guy that killed Bruce Wayne’s parents and this could be a nice revenge story.

Report: General Zod is not the villain for next Superman flick, Zack Snyder says…

Zack Snyder, the new director of “Superman” did this little interview at this blog site, and he says that General Zod, being villain for the next movie, is just a rumour.

Kind of a good thing actually. I would honestly not see General Zod or Luthor be used again. What Superman villains haven’t been used yet for live action film?

Look at this list, and see for yourself.

I would like either: Brainiac, Doomsday or Darkseid.

Toyman would be cool too.


Report: Why Zack Snyder was hired to do “Superman” and plot possibly revealed?

Ok, here is the real reason why Zack Snyder was chosen to do the next, “Superman” movie. The reason is, David Goyer’s script was rushed and it was still a huge mess. They needed a director who can get things done quickly and not take their time. Zack Snyder is known to do everything quickly, so that’s why he was hired so he can help David and Chris complete the story quickly. They need to get things done quickly because remember, the lawsuit thing by the original Superman heirs, they must get a new Superman movie in production by 2011, or they could get a nasty lawsuit.

The plot has been leaked. The plot to the new “Superman” movie is rumored to be similar to “Batman: Begins”. Clark Kent is a journalist at the Daily Planet in Metropolis and he is just trying to decide whether or not to become, Superman.

More on the story, here.

If that’s what the plot is for the next movie, that’s pretty cool. I honestly, really like it. The plot is getting a lot of flak online, but Clark Kent trying to decide whether to be Superman or not, has NOT been done before in a film or a TV show. So that’s an original idea. I’m sure there is more to that story ’cause Zack Snyder himself hinted at what the plot could be about, “Why Superman?”.  Doesn’t sound like a remake of the TV show, “Smallville” or “Superman: The Movie” to me. Keep in mind that this a rumored plot so it’s not official. I’m not believing anything until either Zack or Chris starts talking about the story to the media.

If most of the movie is going to be taken place at the Daily Planet, where Clark Kent works, he’ll get harassed and bossed around by Perry White most of the time, would be an entertaining movie. Sounds like the story is just going to have Clark Kent throughout most of the movie, and Superman won’t actually show up toward the end. I hope Superman won’t show up toward the end, we need Superman throughout most of the movie.

I’m sure Zack or Chris will soon confirm if this plot is true or not once this news hits the internet heavy enough. Maybe they’ll reveal the real plot after?

In other casting ideas, I’d love to see Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard of Star Trek: TNG) get the role of Jor-El. Patrick could easily give it a Marlon Brando feel.


Thought: Leo Dicaprio could get the Superman role, don’t be surprised folks!

Well, I’ve heard that Brandon Routh and Tom Welling of “Smallville” TV show is out of the new Superman, they are definitely not doing it. Jon Hamm is rumored to be a possibility now. Don’t be surprised that Warner Bros. and Christopher Nolan has their eye on Leo Dicaprio for Superman. For many years, comic book superhero films has tried to get Leo to play a super hero, but a deal never fell through for Leo to star in a superhero film. Could Leo actually be Clark Kent/Superman? “Inception” was such a huge hit, and keep in mind, “Inception” was a Warner Bros. movie too. I know I had a post before about Leo could possibly get a role for the new “Superman” movie, but I’m going to rewrite it again to remind you all. If Leo is not Superman, maybe he could get a different role, Leo could be Luthor or maybe Jor-El. Leo will definitely get a role for either the new “Superman” film or the next “Batman” film either way. Would everybody go see Superman, if Leo was Supes?

I’ve been reading articles online that the film makers are already casting for Superman. We’ll know who it is real soon.


Thought: How to make Superman right…

I know I talk a lot about Superman, but that’s because he’s my favorite superhero. Always has been, ever since I was a child. I’ll never outgrow this character ’cause I’m always fascinated by this story. Some people worry that Christopher Nolan and who ever the new director is, will make the next Superman flick, a shit movie. Don’t worry folks. It’s not gonna happen. That’s why Warner Bros. hired Christopher Nolan as a mentor for Superman, because WB’s wants to make the next Superman movie, right, since Bryan Singer’s “Superman Returns” didn’t do that well. I am seeing that Chris Nolan wants to stay true to the Superman franchise, he wants to give what the Superman fans want.

What Superman fans want to see for the next movie is less Superman/Lois Lane romance. Fans want to see Superman save a lot of people in Metropolis. Fans wants to see the next movie action packed and exciting. They want to see a Superman movie with good acting and writing. Most importantly, everyone wants a different story and not being remake of “Superman: The Movie”.

Yes, I’m sure Nolan’s version of the film will open on the planet Krypton where Superman is from, and there will be scenes with Jor-El, and all that. Then we’ll get scenes in Smallville where Clark Kent grew up on but with Nolan’s version, we will for sure, get a different feel of those scenes. Nobody wants to see Lex Luthor as the main villain again, but I’m sorry folks, like I said many times, Luthor is needed. Luthor is an important part of the whole Superman story, so Nolan and David Goyer will probably write Luthor in the script. If they’re going to use Luthor again, they’ll need an actor with talent. Somebody that could possibly top Heath Ledger’s, Joker. That way Lex Luthor can be watchable for the next Supes flick.

I’ll tell you right now, folks, that Christopher Nolan will not fail this. I promise you, they’ll make the next Supes flick a really good movie that everyone will be happy about. You can see that Chris Nolan is being very careful with his choice of directors, that’s why he’s listing all these directors, to audition each one of them to see which director would be right. Could Robert Zemeckis be the right pick like everyone’s saying? Maybe, maybe not, but Zemeckis could also screw it up as well. I really want Chris Nolan to get Richard Donner back so hopefully Chris would get lucky to get him if he can.

Superman deserves to have a good movie again, that’s why they’re trying. What will the new Superman costume look like? I’m sure it will have the same red, blue and yellow, with the S symbol on the chest, of course, but I’m sure the suit will be different than Singer’s and Christopher Reeve’s version. Also, the next Supes movie will have to be a big special effects movie. There will be plenty of CGI like it or not. They need the special effects with Superman’s powers like flying, fast running, x-ray vision, heat vision, super breath, and all that stuff. It seems that Christopher Nolan knows about Superman more than anybody, so he will stay true to the character and from the comics. Nolan likes to stay true with things, just like he did with his Dark Knight flicks.

I don’t think the next movie will be taken place in our current time either. It’ll probably be taken place in the 30’s – 50’s, ’cause that’s how the original Superman was in the original comics. So I would think the new Supes flick would be around that time, not in 2010. So they might go the old fashion way with the new Superman costume. I’m not sure what the story is going to be for the next Supes flick, but we’ll know something very soon once a new director is hired. I sure can’t wait to see who the next director will be as it will be interesting. There is a reason that Chris Nolan is not directing the next film himself, ’cause even knows he wouldn’t be right for it. He’s just shipping in ideas and giving advice to WB’s like he’s hired to do. I am thinking that the next Supes flick will be the best Superman movie ever made. I think they will do a great job.


Report: Darren Aronofsky added to the list of directors for Chris Nolan’s “Superman”…

“The Wrestler” and “Black Swan” director, Darren Aronofsky, has been added to the list of candidates to direct the next “Superman” movie. Collider, reports. I like this pick too. Why did Chris Nolan pick Aronofsky along with the other directors listed? While Aronofsky never did a superhero comic book movie before, I think Chris got interested in him because of his dramatic feel with, “The Wrestler”. That movie “The Wrestler”, did have a classic Christopher Reeve “Superman” feel, if you know what I mean. Darren mostly wrote and directed his own movies. He must be on board for this opportunity if he accepted to be on the list of candidates, so Darren must be a Superman fan. I remember Darren had plans to do a Robocop remake but those plans has been canceled.

I’m sure Chris will add a few more candidates of directors to the list. Who would I like to see get added?

Richard Donner, Robert Zemeckis, Jon Favreau, Gavin Hood (X: Men Origins “Wolverine” director), and Sam Raimi.


BREAKING NEWS: Christopher Nolan and WB’s finally on the hunt for “Superman” director!!!

Look like the next “Superman” movie will come first before, “The Dark Knight III”. Chris Nolan and Emma Thomas, are finally on the hunt for a director for the next Supes flick. They already have a list of directors they are in contact with, different directors hoping to get the opportunity. Those directors are: Tony Scott, Matt Reeves, Jonathan Liebesman, Duncan Jones (David Bowie’s son), and Zack Snyder.

See the article at Deadline, here.

It’s great they are moving forward with the Supes flick. That’s not a bad list of directors there. Honestly though, I would like Chris Nolan to see if he can get Richard Donner to direct again. It would be amazing if Richard would do it again ’cause he would do Superman right.

If I had to pick a choice from that list that Chris Nolan has chosen, I would pick Duncan Jones. Since “Superman” is science-fiction, Duncan Jones is a science-fiction film director. I loved the work he did with the movie, “Moon”. If Duncan did get picked, I’m sure David Bowie would get a small role for the Supers flick. Bowie wouldn’t make a bad Superman villain though.

Look like we’re gonna get a new Superman director very soon here!